Rick Perry "ISIS Could Be In US, Need To Be Eliminated Now"

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Amid his corruption indictments, Texas Governor Rick Perry is making more headlines today. During a CNN interview, Perry exclaimed "it's possible ISIS may have crossed into The United States from Mexico." Speaking earlier at The Heritage Foundation, Perry blasted, "they need to be eliminated, and they need to be eliminated now."

As The Daily Signal reports, Rick Perry said of the growing threat of the Islamic State, a “terrorist army” formerly known as ISIS rampaging through Iraq. After speaking at The Heritage Foundation on border and homeland security, Perry was asked whether he’d support putting U.S. troops on the ground again in Iraq to “eliminate” the Islamic State terrorists.

Watch the video for his response.

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Budd aka Sidewinder's picture

Wait Rick.....one of their tortures is putting gerbils up your ass so you might rethink your position

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Should this happen BEFORE or AFTER he recalls the 3 Federal Agencies he would close?

Headbanger's picture

Better not be seen wearing all black anymore.

And eat a lot more ham sandwiches in public


Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

If Fairy Perry actually gave a shit about security, he would have secured the Texas border YEARS AGO.

fonzannoon's picture

Well his son had to quit his job at Deutsche Bank a while back. If he has the time he should jump on the first plane over there.

SoberOne's picture

The super bogeyman has been unleashed. The next one will be flesh eating zombies from the catacombs. And they will be Muslim I'm sure...

cougar_w's picture

Rick Perry is desperate for a suspension of law.

pods's picture

Perry is another reactionary whore out to catch any wave that propels him to where he wants to be.

Fucking government.

And we get to argue about whether we should save some people that last month could have been eating their own young but now through the magic of the TeeVee we have some dumb lemming campaign like

#IceBucketsForYahtzees or some shit to feign support for spending more fake FRNs on bombs to keep this pitiful economy afloat.

Hey, I understand that cutting off someone's head is frowned upon and generally discouraged in the first world, but people die every fucking day.

Get over it.  Soon enough people are going to be EATING each other over HERE unless we can flush these parasites from our system.



Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

Agreed about perry. This is one of the several things I meant when I said I would never vote for him anyway on the thread about him being indicted the other day. He is just another authoritarian war mongering republican, and our country is rampant with them. And for criticizing him, I got a bunch of down votes with not one person telling me how I was wrong. I'm sure half the people on this sight will cheer him on as we restart a war to destroy the monster we ourselves created by involving ourselves in that region in the first place.

pods's picture

You get a lot of downvotes because Perry is from Texas.  

Texas is like a cult; you espouse freedom but have the most authoritarian system around.

(watch my reds pop up on this one)


Richardk888's picture

I am a proud Texan and think Perry is a fucktarded ass hat!

He is for big government and pro fascism.

A sellout in every meaning of the word.

Four chan's picture

bush, perry is there something cripling iq in the water down there?

Richardk888's picture

Flouride would be my guess.

The majority of voters vote straight tickets for either the Ds or Rs.

boogerbently's picture

You know, if we eliminate ALL muzzies, we'll get the bad guys too.

Slave's picture

>>I am a proud Texan

Please tell me, specifically, what you are proud of your state for.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

no state income tax and tex mex, any other fucking questions?

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

I'm from Texas and I stand with Richardk888.

TuPhat's picture

He got a lot of reds because he mentioned that Perry is a republican.  Most ZH ers understand that the party name has no meaning.  Call Perry what you want but the problem with Perry is not the party he claims to be part of.  The problem is that he is a lying scheming new world order politician.  Using republican or democrat as part of your reasoning shows a weakness of thought.  That's how I see it and I'm a Texas resident for 28 years. (not a real texan).

James_Cole's picture

 "it's possible ISIS may have crossed into The United States from Mexico." 

It's also possible that Rick Perry is secretly the head of ISIS... many 'possibilities' for Rick Perry to ponder.  

Bossman1967's picture

Hey yall I bet ISIS is up Ricks ass you know. Fuck him and Fuck ISIS

The Big Ching-aso's picture

Whatever happened to the dire don't mess with Texas (Texans) warning you hear constantly?

Looks like someone has done messed with this big cowboy's hat to me. Bitch slapped is bitch slapped but bitch slappin' a honcho governor well it's like a scene outta The Godfather and a senator visiting Lake Tahoe who's later caught only wearing his Fruit-of-the Looms in a red velvet boudoir.

PT's picture

It's possible ISIS may already be in the US?  Gee, I wonder who let them in there?

My local propaganda rag assures me that I should be terrified of terrorists in Australia too.  Again, I wonder who let them in?

August's picture

>>>(Perry) is just another authoritarian war mongering republican

Thank you, Mr. Perry, for the self-disclosure.  I know that some here (and quite few in the broader US society) somehow hope that the rethuglican party will step in to "save the republic": forget it.

If you like the USA's foreign policy, go ahead and vote (R), and get a lot more of the same.

thetruthhurts's picture

"Hey, I understand that cutting off someone's head is frowned upon and generally discouraged in the first world, but people die every fucking day."


LOL  That was good!   What WE do every day is BLOW their fucking heads off... and I think the ratio is about 10,000 to 1.

Buster Cherry's picture

And you derive you opinion based on what?

Tell me, I really want to know......

SMG's picture

This is all just prepositioning by the Oligarchs to soften people up for the next false flag.  Perry is as big of a muppet as any of our "leaders".  Probably use the next false flag to tank the economy and not have the Banksters take the blame. Also throw lots more police state on us. Sigh.

tony wilson's picture

i missed his tv show did he mention the suitcase nukes that are kept in every israeli embassy as part of the zionist blackmail grid.

did he mention israeli field hospitals repairing isis rapists?

Urban Redneck's picture

If Fairy Perry actually gave a shit about ISIS, he would have the Texas National Guard detain and waterboard Senator McStain.

Perhaps the CNN news crew knows exactly what the traitor from Arizona was discussing with the head of ISIS at their little televised sit down a while back...


Buster Cherry's picture

I see lots of people don't know much about Texas.

Here's a lesson: Texas aint in Arizona!

Urban Redneck's picture

It's called extraordinary rendition when a fascist Head of State goes beyond the boundaries of their own jurisdiction and executes an extrajudicial transfer. However, using the word render instead of detain would have went right over even more heads.

Buster Cherry's picture



If you.went.to.school, you.would know that.its the federal governments job to secure all borders, not the Texas governor's. He is however doing the best he can for Texas by calling up the Nat'l Guard.

You really should pull your head out of.your.ass and take a breath now and then. Maybe a civics course.as.well....

Uncle Remus's picture


Buster Cherry's picture

Well at least.he wanted to shutter.some of these oppressive gov agencies.

Glad you remembered.too!

daveO's picture

Smile Rick. You're the next POTUS > Puppet of the United States.

docmac324's picture

I'd be more concerned how the GOV spins ISIS against the citizenry, over what their real capabilities are.  Remember, "They ain't cutting off heads in Kansas"...  George Carlin, RIP BRO

Buster Cherry's picture

Sounds like you want to be the.first customer

walküre's picture

Good to know that Perry is on the correct payroll.

fauxhammer's picture

Doesn't ISIS already HAVE a command center in Texas?


Maybe it moves to Maine during the summer months...

Buster Cherry's picture

I bet it took the better part.of an hour.to come up with that slick comment.

Skateboarder's picture

Terrizzt witch trials, here we come.

cougar_w's picture

Not in our neck of the woods.

Skateboarder's picture

Tru dat cougs - we're immune to pretty much anything. For better or wrose, SV will be one of the last places to go.

Grande Tetons's picture

The glasses make him look smarter. That is all they accomplished. 

ebworthen's picture

Rick means well in his own way but he is a little short in the smarts department, and not a good enough liar or equivocator to make it beyond Governor of Texas.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

The glasses also let him see ISIS from his house.