"Isolation Procedures Put In Place" After Ebola Suspect Dies In Ireland; Ebola-Like Disease Claims 70 In Congo

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Last week Ireland rushed to deny that a man with Ebola-like symptoms who was being tested in Dublin, did not have the disease. It may find such a refutation more difficult this time after Irish Times reported that a man was found dead last night in Donegal, after working in Sierra Leone, the epicenter of the current Ebola outbreak, and where "it is understood that a number of colleagues had contracted the virus." The deceased was taken to Letterkenny General Hospital where the HSE is carrying out tests to see whether the death resulted from Ebola.

Letterkenny General Hospital. Photograph: Google Street View

From the Irish Times:

In a statement, the HSE said it was currently assessing a suspected case of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Donegal.


“The public health department was made aware earlier today of the remains of an individual, discovered early this morning, who had recently travelled to the one of the areas in Africa affected by the current Ebola virus disease outbreak,” it said.


“The appropriate national guidelines, in line with international best practice, are being followed by the public health team dealing with the situation. This means that the body of the deceased has been isolated to minimise the potential spread of any possible virus.”


The statement said blood samples had been sent for laboratory testing to confirm whether or not this individual had contracted Ebola virus disease.


“Until a diagnosis is confirmed, and as a precautionary measure, the individual’s remains will stay in the mortuary pending the laboratory results which are expected late tomorrow.”

As usual, attempts to minimize a panic were implemented and the HSE said the risk of transmission of any disease was considered to be “extremely low”. Nonetheless while tests are being carried out for the Ebola virus, "isolation procedures have been put in place."

Dr Darina O’Flanagan, head of the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre, said: “In general, the risk of contracting Ebola virus disease is extremely low and would involve very close personal contact with the infected individual or their body fluids for there to be any risk at all.” “We await the outcome of the laboratory tests before we will know whether or not this individual had contracted Ebola virus disease. The appropriate public health guidelines are being followed at every stage in this process as a precaution.”

And while Ireland awaits results of the latest Ebola test, the Congo, where as we reported yesterday a mysterious Ebola-like disease had claimed the lives of 10 people, has denied the diseases is Ebola, even as the death toll has now soared to some 70 casualties according to Reuters.

A WHO report dated Thursday and seen by Reuters said that 592 people had contracted the disease, of whom 70 died. Five health care workers, including one doctor, are among the dead.


"This is not Ebola," a WHO spokesman said in an email to Reuters on Thursday.


Then again, perhaps the WHO is fibbing just a bit to prevent another all out panic: "A local priest who asked not to be named said that the illness had affected several villages and estimated that the death toll was over 100 people. Kinshasa sent its health minister, Felix Kabange Numbi, and a team of experts on Wednesday to the region after reports of several deaths."

If not Ebola then what? According to WHO, the deaths are the result of an outbreak of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, a disease prevalent in... dogs? Symptoms of the two diseases are similar; they include vomiting, diarrhoea and internal bleeding. But the fatality rate for this outbreak of haemorrhagic gastroenteritis is much lower than the West Africa Ebola outbreak, at around 12 percent versus close to 60 percent. "The WHO, which sent representatives to the area on Wednesday together with the Congolese team of experts, said four samples would be flown from the town of Boende on Friday to the capital Kinshasa for further testing."

So is the WHO simply trying to prevent the spread of panic and deny that Ebola has now spread to the second largest country in Africa? We will surely find out soon enough, especially if the WHO, too, advises the population "to keep calm and BTFD"...

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maybe he saw a picture of yellen naked and chose death instead of seeing that image play over in his head.

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Message From Your Local Politico :

DO NOT PANNICK, No Problems, Everything Under Perfect CONTOL!
Nothing To See...Move Along Now...

pods's picture

Sounds like they outta look at the newly opened Taco Bell for the source of this latest outbreak. I figure Taco Bell would have about a 12% kill rate.


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It's the pink slime and saw dust factor.

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It's African Rabies.  Break out the Phalanx.

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Irish "medical" conversation:

A: "The guy didn't have Ebola fever.  It's a Ebola-like fever."

B: "It's a Ebola-like fever contagious?"

A:  "Yeah."

B: "Did the guy bleed out his eyes, ears and ass?"

A:  "Yeah."

B:  "Did he die?"

A:  "Yeah.  Look It wasn't Ebola, OK?"

MalteseFalcon's picture

So this guy flies into where?  Shannon?  Belfast?  Then he treks across the island to Donegal.  But Donegal is already prepared for whatever super contagious hemorrhagic jungle fever that comes along, right?

What could possibly have gone wrong here?

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There is a new deadly hemorrhagic fever sweeping the world, kills ~55% of those infected.  Its name:

Not Ebola.

kaiserhoff's picture

Cousin of Ebola.  Marburg maybe?  We gots lotsa names for ya pilgrim, but it's NOT Ebola.  Comprende?

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Time for 2 day AMZN/EBAY delivery of some Tyvek suits, hats, boots, gloves and other supplies before the shelves are bare.

bigrooster's picture

I ordered my N100 masks last week.  You can always use them for painting.

flapdoodle's picture

I've got some bad news for you... if its like H1N1, the main purpose of the masks is to prevent *you* from passing the disease off to someone else!

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You need the P100 particulate filters for viruses, per health agent. They are made in China so stock up before China needs a billion of them and refuses to allow 3M to ship them out.

cougar_w's picture

Same symptoms, and it looks the same under an electron-microscope -- but that's because it is Not Ebola.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Not Ebola!  Get your Not Ebola here!

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How's that not ebola corporate antidote working for ya.

Obolacare 'll save y'all.

flapdoodle's picture

Sorry, the anitdote is reserved for the 1%...

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Dr.:  "I've got some good news and some bad news. . . "

Patient:  "What's the bad news?"

Dr.:  The bad news is that you are sick with something that will probably cause you and half of all your loved ones to die a horrible death - just like Ebola.

Patient:  "What's the good news?"

Dr.:  "The good news is that, in your case, we've decided to call it something else."

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So all these cases that have been tested negative and released in western countries are still in play then?

loonyleft's picture

sarc? were they ever not in play?

msmith9962's picture

Probably not, but that's what the public is led to believe when they announce a negative test and send them into the population.  I must have had a lapse in suspicion.

puckles's picture

Funny you should mention that:  http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/two-suspected-ebol...  

In which story a patrician Nigerian lady doc called upon for a second opinion on Sawyer (and unlikely to have come within spitting/pissing distance) was tested for Ebola as per protocol, tested negative, as expected, WAS RELEASED INTO THE PUBLIC, AND THEN DIED OF EBOLA.

She could have infected hundreds of similar types in Lagos by now, including diplomats of various nations.  The UN General Assembly takes place in NYC in the beginning of September.  What better opportunity to wreak mayhem abroad--just consider the, excuse the expression, transit "arterial" systems of NYC...

Central Bankster's picture

You need to properly cite the story about Dr. Ameyo Stella Adedavoh.  *If* that source can be trusted, this is absolutely terrifying. 


Google turns up:








These sources disagree with a few of your assertions:


1) You say that she was released, in these articles I did not see that mentioned.

2)  You claim she was a second opinion and did not have likely contact with Sawyer.  In these articles she was described as the PRIMARY doctor, and that she had close physical contact (she allegedly physically restrained Sawyer).

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Must be a cheap Chinese knock-off. Damned US Patents getting in the way of a good name that might go viral.

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Reminds me of the old margarine commercials...

"I can't believe it's not Ebola!"

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Another keyboard ruined...

American Dreams's picture

Not to say that trust is not already blown to hell by the WHO, CDC, etc. etc. but as soon as one of these white English, Irish, American doctors contracts the virus and drops a handy you tube video stating as such, its game on.  Then, not only will all trust be gone, but acute anger will replace said trust right fuckin now which will make FergieMO will look like Disney Land. 

Know your enemy


dontgoforit's picture

Pogo:  We have met the enemy and he is us.

Ok.  I agree.  But if you find out we really are the bad guys....what then?

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The slums of West Point (Monrovia, Liberia), home to some 75,000 people, make it clear that this particular Ebola outbreak is not “the” Ebola outbreak. There is no way that quarantine would work in the US until R2KBA is dismantled. I don’t see how an armed population would allow that to happen. In the meantime, imagine being among the 75,000 souls trapped…

(Reuters 20/08/14) - Police in the Liberian capital fired live rounds and tear gas on Wednesday to disperse a stone-throwing crowd trying to break an Ebola quarantine imposed on their neighbourhood, as the death toll from the epidemic in West Africa hit 1,350.

In the sprawling oceanfront West Point neighbourhood of Monrovia, at least four people were injured in clashes with security forces, witnesses said. It was unclear whether anyone was wounded by the gunfire, though a Reuters photographer saw a young boy with his leg largely severed just above the ankle.

Liberian authorities introduced a nationwide curfew on Tuesday and put the West Point neighbourhood under quarantine to curb the spread of the disease.

Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/20/us-health-ebola-liberia-protes... 

Urban Redneck's picture

Well if you see something that resembles the post below, don't bother saying something... and proceed directly to hysterical scream queen panic.

From the ZH way back machine (25.03.2014):

The MoH in [Country] came out with an announcement this morning that two of the deaths due to hemorrhagic fever in [City] in recent days "tested negative" for whatever specific Ebola strains that the [Lab Name] tested for, and put this gem as to cause of death in their press release "haemorrhagic fever whose nature remains to be determined"

Which do you trust more- the growing pile of corpses or the health department spokes-bitches?

I really hope this tactic doesn't get the Rinse, Repeat treatment.

Citxmech's picture

Hey - if it spreads like Ebola, and Kills like Ebola - it sure as fuck can't be Ebola, right?


Seriously though - this could indeed be a different strain that deserves a distinct identification - but at this point, who the fuck cares about semantics?  What's important is the nature of this bug and how best to deal with it.  The less we know about this particular strain - the more nervous it should make all of us.



Urban Redneck's picture

By my count there could actually be three, one in Congo and two in West Africa (which would be required if the bioweapon conspiracy theorists were within a light year of the truth).

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Jackson Hole hottub porn...


drendebe10's picture

Lemme see here...

1.  Alleged 170 health workers wearing protective equipment have contracted Ebola.

2.  Two US workers with Ebola were transported to Atlanta for treatment at Emory. One was discharged.

3.  Now there is a case of someone who had worked in the Ebola outbreak epicenter, traveled to Ireland (?public transportation) and subsequently died.  Not yet confirmed Ebola but if it looks like a duck, flies like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be Ebola.

4.  Ebola virus has a case fatality rate of greater than 50%

Holy fukn cow...  isounds like it's jumped the big water barriers to me and is destined for bigger and better things....  as Samuel L. Jackson said in Jurassic Park:  "Hold on to your butts."

Da Yooper's picture

"Hold on to your butts."


Naw barry has another round of golf to play.

Whitenoise's picture

Several news outlets have reported that Nancy Whitebol was released today as well.  They're fine, all's well.  Nothing to see here ... move on. 

Occams_Chainsaw's picture

Certainly would cause bleeding from the eyes...

Count Laszlo's picture

Things are looking up!  Don't worry, please everyone... go back to sleep.  

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Wasn't there some UN/WHO lab located in "World War Z"?

Where Brad Pitt saves the entire fucking world this time?

Sudden Debt's picture

Wasn't the trick to inject yourself with another virus?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

LOl, yeah. Since the Zombie virus did not care for people with terminal diseases (could detect/smell) them from far off, like a dog, he diced to "hide" from the Zombie virus by injecting himself with a deadly pathogen that could be killed with a timely antidote.

Happened at some lab in Ireland.

blabam's picture
Ebola quarantine chaos: Police fire on desperate crowds


West Point, a 'suburb' of Monrovia (Liberian Capital) is (now) under quarantine.

West Point is a township (the administrative equivalent of a city ward) of the Liberian capital city of Monrovia, located on a peninsula which juts out into the Atlantic Ocean between the Mesurado and Saint Paul rivers. Home to approximately 75,000 people, it is one of Monrovia's most densely populated neighorhoods.

The area lacks proper sanitation.[2] The area lacks public toilets[3] and a report by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs estimates that there are four public toilets in the area.[4] Pay toilets exist, but residents cannot afford them, and thus public defecation is common.[4] The beach surrounding West Point is often used a lavatory which creates health hazards as the water is used for drinking and fish from the water are consumed.
Read more at 

Warning graphic vid:


Skateboarder's picture

Four public toilets for 75,000 people? You're better off having none, instead of making them compete like animals and reducing their dignity.

Don't these people know you gotta bury your poo, or at least create septic tanks for accumulated usage? That's like one of the oldest things we've been doing. Or are they so densely packed in a crappy city that there is no ground?

blabam's picture

Vice was in West Point a couple of years ago... gives you a nice impression: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRuSS0iiFyo&t=12m29s

dracos_ghost's picture

Wow. Absolutely horrible.

franzpick's picture

75K people held in 'open air confinement' in West Point (and other areas) with no sanitation, medical attention, rehydration, food or supplies - are an Ebola disaster in the making: W.H.O.'s report tomorrow will show even faster growing Liberian infections and deaths for 8/19-20, but lack of body bags, burial locations and recovery teams means lagging WHO stats which may way understate actual deaths and new cases:


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

If anyone is allowed out of West Point, I will be surprised.

The area will be razed and rebuilt by new owners (much like Gaza).  From open air prison, to open air execution ground.