Missouri Governor Withdraws National Guard From Ferguson, Holder Warns Of "Deeper Mistrust"

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Assuming Missouri Governor Jay Nixon doesn't believe that last night's massive storms were the cause of a quieter night in Ferguson, he has decided to withdraw The National Guard from the scene of Mike Brown's death. It is unclear whether he realizes the error of his ways in this heavy-handed response or got a tap on the shoulder from The White House. Either way, we leave it to none other than AG Eric Holder to conclude  - “History simmers beneath the surface in more communities than just Ferguson,” -in other words, this is far from over...


As AP reports,

Gov. Jay Nixon is ordering the Missouri National Guard to begin withdrawing from Ferguson, where nightly scenes of unrest have erupted since a white police officer fatally shot an unarmed black 18-year-old.


Nixon announced what he called a systematic withdrawal of Guard officers on Thursday. He says they've effectively protected the city while other agencies worked to restore trust between law enforcement and residents.


Since the guard's arrival Monday, flare-ups in the small section of town that had been the center of nightly unrest have begun to subside. The quietest night was overnight Wednesday and Thursday, when police arrested only a handful of people in the protest zone.


Since demonstrations began after Aug. 9 shooting of Michel Brown, authorities have arrested at least 163 people in the protest area.

But Eric Holder knows this isn't over... (via NY Times)

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. said on Thursday that the unrest the country has witnessed here over the past two weeks was emblematic of deeper problems that exist across the nation, where a corrosive mistrust exists in certain places between the police and the people they are meant to serve.


“History simmers beneath the surface in more communities than just Ferguson,” Mr. Holder said during a news conference in Washington.




“The national outcry we have seen speaks to a sense of mistrust” that exists beyond Ferguson, Mr. Holder said on Thursday.

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Perhaps they listened to this chap...


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souljaboy's picture

Must be an election year.

knukles's picture

Fuck me, Eric!  That's it! 
Condone and encourage riots and mayhem in the streets
Cloward Piven Ahoy!

duo's picture

He's talking about reparations.  Originally confined to academia, it's now Administration policy.

I guess there won't be any more white people in police academy.

kaiserhoff's picture

Heat wave coming into St. Louis.  Over 100 degree temps.

Hide the women and the sheep.

knukles's picture

Perfect riot weather.
What the fuck, send all the police on holiday as well.
Hear tell Buenos Aires is beautiful this time of year.  And cheap.

Alea Iactaest's picture

This was only a test of the Emergency Response System. If this had been an actual emergency...


Just testing the waters. You folks are still too awake. We'll check back next summer.

Keyser's picture

Got to wake up the voter base... Nothing like a good race riot to stir the natives...

outamyeffinway's picture

“History simmers beneath the surface in more communities than just Ferguson,”


You got that right Holder:

"This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio."

It ain't just a black thing.

Skateboarder's picture

And th-th-th-that's all, folks. Back to your regular scheduled programming.

Antifaschistische's picture

If you'd just withdraw the cameras all the American Idol wannabe's would go home anyway.

CrimsonAvenger's picture

I hope they keep the white people. Those movies wouldn't be nearly as funny without Bobcat Goldthwait.

Headbanger's picture

What a fucking idiot he is!

First he says "it's not the law, it's personal"  and then this shit!?

He should be fired on the spot for failing to uphold the law and inciting more violence.

knukles's picture

Yeah.. so now the evidence starts to point toward the dead fella being an aggressor.... and the media pulls up tent and goes home
No more riots to incite.
Carry water for the Grand Plan the Cloward Piven Project, much?


kaiserhoff's picture

ZH should be eating some crow for calling the cop a murderer, twice in the same piece, and against all the evidence.

A mind is a terrible thing, not to have...

                           VP Dan Quail

fonzannoon's picture

and everyone who indicted the cop prematurely as well.

Dingleberry's picture

I wonder....has the piece of excrement governor even inquired about the serious injuries to the offcier in question?

How about the piece of excrement Holder?

Figures....the guy protecting the state gets backstabbed by them.

Keyser's picture

We do know that he is anxious for a swift prosecution of the officer... Even before the grand jury has indicted... And this guy is gobinator... 

kaiserhoff's picture

Somehow, the po folks always have money for cigs, hooch, drugs, and pussy.

   Must be nice.  Why the fuck did I ever have a job?  I forget.

pods's picture

So you'd not die of lung cancer, liver failure, OD or have herpes?

That's the best I got hoff, cause it sounds like a decent way to spend some time.


putaipan's picture

his name was eric garner...

her name still is marlene pinock.

and the kid with a knife could have been taken down, not killed.

face it- we're all gazans now.

gotta love the little 90 year old holocost escapee arrested for protesting in ferguson,.

pointing out that- ferguson police went to isreali training.

meanwhile the legal framework for such actions is being spread-



Syrin's picture

The military gave itself authority to KILL PEACEFUL protesters, and NO ONE FUCKING CARES.   So if you are standing outside your local grocery protesting beef prices with a handful of your buddies, they can legally gun you down.   At what point are people going to WAKE THE F'UP AND START CARING ?!??!

TheGardener's picture

I`d say killer cop condoning ZHers should eat crow, not ZH
for standing up to core values.

In legitimate self defense that cop could have shot
the monster sized kid, alleged robber, but unarmed,

For the lethal shots he should be facing murder charges,
aggravated by it possibly being a hate crime, period.

loonyleft's picture

I don't condone the cop or Brown. 

IF Brown was charging the officer, you shoot to kill. 

IF Brown was standing with his hands up trying to surrender, then it's murder.

All the eye witnesses so far say he was standing with his hands up.


TheGardener's picture

But you do condone shoot-to-kill ?

From a cops perspective or anyone out there having to act in self defense : yes. But just because the courts will have a go at you if your opponent survives you are not meant to kill anyone. Whether it be religion or personal conviction:
If you license yourself to kill there is no stopping you.

Dangertime's picture

If you have a guy charging you from 25 feet, who just smashed your eye-socket, you shoot for the leg????


I hope someday you are in that situation so you can suffer the mistake of that mentality.  Even despite aiming at the chest, the man STILL fell only a few feet in front of him.


Society is a better place when it is generally accepted that assaulting someone can earn you a bullet to the head.

TheGardener's picture

Silly choice, I was apologetic all the way, but me myself would not need any weapon upon this negro monster. I`m trained. To kill to. Why not police officers?

I feel save with all this incompetence of handling violence
because I earned a living instructing violence.

Meaning trigger happy cops would probably shoot me first as a perceived threat...

Fuck that,I survived months and years in war zones, theory might not apply to me or maybe all the more...

Nick Jihad's picture

I keep hearing the "shoot him in the leg" idea.  As I understand it, the cop fired eight rounds. The coroner found six hits, of which two were in the head, and one of which was certainly fatal. So those two shots were probably the last shots fired.  So, it seems like the shooting went like this - the cop is probably aiming for solar-plexus, cuz that's how they're trained, shoot for center-of-mass. It looks like, of the first six rounds fired, at least two were clean misses, and the rest were superficial hits to the right arm. Probably more than two shots were clean misses - some of the arm hits look like the same bullet exiting and re-entering. The last two shots were probably easier, since at that point the attacker was only a few feet away.

In short, the cop was barely able to hit the guy at all. Which makes sense when you consider that one of his eye sockets had been smashed - he probably could not even see very well. Your suggestion is silly.

TheGardener's picture

"the cop is probably aiming for solar-plexus, cuz that's how they're trained, shoot for center-of-mass."

Thanks for clarifying. To get a hunters license around here,
you have to prove you will accurately hit vital organs causing instant death without any unnecessary suffering.

Dumb government thugs get away with aiming for centre of mass, sounds like instructions for while being fully drunk.

Dangertime's picture

Aiming for center of mass when dealing with thugs charging you seems appropriate.  So now you're saying we should at least shoot them humanely when they are endanger our lives or assaulting us?


When your life is in danger, fvk humanely, protect yourself.  Brown was fully at fault, plain and simple.  Don't try and lay this at the police officer's feet.

TheGardener's picture

Divide and conquer , folks : they constantly accuse you of racism and related slurs and bombard you with groundless accusations and all you do is cheer up for one less! Pathetic .

Who gave American cops this shoot to kill mandate ?

For his conduct, most civilized countries would lock
this cop away forever or experiment on him in a mental institution. Yet in the United Sociopath Asylum this
is fully legit ? You have been had.

TheGardener's picture

So I put shame on you, for good measure.

Killer cop condoning crowd; I will ask you to bow down in

countryboy42's picture

Here's a thought. Let's got to the range. First we'll set up a fast ball pitching machine set at say 90 mph. You take the ball square in the eye. Then we have a man sized target come towards you at say 10 mph. Let's see your accuracy of hits to the legs before it runs over you.

I'm not saying there aren't a bunch of fucked up cops out there, but if you are going to give advise, at least set the stage.

TheGardener's picture

I get your point, cops became cops before becoming completely useless. I go for hogs/wild boars at pitch dark
nights and real close it is always very scary. That's my stage and you got me there. Let`s not assume anyone could faithfully follow the law like you would in theory or anything close.

Still looking forward to meet you at the range. Provided
Fema features ranges. KZ in it`s early stages had libraries
and all, civilian clothes, care parcels from the family, sports facilities...

loonyleft's picture

evidence.... WND..... riiiiight.

Still waiting for anyone to show any evidence. 

Syrin's picture

He's right there is huge mistrust...    of the f'ing gov't.   7% of the country trusts Congress.   20% trust the state media.   Those are pre-revolutinary numbers, and the paramilitary thugs in Ferguson just created a bunch of freedom fighters, unbeknowst to them.

Dangertime's picture

Freedom fighters who want the right to assault whitey without repercussions?


No thanks.

froze25's picture

There are alot of things that should happen to Eric Holder, I don't think any will though.

oldmanofthesee's picture

I agree, that he should. But he's got so much shit on the only one that can fire him, never happen. I have sat quietly, while the regular contributors keep screaming "the negros are not the problem, the cops are"! I disagree. The negros are at war against the caucasian race, and that must be recognized. Every negro, when arriving at the crossroad, will always choose race over right. Any that have not yet done so, haven't yet arrived at the crossroad.

TheGardener's picture

"Every negro, when arriving at the crossroad, will always choose race over right"

Let`s talk about role models and self respecting human beings. Envy much ? Race rules, always has, always will.

Whitey dissolved in multicultural ethnic experiments?

Take care of your genes, they are not for your personal consumption but to be preserved and passed on undiluted to future generations.

Rican's picture

Time for the next distraction. We can all stop pretending to care. Wanna dump ice water on each other?

knukles's picture

State Department background check question:  Have you recently or at any time in your past, participated in an ice water challenge?

Dr. Richard Head's picture

I challenged myself in the ice bucket, my wife challenged Barbie and Ken Doll and my mother, who is dead.  Hopefully this will end soon.


shovelhead's picture

I guess the Fire Challenge had a tough time finding live winners.

Bill of Rights's picture

" Never let a good crisis go to waste "

Syrin's picture

Since they legalized killing innocent peaceful protesters, I would say they didn't waste it at all.

oklaboy's picture

the leftards are all in on this one, no matter what the facts are. They are going to stoke this situation till it explodes, along with the border, ISIS, Ebola, all of this shit is planned. Michael Brown was a dope smokin, shit mouth wanna be fucking nigger rapper who just comitted a felony. Eric Holder is a race hustler and povert pimp in an expensive suit , and stoking the fire. Throw on top the shitty economics in the ghetto, and it ia the perfect recipt for disaster, or better yet, revolution, and whitey is the enemy.

Dr. Engali's picture

Mission accomplshed. El Presidente fixed it again. Viva La revolucion!