"Bullishness" Surges To 2014 Highs

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Despite the constant hum of talking heads explaining how investors are "hating this rally" just ready to pile their last penny into stocks any minute (as soon as rates rise and destroy bondholders), AAII sees bullishness at 2014 highs... it appears retail is very much all-in and praying for Yellen's blessing tomorrow...



Bearishness is at 7-week lows and Neutrals lowest since Jan 2nd.


Chart: Bloomberg

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Retail, ha ha!  We were just shown that the market is fully in control of the machines, what is this 'retail' you refer to?  Perhaps it reflects the sentiment of 'fantasy portfolio' players - 'I don't have any money to put into the market, but damn, if I did I'd be buying hand over fist right now - my paper account is up 1000% since last April!'.

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true that Al.  Most people i know do not have a clue - not even a marginal understanding of what (if any) of their mutual fund holdings are or the positions each fund holds.  they absolutely have no idea.  retail - if you can call it that - has always been there and arguably never really left.  they are all in - for whatever "all in" is worth.

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Retail can now be defined as anybody other than the TBTF, NY Fed, and a select Hedge Funds..

We all all retail now

Welcome to the Matrix! Bitcheeeeezes

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The jobless, productionless recovery is finally here!

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jobless, productionless, retail free, full recovery is finally here

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A Williams, Yellen, Evans, Dudley and Rosengren production.

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Sentiment inverse H&S? 

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yeah yeah yeah....buy STAWKS. Everything will be just great. Don't you fret.

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AAAAIII Macarena.

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Sentiment is a great contrarian indicator. Record bulls in almost every sentiment indicator these days which can only mean the market is very near the top...



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You know to think 2weeks ago it was a crash unbelievable. I dont get it? How can anyone invest anything when we are hearing war here war there prices are up and my ass is itching. Anxity is high something getting ready to hit the fan.

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The future's so bright we gotta wear shades.

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They should start a tradition at JHole like the Vatican and throw a wet log, or Christian, on their fire during cocktail hour to signify an easing in monetary policy.

dirtyfiles's picture

or even more start continue what Mayans did

throw of the cliff one banker a day just for the joy of nothing more to do...


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The end of the 1972 Bronson movie "The Mechanic"  (?)

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"Bullishness" Surges To 2014 Highs" New highs for weeks to come. It's what Wall Street and the Federal Reserve want. Just ride the 2,200 ft wave and make some money.

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     Forget CapEx, and GAAP... The new earnings formula is derived from mergers, layoffs, buybacks, and Non-GAAP .

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Who are they asking? It seems a lot of people are aware we are in a bubble, which would imply a more neutral stance. Full speed bull optimism would not have people talking about a potential crash.

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 GAAP..only the innocent and the very old still speak of such things. It vanished without a trace while no one was watching during the last riots.


The rules of the game will be changed when it is needed.

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I really think those with the big money understand hyperinflation quite well.

In 2010 at Davos it was rumored copies of Fergusson's 'When Money Dies' were selling for $1000. 

And in that book one of the stories was of 2 men from Lithuania, where HI had just happened, who came to the Weimar to play the game. It involved big loans, bribes to the bankers making the loans and proper deployment of funds to increase wealth and provive the little extra needed to repay the loans.

To think this is not happening (but in a more clever way, cuz those 2 got caught) is naive. I suspect this may even be the main reason for corporate borrowing. Sure buy backs are helping push up stock prices but why just do that if the money will never need to be re-paid? Remember hyperinflation just kills the currency, companies emerge intact. the economy will suck for a while but Exxon and ge will still be needed and still be huge companies. They will find customers somewhere on the planet.....and....they'll be debt free.

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queef me out some bitcoin from your moist jackson hole janet.  where's blankfein and all g-ds work???  he needs to pay for janets gyno.  I know where it is, right loyd???