The Chart That The US Police Force Does Not Want You To See

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USA is #1 once again... that'll teach the cynics. Oh wait...


Source: The Economist

h/t @ConradHackett

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We Need a National Defense Force (DHS) that's just as well Armed as the Military... LOL!

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And he's delivering in the form of Those Who Own 2.5 Billion Hollow Points .... and ain't got a single death in them statistics, yet.

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Based on that chart, we need to disarm the police immediately!  

Look, they do it in Britain and it seems to work over there. There's no 2nd Amendment for the government.

Think about it.

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just another fact, in Britain the police fired nine shots last year, yes that's nine bullets in the whole year.

use of guns by criminals is very rare, mostly between crime gangs shooting themselves.

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Who is gonna volunteer? All white folk who have the  qualifications,stones/care are already signed up in Military/LEO/ .Better go color...they will do it for citizenship and payback, lol.

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Sorry you don't speaky english. Hey you - Mr collaborator, No speaky english! Don't shoot. We are here to help.


Code Red, call hq, these fuckers still have ammo.

That should be good enough to lauch 50 powerpoints.

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Anybody else have posts deleted from this thread today? NSA or ZH? 

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Looks like the thread I started telling Tylers to fix this article cause it's a "MISLEADING STATISTIC" must have been too much for the bleeding heart liberals or the tin foil hat fucktards here.. or both!

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Nah - we just don't like your cop worshipping.  Folks like you  seem to always be looking for excuses to defend cops no matter what, which is somewhat like all the "investigations" that always seem to exonerate their misdeeds.  

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All my posts removed. To whoever is responsible: - you win , this is probably my last ever post on here what is the point if it's all going to be deleted ?

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We need our own military to continuously open there mind and see what we ultimately see, and once if occurs in earnest, 'things' will begin to change and the much needed 'eradication' will ensue.

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We need our own military to continuously open there mind and see what we ultimately see, and once if occurs in earnest, 'things' will begin to change and the much needed 'eradication' will ensue.

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We need to stop double posting shit.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

We need to stop double posting shit.

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Remove Detroit, Chicago, Philly and New Orleans and we are maybe 30 total. I know it take us from 3rd most killed by guns to 4th least when you remove the nagger cities.

The media hides the truths and amplifies perceived injustices... even when there is not one shred of truth from the accusers in the final analysis.

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Here in Michigan, we rotate between Saginaw, Flint and Detroit as the murder capital.

On one particular weekend I think it changed between Flint and Saginaw three times. Once we just quit counting all the drive by shootings in Detroit and just put "a lot" on the spreadsheet. That made things much simpler...

And yeah. Nagger cities ALL.

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With all the Muzzies in Michigan.....particularly'll soon be replacing "drive by shooting" with beheadings.

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So to be fair, a follow up.

We were talking about cops shooting unarmed homeless people? Oh, well in Saginaw we had one of those.

Anyone ever heard of Milton Hall?

Haven't heard about any beheadings, but the Arab spring is right around the corner. I guess.

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Cops are much better behaved in the U.P.

Most people hunt deer or smaller critters up here, and cops are slower and more predictable than even deer....

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At least it would be a bit quieter

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Can you say trigger happy boys & girlzzzzzzz I knew ya could

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The cops in Las Vegas seem to off someone weekly.

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We truly are exceptional.

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Shelter in place bitches!

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Ok, now talk to us about right to carry in those countries. If you wish to be a real serf just live there.

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Is it racist to ask how many of the 409 were black? 

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Busting out in uncontrolled laughter after you get the reply might get you a dark look, though...

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Albuquerque has very few black people, yet a lot of police shootings, esse.  I think that the near riots kind of scared APD though. 

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I'd bet the U.S.A. is tops on the disillusionment scale as well.

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"I'd bet the U.S.A. is tops on the disillusionment scale as well."


Of course.  Never have so many been promised so much on the biggest lie of them all.....that being that Utopia could be built on Fiat.

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'disillusionment' ?

That word has more than two syllables. I doubt most Americans have heard of it, or use it.

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So, which is it?


Da DIS, DAT, or DE UDDER Illusionment?

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You can't suck an illusionmint.

You would need to travel to Alaska to eat a tasty island treat known as an...??

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Resistance is futile.  You will be assimilated. 

Let's see, the taser, the pepper spray, nope, I'm gonna pop a cap in your ass. 

The courts will protect me...

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No ebola news today?  Glad that's sorted itself out.

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Everyone who reports on it died...thus no problem.

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you and i wish...



The magnitude of West Africa’s Ebola outbreak has been underestimated, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said, warning that unknown numbers of people were dying in “shadow zones” unrecorded by medical authorities.

Official estimates place the number of known, suspected and probable cases of Ebola at nearly 2,500, just over half of which have been fatal. However, in a detailed assessment of the true extent of the crisis, the WHO described a bleak situation in which “an invisible caseload of patients… are not being detected by the surveillance system”.

Recording of Ebola cases has been hindered for a number of reasons, particularly in Sierra Leone and Liberia, which have seen the worst of the epidemic, the WHO said in its latest situation report.

Families are hiding infected loved ones, on the assumption that, because Ebola has no cure, it would be better for them to die at home rather than in hospital. However, effective treatment can improve chances of survival  – a message that health authorities have been struggling to communicate to increasingly fearful populations.

Isolation wards for Ebola patients are instead being viewed by many Africans as an “incubator for the disease”, the WHO said. Many medical facilities throughout the affected countries have closed, in many cases because medical staff have fled.

...more at the independent...


Nigeria has two new cases of Ebola outside the group of caregivers who treated an airline passenger who arrived with the virus and died, the Health Minister has confirmed.

Onyebuchi Chukwu said the two new cases are spouses of Ebola patients who had direct contact with Liberian-American Patrick Sawyer. He flew into the country last month with the virus and infected 11 others before he died.

Nigerian officials initially claimed the risk of exposure to others was minimal because Mr Sawyer was placed into isolation immediately after arriving at the airport.

However, Lagos state health commissioner Jide Idris acknowledged earlier this month that Mr Sawyer was not immediately quarantined the first day, the Associated Pressreports.

These two new cases bring the total number of confirmed infections in Nigeria, including the traveller, to 14.

...more at the independent...