5 Things To Ponder: Interesting Stuff

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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QE 5 will make asset prices go to infiniti.... we are all going to be Rich!   Sarc

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Sadly, that is the only way that the U.S. government can default (which it must do) on its debt without declaring an official default.  Simply devalue the debt with QE infinity, of course devaluing everyone's money as well.


QE will be back...

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Why do you think they want to save the US government or the Fed for that matter? If they want to unite the world under one technocratic (enlightened) government then they need to eliminate the regional distictions.

The US government and the Fed have to be completely discredited (good job so far Clinton-Bush-Obama and Greenspan-Bernanke-Yellin). The people have to be desperate ...

... and then they provide the solution to end everyone's pain (one way or another).

It would be interesting to watch if it was not for the fact that this, like everything else, is to keep us occupied and not looking for the truth.

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As a computer programmer I feel it is my duty to correct the improper use of HTML tags on this web site.
The sarcastic tag, like all tags begins a string of text with the
tag followed at the end of the text with the ending tag:

The phrase "Obama is slimy little crap hound with a mind that's about as sharp as a wet donut"

Should be written as such:
<sarc>"Obama is a splendid fellow, who has saved the world"</sarc>

In the future, please endeavor to use the correct syntax.

The canary

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"dead canarys' are tasty, from what I've seen. Roll them in flour and fry 'em all light and golden brown. Have a beer. /s lol s/

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U 'ave far 2 muc tm on ur hands

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makes sense to me; all an agenda

however, they'll want to save the fed & the us gvt until everything is in place to provide that solution.


blue beam, world war 3, 911 coming out with a scape goat ...?

i'd expect a trigger

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Based on what i saw at the Mall today the Economy is at Maximum Speed... Goddamn Where they Giving shit away or what?

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I have been noticing the exact same kind of activity ... new cars everywhere, Mc Mansions, eaterys full, etc. Seems to be money everywhere I look.

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ur trapped in a Sims construct, reboot asap

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The Hooters girl contest was at the mall today...

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it's a consumer thing, need more mass consumption

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A waste of time and money.

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There is no sense in calling a brief downtown in the stock market a correction. The idea that dropping 4% can allow 10% to the upside just because the market went down for a few days is absurd.

Nothing in real business follows the actions of the stock market. The daily fluctuations in commodities make it impossible to plan. The only people who care about the daliy price moves are the ones whose compensation is tied to it.

If your compensation is tied to the performance of the stock market, of course you are going to only do things that will increase thw value of your stock. Take that away and the economy will right itself.

Time for a 80% tax on capital gains. Right now it is the only way. If the parasite class can learn to behave itself then maybe we could look into lowering the tax rate, but only if the safeguards taken away over the past 30 years are put back in place.

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"Time for a 80% tax on capital gains."


Just have the government formally take over all businesses instead.  Similar result...

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Hey Tylers...

New type of ads block the title of top post.

This is the first time I have ever had any ad that  blocked content. I'm on a Mac and the problem persists even with Ad Blocker and switching from Safari to Firefox.

There are different companies in each ad and with different browsers.

I hope this is glitch because I can't even expand the post to read it. The ad goes from left to right and blocks out the title.


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2nd your bug report.   Had to click on one of the "comments" links to even get access to the article.

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Ditto.Had to click the commoents link to see the article.

Forward (over the cliff)!

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Yep, same thing here, and I'm on a PC running Windows 7 and IE 11. 

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Same here, I'm running adblock but it's still messing with the formatting, and I'm running on linux, so it looks like it's affecting everyone.

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HP i7, vista, firefox, adblock, flashblock.  No prob, no ads

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The federal debt can not survive interest rates above roughly zero.

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all deviations from the mean are becoming smaller. Look at gold. In one year +/- 120, in 6 mos +/- 60, in 30 days +/- 30.....It appears everything is closing in on some sacred position in the financial galaxy at which point all trading will halt and all will be well...or it will explode...haven't taken the research that far yet.....

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Let's call it the Big Bang Theory

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72 months 0 interest financing on all new Ford models.

Economy fixed!

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Ponder ye, how the neocon/ziopath press will blame Assad for the rise of the US/Saudi/Israeli funded and armed and supported proxy terror group that's been trying to depose him...





Got controlled media?

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Interest rates are climbing from 0.0015% to 0.015% next year! I'm all in...

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5 things to ponder:

1. Whats it like to suck the cocks of the people who are going to kill you afterward, instead of letting your parents live, like we did?


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We race humans. 











gang,cult,legal system,






Don't use more than you need. Don't use lethal force: demonstrate it. Missing is much more effective and convincing, and demonstrates more skill. Its much better than killing the help, dude. Phunnn!

I wrote my assembly woman. She wrote back, describing her commie mommy plans for my labor. I moved.

I wrote my congressman. He wrote back, implying that if I give him money he'll work for me & I'll profit. Now I get solicitations from every wannabe congressional whore, everywhere.

I wrote my senators. One wrote back, empathetic. The other sent the FBI. I'm moving, to give my hundred thousand a year tax burden to somebody who isn't a backstabbing, thieving traitor.

I wrote Obama. So much of the response letters were *redacted*, as in blacked out, that I have no idea what he said. I'm sure he didn't know. If he reads this, he will. But I'm pretty sure he knows by now. Maybe this is why he went to TV, only to find it just as owned as we all know it is.

Do the Right Thing.