Ukraine Central Bank "Friends" USDollar Sellers, Posts 'Failed' FX Intervention On Facebook

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Forget Bloomberg, ignore Reuters, dismiss that 'well-informed trader' source... Ukraine's Central Bank has decided that critical medium for expressing its desperation to stop the collapse of its currency is... Facebook.


With the Hrynia near record closing lows against the USD, the Ukraine Central Bank 'posted' that:

it had been offering dollars at 13.2 Hrynia and bidding at 12.95 Hyrvnia...

looks like their intervention failed dismally once again...


UAH closes at 13.35 - just shy of record closing lows of 13.4...


Chart: Bloomberg

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knukles's picture

That is fucking retarded.
Facebook Monetary Policy
Why not just step in and begin unlimited selling?

New Ukrainian Central Bank Song

"You say Hrynia, I say Nirvana"


Latina Lover's picture

This is too funny, LOL.


y3maxx's picture

....A very large False Flag event is definitely on the Short Term Horizon folks. Full Retard Media Announcements coming out....Chuck Hagel/Isis....Ukraine/Facebook/Dollar...St. Louis.


knukles's picture

Ukrainian Central Bank Motto

"The Little Bid that Couldn't"

I must confess... Earlier today I couldn't stand it anymore so I spent about 3 hours scrubbing walls and base-boards.... for sanity's sake... and then come back to this?!?!?!?!?!?!? 

max2205's picture

Is that how you can tell for sure....moving on

disabledvet's picture

You could try that...only problem is you only have so much to sell.  

Better off to send over Hobby Lobby and see how well those Ruskies do versus Balsa Wood in my view.

Rubber bands for an engine...used Campbell Soup Cans for your S-3.  Drop a friggin leaflet that says "ha ha ha ha ha.". Might keep one of those Ruskie pistols SMERSH used back in the day of course.

"Holsters cost extra."  We have fine leather specialists if they're interested.  My favorite are Cole Haans.  "Well throw in boleros free of charge."  Hell...Coach might even try and put in a bid here.  "Extending Brand Recognition."

After all "Harleys didn't become Harleys until they became Choppers."

ThroxxOfVron's picture

"I'll give you a hernia for a dollar."





Aknownymouse's picture

Hmm. The facebook stock exchange. That is a great idea. NOT

i_call_you_my_base's picture

Genius. Prices would be based on 'likes' (made by tech sweatshop Indian workers).

Yen Cross's picture

  You need to use that big red "FAIL!" stamp more often Tyler. Thanks for my first laugh of the day :-)

  P.S. is that pronounced Hernia?

ebworthen's picture

Advertising that your currency is in trouble on social media where the only people who will see it don't care, or will enjoy watching you hurt yourself:

ebworthen's picture

Hyrnia looks a lot like Hernia.

Yen Cross's picture

  Dang! You beat me by (2) minutes Ebbie...

Reaper's picture

Did Biden and his son stock up at the bank's 13.2?

exi1ed0ne's picture

Biden Jr just took an involuntary pay cut.  Gigglesnort.

There's no way in shit he's paid in the local toilet paper, but one can dream!

ChiangMai's picture


At least the neo-Nazis, oligarch private mercenary armies, and assorted crazies are kicking ass on the battlefield (NO, that would be the self-defense forces  ;-) ):

Two Combat Analyses, both dated today:

Novorossiya Military Briefing – Situation by 12:00, August 19, 2014

[includes two Map of Operations (through 18 Aug / through 20 Aug)+ six detail maps of specific areas]

…it has now been over a month that the city of Donetsk continues confidently to repulse the Kiev Junta’s offensive, which it is pursuing with maximum possible effort. This, unquestionable, is the achievement of Strelkov, who saved the capital of the DPR from being surrendered to the Junta when he timely withdrew from Slavyansk to Donetsk and organized the defense on the approaches to the city. 

Essentially, the fact that for over a month now Donetsk has been fettering the enormous forces of the Junta once again demonstrates how correct Strelkov’s decision was. He made it possible not only for the DPR to be saved, but also for the first Southern Cauldron to be created. And it is the Southern Cauldron that now is one of the main suppliers of armoured vehicles and military hardware to the Militia.

In general, the Militia at this time needs to drive the Junta out of Novosvetlovka, retain Yasinovataya, Ilovaisk and the corridor to Gorlovka, and also to knock the enemy out of Zhdanovka. At the same time, it will also need to find the troops to complete the liquidation of the two surrounded enemy brigades located to the south of Krasniy Luch…


Ukraine is preparing for the defense on the line Slavyansk – Mariupol

Colonel Cassad

"According to the data of "Russian Vesti", the leadership of the Ukrainian army has a pessimistic outlook on the perspectives of the ATO. Already now the generals close to the minister of defense Valery Geletey are preparing plans for the autumn-winter campaign and the possible retreat from under Donetsk and Luhansk. The leadership in the Ministry of Defense believes that the main goal of the Ukrainian army in the case of a retreat will be fortifying on the line Slavyansk–Mariupol and preventing the breakthrough of DPR militia fighters into Kharkov region…"  [guerrilla actions have already taken place in the Kharkov region and Transnitria]

The problem here is that because the junta was advancing using its advantage in forces and, without paying attention to flanks, wedged into militia combat formations, then if the latter will transition to counter-offensives, these wedges will inevitably turn into cauldrons, which we already saw during the fighting for the South Cauldron, Miusinsk, and Krasnyi Luch. Given the increase of militia forces, the current configuration of the front lines provides opportunities not only for unimpeded advance in those places where the junta has no military (like this happened with the breakthrough of the reconnaissance and sabotage groups to the "Uspenka" checkpoint) but also for the attacks that cut the numerous protrusions and wedges, which, keeping in mind the low quality of the junta's infantry, may lead to new defeats…


Latina Lover's picture

Below is a link to a 38 second video showing the Ukies getting out of Dodge:


Novorussia is planning to march captured Ukie soldiers in downtown Donetsk on August 24th, Ukie independence day. This is why the fat pig president of Ukraine is now in peace talks, because he is losing.


Talk about pissing on Porkyschenkos parade, heh.


ChiangMai's picture





For those who follow the battles (for myself, it helps relieve the depression of the news of so much deliberate murder of civilians and destruction of civilian infrastructure by the USA-installed and funded neo-Nazi junta), these ongoing maps just launched in the past day or two:


WarMarker - Ukraine

[ crowd-sourced ***, dynamically updated, infinite zoom, and interactive war map from Colonel Cassad ]



I remind that if you think that it is necessary to add your information to the map, making it more detailed or thorough, then you can do it by yourself after registering on our resource. Your markers will enter pre-moderation after which they will be added to the map and will be available to everybody. This way you can take an active part in creating a precise map and documenting the military action in Donbass with binding to the map.


I use Mac Safari browser primarily due to the integrated RSS feed, but after a few minutes clicking around on WarMarker - Ukraine  I set it as my Google Chrome home page.


Google Chrome doesn't translate the place names on the map, but that's no real hindrance; it does translate Settings and Markers (left sidebar), as well as the information that pops up from clicking these.


I'd been using Google Maps to copy and paste place names I encounter in my reading, but one can just as easily do that here using the search box at the upper right and, of course, a much better result as you're taken to that location on this map with its dynamically updated features.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is now regularly posting (once weekly?) a simpler map; not as much clickable battle details, not dynamically updated, but unlike earlier versions, sufficiently zoomable to see details clearly and with place names in English; most recent, also accessible from link in my previous comment:


Map of Novorossiya Hostilities (English), Aug 10-18, 2014




Lengthier than most videos I'll watch but, in addition to being interesting due to the urban terrain, I found it inspiring — and the self-defense forces very likeable, even though I can't understand a word they're saying:

[VIDEO - 10:22] After a victory under Miusinsk, Motorola's detachment rolls into the city to help Donetsk

[I don't recall details at the moment, but Motorola's detachment has been instrumental in some very key wins by the self-defense forces, among them (I believe) it created a feint to allow what was at the time pretty much the entirety of the self-defense forces to withdraw from Slavyansk with very minimal losses.]


ChiangMai's picture

Less than 60 seconds, and recommended,  I'll always click on. ;-)

Regarding your second paragraph: the first I've seen reported of this, though I've not yet accessed today about a half dozen twitter feeds that are very good for catching breaking news.

I hope that's not exactly as you've described above — sounds like a violation of Geneva Convention, and even if not technically a violation would be bad public relations. Unlike the junta, and excepting some of the crazed and brutal Nazi mercenaries that have engaged in horrendous atrocities, the self-defense forces have been magnanimous to their prisoners, particularly the unwilling conscripts. As you're likely aware, there have been video interviews of these prisoners after release in exchanges attesting to the good treatment from the self defense forces, medical care, etc.

A report a day or two ago was that the self defense forces are getting so many prisoners it's become a considerable hassle to take care of them, about 1000 from just one battle. Maybe they're going to do a mass release, rather than just "march them" in Donetsk.

conscious being's picture

It is kind of a tradition. You can find video on youtube showing 60 thousznd Germans marching through Moscow.

Latina Lover's picture

Correct. It also sends a strong psychological message to the Kiev Junta that your humiliations have just begun if you stay on this course of action.    Also, many Ukrainians will watch just to see if their loved ones are still alive, since the Ukie junta constantly lies about casualties.

ChiangMai's picture

Well, OK then.  ;-)

As long as it's a net positive for the self-defense forces.

Bunga Bunga's picture

Governments and social media - complete fail.

Downtoolong's picture

Tomorrows Headline.

Facebook buys fledgling HFT firm for $50 billion. Sees huge potential for algos to manage customer trading interest.   

craus's picture

Ukraine desperately wants to be a U.S. welfare state or country.

Hell they'll even blow up a commercial jet airliner and blame it on Putin to get it.

bonin006's picture

They will probably get the next Nobel peace prize.

FlyinHigh's picture

Forget the FaceBook thing. It's up into the low 13 to 1. That's really bad for Ukraine, but great for tourists with dollars. Retiring there now with a pension from the U.S. is looking better everyday. If the dollar survives? But looking into my future is getting better now.
It's pronounced... Greve Na.

Latina Lover's picture

As long as you don't get murdered for your boots and winters clothes, you should be OK>

JoJoJo's picture

Get a Hernia betting on the U.S. dollar

JoJoJo's picture

I should have read previous posts. I got beat bad on the Hernia play.