Council On Foreign Relations: The Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s – Not Putin’s – Fault

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We’ve previously reported that it’s the West’s encirclement of Russia – breaking a key promise which led to the break-up of the Soviet Union – which is behind the Ukraine crisis.

We’ve also noted:

The U.S. State Department spent more than $5 billion dollars in pushing Ukraine towards the West.  The U.S. ambassador to Ukraine (Geoffrey Pyatt) and assistant Secretary of State (Victoria Nuland) were also recorded plotting the downfall of the former Ukraine government in a leaked conversationTop-level U.S. officials literally handed out cookies to the protesters who overthrew the Ukrainian government.


And the U.S. has been doing everything it can to trumpet pro-Ukrainian and anti-Russian propaganda. So – without doubt – the U.S. government is heavily involved with fighting a propaganda war regarding Ukraine.

The news is starting to go mainstream …

Specifically, the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) is a very mainstream, hawkish group.

CFR’s flagship publication – Foreign Affairs – has just published a piece blaming the Ukraine crisis on the West.

The must-read piece by John Mearsheimer – in it’s September/October 2014 issue – accurately notes:

The United States and its European allies share most of the responsibility for the crisis. The taproot of the trouble is NATO enlargement, the central element of a larger strategy to move Ukraine out of Russia’s orbit and integrate it into the West. At the same time, the EU’s expansion eastward and the West’s backing of the pro-democracy movement in Ukraine — beginning with the Orange Revolution in 2004 — were critical elements, too. Since the mid-1990s, Russian leaders have adamantly opposed NATO enlargement, and in recent years, they have made it clear that they would not stand by while their strategically important neighbor turned into a Western bastion. For Putin, the illegal overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically elected and pro-Russian president — which he rightly labeled a “coup” — was the final straw. He responded by taking Crimea, a peninsula he feared would host a NATO naval base, and working to destabilize Ukraine until it abandoned its efforts to join the West.  Putin’s pushback should have come as no surprise. After all, the West had been moving into Russia’s backyard and threatening its core strategic interests, a point Putin made emphatically and repeatedly.




In [a] 1998 interview, [the top American expert on Russia, George] Kennan predicted that NATO expansion would provoke a crisis, after which the proponents of expansion would “say that we always told you that is how the Russians are.” As if on cue, most Western officials have portrayed Putin as the real culprit in the Ukraine predicament.

Mearsheimer notes that the U.S. backed the Ukrainian coup. And he points out that Washington would not react kindly if China built a military alliance on American borders, which included Canada and Mexico … but that’s exactly what we’re trying to do to Russia.

Mearsheimer gives a way out of this mess: stop trying to westernize Ukraine and shove it into NATO, and allow NATO to become a buffer between Russia and NATO.

Will saner heads prevail, and back away from the abyss before it’s too late?

And see this.

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In other news, George W Bush and Tony Blair denounced the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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The CFR has been the think tank driving US Foreign policy for such a long LONG time. It has been responsible for the numerous coups and wars around the world.

My opinion is that they are trying to back track because the Europeans including Germany & France are not going along and they are risking the NATO alliance.

This is to cover their backsides and to appear as acting responsible. WHICH IS ALL BULLSHIT

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accurate appraisal of their control - sister org to RIIA - BUT.. I disagree with your summarization. they dont back track. they are the generational planners.

no.. this is just more of their script. I think its about the throwing of the west under the bus. we are in transition to the new and improved, moar centralized, global governance and new currency...

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NATO should have quit after the cold war. Communism is dead in Russia yet very much alive in West Europe/U.S. Obama/Hillary/Kerry diplomatic failures to the utmost


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The Unated States of Jews have nothing lost outside USA.

Go to hell, the high noon the Russians and Chineese teach u a nuclear lesson.

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5 sec on clock and you need a hail mary pass now to resolve it and putin is the referee.... Christine LaGarde is selling hotdogs...


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"Cookies for young men, such bitter trade, all of those young lives betrayed"

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What is the problem with the senate?  The problem is they are a bunch of elites who are moar loyal to the globalists and the eutopian fascist socialists and the CFR than they are to the country.  Same problem with the judicial branch now with the activist judges and their traitor leader, Justice Roberts.  Where is Andrew Jackson when you need him???.......................  could Rand Paul be is incarnation???

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Didn't we read here that the traitor Roberts did his dastardly deed due to the NSA blackmailing him for his illegally adopted kids?

Who's vetting these critters? We need some Cracker Jack vetters.

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Elites in the United States and Europe have been blindsided by events onlynd because they subscribe to a flawed view of international politics. They tend to believe that the logic of realism holds little relevance in the twenty-first century and that Europe can be kept whole and free on the basis of such liberal principles as the rule of law, economic interdependence, and democracy.his was not in gw's excerpt but reveals the true neocon position at work behind this article

So they are saying that liberals shouldn't have expected Putin to adhere to western values.  But the implicit assumption is that those values are in play (and that we have the moral high ground) here at home.

Just another spin on partisan bullshit and no real self examination here

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Given the duplicitous nature of these mofos it is extremely suspect that they would come out with such a reasonable and practical assessment of a shit show covered with their own fingerprints.

Mismatched words and actions....not unlike a few governments that appear in front of their opposition with an olive branch in one hand and a giant mallet hidden behind their back in the other hand.  Peace talks that invariably precede a missile launch and a new offensive. Ad infinitum ad nauseum

Head’s up Vlad!*...(not that anyone here has to tell you that....)

*Given NATO's cockblock in Bulgaria, it could be they're cooking something up with the northern pipeline pincer, Nordstream...Isn't Zero visiting that neighborhood in a few weeks?

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Operation Mindfuck is underway

Ron Paul explains the CFR (8 min) and a few clips from other events.

palmereldritch's picture

Nice.  Ron Pauls hits it out of the park on the campaign trail in that clip.

Great discussion in the following video on the origin of the NWO and how the CFR puzzle piece fits inside (@52:50)

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I don't take this at face value.  The only explanation for US foreign policy that makes sense to me is to think about Brzezinski, Kissinger and Wolfowitz, who have been running US foreign policy for 50 years.  They're not morons, and so ruthless as to be inhuman.  Look what we've been doing around the world.  Pulverizing societies and reducing them to pre-industrial living standards, with endless violence and splintering of the social order.  In nations either around the perimeter of Russia and China, on top of strategic deposits of resources and energy, or on the routes those resources have to travel.  

The goal is not conventional Empire, occupation, addition to the realm.  The goal is to create blood-soaked chaos, so the only power that can go to those places and do anything is the one that can project huge power globally.  Who would that be?  The beauty of having chaos as your goal is that you can appear to be blundering at everything and it still works. Heck, you can actually be blundering at everything and it still works. No other reason to appoint such a succession of dimwits to official State and Defense positions.

Let's see.  Destroying Iraq and Afghanistan as nations has eliminated possible pipeline projects from being built without our military protection.  Afghanistan is sitting on top of all kinds of mineral resources China can't get now.  Libya is a major energy supplier to Europe, but is now at the mercy of US military might and the whims of our mercenaries.  The Syria debacle has tied up a rival to Israel, kept our troublesome NATO "ally" Turkey busy and troubled, threatened Russia's only foreign naval base, and allowed us to form a large mercenary army of reavers who won't stop at anything to fulfill their true purpose of wrecking everything.  Keeping Somalia stateless allows us to put military force on the far end of the Suez Canal whenever we want, and very near the Persian Gulf.  Somalia and Darfur unrest make it hard to get Sudanese oil to the Red Sea.  At every point, the US drives wedges between potential rivals China, Russia, the EU, India, etc.  And the US gets more control over the flow of resources and energy to the EU and China.  It's working very well.

So Mearsheimer can just write what almost everybody in the world already knows, and reinforce the very handy idea that the US has screwed up unintentionally.  Mearsheimer's "solution" doesn't do anything but give the US a new line of cover rhetoric, while making sure Ukraine devolves into a protracted civil war/dirty war.  A smoldering dumpster fire on Russia's doorstep, with the US making pious "tut-tutting" and only wanting to help bolster a neutral, independent Ukraine for the next decade fits the strategy to a "T."

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it is indeed astonishing when the nazi cfr accuses the west of pursuing folly in ukraine. however, the truth is that the state department, intelligence organizations, and increasingly military are controlled by the ziocon genocide artists of israel which in turn is a colony of the rothschild satanists.

as the number 1 terrorist state, israel has supplied many fake leaders for ukraine in the us backed coup. the dual citizen victoria nuland's allegiance is to the satanic state of israel. she will push this country to war if necessary because israel is hellbent on destroying russia. it is also hellbent on destroying the usa.

israel and the usa are monster states, out of control, and stupid americans keep voting these totalitarian creeps into office year after year because they think a nazi republican or a nazi democrat is going to save us.

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Many of the commenters on ZH take the dark view that the US ruling class is a monolith, totally controlled by the very richest banking houses and enforced by the Deep State, and that anything that comes from their circles that sounds otherwise is a trick.

There's something to say for this point of view.  Today's heirs to the Robber Barons certainly have a long history of wiley strategims and masterful illusions, often backing both sides of a conflict to keep deeper issues out of play.  Witness: the same banksters whose money jump-started Barack Obama also funded McCain and Romney.  But an article in Foreign Affairs is not disinformation for the masses.

Ruling classes do split, never more so than when old strategies fail and they are faced with the question of who the winners and losers among them will be.  And splits in ruling classes are opportunities for those below them.  We would be wise to remain skeptical but pay close attention.

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I think we can tolerate a lot more Robber Barons that sold people things they willingly bought rather than a psychopath named Uncle Sammy the Robber that produces nothing and consumes as greedily as any other Parasite.

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actually there has always been a split in the global ruling class. it is just the nature of things. not all people with similar interests agree on the path to take forward. it just happens that one group has managed to gain an apparent huge advantage over the opposition. this advantage creates a vacuum that will be filled and their advantage will be diminished or ended all together. in the meantime, i think the eugenics people will fulfill one of their goals, population reduction.

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Not a word about what the IMF has been up to but for the CFR, this is a good start. Washington's past sins are catching up with it. As it has become revealed with the passage of time, no amount of further lying and criminal behaviour will alter the fact that America's post WWII record of foreign intervention has yet to find justice. The Kiev coup is the latest in a very long list; the Latin American countries should have been more strident and unanimous in their denunciation of it. So too Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Korea and Vietnam. All those countries have had coups launched against them (courtesy of God Bless America) to devastating effect.

bunnyswanson's picture

America has been run by AIPAC.   AIPAC IS ISRAEL


DO NOT BLAME AMERICA when the ruined careers and early deaths are PROOF ENOUGH America tried to stop the boys at the big table (who are going to be served for dinner by the time this failed plan wraps up).

messystateofaffairs's picture

Here is what I think is going on. I don't have a clue. Maybe it's a fog and TPTB and all their targets are all splintered up into a giant clusterfuck of ever fluid interests and nobody knows up from down anymore. The CFR is full of shit globalists, maybe they figure TPTB are really overextended and need to back up and regroup?

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Barry and Dick disarmed them in 2006

Ckierst1's picture

Geez, GW, while CFR may not be NED, it has a CFRer in the Presidency and 2 on the Board???

Aussiekiwi's picture

Will saner heads prevail, and back away from the abyss before it’s too late?


The answer is no, military in the US is happy for an excuse to fight a war in the Ukraine, just think of how many more hundreds of billions of dollars they could put their hands out to Congress for, there is no downside for the military, all they need is to get public opinion on their side, hence the continual provocations towards Russia in an attempt to provoke open Russian involvement in the Ukraine. This could then be used as an excuse to 'save' the Ukraine from invasion by the evil Putin empire.

Inconvenient facts such as the fact that the current government is made up of Neo-Nazis that Washington installed and that they  have expressed their desire to exterminate hundreds of thousands of Russian speaking Ukrainians in the east and that NATO has broken agreement after agreement with Russia to advance right up to Russia's doorstep will be swept under the rug..

RMolineaux's picture

NATO accomplished its mission in 1991 with the breakup of the Soviet Union.  It should have been disbanded at that time.  Instead it has become like a gluttonous adolescent - constantly looking for more mischevious projects to indulge in, and constantly getting hoisted on its own stupidity.

TheReplacement's picture

'Dear Esteemed Constitutional Law Teacher, 1st Black President, and general Clueless Hope and Changer Obama,

You are about to take a most unconstitutional fall.  The table is set but you have time for another round before we drop the blade.  You will be a fall guy of epic proportions for a disaster of even epic'er proportions. 

You will be heartened to know that your plan for improving the lives of millions has been greatly appreciated.  All the more so because your scandalous and shameful, seemingly self, destruction will be a lesson for the ages and no person of color will ever be considered for a leadership position again.  Oh and those millions of people will still remain our slaves instead of yours.

Thanks for playing,


peanuts's picture

I know, I know, this must be about saving the Europeans from freezing to death this winter because of lack of fuel from Russia.


AdvancingTime's picture

The idea of America getting involved or jumping into a war in Ukraine would have been hard to imagine a few years ago. As I write this we are funding and encouraging  Ukraine to wage war on its own people. This has the potential to escalate. Allowing events to deteriorate into a major war or possibly into what some see as World War III is becoming a reality.

As insane as it appears this could become the final outcome. The location of this as a military confrontation is right in Putin's backyard and this is a strong advantage for Russia. It is silly to think Putin and Russia will back down. This means poking the bear is not a smart move. More on this subject in the article below.

no more banksters's picture

Here's an explanation:

A temporary turn of 180 degrees by the neocon hawks

Notsobadwlad's picture

OK, so how do we reconcile one of the "horns of the beast", the CFR, telling the truth about what it and its fellow "beast horns" have done?

The only reason I can see is to try to stir up more conflict and alignment against the west... so that WWIII can appear to be orchestrated from outside the political zionist front and not from within???

Farqued Up's picture

I don't think of them as one of the horns, but rather the valets for the real beast, the Bilderbergers.

weburke's picture

haha, nicely put. cfr is mid org chart pyramid. I dont think one of the stones fell off the pyramid, although workers within it dont know what it is up to. nice front though. oh yes, concerned about this or that. sure. probably real believers in there, geo wash ect should offer up some form of grammy award to particularly skilled liars in the stable of leaders and orgs.

Truly amazing liars today, really, lying about sun, temp, and moon, is just the start. The smaller stuff is like some bubble of lie talk.  and they are proud ! sheesh. what a time period.

Reptil's picture

And below is a video of the CFR's representative Kimberly Marten ARGUING FOR EXPANSION OF THE UKRANIAN CONFLICT
This was back in march, just after the russians secured Crimea.
What I'm reading in GW's post looks like damage control, or just confusing crap they like to confuse us with...
Seriously recommend you overcome the urge to vomit and watch this:



paint it red call it hell's picture

A  chasm is open between CFR, the MSM and cabal leadership generating propaganda & calling the shots in Ukraine. The war stratagy has failed, and the CFR is distancing itself from another failed 'LETS GO TO WAR' policy.

Someone is clearly about to be tossed under the bus for this botched CF intended to provoke Russia........... The War Dogs are reduced to whinning pups, beware the newly found CFR morality.

AdvancingTime's picture

When governments spy on their people and government propaganda programs intersect it is very dangerous and the potential of abuse is huge. This leads down a road towards less freedom and is paved with the bones of all those who have failed to be outraged by governments slowly removing their liberties This leaves all of us open to both blackmail or abuse by those in power for what they claim is a greater good as they determine just what that might be.

Never overestimate the sophistication and ability of our government to clarify exactly what is happening anywhere and at any time. The recent score of scandals plaguing Washington makes it clear that more fact-free confusion and speculation the fuel of propaganda-based reporting system is in no shortage. More on this subject in the article below.

ken's picture

I understand, that peace is not as profitable, and that is their problem with it? C'est ne pas?

Moccasin's picture

The CFR suggestion that the Ukraine should be a neutral country is something that should have been promoted months ago. It is too late, Russia will never forgive this betrayal by the USA and NATO countries and the people of the Ukraine, especially the ethnic Russian Ukrainians will never forgive the fascists of Kiev, the Ukraine government has already committed national suicide, it will never be whole again.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Who from the West is going to "make" Ukraine neutral? In any event neutrality has to come from  within, Ukraine is too internally divided to organically provide that. Ukraine belongs to Russia as a vassal state and thats all there is to it. Who in their right mind would trust their sovereignty to the CFR anyway?

conscious being's picture

Who in their right mind would trust their sovereignty to the CFR anyway?

More people are figuring this out all the time. Let's hope Ukraine catches on soon.


ken's picture

If they don't oblige, because it won't make them money from military contracts, might THEY be the problem?

Radical Marijuana's picture
Analysing Ukraine and MENA: A Conversation with Dmitry Orlov

A 40 minute Podcast interview, where Orlov correctly summarizes that NATO is dominated by a "foreign policy juggernaut run by very suicidally stupid people!"


The development of weapons of mass destruction has made Neolithic Civilizations' social pyramid systems based on being able to back up lies with violence become criminally insane. However, the astronomically amplified degree to which that has become the case has left pretty well everyone behind in the dust of advancing science and technology. Our political science is almost totally dominated by the biggest bullies' bullshit social stories, including within the controlled opposition groups, as well as within the dominate established systems, because the basic thrust of being able to back up lies with violence has become runaway criminal insanities, because the ability to enforce frauds never makes those frauds become true, but rather, only drives society as a whole to become more insane. That is context in which I perceive the surprising news revealed by the CFR openly stating how what was practically its own strategy has effectively become "clinically insane," as Dmitry Orlov described that in the Podcast linked above.

I point out that natural selection always existed, and therefore, artificial selection must necessary exist in some form or another. The death controlling murder systems must be at the center of any such necessary artificial selection systems. However, the history of the human murder systems developed warfare to be based on backing up deceits with destruction, upon which basis was built a political economy founded on enforced frauds. The people at the top of the social pyramid systems ARE insane, because they were only good at being dishonest and backing that up with violence, which strategy has become collective criminal insanity, because that "IS NO WINNING STRATEGY!"

From a deeper scientific point of view, human beings are manifestations of general energy systems, operating as entropic pumps, which operate in ways which can be best described by the principles and methods of organized crime. After defining human beings as separate from their environment, then they necessarily operate as gangs of robbers. Human realities are always systems of organized lies, operating robberies. However, those who were the best at doing that thereby dominated civilizations, so that the bullshit world view that the biggest bullies promoted dominated civilization, including the controlled opposition groups. Furthermore, the biggest bullies' bullshit world view also dominated the philosophy of science. Hence, basically, we live in a Bizarro Mirror World, where everything tends to be perceived in proportionately backwards and distorted, on level after level of almost infinite tunnels of deceits and frauds. By and large, the controlled opposition groups continue to operate inside of the same frame of reference, and therefore, the opposition groups are just as full of bullshit about everything as the established systems also are!

There are and must be death controls, which are central to human systems of artificial selection, which exist and must exist because the forces of natural selection must and do exist. However, since human history developed the most expedient sets of solutions to the chronic political problems (based on the previously successful systems of backing up deceits with destruction, and enforcing frauds), have recently become globalized systems of electronic fiat money, backed by the threat of the force of weapons of mass destruction, which are overall "run by very suicidally stupid people! ... THERE IS NO WINNING STRATEGY!"

Theoretically, we should be going through intellectual scientific revolutions, that apply to politics. However, all of the established systems, and their controlled opposition groups, are run by people who developed to become the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites. Therefore, it is practically impossible to have any rational public debates regarding how to operate better death controls, while the world heads towards death insanities by default. Given the degree to which the ways that people think has become utterly out of touch with the ways that post-modernizing sciences now think, as technologies based on those post-modernizing science advance, the vast majority of the ways that vast majority of people continue to think are becoming more and more psychotically insane, in the sense of out of touch with the real world. The ideas that made electronics and atomic energy possible are NOT found in any significant political ideologies!

Theoretically, we need to up-date all the old-fashioned religions and ideologies, to become more consistent with post-modernizing sciences, (which tend to reconverge with ancient mysticism.) However, obviously, almost everyone adamantly refuses to do anything remotely like that. Therefore, we have the runaway systems of globalized electronic frauds, backed by the threat of atomic bombs, while almost nobody is able and willing to change how they think about politics, in ways which come remotely close to becoming more consistent with post-modernizing sciences. Indeed, that paradox is so extremely intense that is practically pointless for me to bother to attempt to communicate the nature of that problem. The whole world is dominated by a "juggernaut run by very suicidally stupid people!"



conscious being's picture

"people who developed to become the best professional liars and immaculate hypocrites."

like Vicky Numan Knoodleman Kagan?


bardot63's picture

Patriot Act II and III coming soon.

Tigermoth's picture


The video is a possible a ballistic missile strike. From the saker blog:


"But some reporters, even well-intentioned one, just don't get it. For example, they say that the Tochka-U missile is inaccurate and that it cannot be accurately targeted. This is not true at all. The missile is called "Tochka" which means "spot" or even "dot" because it is extremely accurate. It's "inaccuracy" is not in the fact that it cannot precisely be targeted, but because its warhead can kill everything alive on a surface of three acres, more with a cluster of FAE warhead. When the Ukies shoot a Tochka-U at a residential neighborhood of Lugansk (like they did yesterday) they are deliberately trying to kill as many civilians as possible. Ditto for their massive MLRS strikes. For the Ukies civilians are not "collateral damage" - they are the primary target."