U.S. Wants to Bomb ISIS In Syria ... Maybe We Should (cough) First Stop ARMING THEM?

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U.S. foreign policy is schizophrenic.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says we need to attack the Sunni militants in Syria.

The deputy national security adviser to President Obama says we should go after ISIS in Syria.

Okay …

But the U.S. and our closest allies have long supported Sunni militants.

And the U.S. and our closest allies have been arming and training Islamic jihadists in Syria for years. And see this, this, this and this.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or a fortune-teller to have known this was a bad idea.

As Michael Shank – Adjunct Faculty and Board Member at George Mason University’s School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and director of foreign policy at the Friends Committee on National Legislation – warned a year ago:

The Senate and House Intelligence committees’ about-face decision last week to arm the rebels in Syria is dangerous and disconcerting. The weapons will assuredly end up in the wrong hands and will only escalate the slaughter in Syria. Regardless of the vetting procedures in place, the sheer factionalized nature of the opposition guarantees that the arms will end up in some unsavory hands. The same militant fighters who have committed gross atrocities are among the best-positioned of the rebel groups to seize the weapons that the United States sends to Syria.


Congress can still join with the 70 percent of Americans who oppose arming Syria rebels and heed former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s caution against arming the rebels (he called the Obama administration’s decision to do so “a mess in the making“) ….


Arming one side of Syria’s multi-sided and bloody civil war will come back to haunt us. Past decisions by the U.S. to arm insurgencies in Libya, Angola, Central America and Afghanistan helped sustain brutal conflicts in those regions for decades. In the case of Afghanistan, arming the mujahideen in the 1980s created the instability that emboldened extreme militant groups and gave rise to the Taliban, which ultimately created an environment for al Qaeda to thrive.


There is no unified command or control in the Syrian opposition, as was the case of the Afghan mujahideen. And due to the United States’ long history of diplomatically isolating Syria, we know even less about the nature of Syria’s opposition. The excuse that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is often invoked to justify anti-Assad forces. This short-sighted excuse has gained the U.S. enemies around the world, undermining U.S. national security. The same justification was used by the Bush administration in its collaboration with the Assad regime to torture suspected militants in Syria. Arming the enemies of our enemies hasn’t made the U.S. more friends; it has made the U.S. more enemies.




Some armed opposition factions, including powerful Islamist coalitions, reject negotiation altogether. Yet these are the same groups that will likely seize control of U.S.-supplied weapons, just as they’ve already seized control of the bulk of the rebels’ weaponry.




When you lift the curtain on the armed groups with the most formidable military presence on the ground in Syria, you find the Al Nusra Front and Al Farough Brigades. Both groups are closely aligned with Al Qaeda and have directly perpetrated barbaric atrocities. The Al Nusra Front has been charged with beheadings of civilians, while a commander from the Al Farough Brigades reportedly ate the heart of a pro-Assad soldier.

Shank’s warning was ignored, and his worst fears came to pass.

And the U.S. is still financing the jihadis in Syria. For example, the government is pushing an additional $500 million in arms to the jihadis.

We are literally bombing our own weapons.

A similar dynamic is operating in Iraq. Specifically, the U.S. is now arming the “Peshmerga” (i.e. the Kurdish soldiers).

But the Wall Street Journal notes that there are reports that Peshmerga are fighting side-by-side with the PKK  … a group designated as terrorists by the U.S.:

A U.S. defense official couldn’t confirm whether the meeting took place and stressed in response to reports that the PKK was fighting alongside the Peshmerga that “it’s hard to tell from Washington who’s on the front line in a Kurdish-Iraqi fight.”


The U.S. has designated the PKK a terrorist organization, and the U.S. “doesn’t do business with them,” the official added.

By arming the Peshmerga, the U.S. is also putting weapons into the hands of the PKK.

If we stop arming, funding and training terrorists, then maybe we won’t have to bomb them later.

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The answer to the first question. It was decided for us. We had no say in any of it.

 Question 2 Its does not add anything to gdp when you look at the real costs.

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It seems that US found the best way to create growt for US companies: send weapons, ammunition, other hardware and body armor to anybody that wants them, then bomb the terrorists to destroy the previously given things. You will have record sales in a lot of industries. Plus, you have real warzone areas where anything is permitted to various "special forces". You create reasons for various "peace" or "human rights" organizations to exist. => GDP increases! Unemployment decreases! More bread and butter on American tables!

Question: who voted for the funds to buy these toys?

Question 2: why and how is this destructive activity adding to the GDP?

VWAndy's picture

Well anytime yall decide to put some actual effort into fixing this crap. Just ask. All thats lacking is the will. There are solutions that could really work. No BS.

No it wont be easy or without pain. But nothing good ever is. This path we are on has been the easy path that goes downhill. The good path is uphill always has been.

The Blank Stare's picture

This is the state of American leadership these days. Start a new war to make money on internal corporate advertising and sales = campaigne donations, f..k the truth!

I-am-not-one-of-them's picture

false flags a plenty, they (the enemy of the world, NWO and all their lackeys) will execute another false flag to convince even you, yes you as well as all the masses so they can continue their conquests, murders, invasions, occupations, overthrows, everything that advances their hoarding.

they sacrifice 3000 here (WTC), 300 there (MH17), a milion here (Iraq), a hundred thousand  there (Syria), a few here (Boston Marathon), they don't care who they sacrifice, on what soil, they cover it up with complicit media, complicit government and morons for subjects to lap it all up

they will also say one thing and do another, the polar opposite, so bomb ISIS, their mercenaries, I doubt it, other never to be mentioned targets that obstruct their hoarding, their conquests they will bomb,, ISIS is their wag the dog, their theatre to insite the masses to allow more murdering.




juggalo1's picture

I followed five layers of blogged links looking for the ways in which US armed and supported ISIS, and all I got was more links and blogposts saying it was true, with no specifics as to who, where, when and how much we supported terrorists.  I know we supported Taliban.  I know we supported militants in Libya, but these are very different things, and knuckleheads on this site keep echoing it, without even any solid allegations, let alone evidence.

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CIA’s Saudi Visa Mill

Prior to the September 11, 2001, attack the CIA arranged passports and visas for veterans of its covert war in Afghanistan. This was confirmed by the former head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Michael Springman, who told then BBC journalist Greg Palast in November, 2001, he “was repeatedly ordered by high level State Dept officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants” who were allowed to enter the United States.

“What I was protesting was, in reality, an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama Bin Laden, to the US for terrorist training by the CIA. They would then be returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then-Soviets,” Springman said.

Springman talked about this CIA terrorist visa factory with Alex Jones in February, 2010:

blindman's picture

the coordinates of the bombing in syria
will probably be mixed up and isis will
be spared but the syrian forces will
probably suffer collateral damage, the enemy
of my enemy, frenemy fire. the palestinians
in gaza should probably dig in too. the americans
will be drooling over fake videos and false
narratives for months and years, then become homeless
by law.
my guess.
what a shit show, ongoing.
"no matter how cynical i get, i just can't keep up." l.t.

scraping_by's picture

The cover story is being broadcast even as we speak:




Executive summary: The funding is stolen from Iraqi banks, protection money from occupied cities, operating Iraqi government resources, and oil contracts from captured fields with neighboring countries. Our brave allies in Saudi are valiantly struggling to cut off nickles and dimes collected at Mosques.

Since most money is computer files, the idea of bank robbery gaining more than trivial cash is fantasy. Wire transfers, even assuming the infrastructure, surely wouldn't be accepted by anyone who really wanted the money. Who'd take a check drawn on the Bank of Mosul?

Extortion from occupied territories and stealing government assets wouldn't gain much. These are areas under the Resource Curse, where larger shares of money go to the elites and smaller to the commons. How much blood they could get from this turnip? There's not much to steal in that part of the world.

The two nations pointed out as fencing stolen oil are Iran and Turkey. Turkey might have bent businessmen who'd middleman the oil, but the national oil company of Iran? The MSM is howling stories about Iranian armored units in Iraq. The US might be both financing and fighting the Islamist mercs, but Iran seems to play a less complicated game for influence.

The 'nickles at the mosque' story never really was supposed to be believed anyway. But don't look at our brave allies. That's just rude.

Anyway, those are the talking points you'll be hearing the 'experts' pounding in the MSM.

besnook's picture

it takes too much logic for most people to come to that conclusion even though it is transparently obvious. hey, maybe that is what obambam meant when he said this would be the most transparent .gov in history.

Wahooo's picture

Bomb ISIS? That's called friendly fire.

d edwards's picture

It just shows how gullable mooslim loving 0baMao is, thinking he could make "friends" with people like this.


The problem with terrorists was that they were "stateless" guerilla fighters. Now that they have a state and HAVE DECLARED WAR AGAINST THE US, they need to be bombed into dust asap.

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Obama is not in charge. He reads whatever the shadow government gives him.

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What a ironic and sad tangled web we weave. Things have deteriorated to the point that people in American are using every opportunity to take their eyes off what is happening in Iraq, the country has become a train wreck and is rapidly morphing into a failed State. It is often unwise to take your eyes off a problem for long because when you look back you might find that things have gone horribly wrong, this is the case in Iraq and Syria.

It is amazing so many people don't have a clue as to what is going on. Recently the group called ISIS shocked much of the world by swiftly capturing Mosul in an offensive that allowed the group to take control of major parts of northern and western Iraq. On June 29, 2014 the Islamist militants declared  an Islamic "caliphate" in an area straddling Iraq and Syria. More on what is happening in the article below.



no more banksters's picture

"The neocons realize that Obama is not determined to follow their lunatic plans for Russia and since the IS problem tends to get completely out of control, they probably decided to give him some space and excuse to focus on the Middle East front and deal with the IS for good. Of course, the ruthless neocon hawks 'are not to be trusted'. They probably hope that by the end of the Obama term the IS problem will be eliminated, while they prepare a more willing puppet for the US presidency to follow their plans ..."


AdvancingTime's picture

I just realized that in the world of irony we have changed the meaning of "IS" as I'm instantly reminded of the famous response Bill Clinton gave to a question during an interview, "it all depends on your definition of is

WhyWait's picture

"it all depends on your definition of is is."

Global Observer's picture

The US psychopaths need someone to keep bombing. That is the only way they can feel good about themselves. They are afraid of running out of targets to bomb. So they keep financing and creating targets. This will end only when the US is completely destroyed.

daemon's picture

This will end only when the US is completely destroyed.  "

And, .... once the US is completely destroyed, ..... what happens ?


Didn't someone, long ago, write something like " Nature abhors a vacuum." ?

falak pema's picture

Nasser must be laffing in his grave. 

What he dreamt of was a UNited Arab Republic, secular and nationalist, devoid of obscurantist crap; UNITED modern Arabs! 

By the looks of it, precisely those who took him out : the USA and the Sauds, in their current dystopian plays fed on opposite beliefs, will achieve that. By uniting the Arabs today in the blood bath of factious strife.

How's that for self fulfilling prophecy?

But who knows, once this US neo-fascist petrodollar cake, baked over sixty years around King Oil, starts to come apart at the seams, and takes down with it the surrogate monarchies who ONLY believe in Wahhabism and beheading people--like these mad sons of Ibn Sabah, hashassin king of yesteryear--the bells will chime for a return to Arab unity --where, Fitna, Taqquiya, Takfir, Taqlid, Dogmatic fatwas which debase humanity,  will no longer be on the political agenda.

Where secular Islam will raise its head just like secular christianity has done since the Enlightenment in the West. And where woman's and human rights will be cast in stone.

One can only hope that this ongoing blood bath teaches those regions what WW1 and WW2; as all those previous religious wars; have taught the people of the West.

One can only HOPE, as the reality today in that region--from Afg/Pak to Nigeria/Congo (heart of Africa) -- is a collective race to bottom fueled by the US rapacious  corpo-oligarchy and its twin regional pillars of surrogate, rabid petromonarchies and Templar state of apartheid. 

BGO's picture

The way it generally works- the US equips Syrian rebels with American made bombs then the US bombs Syria with its own American made bombs until Syrian rebels run out of American made bombs then the US equips Syrian rebels with more American made bombs so the US can justify bombing Syria with American made bombs again. The circle of fucktardedness is a source of great profit for the bottom feeders who manufacture and sell American bombs.

onthesquare's picture

This is how they destroyed Yogoslavia.  It is all part of the "Strategy of Terror".  Once you move beyond compasion for other living beings and creatures then you can function quite well with out a  conscience.  these type of people seem to gravitate toward polictics and politicians make terrible leaders and desicion makers.  What we need is a benevolent dictator.

The USSA has not been able to make it explicitly clear that they are running the world.  The USSA cannot understand why other people will not accept this.  We are in a situation where some of the slower converts must be taught a lesson.  The morons ruining Canada know their place.

optimator's picture

The USSA is not running the world.  That shitty little country in the Middle East, the only one we don't bomb, is.

Groundhog Day's picture

How in the world is the mic, supposed to make a profit unless it blows shit up.

Otrader's picture

Isn't that why we create and arm them first?  Makes perfect $ens$e.

novictim's picture
U.S. Wants to Bomb ISIS In Syria ... Maybe We Should (cough) First Stop ARMING THEM?

Sounds reasonable.  I would like to point out that the peeps are not supposed to understand these nuances.  So tone (dumb?) it down.

BTW: We are al-Assad now!

kedi's picture

The US wants to bomb Syria. ISIS is just the excuse.

novictim's picture

The only factions that want to bomb Syria are connected to Israel and are focused on Iran.

Otherwise, Syria is an ally against ISIS and should be allied with the secular West.  The assistance of Iran/Hezbollah in fighting ISIS is the reason for Israeli lobby to oppose Syria.

Israel has caused so many unnecessary conflicts that anyone who claims them as an "ally" needs scrutiny for possible acceptance of bribes or of having split allegiances.

daemon's picture

" Otherwise, Syria is an ally against ISIS and should be allied with the secular West. "

Yes, but it so happens that Syria is actually an ally of Russia. Here, it may be necessary to not forget the long term view of some people. Don't spend too much time focalising on ISIS, which is probably a pawn on a chess board, representing no more threat to the US than "proven" irakians WMDs did in 2003.

q99x2's picture

Half the country knows the Washington D.C. armed the Al-Queda and then opened the borders. Then Washington began talking about how the Al-Queda/ISIS are planning to blow up a US city. Duh wonder what them globalists could be up to?

Somebody call the police.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Hyperinflation will correct a lot of this.

The USA is under the illusion that we can get whatever we want without paying for it. Dollar collapse will force the government to watch it's budget because Americans, while  quiet now, will scream like babies when they must be taxed to pay for guns and butter. Like most countries we will chose butter first unless attacked.

This will require a dose of fiscal reality that ruination of the currency will provide.

lasvegaspersona's picture

...but picking the good guys and bad guys is our specialty...we're Americans!!

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

The mislabel of 'schizophrenic' is a sign of your unwillingness to imagine the depravity it takes for those who have the need to glorify their ego (the 'eye' on the top of the pyramid).

That's understandable.

To comprehend the pure brilliant depth mastery of those handling the strings is a dangerous state to be in.  

Identifying these supposed 'national' behaviors as a 'contradiction' also reveals the limits of your willing perception.

Hook line and Sphincter

blindman's picture

The Trade In Services Agreement (TISA)
What is the TISA?
Analysis Article - Secret Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - Financial Services Annex
Unprecedented Secrecy Reverses WTO Trend of Disclosure

The cover sheet records that the draft text will not be declassified until 5 years after the TISA comes into force or the negotiations are otherwise closed. Presumably this also applies to other documents aside from the final text. This exceeds the 4 years in the super-secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA)! It also contradicts the hard-won transparency at the WTO, which has published documents relating to negotiations online for a number of years.1

Secrecy during the negotiation of a binding and enforceable commercial treaty is objectionable and undemocratic, and invites poorly informed and biased decisions. Secrecy after the fact is patently designed to prevent the governments from being held accountable by their legislatures and citizens.
pure evil revealed. who done it?

tony bonn's picture

the usa and israel are the biggest terrorist states in the world. the cia works for mossad. the usa is an israeli vassal state.

isis = mossad = cia = israel = murderer

israel is america's number 1 enemy.

WTFUD's picture

The show must go on and Barry & Cabal are intent on dragging it to the bitter end; the lost cause.

Lordflin's picture

'Most Dangerous Position We Have Ever Been In!'

'ISIS Threat on Chicago'

'TSA Admits Illegals Boarding Flights Without ID'

Seriously?? These are just a few of today's headlines...

We are a nation without borders claiming to be at war with terrorists? Who are these people kidding?

Please, oh God, stop this ride and let me get off...

disabledvet's picture

We've reached our Yossarian moment.   "Arab arms bazaar say hello to the Americans.

topspinslicer's picture

Stop arming them? Stop bombing them? Where is the fun and money in that? Perpetual broken window war economics baby!!!

disabledvet's picture

Not nearly as much fun as lighting up Missouri.  Clinton\ Nixon 2016!

itchy166's picture

But they hate us for our freedoms!

stormsailor's picture

isis is in the us. isis is going to put a dirty bomb in the top of the sears tower, isis is a threat.  if i see one of the sumbitches within a 1000 yrds of me i'm gonna make his head explode like a ripe melon by a bullet dipped in pigs blood, blackjack pershing style..  if i catch one alive i'm gonna show him how hannibal took care of enemies, and put it on youtube, ill get rich and the murdering piece of shit scum, john, who claims he will cut 20 more throats will call pinnochio god on live youtube.   fuck muslims.  next asshole muslim that comes around me telling me about being a religion of peace is going to get torn to pieces by a hundred hogs eating him alive.


i have complete muslim fatigue and i declare a christian crusade to take them out



WTFx10's picture

You did not drink your kool-aid and now your cranky

the grateful unemployed's picture

that would be the Shiites, and most of Iran as well (90% anyway). Iran is giving aid to Iraq to defeat the Sunni's, (Iran has also fought against the Kurish rebels or freedom fighters, in joint operations with Turkey. W Bush called the Kurds the enemy) now we have armed the Sunnis, On at least two points of three Obama supports the Sunnis. ONE he arms them in Syria, TWO he insists Maliki forms a coalition government in Iraq, with Sunnis. the point of discnnect is Sunni attacks on the Kurds (Obama supports an independent Kurdish state) although as noted Iran and Turkey also have a border war with the Kurds. the broad US policy is to encourage less extreme more moderate government (overthrow theocracies, and dictators, one falls the other rises to takes it place) and to that purpose the imposition of Sharia law in Turkey for instance does not rise to the same level of consternation that the same sort of government in Syria causes US policy makers). buts it not too much different than the way Americans feel about the evangelicals in their own country.

George Washington's picture

Okay, but ...

The 9/11 hijackers used cocaine and drank alcohol, slept with prostitutes and attended strip clubs … but they did not worship at any mosque. See this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, and this. Hardly the acts of devout Muslims.

The barbarian ISIS terrorists know almost nothing about Islam.

And when Christian terrorists kill, we shouldn't talk about killing all Christians ...

john39's picture

even saudi clerics reject ISIS as non-islamic:


ISIS is a total zionist fabrication.  end game approaches people, prepare accordingly.