European & Russian Stocks Surge Despite Tumbling Bund Yields

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Russian stocks are now up 10 days in a row, having gained over 6% since the US unleashed Sanctions 3.0 on the 'increasingly isolated' nation. This performance handily beats Europe and the US as de-escalation hopes drive risk capital back into stocks anywhere and everywhere. However, if its all so shiny and bright in stock land, why are Bund yields (and thus all yields) plunging?


Bunds & European Stocks Up - sure why not?


Bonds & US Stocks Up - of course...




Charts: Bloomberg

Bonus Chart: Reminder of last divergence around OPEX (last Friday)

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Kristian's picture

It's the Fed stupid.

Everything else is noise.

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The world is awash in "too much money" and it has to go somewhere.  

What's rising stock AND bonds a sign of?  Too much money.

See also; yesterday's chart by GMO.

disabledvet's picture

"Don't fight the Fed"...bow down to it!


Talk about a "dollar and a dream." Long "an upgrade cycle"? I don't even know what that means...

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If Putin doesn't stop this Ukrianian massacre soon, he's not coming to my Bar Mitzvah!


Oh! and Zeroheader......I bet that's what you boyfriend calls you.

Irishcyclist's picture

I'm now sorry that I stopped investing in shares this time last year. Think of all those gains that I'm missing out on.

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Tyler, can't you get rid of this idiot ass with his last paycheck crap. What a fuckhead he must be. Pleaseeeee!