Stocks Hit All Time Highs After Russia Announces It Has "No Plans Of Military Incursion Into Ukraine"

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Two weeks ago, a 100 point ramp in the S&P started when Russian RIA Novosti tweeted Russia was seeking to "de-escalate the conflict" in Ukraine, quoting the Russian Security Council Chief. Moments ago RIA went for a double when it tweeted a rather amusing statement from the Defense Ministry, namely that Russia has no plans of invading Ukraine.

RIA also added that the defence ministry is once again calling for a cease-fire for the aid convoy because it is "worried by use of incendiary bombs, ballistic missiles in Ukraine."

So will this be today's catalyst to push the S&P over 2000 (so far it is working with the S&P hitting fresh record highs on the statement), and will futures continue to rise on hopes that Russia will step back from its trade war with the west, something which has failed to produce a correction in stocks, and yet where every rumor of de-escalation leads to higher highs in the market? We should have the answer shortly.

And the result...

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dontgoforit's picture

Ok; so who will be first to get caught with their pants down?

Publicus's picture

Go long cryptocurrencies. They are the next reserve currency after the dollar.

Latina Lover's picture

Russia does not need to invade the Ukraine.   The Ukrainians are their own worst enemy;  they are doing an excellent job of destroying themselves.

pods's picture

Russia most certainly has plans drawn up to obliterate Ukraine.

They are just not planning TO do it.


Headbanger's picture

Of course Russia has no plans to invade Ukraine



flacon's picture

Did you see that HUGE spike in VIX a few minutes ago? And it just got crushed back down again. Something is going on.

flacon's picture

Impale the white-haired Fed gnome on that spike.

Headbanger's picture

Oh!   There it is now

Must be some delay on the Market Watch chart

Duh on me...

And check this out:

It hit the "capping" downward trend line which makes me think it's a valid spike.

fonzannoon's picture

Is that the same chart that shows your black monday call a few weeks ago followed up by your S&P 1958 resistance?



Headbanger's picture

Fonz,   Thanks in advance for all your cash you mook! 


Manthong's picture

Why the hell would Putin want what’s left of Ukraine?

All the ambitious ethnic Russians bugged out already.

Let the west pay for the debris.

fonzannoon's picture

Keep banging that head and throwing that money out the window you putz.

Patriot Eke's picture

I guess it all depends on the definition of Ukraine, for what was once Eastern Ukraine is now considered "New Russia" by many of the people living there.  Does a Peacekeeping force qualify as an invasion force too?  I suspect the Russians and majority of people in Eastern Ukraine would say no.

Terminus C's picture

Don't we usually wait for something to be officially denied to confirm its existence?

So what we have here is a confirmation that Russia does indeed have plans to invade Ukraine (which is obvious to any thinking person).  You can bet NATO has invasion plans of Ukraine as well.  I'd lay money on the fact that NATO has invasion plans for Russia (multiple iterations going back to WWII, no doubt).  Hell, I'd bet the US military has plans to invade Canada and Mexico.  This is what military planners do, you don't want to be planning this when the shit hits the fan, you need to be able to pull a starting point off the shelf when you need it.

Lore's picture

Ukraine was essentially "invaded" when the Svoboda/Pravy Sektor (Nazi) junta took over the parliament in Kiev, beating up anyone who objected. THAT is what motivated the landslide referendum in Crimea. Russia hasn't needed to lift a finger, but now they're dealing with a humanitarian crisis of some 600,000+ refugees coming across the border, wanting to get away from the Nazis who have been shelling them and hitting them with white phosphorus. Then there is the matter of mass troop desertion, not to mention attempts to steal a relief convoy. For a better understanding of modern American foreign policy, permit me to suggest John Perkins' Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

The greatest threat to American national security is her own banking complex. She is collapsing under the weight of debt and misallocation and destruction of capital at the hands of self-serving elites who pursue objectives and make policy decisions that people of conscience would find inconceivable. But there is a limit. How can you fund a military and mount an invasion when your money and credit is no good? How can you maintain a capable and moral fighting force and motivate large numbers of troops when your military complex is increasingly preoccupied with corporate welfare? It's not clear that the planners know how to deal with simple entropy. The system is exhausted and destroyed by individuals who were charged with its stewardship. Is there a plan for this contingency? 

LostandFound's picture

There is no correlation between Russia and the all time high stocks. it feels like the pundits are trying to find any excuse to come up with logic as to why stocks are trading so high.

No one is expecting Putin to invade Ukraine and the risk was never priced in, its bullshit.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Speaking of charts and "announcements", TPTB/NWO announce that "The Sideways Market in PM will continue" /sarc  Speculate accordingly.

Queue the BTFD crowd, now that we all have jobs, houses and DI (Disposable Income) for PM.  ;-)

Bossman1967's picture

Nothing to see here now move along. Markets hit records today period

Latina Lover's picture

Headbanger, the Russian Federation has not invaded the Ukraine. 


Instead, there is a civil war occuring between an illegal government in Kiev and two provinces comprised primarily of russian speakers. NATO has been arming the Kiev government, and Russia to a much lesser extent is supplying the rebellious provinces.

Headbanger's picture

No shit.. Really??

I never would have guessed.

But we can be sure the Russian military is already deeply entrenched in Ukraine cause how many times has it been reported there were unmarked military trucks and soldiers in Ukraine the past few months?


Manthong's picture

Of course they are in there..

to make this as expensive for the US as they can..

But so are we.. Noodleman’s Blackwater/Acadami buddies are all over the place killing ethnic Russians and are the spearhead of the US ethnic cleansing program there.

Latina Lover's picture

Hi Headbanger, You are reading ZH because you believe the MSM never lies, correct <g>?


The USSA media is almost completely controlled, publishing whatever BS the state department dictates.  There is no proof whatsoever that the Russian Military is deeply entrenched in the Ukraine.  There may be russian irregulars fighting with the rebels, and some resupply from Russia, but no Russian Military, otherwise the pictures and video would be blasted all over the MSM and internet.


And what happened to MH17....?

hot sauce technician's picture

MH17 smells of false flag. I don't know who orchestrated what, but someone was in the know beforehand. I'm more interested in MH370... Has the full flight manifest ever been released?... That wasn't a false flag but there seems something much more sinister about it's fate.

Jack Burton's picture

You are right, these two stories really both smell! How to get to the bottom of it when the vast CIA and NSA network controls even the mainstream media? Also, American allies have CIA and NSA as a full part of their own intelligence services. So say Australia, even if they had hard evidence of MH370 would only be allowed to release it on White House approval.

We need to realize that globalization has placed the US spy agencies, State Department, military intelligence and Pentagon deeply into all the structures of the EU, United Kingdom and Australia/New Zealand. Media in these countries follow in lock step with US media like CNN, FOX, NPR, MSNBC and others. Notice the MH17 news blackout for weeks now!? This happened like a light switch being thrown, that can only happen if the US controls foreign media as closely as CNN and company!

I have looked over the MH17 wreckage photos in detail. There is no doubt that the pilots side of the cockpit was targeted by air to air 30mm cannon fire, which the Ukrainian SU-25's which flew along with the MH17 at the end of it's flight, have. The cannon fire was aimed directly at the pilot, thus a huge hole was blown next to his seat by concentrated 30mm cannon shell, around the larger hole are many dozens of scattered cannon shell holes, perfectly round and all the same size. A second blast of cannon fire entered above and behind the cockpit. This was maybe the first try which missed killing the pilot, the second did. It is debated that an air to air missile was fired to finish the plane fast, as the cockpit hits killed the pilots but at that point the plane was still intact and in a turn which all witnesses saw. And many witnesses on the day of the shoot down saw the two Ukie SU-25s and heard cannon fire ain the air and two explosions in the air. NO WINTNESS saw a smoke trail from a ground to air missile, and no video taken as the plane fell showed a smoke trail anywhere from ground to air. I know these missiles, you can youtube firings of them, they leave a huge and lasting smoke trail, it lasts anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes depending on wind.

Ukie fighters shot that plane down. That is why blackbox is still being held and no word from meida or governments of the west. None!

Majestic12's picture

...reported by who?  Duhh....

Patriot Eke's picture

Kiev certainly doesn't have outside forces fighting for it, and they are not getting equipment from the outside either.  /sarc

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

...i thought you were smarter than that

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Headcase, you can stop bleeding on us, as the most recent Russian announcement assures us that the NWO can invade countries with impunity, and only token resistance will be put up.

Relax and just BTFATH.  And see Dr. McCoy about that condition of yours.

Anarchy 99's picture

what happened to the real headbanger

dontgoforit's picture

Hacked.  Don't think it can't happen.  It can, and has.  Part of NSA/US Govt PI (preemptive intervention) - to slow down the dissemination of real intel amongst the disinfranchaised - us - so that a revolution won't actually get sparked.  They don't fear the Ferguson moments.  They fear - us.  Because they've been fucking us so badly and they know we're on to it.  (Now, if we just knew what to do about it.....)

Aussie V's picture

Hmm interesting

Did you know that Australia, Ukraine, Holland and Belgium (read EU) have entered into a Non Disclosure Agreement signed on August 8th which allows any country to VETO the findings of the investigation into MH17.

Any country can Veto the findings for any reason, and without explanation thus making the findings classified.

Latina Lover's picture

Classified findings... yeah that should give closure to the surviving families of the MH17 victims.  It would be vitally important to find out, for example, why Kiev Air Traffic Control directed MH17 into the Kill zone, but I guess we will never find out.

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

as i see it...

if a report is released in septemberthen it'll go one of two ways...

a) implicate russia directly, or

b) implicate russia indirectly

Latina Lover's picture

PODS, you can bet that the Russians have drawn up plans to invade the Ukraine, in the event of certain contingencies.   For example, if the Ukies are suicidal enough to attack Crimea, Putin will most certainly hammer their army into pieces and take out the Kiev Kriminals.

Otherwise, there is no percentage for Russia to invade the Ukraine since they have nothing to offer that Russia needs or wants. Moreover, the Ukraine is a bankrupt entity, with 140  billion USD in external debt, and 4th worst performing economy in the world per Forbes.  Since their debt is denominated in USD but Kiev can only print the local toilet paper currency, they are basically screwed. 

The last thing Russia needs is to assume the obligations of the Chernobyl like meltdown of  Ukie economy. Better to let it implode and stick the bill to the USSA and EU bankster led governments.

Majestic12's picture

Oh wouldn't be nicer to see Vlad make wedding "plans" with Christina?  The really make a cute couple....and the kids would be beautiful...

studfinder's picture

Sooner or later even the people of Kiev and surrounding areas will revolt when everything they have is sucked up and exported.  Every grain of wheat, every sunflower seed...basically anything not bolted down will be exported to service their debt and pay the money masters financing this disaster.   They had a good deal with the Russian puppet in power.  At least the Russians were keeping the gas flowing at discount rates.  Now with that shut off and Russia demanding payment, ouch...  economic destruction.  The reason Putin just has to sit back and smile.  No doubt he has to protect the Russian speakers in that area of the country to some extent...or at least get Ukraine to leave them alone. 


I'm sure Putin already has a Po 210 candy bar for the chocolate king ready to go.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

@ Latina Lover: "Russia does not need to invade the Ukraine."

But Russia does need to prepare for war with the US, via its NATO proxies.  Fact is, "the US is Militarizing Ukraine For War With Russia" -Sergei Glazyev (Economic Adviser to Pres. Putin)

This video* is a MUST viewing for all the peace loving people of the world, as it explains what is happening in Ukraine from the Russian perspective and how they see the US as trying to start a World War.

We truly live in interesting and desperate times, about to get more so.  Plan, hedge, "invest" and act accordingly.

p.s. Years from now, if you survive and your kids ask you "Mommy/Daddy, where were you before all this happened?  What do YOU do -- besides blog and criticize The Community Organizer?  Did YOU organize the community also, or were you an armchair organizer?  And please remind me again of that saying "When good people do nothing, evil prospers"? 

Make sure you have good and truthy answers to awkward questions like that.  I'm trying to do my part to do more than "Talk" about it.  We all need to do way more than just "talk".  What's that American saying about the price of talking?  "Talk is..."


Anarchy 99's picture

Yes, I also posted another more recent video in yesterday's thread, more broad in scope and timing

Latina Lover's picture

Great video, Kirk2.

Yes, the USSA's plan is to use the Ukraine as their jihadis to attack Russia.  I suspect, however, that this plan will ultimately fail since race and religion are minor dividing factors, except in western Ukraine.

Russians and Ukrainians have a very long shared history and can speak directly to each other.  The Ukie media may be completely controlled but internet communications, cell phones, social media provide ample means for  circumventing censorship, bring home to everyone the horrors of civil war.  Once the gas shortages, higher taxes and reduction in pensions and wages kick it, I expect another palace revolt.  It will also be accelerated by the thousands of Ukies sent home in body bags to shocked families. The Ukie regime is hiding losses, but this fraud will eventually fail. The final straw will likely be the realization that Ukies will NOT be granted visa free travel to the EU or USSA.

Putin will ultimately win provided that the novorussians can hang in for another 2-3 months.

dontgoforit's picture

It would be nice if we could get a message to him that it's not the U.S., it's the U.S. oligarch/military-industrial/anti-Christ Obama thingy.  Obama wants to destroy America and how better to do it than this?  Now, I'm not sure I buy everything this Economic Advisor to the President of Russia is selling, but his point from my perspective has a certain validity when I consider that I do, in fact, believe that the POTUS has a real desire to destroy the US.

Majikat's picture

agree, it is the only logical conclusion to this mess. Why have USD as a reserve for everyone else when we can have something more neutral that doesn't come with printing machines?

digitalindustry's picture

agreed - just try not to invest into a complete scam, and learn the basics of decentralized economics.


its quite simple.

Payne's picture

In the new normal everyone publishes there territorial invasions plan prior to actually starting them, makes perfect sense in the new normal.

DeadFred's picture

This news is as comforting as having your neighbor tell you he isn't a secret serial killer. As if they would tell you.

Global Hunter's picture

And then twitter the announcement

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

...and let's just say he did tell you he was a secret serial killer, what then..?

luckylongshot's picture

Since America's only hope of avoiding being recognized for having its pants down hinged on dragging Russia into a war over Ukraine this announcement means that the answer to your quesstion is the good ole USA.

fonzannoon's picture

The ramp in the S&P started the minute it and the Dax touched their respective moving averages. It was completely technical because the market it completely and totally rigged. Why fight it?

ekm1's picture


Either gamble or quit it, like me.


I don't want to be caught at  dow 2000 pts drops daily which is inevitable all the way down to dow 4000


If not, bye bye USD as world currency