CME Delays Futures Opens Due To "Glitch"; Update: To Reopen At 9:00 PM Central

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Looks like the machines want to run post-Yellen stops... to new record highs...


Perhaps someone needs to tell Treasury Futures it's time to sell off and keep the dream alive...




It appears - judging from FX markets this evening - that consensus on Jackson Hole is Yellen was more hawkish and Draghi & Kuroda more dovish than expected. The USD index is pushing on towards one-year highs as EUR is down 50 pips (not helped by a dovish FT article on deflation fears) to 11-month lows, and USDJPY broke to as high as 104.45 (weakest JPY in 7 months). In addition to this action, the CME confirms all Futures products will have a delayed opening due to technical issues with NO estimated opening time.

CME's only statement... on GCC site...



Phone call to Chris Grams, press officer at CME, was not immediately returned


USDJPY at 7-month highs


EUR tumbling to 11-month lows...


Of course, there is no need for futures trading anymore since The Fed will merely extend its "communications" policy to announce the end of day print for the S&P 500 each morning going forward...


But for those wondering, EURJPY implies an S&P open around 7 points down... though we suspect USDJPY will be in charge and stocks are lifted.


Charts: Bloomberg

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X.inf.capt's picture

sure seems money is moving out of europe in a hurry...somethings coming..

and in the last 6 months the ukraine exchange rate to dollars has gone from 8 to 1 usd, to 13 to 1usd...

something bad cometh this way! 

remain calm's picture

Ya but gold is down 0.5% so evertyhing is right in the world, Right?

knukles's picture

Awaiting ElPresidente's next speech, silly.

flacon's picture

S&P is making new all time highs, seven minutes after opening. Moth-er-fuck-er! When will this shit end?!

Tall Tom's picture

Is this intentional in order to restrict Gold and Silver bids in order to drive prices down and trigger the stop loss?

Xploregon's picture

Excellent! The ole truck is waming-up in the drive way. The tranny (no tranny jokes please) is broken but fortuitously, it still backs up when needed!

August's picture

Yep - Briefcase is full of folding money, ready for a trip to the local purveyor of that shiny stuff.

FieldingMellish's picture

Broken markets are always very bullish as is systemic failure. Forward comrades!

booboo's picture

"Bob, I need some time to move my positions out of harms way
Your friend forevah
Abe Steinenstien

Wait What's picture

Wait What wasn't joking when he said Spooz had all weekend to melt up to a 29th record this year on no volume. he just didn't realize it would literally be no volume.

jubber's picture

with everything America toouches turning to shit you would have thought the $ would actually gap down on zero confidence

Bossman1967's picture

Do you think the banksters would let that happen before monday morning false flag at 8:01 am. The earthquake wasn't big enough but there are tremors

kurtosis's picture

The euro collapse in FX asia open has prompted a few sell orders in equity futures.

The problem is that the institutional algos are not switched on at this time.

However, technical trend following systems are on and the low volume of the last few days has made liquidity evaporate.

The few sell orders have created an imbalance which would trigger the stops so CME has decided to delay the opening on what it considers an artificial imbalance.



Lore's picture

Why don't they do this every Sunday night?

Money piling out of Europe is NOT going to stay in USDs, hence all the 'De-Dollarization' agreements and 'Swap Facilities' set up recently. Short term action probably centers around the Tuesday Putin-Poroshenko meeting, when Putin will probably make the Nazi an offer he shouldn't refuse, precipitating a temporary run in the USD and bringing the EU a step closer to fragmentation (as it should). We were warned to expect "strength" in the USD right before they kill it. 

firewire888's picture

artificial imbalance is the fed, why stop all markets indefinite until they are out.... so rigged!

Bossman1967's picture

Uh oh here it goes dollar way up silver unchanged gold little down and futures not opening. Hmmm all the crap going on in the world make you wonder but I am prepared bring it on and lets get it over with yahooooo

Atomizer's picture

This should only be scheduled on Turbo Tuesday. Someone hacked into the matrix. 

kurtosis's picture

One more, and I hope, interesting point: I've been following this guy for a while and he has been pretty good; it would fit perfectly:

also, another excellent article for the financially litterate:



buzzsaw99's picture

there is no market

KingFiat's picture

Gold trading is not easily shut down. The international gold markets seem to work just fine without COMEX.


conscious being's picture

Everything is mispriced from here on out, until the dollar dies.

- Rocky Racoon, a while ago.

q99x2's picture

Thought from the headline it was the overdue coronal mass ejection kill shot. WoooooHooooo Another day to breath.

Rusty Shorts's picture
LOL Spectacular Spitfire Erupts From Sunspot

firewire888's picture

Wow, if this doesn't sound fishy, then I don't know what does.  Unhook the fed's algo's from the cme.

Atomizer's picture

You can aways invest in Shekels and watch your wealth melt away.


0.282674 USD

ebworthen's picture

So I wonder if the entire markets won't just be suspended if ever there is a 10% or more down day.

Only buying allowed, and at a higher price then when things were closed.

Perpetual shut downs to keep the turd floating.

No flushes allowed.

robertocarlos's picture

BoC refuses to raise interest rates.

Atomizer's picture

HFT will keep the lifeline stable. When rates rise, the money theft already happened. 

Focus on SDR moving average and FX currency fluctuations. That's all for now. However, keyboards are hammering to stay ahead of destinations accounts and new limited holding accounts. Money is flushed into new account. The entire process is repeated. 

They will be caught. Takes time. This is your US Government, not a fly by night Identity theft scammer. The end is near. I laugh on how egos make grave mistakes. 

The poor little Intel US government fucker's. Ass raping, three meals a day, and a cell to reside in for the rest of your life. How deviant do you feel now? 


Tenshin Headache's picture

No estimated opening time. Hmmmn.

GrinandBearit's picture

I always said, whenever the big event happens it will be over the weekend and be evident in the Sunday night futures market.

What market? -lol

Tenshin Headache's picture

Out with a whimper rather than a bang?

GrinandBearit's picture

7.0 earthqauke in Peru... now that is something to sneeze about!

espirit's picture

I'm thinking we should all get together and sing 'It's a Small World After All'.

Chaos Theory, Bitchez.

Phosgene's picture

TF now open and up a handle.  Com'on Tylers, don't cherry pick data.  EURJPY implies a negative open, but AUDJPY (+9bp) and USDJPY (+24bp) sure as hell don't.

Godisanhftbot's picture

the tylers , like the najarians, are really FADING their own public calls.

Notsobadwlad's picture

They must be late reprogramming the price control algos.

... such is the problem with people managing the technology.

If only the technology was able to manage itself. It would never call in sick or wake up with a hangover.

More's the pity.

Spungo's picture

This is the bell at the top telling people to get the fuck out of stocks. It's normal for the US dollar to rally during or before a recession. This is because currencies are affected by trade balance. As a country exports more, the value of their currency rises. Countries debase their own currency to maintain the exchange rate, and this is why it's often said that America "exports" inflation to other countries. What happens if the exports to the US slow down, but the country is still printing money as if exports were high? Their own currency loses value against the dollar. This is the forex market telling us trade is slowing down. Two currencies to watch are the Australian and Canadian dollar. Back in 2008, the Australian dollar lost about 30% of its value relative to the US dollar, from peak to valley. Canada's drop was a little less, but still very dramatic.

Godisanhftbot's picture

it may never open again

glad im flat