Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Convoy Returns To Russia

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So much ado for nothing.

Following nearly 2 weeks of artificial tension and fake selloffs that brought the S&P within a fraction of 2000 only for Yellen to "not be Dovish" enough and spoil the party, with the first red Jackson Hole close in 5 years, the Russian "humanitarian" convoy which the objective media led everyone to believe was a Trojan horse just itching to launch a war in Ukraine, has left Ukraine after delivering its cargo.

According to Reuters,  a total of 184 vehicles from the Russian aid convoy which approached the Ukraine border on August 14 and only crossed into Ukraine on Friday "without permission", in a move which Ukraine first derided as a Direct Invasion then once again quickly changed its tune and admitted it had given it permission to enter to "avoid confrontations" have returned to Russia, citing a Ukrainian military spokesman said.

"According to our information as of 1 p.m. (1000 GMT), the departure from the territory of Ukraine by 184 Russian vehicles has been confirmed," the spokesman, Andriy Lysenko, told Reuters.


He said they had left through the same crossing point by which they had entered via the Ukrainian border settlement of Izvaryne. No checks by Ukrainian border guards or customs officers had taken place.


Asked how many Russian vehicles still remained in Ukraine, he replied: "I don't know."

Nothing quite like being on top of things: perhaps the CIA is no longer sharing its data with the Kiev regime?

Furthermore, considering Ukraine's government has been in a constant state of propaganda dissemination from the beginning, a matching and probably more credible source of information in this disinformation war is the Russian foreign ministry, which confirmed that the humanitarian aid has been delivered to the besieged city of Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. Meanwhile all trucks that delivered aid had returned to Russia.

“We express our satisfaction that the Russian humanitarian aid for those in need in southeastern Ukraine has been delivered as intended. We were motivated only by the goal of helping civilian citizens in need,” the statement read.

All trucks have returned empty, Ukrainian and Russian border guards confirmed, Russian Deputy Emergency Minister Eduard Chizhikov said.

There were 227 trucks in the humanitarian operation participating in the operation, and they have all returned. All those vehicles have been searched by the representatives of the customs and border control, both on the Ukrainian and Russian side. No issues have been pointed out. All vehicles were empty upon returning, and the media representatives checked that, too, while they were filming the search,” Chizhikov stated.

But the endless drama...

The Foreign Ministry also said that they were “getting a lot of feedback from the residents of Lugansk, who were thankful for such a good attitude from the Russian part.”

A clip of the eastern Ukraine locals greeting the Russian convoy:

And perhaps in even more amusing news, Russia not only reacted to the latest "lie" out of NATO's Rasmussen, hell bent on finding the pretext to deliver even more NATO forces on the border with Russia, but said that it no longer pays attention to what he says:

Russia’s Defense Ministry has denied “another portion of accusations” by representatives of NATO against Russia. The latest claims include allegations that Russia directly involved its military and heavy weaponry in fighting on the Ukrainian territory.


We’ve stopped paying attention to Mr. Rasmussen’s empty talk and his press secretary. There is no point commenting on them. There is no proof there except Twitter,” official representative of Russia’s Defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated.


“I would like to remind you that the official powers of Mr. Rasmussen ended on July 31, and today he’s acting not so much for the alliance, but as the organizer of the September 4 NATO summit in Wales. We understand that his prospects will depend on the promotion of that event,” the statement also said.

This is the same NATO that condemned the delivery of aid to a population stuck in the middle of the Ukraine civil war, which according to the red cross itself said was living in abysmal conditions, without water or power. The same population that once again just got that much closer to aligning with Russia in lieu of a Kiev government that has declared war on it.  Lugansk residents have already expressed hope that Russia will provide more humanitarian aid in the future, first vice premier of the Lugansk People’s Republic Vasily Nikitin told RIA Novosti. “We don’t have any food left, and we hope that Russia won’t leave us in this situation and these humanitarian convoys containing food will become commonplace. We hope for the help, and we need it,” Nikitin stated.

The simplest way this would happen, of course, is when the Donetsk republic follows in the steps of Crimea is annexed by Russia. However, with massive shale gas deposits located under the region, and with Hunter Biden director of a company that is quite eager to extract said shale gas, there is no way this region is going without a fight, one in which NATO is a key member.

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Seize Mars's picture

Ok we get it. Russia good, America bad.

Mr.Sono's picture

since when spreading freedom and democracy is bad?

Ps I thought the convoy was stopped and destroyed last week. What ever happend to that news?

sushi's picture

That was last weeks lies.

This weeks lies are the ones you are to embrace as the truth.


Amish Hacker's picture

Until next week's lies are released.

Truthseeker2's picture

How does the president of the United States of America then do everything in his power to deny urgent and desperately needed humanitarian aid to the same civilians who have been shellshocked back into the stone Age?

quasistable's picture

Please read:

Russia’s top 100 lies about Ukraine

ZH is just an RT (KGB) propaganda branch. You can be proud joining forces with it ))

JohninMK's picture

Different convoy.

This one was real, the other one was a mirage only seen from Kiev.

IridiumRebel's picture

Yes but they did send a fuckin tweet so obviously it must be real....

X.inf.capt's picture

i honestly thought this white convoy was going to get hit, using it for provication for russia to invade...


Majestic12's picture

Take it up a notch....Blue state/Red state, US v world, "us" v. "them", "black v. white"....keep watching the "shiny object" you never "see" that the world is a stage and the 1% (including billionaire Putin, as much as I like him) are it's "players"....

The game is called "Grand Theft Illuminati Bankster"....the rules are that no matter what we do...they are at the wheel steering us, and they win...

When we are all ready to cut these puppet strings attached to will end.  They "need" our "permission".....

Pray with me every day..."you do not have my permision"..."I do not agree"..."you are not welcome here"...."leave now"....then the hundredth monkey sets in and things change for the better slowly, but surely.

espirit's picture

Interesting that the MSM and .gov portrayed Putins Humanitarian Effort as an active invasion in the beginning.

Now it seems those white trucks are returning to Russia after emptying their cargo in Ukraine.

Do the Pols & MSM lackeys realize that their continual lying leads most to disbelieve 'everything' they utter?

I Do.

zerocash's picture

But was there a hashtag? Never believe anything in politics until a hashtag is used.

Stuck on Zero's picture

U.S. to respond in kind by painting HellFire Missiles white.

Ignatius's picture

I really wanted the Trojan Horse thing to pan out.  I like horses.

roadlust's picture

It was never a "Trojan Horse."  It's always been a transparent resupply of Russian military forces in Ukraine. But who cares?  Russia should be able to invade and "annex" any country it wants to!   The world belongs to Mother Russia!

(When Russia ever does anything "Humanitarian" wake us up.) 

Overfed's picture

Yeah. The US government backstabs everyone they deal with. Everyone. Sooner or later. The Russians have been making it a policy to be truthful and forthright. The do what they say they will do, no more, no less. Makes America look pretty shitty, but our fuckwad "leaders" won't face it. And our idiotic electorate won't wake up.

Notsobadwlad's picture

The electorate no longer matters. The MSM is simply instructed to declare a winner and no votes ever need be counted. Much simper that way.

l8apex's picture

roadlust, I do believe that you are a moron.  Get out and see the world some time.  Things are not black and white out there.

BadKiTTy's picture

..... and the role of the Red Cross in this, and that the cargo was checked???? 

What are you on?

BadKiTTy's picture

..... and the role of the Red Cross in this, and that the cargo was checked???? 

What are you on?

Majestic12's picture

Russia got screwed by involving the IRCS, but they had to.  THe IRCS is part of the UN-WHO-WB-WTO Illuminati Bankster bloodlust cabal....they trick the world into thinking "help is coming" then they pull out their clipboards and Visio charts for the following 6 months...keep an eye every African "relief" campaign...they are to make sure "enough" suffering America-Fuck-Yeah can look like saviors in the following MSM barrage of "human interest" stories...

Adahy's picture

I've seen this for myself many times.  The last time they took over my hotel (for thier staff, not refugees of course) they sat around for 2 days waiting on air cards for their stupid laptops.  All they needed to do was bring some fucking water and food to people (which the local population and the churches did quite nicely on their own).

yrbmegr's picture

Russia should annex America and save everyone in that land.

FeralSerf's picture

If "regime change" was desirable (and legal) in Iraq and Libya, then why not Washington and Tel Aviv too?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Let's start with Alaska, so we can move there.

The Wizard's picture

I am still waiting to see what revelation Putin had in turning 180 degrees from the most horrific government of the 20th century, Stalinist Russia. I don't hear him condemning the past sins of Russian oligarchs. On the surface he is showing that he desires peaceful solutions to the remapping of Eastern Europe. Is it that he knows the petrodollar is teetering on the brink of disaster and America and West Europe are a multicultural mess providing him the opportunity to go for the jugular putting on a peaceful face.

In that he was head of the KGB for all of those years I don't trust any of the motives of modern governments. They continue to appear to be functioning under an elitist mentality with the masses behaving as good slaves. I know the founders of this country would agree with this position. Recording present history is quite a challenge with all of the rampant deception. Maybe this is why Franklin said we have a democratic republic, with the caveat of "if we can keep it". Human nature has not changed for eons. 

tony wilson's picture

whatever putin is he sure knows how to treat multi billionaire dual citizen fucking zionist scum


The Wizard's picture

Wasn't it the so called Zionist scum that took over Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution and went on to do ethnic cleansing of the Germanic people?

Time for Titus's picture

Yes, it was. They killed millions of Christians. Then the Russian people overthrew them in 1991 and rebuilt all their churches.

Your point?

giggler321's picture

Nice to know they can be defeated

Jack Burton's picture

These same descened on Ukraine and stole all the food, leaving millions to starve. Young communists from the cities, like Kiev, led the attacks on peasants and food theft, many of these were Jews. I know that insults many, but check the history books, their very names have been documented by post Soviet historians. Jewish intellectuals drove much of the communist crime wave in the 1930's. led by Joesph Stalin, in fact, he was both and ethnic Georgian and was born in Georgia and grew up there and became a regional communist leader there. He broght with him many from thos regions to run secret police. In late 30's Beria, a non Russian, terroised the Russian and Ukrainian Christian population and caused mass death amoung them. Check the facts, I know this is true.

Volkodav's picture

Yes  True  and if anything understated.

From 1917 thru Stalin was never Russians in control.

Famines was in Russia, Kazakhstan also.

Search subject "Volga Famine"



Notsobadwlad's picture

You confuse Jews with political Zionists.

flapdoodle's picture

Priceless when Putin asks the tycoon to give him back his pen after signing!

ebear's picture

How much would Putin's pen sell for on eBay?

Moustache Rides's picture

That video link is great on so many levels.  I especially like when Putin made that guy get up and sign, then when the guy tried to walk off with his pen he stopped him and asked for it back.

Oracle 911's picture

Yeah the oligarchs were scolded like schoolboys.

Coletrane's picture




He has them.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Or this one on YT, where he orders an Arrest Warrant for the Redshield scion George Soros.

A here he starts exposing the NWO crowd for their duplicity, their rhetorical pretexts vs. actual actions.

Global Hunter's picture

In my opinion Putin and his advisors are very pragmatic, they can see and understand the follies of overseas wars and the colonization and empire building, namely that it bankrupts the host nation.  Russia also has the ability to be self sustaining in regards to food and industrial production and if they can increase the birth rate, they'll have a sustainable "indigenous" population, unlike much of the western nations.  The only threat to this is global conflict and war so it is in their interests to try and be the voice of peace and co-operation.

Whether Putin and his advisors are angels I have no idea or opinion, but in listening to them I get the idea that they are thoughtful, rational, pragmatic, understand their past and history but have a vision and plan for their country and people that stretches out centuries into the future.

If they can spread peace and stability they will further ensure peace and stability on their own borders within their own country.

edit: "revelation"?  Putin was the choice of the old-school oligarchs but he double crossed them pretty early on I believe so in a sense he probably always knew.  But Libya probably really woke them up and made them plan more intensely for conflict.  IMO just my two layman's cents.

The Wizard's picture

Interesting analysis. So your defintion of "revelation" is that Putin did do a 180 from past Bolsheviks.

Notsobadwlad's picture

Bolsheviks were political zionists funded by western banks to overthrow the Tsar, supposedly because the Tsar was independent of the banks and interfered with banker plans in Amerika... but I wonder because the zionist takeover in Russia was in Albert Pike's letter.

Are you saying that Stalin was a political zionist and that Putin is not?

There have been quite a few Russian leaders since Stalin... and it has been even longer since Lenin and Trotsky.

IMO your question is nonsequitur. It makes no sense.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Yup, very Pragmatic.  As some here have noted, "In a world of lies, truth is an act of Treason".

The NWO (i.e. 'Manifest Destiny 2.0') is not progressing because of global or international consensus.  It is progressing because of an international Con by the US and its Neocon & Global_Zionists.  It is progressing on Lies, Deception, Blackmail, Bribes and Brute Force.

Don't know what "Vision for Russia" he shared with his Russian Oligarch 'friends', but in his place I'd paint them the unprecedented wealth they can realize by BUILDING something bigger than has ever been built before:  The Eurasian Economic Zone that leads through Russia.

Such a Vision should more than inspire said Oli's.  It should bring them fully on board.  Alas, the actualization of such a Vision would change the North Atlantic (UK-US) Alliance so much (to their detriment), that they must stop or sabotage it at any cost.  Strictly speaking, the Brits would be better off in the new re-alignment also, but old habits and old ties (by the Old Guard) are nigh impossible to break.  Hence UK's mini-Me relationship to the US.

If cooler and wiser heads can prevail in EU capitals, The Truth Will Out, and a better future bodes for them.  Else they will be the pawns and cannon-fodder of America's NWO imperialism.

Urban Redneck's picture

I wouldn't characterize a KGB/FSB colonel as a "mid-level agent". In my experience in African and Asian backwaters, a colonel sat at the top of the local food chain. In a country with as large and critical a presence a East Germany a colonel might be a department head, who knows... but I think if you want to use the term "mid-level" then management would be more appropriate than agent.

socalbeach's picture

I was just quoting from the article.  Maybe he was mid-level during the majority of his service and was promoted to colonel near the end.  Don't know. And the quote about him being mid-level came from the NYT.

Circle of DNA's picture

Please, do your home work before posting. Putin was never anywhere near "head of the KGB". He was a high end operative stationed in Germany; his German is indistinguishable from the native German speakers and he was able to blend in without any problems. He is very well skilled as a fighter, loves history and passionate about acquiring any form of knowledge. Apparently he visited the headquarters of KGB (FSB) for the first time only after he was elected as a president of Russia.