Russia Busts European Sanctioned-Fruit Smuggling Ring

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Just days after Russia banned the import of various foods from sanctions-supporting nations, VZ reports Russia's food safety ministry Rosselhoznadzor has discovered fruit being smuggled in via Belarus that was restamped as being from Zimbabwe and various other non-sanctioned nations. It appears the smuggling nation culprits are Poland, Slovenia, and Greece and Russia is now "actively monitoring the situation," suggesting they may extend import bans to Belarus also if the situation continues. In addition, Rosselhoznadzor intends in the future to move to a system of electronic certification of goods in transit.


As VZ reports (via Google Translate),

Rosselhoznadzor for a few days gave delivery to Russia via Belarus parties apples, peaches, plums, tomatoes without specifying the country of origin or an indication of permitted Turkey, Serbia, Macedonia, and a number of African countries, including Zimbabwe. However, phytosanitary documents of origin have not been parties or they caused suspicion among Russian inspectors. During the inspection it was found that fruits and vegetables imported from Poland, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Lithuania and some other EU countries, he continued. A number of parties had no permits phytosanitary documents Belarus.


"Some EU countries have started to send products to Belarus, without specifying the actual country of origin. and we found that it is Poland and Greece, because there is no evidence of Macedonian origin", - he said, reports ITAR-TASS .


"We are actively monitoring the situation and will promptly verify the origin of dubious parties to prevent the supply of so-called countries cover", - he said.


In terms of sanctions phytosanitary certification transit of European goods lies on Belarus recalled Dankvert. "If we have a detection of quarantine objects, we impose restrictions on the supply of Belarus", - he said.


Rosselhoznadzor intends in the future to move to a system of electronic certification of goods in transit, continued Dankvert. In the meantime, the agency is in contact with the authorized supplier countries, and intends to establish the involvement of buffer states to the issuance of phytosanitary documents for re-export products.


In addition, Rosselhoznadzor intends to monitor re-dairy, meat and fish products through Switzerland, Kazakhstan and the Faroe Islands, continued to head the agency. "In Switzerland, while no cases at the Faroe Islands, too - there are a few companies, it will be immediately obvious, and Kazakhstan already have the facts of transit goods, which are deposited in Moscow ", - stressed Dankvert.

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And this is happening as Poland and Greece demand recompense from their EU leaders for lost revenues over the sanctions...
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No big surprise...

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greatbeard's picture

>> verflowing with fruit that we can't sell'

Sounds like somebody better start caning some jam, pronto. 

Latina Lover's picture

Sanctions blowbacks a bitch, euromorons.   At least the Poles can take their fruits back and distill them into something liquid, designed to kill brain cells while tasting like shit.

cro_maat's picture

Makes great bio-diesel as well.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Russia announces a 'war on fruit' and create a department of produce security.

"Today the department of produce security seized crates of pomegranates with a street value of 5 billion rubles."

greatbeard's picture

>> a street value of 5 billion rubles."

Damnit man, that's almost $8.  They must have seized over a dozen pomegranates.



Flagit's picture

Haha, the Russians are trying to beat off the fruits.

Againstthelie's picture

While US citizens exposed to the capitalist religion that the market, banks and the money masters were the better government and are being fed with the worst garbage food the world knows, the Russians have not only thrown the GMO-mafia out, but use the sanctions of the ZOGs to increase Russia's food safety.

Mercury's picture

Don't joke - melon smuggling especially is a serious threat to The Homeland.

ZH should spend the rest of August closely monitoring the situation.

NotApplicable's picture

I'm going to need more evidence before I can come to any conclusions.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

If they could only ban fruits and nuts in California. We'd have like a population of 300.

quasimodo's picture

I find it quite arousing the manner in which the apple is hiding her taa taas

TideFighter's picture

Huh, and the biggest Fruit problem we have is Obie. It is sometimes black, mostly white, very thinned-skin, and at times can be seen as yellow. The Irish version is slighly green. Pair this fruit with a Wookie and the outside skin has hair on it.

Freddie's picture

The Poles, Greeks and Slovenes are idiots.  Poland is sending mercenaries to kill Russian-Ukrainians.  Morons.

Sudden Debt's picture

Belgium is present YET AGAIN!!


now who wants a tomato fix?


Atomizer's picture

Belgium is pissed, the shipment of cucumber pleasure device never made it's final destination. Metrosexual type are up in arms. 

Dr. Engali's picture

No fruit for you!

greatbeard's picture

>> NUTS!

A guy from Belgium would say that.

booboo's picture

"It's pandamonium here at the EU whorehouse where Barroso Bananna's and Legarde Legumes are rotting. Back to you Bob"

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Q: Why is California like a breakfast cereal?

A: ?

BlindMonkey's picture

Russia is hitting them right in the berries, where it hurts the most.

pods's picture

If that ain't just a kick in the nutz.


Ignatius's picture

Conjur an old black-and-white image from the 60s of a guy makin' a run for the Berlin Wall and gettin' shot and hung up in the barbed wire.  Now add a bushel of ripe apples over his shoulder to that image with a few sadly spilled out on the ground.

hot sauce technician's picture

And Russia, more accurately Putin, is kicking itself in the schnugs. Sanctions /mercantilism doesn't benefit anyone, besides inflating the ego of some sociopath politicians. Russian markets are better off now without all that produce exactly how? Didn't Adam Smith already point out the idiocy of mercantilism in the 18th century?

Sandmann's picture

Russia should not import but produce itself. Import Substitution is important. Germany grows its own apples - UK destroys its orchards and imports. Germany has higher self-sufficiency in agricultural products than UK and no reason for Russia not to do same or to import from other suppliers in Africa. Why must it buy Polish fruit ? Why not Israeli or South African or Moroccan ?

falak pema's picture

Hoznadzor turns Nebuchanadzor and slams the door on Bella fruit cake! 

Ouch my nuts hurt! 

dirtyfiles's picture

same way as the Fukusima ocean fruits are all over the world

Sudden Debt's picture




we don't want the price to drop now do we...

imagine supply and demand would dictate a price...

813kml's picture

It's depressing the number of stupid decisions made in the name of worthless fiat.

NotApplicable's picture

Hey it worked for FDR! Can't have that evil deflation now, can we?

Winston Churchill's picture

Smuggling is just the ultimate arbitrage.


What difference,at this point, does it make ?

Peter Pan's picture

Now there's a thesis for some economics student......calculating the amount of food, guns, drugs, gold etc smuggled in the world each year.

Winston Churchill's picture

Been done, I know I read it here on ZH.

NotApplicable's picture

Otherwise known as "enhanced GDP."

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

These countries have a rich tradition in smuggling. 

But smuggling is such a dirty word.  There prefer to call themselves as Entrepreneurs and Job Creators.

Unknown Poster's picture

Kenyan fruits may not be sanctioned, but Putin doesn't want them.

NoWayJose's picture

Let me translate from Russian: "The smugglers did not offer our border guards enough of a bribe to let the products into Russia"

Jano's picture

Yeah, they did not learn it in the US, how to move money, They should get some lessons form your bankers, if it comes own to rigging.

Atomizer's picture

Eurotrash is not going to be receiving any inflows of VAT. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Well, not directly.  But they will pay VAT when they use the money to buy something, anything.

SoDamnMad's picture

I'm looking for NOrwegian salmon at low prices I've paid in the past. None

Looking for good Polish apples at prices I've paid in the past. None

Lots of peaches at high prices. Must be better to dump.

Everyone in the EU wants a free handout (and yes they will dump it rather than feed the ppoor or give to pensioners who had their pensions cut under austerity)

I remember Poland hosting the environmental climate conference and they immediately wanted an exemption to burn very dirty coal.

Buck up Europe and find new markets.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

I'm trying to export Deez Nutz. How can I get some Zimbabwe stickers?

Atomizer's picture

Contact BLS, they have a knack in distorting numbers. 

jarana's picture

"[...] a system of electronic certification of goods in transit"

They will adopt BitCoin protocol for tracking goods via BlockChain-s (bidi stickers).

But they will pay with FIAT.

Majikat's picture

this would be a great time to showcase the blockchain's true power!

q99x2's picture

 Make those banksters pay and pay big.

sessinpo's picture

So that the banksters in Russia get the money? You suck at chess.

HardlyZero's picture

Winter approaches.

financialrealist's picture

Image, if you will, a world where smuggling fruit was the worst of our problems.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

And in sort of related news.

A Japanese whaling vessel and its crew were being held in Russia on Friday after the ship entered Russian territorial waters without permission, Tokyo said.

The 712-tonne Shonan-maru No.2 was ordered into a Russian port on August 15 after sailing through the Sea of Okhotsk off Sakhalin island, an official from Japan's Fisheries Agency said.

The vessel, which does not catch whales itself but monitors the oceans for signs of the creatures, had 19 Japanese crew and one Russian observer on board.

Tokyo has admitted the vessel changed its initial course and entered Russian waters without going through the proper procedures.

"The crew members have been voluntarily questioned," the official said, adding that Tokyo was asking for their early release through diplomatic channels.

Ties between Japan and Russia have warmed in recent years after decades of mistrust over disputed territory taken by Soviet troops in the closing moments of World War II.

But the relationship has soured as Tokyo has joined its Western allies in imposing sanctions on Russia in the wake of its annexation of part of Ukraine.


Earlier this month Moscow scrapped a meeting with a Japanese minister in response to a new round of sanctions against senior figures in the Russian government.

The meeting, originally scheduled for late August, was expected to focus on the simmering territorial dispute. Japan is a close ally of the United States, which has been piling pressure on Russia over its involvement in Ukraine.

Last week Japan lodged a "stern" protest with Russia over military exercises that are being held on the disputed Kuril islands.

Both Moscow and Tokyo had hoped to start mending relations in order to revive trade, with Japan seeking broader access to Russia's plentiful oil and natural gas supplies.


The leaders agreed to set in motion a series of high-level talks about Tokyo's claim to the southern Kuril chain that it still refers to as the Northern Territories.