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ISIS Just Crossed "The Line"

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Source: Cagle

h/t Jim Quinn


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Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:31 | 5134455 RacerX
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Yep, there's gonna be "costs"..

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:36 | 5134473 Hephaestus
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How long until our .govt is so sick and twisted that  they will order the AirForce to bomb the Army. This will be done do save $$$$$$$ by eliminating the middle man ISIS. See instead of the US govt. arming ISIS  so they can attack the US military.... our troops can just be ordered to shoot each other. Army vs AirForce with the Navy spilt down the center. The AirForce Navy will go by AN. The Army Navy will go by AN. I know they are the same but hey we're shooting ourselves anyway. This has the following effects:

Iraq will still be a disaster.

Saves a lot on equipment shipping costs.(more fuel for us)

Improves military moral because they are in country all the time.

Keeps the military industrial complex in high cotton.

Improves the economy much more than bombing foreign lands (broken window). + rebuild money gets spent here.

Could launch a whole new reality series.

All the people who loved watching shock and awe will get to see it at their house!

DHS can practice population control on all the idiots who dont love this idea.

I saved the best for last. No terrorists will get armed by the US government.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:39 | 5134481 kaiserhoff
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Will Barry walk funnier with a driver stuck up his ass?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:47 | 5134498 I am more equal...
I am more equal than others's picture



No, the beheading of a tatted black man with a dreads would send our community organizer and chief into a frenzy. 

Holder would show up and the MSM would be on knees kissing and sucking whatever was offered by the COC.k

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:02 | 5134512 Rican
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ISIS(real) would never stoop that low.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 19:12 | 5135393 ParkAveFlasher
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"...Some folks got beheaded..."

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:53 | 5135773 markmotive
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ISIS is a huge threat. Al Qaida were terrorists. ISIS is a heavily armed and financially-backed nationless military. Almost 1000 British nationals are fighting/training with ISIS. These are people who can move back to the UK at any time. I'm sure there are a ton of ISIS 'trainees' from all countries around the world.

Can you imagine what could happen if these people were to return to their home countries?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 22:33 | 5135907 Leveraged Algorithm
Leveraged Algorithm's picture

Amazing - this must be the only 1000 Brits not on the dole....

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 22:51 | 5135959 Cornfedbloodstool
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The beheading was fake. Hollywood man cant you see it. They never showed that CIA agents head being cut off. Too much TV  its all bullshit.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 01:59 | 5136345 I MISS KUDLOW
I MISS KUDLOW's picture

i has no idea isis existed until the last year they?


who r they?


larry never talked about isis when he was on cnbc

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 02:04 | 5136359 Socratic Dog
Socratic Dog's picture

Yeah, we are all shit-scared of ISIS.  Need to pour more money into National Security! Now!  We aren't safe!

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 02:35 | 5136388 dark_matter
dark_matter's picture

Yea, on CNN they said ISIS is an existential threat to the US. They threaten our very existence. So we need to increase the budget of Homeland Security, etc. ISIS is a neo-con dream come true.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 07:55 | 5136588 CuttingEdge
CuttingEdge's picture

The only existential threat to the American people are the self-serving cunts in charge of them wiping their arses on the constitution and flag, as well as butt-fucking other countries back to the stone age.





Sun, 08/24/2014 - 09:17 | 5136690 BringOnTheAsteroid
BringOnTheAsteroid's picture

If you reckon road rage is bad now wait until the UK and US nationals who have joined ISIS return home. The next guy you flash your lights at might cut your head off.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 10:30 | 5136859 DonutBoy
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Don't be silly.  They're still on the dole.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 19:04 | 5135380 Democratic koolaid
Democratic koolaid's picture

The black community is almost admirable for standing up together.

If the Media does not feed into these attention seeking whores, if they ignore them like other more important issues they will go bye bye.   Every local news channel nationwide bombards their veiwers with foreign affairs issues rather then the domestic decent occuring.



Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:22 | 5134588 Mr Pink
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He wouldn't even feel it....the wookie's penis has more girth

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:59 | 5134896 Bossman1967
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No his wife but hers up there nightly. Havnt you seen his walk and her shoulders

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:28 | 5134611 FeralSerf
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"I saved the best for last. No terrorists will get armed by the US government."

Inasmuch as the US Air Force is one of the worst terror organizations on Earth (bombs, especially nukes are primarily terror weapons), who is arming them if not the US Government?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:16 | 5135693 Siniverisyys
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If these Islamic State dudes continue to behave like Western nations begin and end with their corrupt & limp-wristed governments, and the military-industrial complex, they will be swept away as quickly as they arose.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 00:16 | 5136173 Jstanley011
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Oh no, they know that once they gain residency in the West, western courts and civil rights organizations and media will all be backing them up too.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:48 | 5134650 Karaio
Karaio's picture



One of the most funny and crazy comments with logical argument and read! 



Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:12 | 5135110 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, only in a world where a cartoon like that actually makes sense could a comment like that also make sense!  The "Real World" is becoming so psychotically insane, that satire looks like the news, and silly cartoons make sense, like crazy comments make sense!

We have met the enemy, and he is us!

U.S. Wants to Bomb ISIS In Syria ...

"U.S. foreign policy is schizophrenic."

Control the Language and You Control the Mind

"It is the effective manipulation of our belief systems that enslaves us to the present day insanity."

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:04 | 5135522 Aussie V
Aussie V's picture

On Twitter today a Syrian Blogger posted an interesting argument about the beheading of James Foley.

She stated that the video was strange that it went black at the point of the beheading as hundreds of other showed the act. Personally, I've never watched or, do I intend to watch any of them. She ten explained that the British Govt made a statement that just watching the video would open you to being charged under the Terrorist laws. Yet, all of the many hundreds of other video's of beheading have been OK to watch.

She inferred the video and indeed, the act was maybe not real. There was a 'maybe' inferred.

However, what was more compelling was that she reported that ISIS has thrown ALL of it's energy into attacking a Syrian Air Defence Station in Syria that houses the Russian S-300 S400 anti aircraft missile systems.

So far they have been repelled.

She states that ISIS is a paid arm of the US Alphbet soup and the "Humanitarian Bombings" against ISIS in Iraq are a convoluted and sneaky way of getting the US Air Force bombing inside Syria which, as we all know, has been a long time plan.

The Syrian Govt has already come out and stated that any US bombing of ISIS within Syria will be considered an act of war. Interesting if this is accurate.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:09 | 5135680 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

There is no way I would unpleasantly waste my time watching a video like that! I surely do not want to pay enough attention to try to figure out if the events were real or staged! I generally do NOT like horror movies made for entertainment. Snuff movies are obviously the worst kind of horror movies!


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:39 | 5135747 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

I think it is helpful to watch these videos as it might prevent one from equating this type of murder with others. As far as the victims are concerned is may well be that dead is dead, but I really don't think so. In this country we have some interesting takes on killing, but we do attempt to subscribe to some sense of preventing cruel and unusual punishment. Hell, if a lethal injection takes longer than it should we hear endless remorse and threats of law suits.

Watch one of the videos, watch as the victim lays with their face in the dirt watching victims beside them have their head brutally sawed off. Nothing quick about it, sometimes taking several minutes and much pulling and yanking to get the job done, not to mention numerous men standing around with their cameras laughing. If there is evil in the world, this is it. It gives one pause when considering all of the potential threats in the world. While statistically death by terrorist remains pretty damned small, we had never seen prices fal on real estate either, until we did. Anyway, after watching these its hard to imagine what could be outside their possibility of thought.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 01:51 | 5136333 buyingsterling
buyingsterling's picture

Good comment.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 02:11 | 5136367 Socratic Dog
Socratic Dog's picture

Fucking idiot.  Consider dropping two atomic bombs on cities full of civilians for no valid reason.  And then think about evil.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 05:29 | 5136490 FreedomGuy
FreedomGuy's picture

No valid reason? What does a valid reason look like?

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 05:47 | 5136499 Real Estate Geek
Real Estate Geek's picture

It looks like a beautiful flawless diamond, even when a political conformist views it through his lens of current mores.  And with 20/20 hindsight, natch.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 09:12 | 5136679 drstrangelove73
drstrangelove73's picture

For no valid reason?Dog!You are so ignorant!What a ridiculous thing to say...

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 15:07 | 5137548 sgt_doom
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While I despise that the US did indeed do that during World War II, the Japanese militarists were equally to blame as they wouldn't accept unconditional surrender after they were first threatened with the A-bomb, then would still not accept unconditional surrender after the first A-bomb was dropped, and still refused after the second A-bomb was dropped.

Yes I detest what the USA did, but all parties were to blame.

A conditional surrender was finally accepted, as the USA covertly agreed to their demand of allowing the emporer to remain in power.


Sun, 08/24/2014 - 09:12 | 5136684 More_sellers_th...
More_sellers_than_buyers's picture

I used to enjoy a good horror movie when I was young.  About 15 years ago I stopped watching when I realized the real world is far scarier and shittier than any movie and I see enough of the shit in the course of a day 

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 04:08 | 5136455 Hephaestus
Hephaestus's picture

ISIS will be used as a cover by the US to get into into Syria and then bomb their S-400 air defenses. Then Syria will be helpless against US drone attacks done in secret. Finally ISIS will get into Syria. ISIS seems to be just a stronger stick to beat the Middle East with. I believe that the ME proved to difficult to control with US forces. They needed something much more brutal to get the old (7 countries 5 yrs) plan restarted. ISIS is a puppet and this is why I think so-

Great PR teams that make power points.. that seems just so...terroristy! ISIS uses tons of psychological horror as if being advised by pro psyops advisors. Washington would be pleased if the US military was right now taking the same ground ISIS is. The US govt. is pleased and supports them! They produce suspect videos while the whole point of the thing is to CONVINCE people how scary you are...They are slicker than Roger Moore's James Bond and it feels totally wrong.

This really might start a major war. Ha ha ha can you imagine the look on ISIS's collective faces when they see ten MILLION newly activated Chinese PLA marching on them? All of this would probably bother me if I didn't slightly prefer being blown up or shot over... well Lets see now ..Ebola, Radiation Poisoning W/Cancer, Starving to death in the lonely quiet rubble, Internment camping with water board class, reading one more post by that asshat that uses the bitches link etc...Please GoD grant me a one month ZH ban on the word bitches!


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:28 | 5134787 83_vf_1100_c
83_vf_1100_c's picture

"How long until our .govt is so sick and twisted that  they will order the AirForce to bomb the Army."


Been reading Catch 22?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 19:20 | 5135406 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

Drop the to Sweden!

Free at last!

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 06:14 | 5136514 what's that smell
what's that smell's picture

the cia attacks itself and the bitches whimper and hide and shriek at daddy warbucks to fire some missiles.

bitches never learn.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:40 | 5135607 Penniless Spectator
Penniless Spectator's picture

Maybe you have something there. How's the Egyptian cotton market?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:15 | 5134926 Notsobadwlad
Notsobadwlad's picture

You laugh, but that is pretty much what the civil war was. The civil war generals from both sides graduated from West Point together and would get together after fightng hours to have dinner and party.

It was only the people who suffered. The purpose was to frighten and weaken the nation so much that they would seek the security of a federal government. It was a farce that cost many millions of lives.

And see how well it turned out?

What we have going on now and coming in the future is no different, just on a global scale. Albert Pike knew it all too well.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:16 | 5135134 ImGumbydmmt
ImGumbydmmt's picture

Quick! someone Help me with a few Smedley Butler quotes to bookend this!!

Wow i did not know the opposing Civil war generals were chummy during the whole mess.

That just brings my perception of when the USA got effed up from 1913 with Fed Reserve and IRS back about 50 years.

Please someone tell me things were still mostly ok under Andrew Jackson when he routed the evil brood of vipers- the central bankesrs of his day.

WTF- traumatized...again. Dag nabit!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:32 | 5135158 BeansMcGreens
BeansMcGreens's picture

Confederate General Lewis Armistead was part of Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, leading his men with hat on the end of his sword and being part of the Southerners which made it into the Union lines. Mortally wounded, he gave the "secret" Masonic finger sign into the palm of an Union Officer, was pulled into the loving care of these same men and was protected from being robbed of his Masonic Ring. Because of cowardice charges earlier in the war, it was thought to have been an act of suicide to restore his honour.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 19:28 | 5135432 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

Picket was part of Picket's charge too.

And Erich Von Manstein still crossed into Crimea in what was considered a suicidal mission...then annihilated an entire 300,000 man Russian Army there.

Took some time of course....

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:57 | 5135774 anti-republocrat
anti-republocrat's picture

Your last sentence conflates Lewis Armistead with Richard B Garnett.  Armistead did lead his men raising his hat on the tip of his sword, and was mortally wounded as he reached the Union line, but it was Garnett who had been accused of cowardice and court martialed by Stonewall Jackson.  Lee aborted the court martial and returned Garnett to command Pickett's old brigade when Picket was made divisional commander.  Garnett had been injured in the leg and could not walk, so he led his brigade on horseback, which made him a sitting duck.  Commanders had been ordered not to ride for this very reason, and others tried to persuade Garnett to use his disability to stay back, but instead he disobeyed orders and led them on horseback.  Wikipedia says he was killed by a shot to the head 20 yards from the Union lines.


BTW, you left out the relevant part that Armistead was a good friend of Winfield Scott Hancock, who commanded the troops that Armistead was assaulting.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 10:03 | 5136794 BeansMcGreens
BeansMcGreens's picture

Thanks for the correction of my lousy memory on General Garnett as i had completely forgotten about him, its bad getting old.  I failed also to mention that it was actually the Pettigrew-Pickett Charge.

As a side note, my landscape company mows a huge cemetery that has quite a few members buried there of the NC 26th, which got the farthest into the Union lines. One of them who was eighteen at the time and died in the 1930s, his wife lived to 1955.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:44 | 5135169 knowshitsurelock
knowshitsurelock's picture

OK, I'll burst your bubble.


1. The IRS is Not a US government agency. It is an agency of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Diversified Metal Products v I.R.S et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I., Public Law 94- 564, Senate report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391)
2. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) is an agency of the U.N. (Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed. page 816)
3. The United States has NOT had a Treasury since 1921 (41 Stat. Ch 214 page 654)
4. The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF (International Monetary Fund) (Presidential Documents Volume 24-No. 4 page 113, 22 U.S.C.285-2887)
5. The United States does not have any employees because there is no longer a United States! No more reorganizations. After over 200 years of bankruptcy it is finally over. (Executive Order 12803)
6. The FCC, CIA, FBI, NASA and all of the other alphabet gangs were never part of the U.S. government, even though the “U.S. Government” held stock in the agencies. (U.S. v Strang, 254 US491 Lewis v. US, 680 F.2nd, 1239)
7. Social Security Numbers are issued by the U.N. through the IMF (International Monetary Fund). The application for a Social Security Number is the SS5 Form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 forms and not the Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who publishes them while the old form states they are “Department of the Treasury”. (20 CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chap. 111 Subpart B. 422.103 (b))
8. There are NO Judicial Courts in America and have not been since 1789. Judges do not enforce Statutes and Codes. Executive Administrators enforce Statutes and Codes. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428, 1 Stat 138-178)
9. There have NOT been any judges in America since 1789. There have just been administrators. (FRC v. GE 281 US 464 Keller v. PE 261 US 428 1 Stat. 138-178)
10. According to GATT (The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) you MUST have a Social Security number. (House Report (103-826)
11. New York City is defined in Federal Regulations as the United Nations. Rudolph Guiliani stated on C-Span that “New York City is the capital of the World.” For once, he told the truth. (20 CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chap. 111, subpart B 44.103 (b) (2) (2) )
12. Social Security is not insurance or a contract, nor is there a Trust Fund. (Helvering v. Davis 301 US 619 Steward Co. v. Davis 301 US 548)
13. Your Social Security check comes directly from the IMF (International Monetary Fund), which is an agency of the United Nations. (It says “U.S. Department of Treasury” at the top left corner, which again is part of the U.N. as pointed out above)
14.You own NO property!!! Slaves can’t own property. Read carefully the Deed to the property you think is yours. You are listed as a TENANT. (Senate Document 43, 73rd Congress 1st Session)
15. The most powerful court in America is NOT the United States Supreme court, but rather the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. (42 PA. C.S.A. 502)
16. The King of England financially backed both sides of the American Revolutionary War.. (Treaty of Versailles- July 16, 1782 Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80)
17. You CANNOT use the U.S. Constitution to defend yourself because you are NOT a party to it! The U.S. Constitution applies to the CORPORATION OF THE UNITED STATES, a privately owned and operated corporation (headquartered out of Washington, DC) much like IBM (International Business Machines, Microsoft, et al) and NOT to the people of the sovereign Republic of the united States of America. (Padelford Fay & Co. v The Mayor and Alderman of the City of Savannah 14 Georgia 438, 520)
18. America is a British Colony. The United States is a corporation, not a land mass and it existed before the Revolutionary War and the British Troops did not leave until 1796 (Republica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43, Treaty of Commerce 8 Stat 116, Treaty of Peace 8 Stat 80, IRS Publication 6209, Articles of Association October 20, 1774)
20. Britain is owned by the Vatican. (Treaty of 1213)
21. The Pope can abolish any law in the United States (Elements of Ecclesiastical Law Vol. 1, 53-54)
22. A 1040 Form is for tribute paid to Britain (IRS Publication 6209)
23. The Pope claims to own the entire planet through the laws of conquest and discovery. (Papal Bulls of 1495 & 1493)
24. The Pope has ordered the genocide and enslavement of millions of people.(Papal Bulls of 1455 & 1493)
25. The Pope’s laws are obligatory on everyone. (Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix, c. vii, n. 4. Prati, 1844 Syllabus Prop 28, 29, 44)
26. We are slaves and own absolutely nothing, NOT even what we think are our children. (Tillman vs. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten vs. Van Koten 154 N.E. 146, Senate Document 438 73rd Congress 1st Session, Wynehammer v. People 13 N.Y. REP 378, 481)
27. Military dictator George Washington divided up the States (Estates) in to Districts (Messages and papers of the Presidents Volume 1 page 99 1828 Dictionary of Estate) 28. “The People” does NOT include you and me. (Barron vs. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore 32 U.S. 243)
29. It is NOT the duty of the police to protect you. Their job is to protect THE CORPORATION and arrest code breakers. (SAPP vs. Tallahassee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, REiff vs. City of Phila. 477 F. 1262, Lynch vs. NC Dept. of Justice 376 S.E. 2nd. 247)
30. Every thing in the “United States” is up for sale: bridges, roads, water, schools, hospitals, prisons, airports, etc, etc... Did anybody take time to check who bought Klamath Lake?? (Executive Order 12803)
31. “We are human capital” (Executive Order 13037) The world cabal makes money off of the use of your signatures on mortgages, car loans, credit cards, your social security number, etc.
32. The U.N. – United Nations – has financed the operations of the United States government (the corporation of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) for over 50 years (U.S. Department of Treasury is part of the U.N. see above) and now owns every man, woman and child in America. The U.N. also holds all of the land of America in Fee Simple.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:59 | 5135359 Mike in GA
Mike in GA's picture


You must be the guy that actually makes the Kool-Aid!

Congratulations on getting every known conspiracy in hstory in one post!  Have another Kool-Aid, on me.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:00 | 5135505 Keyser
Keyser's picture

Do you not see the referenced court cases or are you just dim?

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 00:41 | 5136221 Pool Shark
Pool Shark's picture



Too bad most of his citations are bogus.

CFR != Council on Foreign Relations...


Sun, 08/24/2014 - 11:41 | 5136993 Future Jim
Future Jim's picture

I traced it back to this article from 2006 for whom KonwShitSherlock is merely the most recent to have copied and pasted it. It originally had 40 points instead of 32. The earliest copy predates 2003, because of this refutation from 2003.

note that it contains no links, and I did not find one copy and paster who has added a substantiating link to it in all these years.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 19:10 | 5138381 knowshitsurelock
knowshitsurelock's picture

Well, good for you.  So, this article does not fully vet the points made, but that does not change the fact that the United States is bankrupt, in receivership, under a military state of energency, with executive administrative priviledge, while we are considered enemies of the state and thus collateral, under warden to the state.

In other words, we are fucked.  We own nothing, have nothing, no due process, no congress, no executives who give a rats ass about us.  THAT's a fact.  Try going against the staus quo and this whole country will look like Ferguson.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:38 | 5135592 knowshitsurelock
knowshitsurelock's picture

Sorry to burst your bubble then too.  The united States for America, the original 13 colonies had sovereignty.  The original articles of confederation, drafted with the help of the indigenous indians, had sovereignty.  Half of the original delegates were died in the wool freemasons with ties to the crown.  The Bill of Rights was added as an addendum because the remaining delegates knew we would never buy it.  YOU and I ARE NOT the people written into the constitution.  The War of 1812 put the original organic states into huge debt, and the civil war sealed the bankruptcy.  The Reconstruction Act sealed the prominence of the corporate US, while the 14th amendment made all of us a new class of slaves.  No one got emancipated. The Federal Reserve Act finally sealed all monetary policy, and the bankruptcy of 1933 pledged everything, including YOU, as collateral.  9-11 was not about a rag tag group of towelheads gone crazy, it was about the bankruptcy renewal.

These are not theories, these are facts.  Read McFadden's speech to congress in 1933.   You do have a computer, right?  While we were screaming at the castle walls for more bread and circuses, we were robbed blind.

Wake up, it's all true, NOT conspiracy theory.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 23:47 | 5136113 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Here is a link to background on McFadden's speech.  Sorry to interject with citations but the facts are evergreen.  Awesome post BTW

[Oh....and the excerpt in my post are only the first 4 paragraphs!!]

Congressman McFadden's Speech
On the Federal Reserve Corporation

Quotations from several speeches made on the Floor of the House of Representatives by the Honorable Louis T. McFadden of Pennsylvania. Mr. McFadden, due to his having served as Chairman of the Banking and Currency Committee for more than 10 years, was the best posted man on these matters in America and was in a position to speak with authority of the vast ramifications of this gigantic private credit monopoly. As Representative of a State which was among the first to declare its freedom from foreign money tyrants it is fitting that Pennsylvania, the cradle of liberty, be again given the credit for producing a son that was not afraid to hurl defiance in the face of the money-bund. Whereas Mr. McFadden was elected to the high office on both the Democratic and Republican tickets, there can be no accusation of partisanship lodged against him. Because these speeches are set out in full in the Congressional Record, they carry weight that no amount of condemnation on the part of private individuals could hope to carry.

The Federal Reserve-A Corrupt Institution

"Mr. Chairman, we have in this Country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, hereinafter called the Fed. The Fed has cheated the Government of these United States and the people of the United States out of enough money to pay the Nation's debt. The depredations and iniquities of the Fed has cost enough money to pay the National debt several times over.

"This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the people of these United States, has bankrupted itself, and has practically bankrupted our Government. It has done this through the defects of the law under which it operates, through the maladministration of that law by the Fed and through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it.

"Some people who think that the Federal Reserve Banks United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies which prey upon the people of these United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lender. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislatures; there are those who maintain International propaganda for the purpose of deceiving us into granting of new concessions which will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime...

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 07:29 | 5136566 fleur de lis
fleur de lis's picture

In the fourth paragraph of McFadden's speech he mentions how the Fed funded the Bolsheviks.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 14:32 | 5137465 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

Thanks.  That was one of the most damning paragraphs  and I stupidly missed it in my excerpt.

Excised below:

"These twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this Country by the bankers who came here from Europe and repaid us our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this Country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help that war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia, and thus drove a wedge between the allies in World War. They financed Trotsky's passage from New York to Russia so that he might assist in the destruction of the Russian Empire. They fomented and instigated the Russian Revolution, and placed a large fund of American dollars at Trotsky's disposal in one of their branch banks in Sweden so that through him Russian homes might be thoroughly broken up and Russian children flung far and wide from their natural protectors. They have since begun breaking up of American homes and the dispersal of American children. "Mr. Chairman, there should be no partisanship in matters concerning banking and currency affairs in this Country, and I do not speak with any.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:16 | 5135555 Pie rre
Pie rre's picture

This is going to take some time to verify

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 23:53 | 5136122 intric8
intric8's picture

Obama's driver kicks the bucket. That leaves him with very little to do.

Except continue to destroy america that is


Sun, 08/24/2014 - 08:24 | 5136621 puckles
puckles's picture

This time of the year seems to bring this stuff out, for some reason.  Viz:

In which each of these is demolished quite quickly....

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 12:27 | 5137160 GeezerGeek
GeezerGeek's picture

Notsobadwlad writes "The civil war generals from both sides graduated from West Point together and would get together after fightng hours to have dinner and party. It was only the people who suffered." That frame of mind - and not just the generals' - extended into the first year of the First World War. Ever hear of the Christmas Truce of 1914? Maybe it's better to remember, amidst the horrors of war, that the guys you're trying to kill share many common attributes with you yourself.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:35 | 5135017 JuliaS
JuliaS's picture

The war against ISIS set precedent for US military equipment being used to destroy US military equipment. Thanks to Obama it became possibel to assassinate US citizens. Now army units can take out army units if the are "believed" to be enemy combattants. The emphasis on "believed".

I'm starting to see it as a piece in a bigger picture - essentially a plan for a new revolutionary war on American soil. Call me crazy. I hope I am.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:12 | 5135118 Radical Marijuana
Radical Marijuana's picture

To paraphrase "I have been down so long, it is starting to look up to me," some have become so crazy that they are becoming saner!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:14 | 5135128 Thirtyseven
Thirtyseven's picture

Are you kidding me?  T.P.T.B. WANT troops on their payroll.

They want the control.  They want the power that this brings.  And it's not like it costs THEM anything!!!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:53 | 5135200 MakeMineADouble
MakeMineADouble's picture got to be the second post with such a long reply???  Hmmmmmm.   As humourous as it is, it had to require some thought....right??

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:53 | 5135341 indygo55
indygo55's picture

Its a cut and paste from the link he provided.


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:48 | 5135329 indygo55
indygo55's picture

We can get the navy and the Shock and awe and one faction or the army to join forces, the airforce to combine in one force and the airborn and the NSA to act as another force and call the whole thing SHA-NA-NA. Make a movie and put it up on Twitter and blame the Russians for being cultureless racists.


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:34 | 5135597 fibonacci's claus
fibonacci's claus's picture

Friend of mine is saying that things wont change until american children are being beheaded in orange county

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 23:22 | 5136047 Money Squid
Money Squid's picture

The President will order Israel's air force to bomb our navy.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 23:36 | 5136085 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture


Can we hook up a GoPro to that rig?

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 01:27 | 5136292 tarsubil
tarsubil's picture

Dear Lord! Don't give them any ideas!

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 09:51 | 5136759 Freddie
Freddie's picture

It would not be the first time. The Red Shield and other banksters got Americans to kill each other in The Civil War.  The people ($$$) behind the war on both sides (same people) ran the global slave trade too.  They make a profit on all chaos.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 14:39 | 5137489 jballz
jballz's picture


We tried something like that in the 1860's. Mixed results, I think the more prudent choice at this point is to drag the cockroaches out from Langley and have public hearings on all the was-covert ops in the Middle East, and let the chips fall where they may.

Or in other words something along the lines of what we tried in the 1770's.

Good luck, bitchez.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:20 | 5134579 BlueStreet
BlueStreet's picture

Obummer had no use for that club anyway, you need balls to play golf. 

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:04 | 5134707 Lore
Lore's picture

They wouldn't actually cut the club. It would just be yet another fake.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:17 | 5134953 Notsobadwlad
Notsobadwlad's picture

Not saying those behind ISIS are dumb, but just particularly lazy. The plastic dummy they used for the video looked nothing like the guy.

... oooooowooooowoooo .... be afraid, very afraid.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:40 | 5134627 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Do a mock-Bris on the Putter, and you'll get BB's attention.

Yo, 'Bama... The next things get out of hand... Be a Tiger.  Just Do It!  

Call  1-CAL-LMO-SSAD (1-225-566-7723) 

Tell 'em BB sent you.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 22:18 | 5135852 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 22:31 | 5135899 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 Billy you're the beast/best! ;-)

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 00:02 | 5136146 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

I think the guy in the middle is a beard

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:33 | 5134462 IridiumRebel
IridiumRebel's picture

To the Doomsday Golf Cart!!!!!!!!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:55 | 5135785 Redhotfill
Redhotfill's picture

Cue batman trumpet music...

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:36 | 5134463 SickDollar
SickDollar's picture

you fucked with the Muppet's favorite toy, thats going to get his attention


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:37 | 5134475 smlbizman
smlbizman's picture

which end?....

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:35 | 5134467 topspinslicer
topspinslicer's picture

What is the real reason tiger woods hasn't been playing?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:35 | 5134468 with the king
with the king's picture

Some folks got their club heads cut off

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:38 | 5134478 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

Bombing ISIS in Syria but actually hitting targets of the Assad regime in 3..2..

An American, not US subject.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:45 | 5134485 balolalo
balolalo's picture

War over a B movie quality beheading hoax.    Pathetic.    

They have all the laws in place, the military hardware, the brainwashed manpower, the sheeple cower and accept any humiliation.    

Why not just put out clear bs... and barely a peep on the airwaves/net.   

That beheading video is propaganda wrapped up in a 007 esque plot-line.   

Are you falling for this? 

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:12 | 5134558 barre-de-rire
barre-de-rire's picture

you are saying the behead is fake ?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:18 | 5134575 Herd Redirectio...
Herd Redirection Committee's picture

There is a 'fake beheading' school of thought, I won't say I am 100% convinced, but the idea is that the body used in the final shot, is possibly a CPR dummy (the arms are plastic looking, completely untanned and with no hair).

And it cut away, and there was no blood squirt.  Not exactly rocksolid, but enough that the possibility must be considered.

Frankly, I don't think it matters too much either way.  They are nuts and twisted enough to do it.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:02 | 5134689 Bollixed
Bollixed's picture

Out of pure morbidity I've watched a lot of the beheadings posted on the internet over the last couple years. I'm immune to the gore. When I first saw the "IT'S FAKE" talk I studied the video for myself just to compare. The result is I'm not convinced either way...

But what struck me as odd is that compared to a lot of other videos the victim didn't follow the usual script. Generally, when the neck muscles are severed the victim can no longer pull their head down to their chest like Foley was doing.

Additonally, at the slice the muscles pull apart leaving a rather noticeable gap. That didn't happen in the Foley video. And the lack of blood after the number of knife strokes is at odds with the other videos I've seen.

And Foley's demeanor was so off track he looked like a bad actor. First time I ever saw that reaction. I've seen complete capitulation before were the vicim had simply given up, but this wasn't the body language Foley was exhibiting.

So bottom line... the Foley video has too many weird things going on for me. Including what others have posted on the web such as the two different knives being shown (one in the hand of the perp, the other lying on the ground afterwards). It resembles a staged video to fool the folks with limited critical thinking skills who generally believe everything they're shown without question.

Again, all of the above is just a personal opinion as I wasn't there so in reality I know squat about what really happened. However, questioning the authenticity of the video is prudent if one is looking to base any retaliatory actions on it.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:20 | 5134754 Lore
Lore's picture

The most important thing to question is Motive.  WHY?  Who would be motivated to do such a thing?  Whose interests would it serve?  The fact that the answer is so obvious should be a big 'tell.'  This is merely the latest in a string of frauds and deceptions. "The spice must flow."

They must rue the day False Flag entered the public domain.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:32 | 5134995 Slave
Slave's picture

It is also weird since ISIS is so brutal. You'd think they would show the full beheading and not just the beginning and the end.

Doubly weird that liveleak has now banned all future ISIS beheading videos. You can't even run a proper google search for the video without FAKE and STAGED being in the results everywhere. Fishy.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:13 | 5135070 vie
vie's picture

This is how the sheep get separated from the goats ...  IF they cared to make it look more real they could've.  They keep getting more blatent.  I assume they will continue to get even more blatent until they're satisfied they've identified the worst of the sheep and sent them off to the laughter house.

(That would seem to fit with their "Worthless Eater" Eugenicists philosophies anyways.  Then again, maybe it's the divergent goats they're looking for.)

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 21:49 | 5135771 Oldwood
Oldwood's picture

Looking for reason in an insane world. we can't understand what we don't understand. We have been trying to apply our values and morals on these people for decades at least. Is it working? They always say we are constantly fighting the last war and our military has invested untold money into their current methodologies, with little to show for it in the end. They also say you must know your enemy, and I really don't think we do...or even know for sure who our enemy even is.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:53 | 5135069 Berspankme
Berspankme's picture

A short time ago the magic mulatto messiah told us that ISIS was a JV team, not really a threat. Now they are the greatest threat since Genghis Khan. Something doesn't pass the smell test. How fucking stupid they think (know) the sheeple are? Seriously fuck these ass napkins in DC, every fucking one of them.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:07 | 5135106 fleur de lis
fleur de lis's picture

I think ISIS murdered Foley but not the way it was shown. He seemed to be focused beyond the camera, as though he was reading prompt cards. Perhaps they lied to him and told him they'd let him go after this, thus gaining his confidence which might account for his demeanor. Then they attacked him afterwards. The ISIS gang is violently psychopathic to the core, every last degenerate one of them. They are liable to turn on anyone without warning 

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:12 | 5135123 Bollixed
Bollixed's picture

That is entirely plausible.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:34 | 5135293 Dewey Cheatum Howe
Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Yep and the fact the British were so quick consider anyone viewing the video as potential terrorist should have raised some flags also. There is as you mention plenty of other terrorist beheading videos/pictures out there why the special designation for this particular one.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:23 | 5134589 Mr. Magoo
Mr. Magoo's picture

It is as fake as Elaine Marie Benes orgasm

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:03 | 5134708 kchrisc
kchrisc's picture

After Sandy Hoax, Boston Boom, MH-17, Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, etc. what is believable?!

An American, not US subject.


"It's not lying if it's all all bullshit."

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:20 | 5134762 balolalo
balolalo's picture

Anyone remember Ogrish?

Try that or its current equivalent and compare beheading videos.

You decide. 



Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:30 | 5134801 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

I searched to find a video of his head falling, All 'g rated' material. Send me a link with his falling off. The knife reminded me of fileting knife, not something that the Japanese use for beheading or would break through the neck in one chop..

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:42 | 5134806 tony wilson
tony wilson's picture


the sound is dubbed in a studio

the sim not a hero but a bad act.

maybe the cia did kill him or someone else.

 piss poor video

the guy maybe was an ngo was he real and did he die only mossad,mi6 and the cia know

James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:45 | 5134489 Seasmoke
Seasmoke's picture

It's a sand trap. 

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:45 | 5134491 max2205
max2205's picture

Wax on wax off

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:48 | 5134500 JustPrintMoreDuh
JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Just sad.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:50 | 5134501 ConfederateH
ConfederateH's picture

Between the lies that describe his relationship with "Michelle" and the lies that describe his reign as the world's CEO, would you want to be in his shoes? Golf is the only PC escape from his nightmare.  Imagine if he took up skiing and jetski's like Kerry and Gore?  Golf is his soltary solice.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:24 | 5134599 Abitdodgie
Abitdodgie's picture

Michelle whos that , ho you mean Micheal.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:16 | 5134951 Jack Sheet
Jack Sheet's picture

that viewpoint finally appears to be gaining traction.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:00 | 5135213 MontgomeryScott
MontgomeryScott's picture

@ 'ConfederateH':

Your posting has brought out the sympathy for Mr. Soetoro in a way that I have never seen. (obligatory 'sarc' tag added for clarification)

When Barry's husband Micheal finds him in bed with Reggie Love (again), and beats him with whatever is at hand like Hillary used to beat Bill, he will no doubt have to escape to the golf links (since he's not talented at 'jet-skiing', being a mullato engineered Commie Symplant and all). Every girlie-like swing (in his mind) is like the way he WISHES he could hurt his husband (Micheal).

As far as 'the world's CEO' shit goes; how's THAT working out? Has he offered any 'futures investment trading options' on the newest global investment vehicle 'ISIL' (or, 'ISIS'; or now known as 'IS')? Have you ever wondered what the fuck the 'L' in 'ISIL' means? I mean, what the FUCK or WHERE the fuck is 'LEVANT', anyway?

I think you forgot your obligatory 'sarc' tag, 'ConfederateH' (hence the downvotes).


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:51 | 5134510 Infinite QE
Infinite QE's picture

So was the beheading real, or some stage-managed Santa Monica creation?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:18 | 5134949 Arkadaba
Arkadaba's picture

I don't know but some are questioning its validity:

The Fishy James Foley Video

Edit: Also what happened to the unsubstantiated rumour that ISIS was beheading children - it seemed to disappear rather quickly. 

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:54 | 5134514 CheapBastard
CheapBastard's picture

"They crossed the Red Line...."


Why? They painted their trucks white?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 13:55 | 5134517 divedivedive
divedivedive's picture

Ok so I don't spend my day in front of the TV - but why is it that I have only heard of ISIS for the first time like in the last month ? Even when I search the web using google it only comes back with results from the beginning of June. Seems fishy to me.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:04 | 5134537 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

I don't know, cuz it's a completely fabricated and paid-for entitty brought into existence with the cooperation of the world's military powers to reignite the Islamic terrizzt demon meme and send fear into the minds of people world around, that "hey, these fuckers are out to get me. I better give up all resources and rights to big gubbamin for my own safety (or else, anyway lol)."?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:25 | 5134602 Herd Redirectio...
Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Spells it out.  Also check out Ebola, if you want to see megaparabolic.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:12 | 5134737 Lore
Lore's picture

Yup. This is Al Qaeda v.2; the geopolitical equivalent of global warming. Many people find it hard to accept contrivance on such a scale, but not psychopaths.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:15 | 5134566 Creepy A. Cracker
Creepy A. Cracker's picture

Becasue Dear Leader, democrats, and the press (but I repeat myself) have declared that Dear Leader has "defeated Al-Queada."  Now they have to call Al Queada something different since they have been defeated by Dear Leader and are no longer doing these kinds of things.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:51 | 5134658 Everybodys All ...
Everybodys All American's picture

Re-branded and renamed Al Qaeda in Iraq/Syria. Some are old Bathists from the deposed Saddam regime. Remember the theory was there was no Al Qaeda in Iraq until we came in? Seems a little hard to believe seeing what has occurred since and I do realize everyone has a slightly different opinion on this one.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 18:32 | 5135265 Flagit
Flagit's picture


but why is it that I have only heard of ISIS for the first time like in the last month ?

The first I can recall hearing about ISIS was an article here that a "new" group of fighters in Syria, were moving behind the Syrian Rebels, capturing their positions.

Can anyone find that article? The search function has no way to search by date, making it a little tougher.



That looks close, but i can't be sure.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:01 | 5134528 q99x2
q99x2's picture

Whatever the meaning of ISIS.

Who is Obama??

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:17 | 5134574 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Damn fine question,

and one the scum bag media never want to discuss.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:32 | 5134810 Milestones
Milestones's picture

Simple. ISIS is the Egyptian Goddess of Fertility. Also IS=the for-rmentioned. RA=Egyptian Sun God; and EL = Canneite's (sp?) is the name given the old  early Jews God. Jews seemed to be an unimaginative bunch then (as now) except when it comes to $$$.


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:15 | 5135125 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture

...therefore; IS-RA-EL

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:26 | 5135143 knowshitsurelock
knowshitsurelock's picture


The mother of humanity, the sun, and the ancient alien interloping narcissistic hedonistic ruler elite gods!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:43 | 5135181 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture

I made this video to point out all the Biblical imagery that adorns the flags from countries around the World. I already made some videos where I read directly from the book of Ezekial and talk about how the LORD of the Trinity is an alien surrounded by 4 four headed aliens that have UFOs hovering overhead. They also describe how the LORD, who is an alien from another planet, calls the Israelites his CHILDREN. If you believe what the Bible is saying, it makes clear that Jews are aliens from another planet.

I read from Ezekial, then I point out all the flags of the World that have the same imagery described in the book of Ezekial. The 4 four headed aliens that surround the LORD have the face of a man, face of an eagle, face of a lion, and the face of an ox. Then notice all the STARS, EAGLES, LIONS, and CROSSES in these flags. It is NOT a coincidence that almost every flag in the World has stars. All of this imagery comes back to the book of Ezekial and the first book of the Bible that describes the full glory of the LORD in appearance.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:59 | 5135649 Minge
Minge's picture

It would seem you are ruuning short on Risperidone.  PM me.  I can help fuckwits such as yourself.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:47 | 5134861 tony wilson
tony wilson's picture

yes sir ree bob isis sure seem experienced.



The nephew is Efraim Halevy, the head of the Mossad, Israel's espionage agency, or as he is usually introduced in English, the chief of the ISIS (Israel secret intelligence service). SIS is the official name of MI6, the British version of the Mossad; Halevy was born in Britain and came to Israel as a youth.




ISIS is headquartered outside Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona. Our Washington D.C. office is located in the Ronald Reagan Building.

ISIS provides worldwide security, intelligence, technology and training to government and private enterprises. ISIS is strategically positioned across the globe, with a highly credentialed management team and personnel. We have a superlative track record for delivering exceptional service and support to the most demanding of clients in the most challenging of circumstances.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:55 | 5135259 Minge
Minge's picture

Such reliable web links.  Who could dispute your positions?  mi6, zionist, mossad, seal team 6, ISIS, blah blah fucking blah.  You really need to get outside and mow the lawn or something.  Too much time on the internet makes Tony a fuckwit.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 22:01 | 5135801 tony wilson
tony wilson's picture

what have you got darlin

a tinder dry pair of flaps and a mouth that seems to like the very regional expletive tosser.

spending your evenings lookin for tony?

listen honey bunny your to old and burnt out for me your boney arse and flat chest does not float my boat.

and that british army boot leather skin well that is just an insult to ones eyeballs.

you really need some help your not doin a good enough job.

buck up your ideas soldier ya donna wanna end up like gareth the gchq guy bent double and put in a mossad bag.

Sun, 08/24/2014 - 00:36 | 5136215 Yen Cross
Yen Cross's picture

 Tony, I understand you/ I'm not samantic/ I like TRUTHISMS .

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:17 | 5134950 Chupacabra-322
Chupacabra-322's picture

The bigger question is, why isn't Criminal John McMcain picture along side in that cartoon caption?

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:02 | 5134529 vyeung
vyeung's picture

Worse yet, he ordered it. Remember his masters want a full out war. If they can't get one with the Ruskie's they sure will create one, even via their own terror cells.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:06 | 5134539 vyeung
vyeung's picture

Its total BS, if they wanted to hide it, it would never hit the light of day on the presstitute channels. They wanted people to see this as they are conditioned to respond. They need you to respond so they can justify war. Basically they have the American public controlled via Pavlov dogs response. Its all Washington/Zionist agenda. The terror everywhere is a fascist/nazi DC creation. Masterminds are the clowns in the CFR controlled by the Zionists.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:05 | 5134540 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

GDP growth might just break even. If we can just start bombing, Caterpillar can create enough back orders for Wallstreet to flirish. It only takes one stock to trompant new free money highs and debase the the reserve currency. 

Isn't that right Janet Yellen, shall we shag in celebration? Not. I love my wife, not fake counterfeited money. 


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:07 | 5134545 Duc888
Duc888's picture



divedivedive: Ok so I don't spend my day in front of the TV - but why is it that I have only heard of ISIS for the first time like in the last month ? Even when I search the web using google it only comes back with results from the beginning of June. Seems fishy to me."




US Controls ISIS

Lastly, it is important to point out that the Islamic State is not some shadowy force that emerged from the caves of Afghanistan to form an effective military force that is funded by Twitter donations and murky secretive finance deals. IS is entirely the creation of NATO and the West and it remains in control of the organization.

As Tony Cartalucci writes in his article “Implausible Deniability: West’s ISIS Terror Hordes In Iraq,”

Beginning in 2011 - and actually even as early as 2007 - the United States has been arming, funding, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and a myriad of armed terrorist organizations to overthrow the government of Syria, fight Hezbollah in Lebanon, and undermine the power and influence of Iran, which of course includes any other government or group in the MENA region friendly toward Tehran.

Image: ISIS corridors begin in Turkey and end in Baghdad. [image credit: Land Destroyer]

Billions in cash have been funneled into the hands of terrorist groups including Al Nusra, Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), and what is now being called "Islamic State in Iraq and Syria" or ISIS. One can see clearly by any map of ISIS held territory that it butts up directly against Turkey's borders with defined corridors ISIS uses to invade southward - this is because it is precisely from NATO territory this terrorist scourge originated.

ISIS was harbored on NATO territory, armed and funded by US CIA agents with cash and weapons brought in from the Saudis, Qataris, and NATO members themselves. The "non-lethal aid" the US and British sent including the vehicles we now see ISIS driving around in.

They didn't "take" this gear from "moderates." There were never any moderates to begin with. The deadly sectarian genocide we now see unfolding was long ago predicted by those in the Pentagon - current and former officials - interviewed in 2007 by Pulitzer Prize-winning veteran journalist Seymour Hersh.

Hersh's 9-page 2007 report, "The Redirection" states explicitly:

To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has coöperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.

"Extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam" and are "sympathetic to Al Qaeda" - is a verbatim definition of what ISIS is today. Clearly the words of Hersh were as prophetic as they were factually informed, grounded in the reality of a regional conflict already engineered and taking shape as early as 2007. Hersh's report would also forewarn the sectarian nature of the coming conflict, and in particular mention the region's Christians who were admittedly being protected by Hezbollah.

While Hersh’s report was written in 2007, knowledge of the plan to use death squads to target Middle Eastern countries, particularly Syria, had been reported on even as far back as 2005 by Michael Hirsh and John Barry for Newsweek in an article entitled “The Salvador Option.”



Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:22 | 5134576 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

They (US Administration) can't keep the acronym straight. Try ISIL.


They don't care what they call them, as long as you are scared. It's a cat jacked up on catnip.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:24 | 5134592 palmereldritch
palmereldritch's picture

They need to buy a vowel.


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 16:30 | 5134999 Atomizer
Atomizer's picture

That was clever. Chuckes.


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 19:03 | 5135374 I Write Code
I Write Code's picture

Circus al-Isoil, 72 virgins and 101 goats doing things you never thought you'd see.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:38 | 5134820 Monty Burns
Monty Burns's picture

The whole ISIS thing stinks to high heaven.  They have at most 15,000 members, a high proportion of whome are brainless fanatics from the West with no military experience.  Yet they can seemingly whack the huge Iraqi army and even more suprisingly the Kurdish Pershmerga, 350,000 of them who we've always been lead - correctly in my view -  to believe were a well-trained and highly motivated fighting force.  Yet when ISIS in a few tanks went after the country's most strategic infrastrural asset, in Kurdish controlled territory, the Pershmerga 'melted away'.


I don't know if your explanation is right but for sure the offical one is wrong.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 20:31 | 5135593 the not so migh...
the not so mighty maximiza's picture


Sat, 08/23/2014 - 22:06 | 5135810 tony wilson
tony wilson's picture

stand down always helps

get the security of any target area to stand down

then you have your problem reaction solution

worked on 9 11

works every time


Sun, 08/24/2014 - 10:58 | 5136922 Minge
Minge's picture

That's some swell nerbling, TW.  I'm now WAY more informed.  Thank you for your contribution to the world's collective insight.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:08 | 5134547 Caviar Emptor
Caviar Emptor's picture

We need an entirely push-button war to stimulate the global economy: attack ISIS with drones, cruise-missiles, remotely operated vehicles and borgs. The trickle down from all the MIC bonanza money to pull it off will send us to DOW 55,000

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:10 | 5134553 Salzburg1756
Salzburg1756's picture

The Persian Golf has always been a powderkeg!

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 14:49 | 5134653 Kirk2NCC1701
Kirk2NCC1701's picture

A Priest and a Rabi are neighbors.  The priest gets a new car. 

 Not to be outdone, the Rabi also gets a new car, but it’s a better model.

The Priest then goes out and blesses his car with Holy Water.  

Not to be outdone, the Rabi cuts an inch off the tailpipe.

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 15:36 | 5134823 tony wilson
tony wilson's picture

rabi you say is this a true story isaac isidor rabi did not have a drivers licence?


Definition of RABI. Isidor Isaac 1898-1988 Am. (Austrian-born) physicist . Browse. Next Word in the Dictionary: Rabi al-Awwal Previous Word in the Dictionary: rabfak

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:19 | 5135138 Skateboarder
Skateboarder's picture

You killed the joke...

Sat, 08/23/2014 - 17:43 | 5135182 Minge
Minge's picture

He has a way of doing that.  Better be careful, though.  If you disagree with Tony he will volunteer to suck the blood from your freshly circumcised penis.  It's kind of his thing.

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