"A Random Straight Line On Wall Street"

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Rumors are rife that Burton Malkiel is preparing a sequel to his previous blockbuster that will be titled "A Random Straight Line On Wall Street." Because, simply put, random walks are so pre-central-planning...


Just by eyeballing the lower pane in this chart, see if you can figure out the down days and up days...


These are your "markets"


Chart: Bloomberg

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kliguy38's picture

looks like my honey moon nite

Four chan's picture

lol, a freemarket only a robot could love.

Leveraged Algorithm's picture

With those tits - something is going up on low volume....

BandGap's picture

Going up on low volume?

Pareto's picture

.....and these are your markets in the absence of voluntary exchange...........................Any questions?

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Wow, they really finally got things under control.  If that doesn't give you confidence to BTFD and BTFATH, what will?  Downside of course is that the world has lost one of its examples of random behavior.  Show the volume going back farther!

BandGap's picture

Things will change. Even the fed will eventually lose to entropy. The universe deems it so.

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Or MAYBE, first they overcame common-sense economics (Eg you can spend more than you make forever, as long as you make a complicated enough system) and NOW they've managed to overcome the laws of physics!  Next up, the perpetual motion machine! (Or maybe the market IS the perpetual motion machine!) 

These are exciting days - it used to be that major scientific discoveries came from scientists, but now they come from bankers and thieves! (and yes, I realize that 'bankers and thieves' is a redundancy)

max2205's picture

Maybe they will make it go sideways for 8 mor years....that'll fuck up,some people

...out of space's picture

it is more that 80 degre  angle

Al Huxley's picture

It's so fractal!  At first I thought it was a multi-year chart going back to 2007.  Again, I tip my hat to the artists who are creating this market, well done!  Next, paint a pony, or a unicorn shitting skittles!

Four chan's picture

lol same here, because it is the same.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Well,  Alan did say they had eliminated the business cycle.  

viator's picture

I think it's great, Buy SP500 and retire.

yogibear's picture

Yep, a stright line to wherever. Not even gusessing at this point.

yogibear's picture

NY Federal Reserve trading desk bots must take it ever higher. No problem with unlimited money.

buzzsaw99's picture

the last bastion of free market capitalism on earth [/sarcasm]

Notsobadwlad's picture

There have been no truly free markets for a very, very, very long time.

The scale of the theft and fraud is absolutely mindboggling, or would be if the central bankers and their cronies were not behind it. (it is easy to envision that evil, with ultimate resources could create the ultimate control mechanism, given time).

Here is the thing: "this too shall pass" and people will survive long after the system of theft and planned destruction has decayed and been forgotten.

They will NOT "get it right" (as they so wish) this time and eternally enslave the world and its souls.

money badger's picture

Is it my imagination or is the trading volume vs avg. forming the dreaded "sawtooth" pattern?  Oh well, I guess that means the tree called "S&P Futures" will soon be called the "S&P Pasts".    TIMBERRRRR !!!!!

Equality 7-25-1's picture

Does that look human to you?

Yellen looks very much descended from the things gothic architecture warned us about.

They all do.

kaa1016's picture

Stop complaining about the markets and make money trading it. I understand that some don't have the necessary skill to do so regardless of what the market is doing, but it is what it is. If one doesn't like the market, don't trade. Like Donald Rumsfeld said "you go to war with the army that you have, not the one you wish you had".

Al Huxley's picture

Trade?  What trade?  Buy on margin, hold, then when your margin increases, buy more!  That's not 'trading'.

QEternity's picture

Until you lose every fucking penny thinking you can be the first one out the exit just like everyone else

Kprime's picture

so .gov builds another bridge to nowhere, what's new?


I like the cool, 6 year, perfect 45 degree slope

Keltner Channel Surf's picture

I suppose mid-Aug volume would always be below average.  As the Fed has removed any need to sell, perhaps automatic 401(k) moves into Vanguard funds are enough to dribble indices forward daily.  While you’d think they’d have algos to keep their paltry summer VWAP buys flatter,  positive performance doesn’t hurt inflows (and hence, income), so more heavy-handed purchases are fine, helping to grow the wealth of those investing earlier with the new monies.  I think there’s a term for that type of scheme, but it escapes me at the moment . . .

dirtyfiles's picture

jut LOOK at this motherfucker ,Frankenstein "market" if every trader participating in this circus is that stupid as the chart shows than there is only one fix to it as always was


netpounder's picture

Who needs fortune tellers to give you the lottery numbers?  No need to even invent a time travel machine to go to the future, get the lottery numbers and come back to play those numbers.  Just buy S&P futures.  S&P Futures = S&P Future Riches bitches!

Quaderratic Probing's picture

Free markets and price discovery seem a little stupid now, just buy and wait for your reward.