Immigration For Republicans

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Submitted by Keith Weiner via Acting-Man blog,

This essay is not intended to address a crisis that may be occurring on the border at this time. We make no comment on that. Nor does it discuss the issues around war, such as how to deal with citizens of enemy nations. This essay is not a policy proposal, it does not set out, for example, when an immigrant can become a citizen and attain the vote or what to do to immigrants who commit crimes. It has but one purpose: to enumerate and respond to the common arguments used in favor of an impenetrable and guarded border fence to shut down immigration.

It's the Law …

Suppose you were born in a country that outlawed normal life. North Korea comes to mind. Venezuela is a slightly less extreme example, and there are many other examples which are slightly less bad than that socialist worker’s paradise.

I phrase it in these terms, because this is the essence of the issue. People are rightfully fleeing places where they cannot live.

Anyway, suppose you are in a place where life is a living hell. Every day, you are forced to beg and steal scraps of food to somehow stay alive. The best you can hope for is to subsist, one day at a time. You must avoid the gangs and the secret police.

If you could somehow scrape together the money to escape to America, would you?

You would take a job paying minimum wage—or less—doing long days of unskilled manual labor, if necessary. At least in America, you can work and you can begin to build a better life for yourself and your family.

But you notice that people call you “illegal.” They don’t refer to any crime you commit, because you are no criminal. You never steal from anyone, hurt anyone, and or do anything else that could objectively be called a crime. You work hard for every penny you earn. But they call you “illegal” anyway.

You come to realize that when they say illegal, they refer to you, not your actions. Your very existence so utterly offends them that they think you are crime incarnate.

You notice that most of them drive faster than the posted speed limit. Many don’t register their old handguns or refuse to pay tax when they sell a gold coin. They traffic in old toilets, which flush more than 1.6 gallons. They break the law in numerous ways.

On Facebook, there is a common meme that laughs at the statistic that everyone commits three felonies per day. Their crimes don’t bother them in the slightest, because they aren’t hurting anyone. They do get the concept of victimless crime, at least when they themselves are made into criminals by nonobjective law.

However, for you, amigo, none of that matters. “The law is the law,” they assert. “The law must be obeyed,” and they don’t mean the speed limit law here. They mean the law that does not allow you to live.


the law is the law

The law is the law (when it suits us).


Obviously, you are not going to oblige them by dying. This is the issue for you. Going back to hell may well be your death, or the death of your family.

This is the monstrous injustice of anti-immigration policy. Now let’s look at the arguments used to justify it.


Keeping Out Bad Ideas

The most intellectual argument is that immigrants bring bad ideas with them. Though I have not seen it phrased this way, this implies that we could build a Great Wall (or a Berlin Wall) to keep out socialism, fascism, cronyism, corruption, and the ideas of Kant and Marx. Surely, there would be no Che t-shirts if the wall were tall enough.

I find this argument unconvincing. In this era of radio, television, and the Internet, it’s the policy equivalent of locking the barn doors after the horses are not only out, but sold to the Saudis, and earning big purses racing in Abu Dhabi. Rotten ideas are not only here in America, but they have predominated for decades in our universities, media, and popular culture.

A lame duck president said, “I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system.” When our current president was a candidate he said, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody." We have a pejorative term for the wealthiest percentile of people, and one for bankers. Hollywood celebrities pose for pictures with socialist thugs like Hugo Chavez. These ideas are mainstream. Even conservatives will defend half a dozen of Marx’  ten planks.


bad ideas

A selection of communists – their evil ideas have become so ingrained in Western society, most people don't even realize their provenance anymore


If rational ideas prevailed in our culture and most people held to a rational philosophy, then evil ideas would find no fertile ground here. Proud people of healthy self-esteem who understand liberty, find nothing attractive about socialist utopias, death cults, thieving parasites, or paralyzing bureaucracy.

If you are un-persuaded, and you still believe that we have to keep out people with bad ideas, then you have to answer the following question. Are bad ideas intrinsically compelling?

Suppose a Marxist chants slogans on a street corner, or finds a willing American newspaper to publish his letter. Is this a threat to Western Civilization? Are reality and reason and liberty so weak and so un-compelling, that they are blown away by mindless communist propaganda?

At best, I think this argument reduces to another one that’s much more common. This argument does not address ideas, but voters.

Immigrants vote socialist, opponents of immigration tell us. But do they? I rather doubt that it’s nearly so prevalent as we’re told, though I don’t have the statistic. It doesn’t make any sense to me. These are people who have scrimped and saved to go to a foreign country. Many have risked their lives, and most of them are not fluent in the language. What motivates them to do this? I doubt it’s typically a desire to bring to the US the same socialism that forced them to flee.

What if immigrants are not voting for Democrats for their socialist policies, but for their pro-immigration stance? That would be a tragic irony to this argument. If the Republican Party stakes out the anti-immigrant position, then no one should be surprised when immigrants vote Democrat, along with their extended families, friends, and supporters.

The presumption that immigrants vote Democrat leads Republicans to oppose immigration, which leads immigrants to vote Democrat. Mr. Foot, meet Mr. Gun. Blam!

Incidentally, while I am criticizing the Republican Party, this very same issue is hurting them elsewhere too. Do gays all want socialism? Or do they want legalized marriage? Do women all want socialism? Or do they want legalized control over their own reproduction? Do biologists and other scientists want socialism? Or do they want legalized stem cell research and other scientific inquiry? Many members of these groups turn to the party that promises what they want.


Trespassers and the Collective

Moving on to the next argument, I hear often that an immigrant is like a trespasser or a burglar who breaks into your house. Think about what this argument says.

It says that the nation is owned collectively. If you are in the group, then you are part owner. If not, then you are a threat to the tribe. Today, it’s phrased in terms of criminal trespass, but it’s a primitive view of belongers vs. outsiders.

Of course the country as a whole is not owned, and certainly no collective has a right to violate anyone’s rights. Rights are neither a group benefit, nor a grant made by the government.

A related argument is that immigrants are taking our jobs. This argument is thoroughly Marxist. Thus, it’s ironic that it so often comes from conservatives, Republicans, and even some libertarians.

Our jobs? A job is a contract with an employer, not a birthright for an individual or a group privilege. If someone else is hired, but you are not, there is no injustice. If members of one group get hired and members of another group do not, then there is no cause for the government to interfere.

Jobs are not zero-sum. Under certain conditions, jobs are created and wages are rising. Under other conditions, jobs are stagnant or even destroyed. What conditions? Left free from coercion, people find ever more ways of coordinating their productive activities. Increasing production means hiring more people and paying them better wages.

However, when the government intrudes it reduces coordination, which means it reduces productivity, employment, wages, and quality of life. I proved this in my dissertation. One form of government intrusion is to block people, goods, or capital from crossing the border.

It may have taken a genius like Adam Smith or Frederic Bastiat to provide the original arguments to debunk state control, central planning, and government favoritism for cronies. However, today, a smart 8th grader can understand and make a cogent argument against this nonsense.

I don’t think anyone believes in bad economics for the sake of bad economics. No, there are two reasons people support junk economics. One is they want to get something they couldn’t earn in a free market. They seek protectionist measures to keep out competition. The other is they can see that the economy isn’t working properly. It is a fact that employment is far below its prior level. Such jobs as do exist pay lower real wages. Most people feel it at some level, and they’re angry.

They should be angry, but we should place the blame where it belongs. Taxes, regulations, litigation, and especially the Fed are the cause.

Please don’t take out  your anger on poor immigrants.

The idea that the economy is zero-sum is a Marxist idea. Lovers of America, the Constitution, and liberty should have nothing to do with it.



The economy is not a zero sum game. The idea of a static economy providing a “fixed pie” to be fought over is a Marxist fallacy.

(Painting by Michael Morgenstern)


Welfare Tourists

The next argument is that immigrants come here to collect. We should not allow immigrants because they will only end up on welfare.

Compensation is when you deliberately and knowingly do the wrong thing, supposedly to fix a problem elsewhere that you cannot or do not wish to fix. My example is to let the air out of three tires if you have a flat. Shutting down immigration is compensation for the welfare state. We who don’t want to see the taxpayer bankrupted will do better to fight welfare, than to fight immigration.

This leads to a question I have asked several times, and received no answer. Why does Immigration and Customs Enforcement go after employers?

We’re told that immigrants are here to sell drugs and commit crimes. However, it’s obvious that you won’t find drug dealers, welfare queens, pimps, and bank robbers working at or below minimum wage in the hot sun. So why go after employers? There is only one reason.

It is to protect us belongers from losing our scarce jobs to those outsiders.

Can any of these arguments be applied to block immigration between the states? On Facebook recently, I saw someone post (half) jokingly that Texas should pass a law to keep out anyone from California who voted for its welfare schemes or high-speed rail boondoggle.

Logically, there is no reason they couldn’t be applied to interstate immigration. North Dakota has low unemployment. If they continue to allow open immigration, then pretty soon their unemployment will rise to the unfortunate heights of the rest of the country (maybe they should thank their harsh weather for putting the brakes on this).

The next step is to apply it to immigration within a state, from city to city. We wouldn’t want all of those Tucson people coming here to take our Phoenix jobs, would we? The end game is the socialist dictatorship, which clamps down on the right of people to move as they wish.


Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 8.57.56 AM

US inter-state migration patterns (for an interactive version, see here) – via – click to enlarge.


The elephant in the room that must be named is some people of the anti-immigrant persuasion are motivated by racism. I don’t believe this is the majority, but it exists. They don’t dare openly declare their feelings, at least not in any forum I read. Instead, they couch it in another argument.


Back to Principles

One reason I started this essay off with a story was to establish the context and put the reader into the shoes of a recent immigrant. I had another reason as well: to illustrate the problems in the anti-immigration position. No one who fled a living hell will go back willingly. So what will be accomplished by demonstrating one’s resentment by slinging the name “illegal” at a man? He will react. He will feel like he is in a no-win situation. He may himself become resentful, and in that state he may adopt bad ideas that he did not originally hold.

What will happen if the law attacks his employer and renders him unable to keep a job? What would you do if you were permanently rendered unemployable by law? He will take welfare if he can get it. The only alternatives are to starve, to go back to hell, steal cars, or sell drugs. Nothing good can come from forcing someone to make that kind of choice.

Though it’s not my purpose in writing this essay, if your concern is whether the GOP will win elections, it’s hard to think of a more effective way to repulse a large voting bloc. However, I think there’s something much more important at stake. It is the theme of most of my writing on the gold standard.

We need to rediscover and return to the principle on which America was founded.  It is the principle that everyone has the individual rights of life, liberty, and property.  Let’s fight for those rights. Let’s fight to repeal welfare and to restore the Constitution and the Republic that was built on it.

It’s the right thing to do, and it also works.




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El Oregonian's picture

Same old song with just new and improved idiots playing the old tired notes.


King Solomon once said "There is nothing new under the Sun". It still holds true...

Publicus's picture

Workers of the world, rise up! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

“The elephant in the room that must be named is some people of the anti-immigrant persuasion are motivated by racism. I don’t believe this is the majority, but it exists. They don’t dare openly declare their feelings, at least not in any forum I read. Instead, they couch it in another argument.”

That's probably because every forum you visit deletes the “offensive” racist comments.

Majestic12's picture

Totally agree, Gaius...thanks for having the balls to say it...

It's a shame that it exists....and its a shame that comments are deleted...

There is no way to grow up in America and "not" be's just about degree...

Remember, racism is "to discern differences between people based on race"....simple, factual lines that get clouded with hate and personal bias....

If you conisder that racism leads to "discrimination" or crime....and you are "open" to examining the issue...then you have to have a "free" forum in which to understand what is behind it and to let people "look in the mirror"...if they dare....

Ironically, ZH followers praise "big-C" Capitalism...for competitive "individualism"....

If we can't see people as "individuals" (black, white, brown, etc.) then how will a true "free-market" capitalism ever have a chance in the world....

The Reptile Monopolists want us to stab each other in the back over their crumbs by using race and gender to stoke every fire they can...and it works every election....every day....

The GMO corn-fed robots (black and white) keep at each other (albeit disproportionately) and never see how much they are taking it up the ass....

Bananamerican's picture

"That's probably because every forum you visit deletes the “offensive” racist comments."

Speak of the devil. My comment was deleted from this thread (1st time in 5 years) when I suggested the end game was a monocultured "Keane" eyed brown planet.

Kind of ironic in my case. I take people one at a time.

I am however an admitted "culturalist" and i am very opposed to the "Blade Runner" immigration policies as they currently exist in amerika

ZerOhead's picture

Here's a simple solution... put a hold on immigration until the Fed stops QE

I mean like why load more bodies onto a sinking ship until they first patch the leaks... unless they're bankers of course... we could always use more bankers...

BlindMonkey's picture

What else are we going to use to stuff in the holes to patch the leaks right? They are good for something.

Armani wool is so hydrophobic. It is really good for stopping the water from coming in.

Majestic12's picture

Hugo Boss will save us, Blind Monkey..."with just the right amount of viscose...."  stuff away!

SemperFudge's picture

A spectre is haunting Europe -- the spectre of Communism.

Majestic12's picture tell, oh sage least you spelled it correctly...on a six-fingered keyboard no less....

James's picture

The easiest way to fix immigration would be to use those same laws those illegals countries will use against me should i be found to have crossed their borders by just walking in.

I can't walk into mexico and recieve govt. $$$$$.

I can't own lakeshore property in mexico.

If i do buy a house in mexico i cannot leave it to my heirs. mexican govt. keeps that.

They bring nothing to the table - they work tax-free and then send currency home. They will/are bringing this country down to the level  of the shithole they left.

This whole post by Mr. Weiner is mere kant - a folly.

The American people are paying for their own financial demise thru high taxes to pay for the illegals to come here.

This is nothing more than an american getting laid off but first he has to train the person taking his job, Miguel.

Don't worry Weiner, the dumb, stupid goy will roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news.





the0ther's picture

It's spelled "cant" dummy.

Phil Free's picture

I wouldn't call him a dummy. That's more of an 'innocent' spelling error, so to speak.  Not everyone is as perfect as you are.  I would be first in the ridicule line if he was loosely mixing 'their/there/they're' ... or some other Millennial grammar favorites -- but thankfully, James wasn't.

Tall Tom's picture

Grammar cops are disrespected at Zerohedge.


If you can only be critical of someone else's typo, grammar, or brain fart in the misuse of a word, then it just serves to demonstrate your inability for depth of thought.


I understand the difference between 'they're;, 'thier', and 'there'. I also know when to use 'affect' rather than 'effect' I was just about to make the mistake//and I caught it...I understand when to use 'then' and 'than'.


Most of us do understand this. Many of us are PROFESSIONALS and haven't any time for that type of NONSENSE. THIS IS A FINANCIAL WEBSITE. We are not publishing books through our comments.


I learned this and much, much more in Grammar School coursework. Then, again, I also learned much more at the University studying Physics and Mathematics.


So when you are tempted to correct someone else's grammar I will strongly suggest that you do not waste your time. You will only appear as an ass to the educated here when you decide to do so.


.This is not Yahoo Comments or YouTube. I only expect that behavior from a smart ass High School "Know It All"


Do you want respect? Then Heads up, pal...

Majestic12's picture

Yeah I heard of him....Immanuel Cant, right?

Oath_Keeper's picture

Fuck this author, what is he, 20? knows nothing outside of the racism he projects on every territory-loving American?


AssFire's picture

"This essay is not intended to address a crisis that may be occurring on the border at this time. We make no comment on that"

Worst article of the weekend..written by someone who wants to discuss feelings and does not want to address the quality vs qty. argument.

Majestic12's picture

You sound like a well-read wise man....

drdolittle's picture

It's good for the oligarchs. Compresses wages. They don't want to pay the slaves one penny more than they have to. So, import poor fuckers who'll accept anything to get away from where they live now. Throw in some Cloward Piven by helping to bankrupt the country, future democrat voters to make the "two party" system firmly one party and it's perfect. Add in some violent MS13 gang members so when shit starts getting real people are clamoring for gov to "do something" and it's just perfect. Oligarchs are spooing in their pants over it. Money and control baby.

Stuck on Zero's picture

This guy is an idiot.  If we open the flood gates we get 350,000,000 immigrants and the whole country explodes in poverty and war.  Do we not have the right to protect what we own? I invite the Author to live in South Central LA for a few weeks.  If he lives through it he mayjust change his mind.


Oldwood's picture

And you say such as if that were not his intent?

BlindMonkey's picture

South central is the place that converted all their fried chicken joints into taco stands over the last 20 years right?

Majestic12's picture

"If we open the flood gates we get 350,000,000 immigrants and the whole country explodes in poverty and war. "

Hey, Einstein...we "did" open up the floodgates at the turn of the century....and your gandparents, or great grandparents were probably on the other side of the "fence"....

But, you just prove the's fine for white Europeans, Canadians and Jews....but "brown" people (including doctors, engineers, arcitects, educators)...HELL NO YOU DON't !!!!

drdolittle's picture

Really? You don't see a lot of brown, colonial english speaking doctors? Willfully ignorant much?

And, I'll take their best. Phd, money, MD, you can come. I don't want to take every pregnant future welfare recipient.

Duc888's picture



"Suppose you were born in a country that outlawed normal life."


Strike one.


I could go on but after that intro....everything else is moot.

Mad_max's picture

I signed in just to upvote that. F*ck this prog bullsh*t. Libertarianism is a dead end which ends up in universalist cr*p. It's no different to liberal progressivism. Libertarianism = Leftism. 

Learn more and know less's picture

Suppose you were born in a country that outlawed normal life


What like Amerika? At this point I'd be worrying more about how to escape.

Ms. Erable's picture

What tripe. Does the author understand the term finite resources?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Maybe he's just "misunderstood": Maybe he meant the Immigration policies of Israel and its borders, and the tired, hungry and downtrodden masses trying to get in and make a better future for themselves (but are are kept out unfairly by an impenetrable wall).  Maybe he meant them, instead of the US.  ;-)  ;-)

Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall!

The_Dude's picture

Imagine that you are a taxpayer in a country that supports all sorts of irresponsible spending (including on social welfare for immigrants) at your expense with the option of jailtime if you choose not to pay..

Imagine that ALL of your daily costs rising significantly due to unbridled immigration since you have to pay more for housing, schooling, healthcare, public safety, nasuem as your neighborhood turns into Mexico and you fight to maintain normalcy for your family.

Imaging you paycheck staying flat for 10 years as you see immigrants (legal and illegal) pour into the country and compete for the shrinking pool of jobs while the words of TPTB about working hard and staying in school rings hollow in your ears.

Image having to read some clap-trap from some open-borders libertarian retard that obviously lives in his head and not reality and not having the ability to strangle them to save the world from the warped thinking.

SilverIsKing's picture

Sounds like we should the ones leaving.

Majestic12's picture

"Imagine that you are a taxpayer in a country that supports all sorts of irresponsible spending"

You mean like the world's largest (both real and proportionate) budget on military hardware and ass-licking "errand boys" to kill for the PetroDollar Oligarchs?

Yeah...let's talk about "real" money..."real" waste....and shit you "should" be pissed about, but little shrinky winky won't let you dis' the MIC....

sooner_gold's picture

Total and complete crap!

How many immigrants can we let in?  All of them?  10% of Mexico lives in the US!

They aren't assimilating, if this continues unabated it will destroy our culture.

And yes, the rule of law does matter, we have a legislature for a reaon.


Keeping out bad ideas? Has anyone actually heard that as an argument?

Oldwood's picture

Anyone who graduated high school forty years ago understands at least the basics of supply and demand. What fool would suggest that you can introduce infinite labor into a system and not collapse demand? Is there any better proof of Marxist indoctrination AND the failure of public education.

HughK's picture

Wait, now it's Marxist to allow workers to move to where jobs are more plentiful?  (and yes, jobs are very plentifil in the US if you're willing to do the work that illegal immigrants do, at the pay they accept.)

Freedom and capitalism aren't so attractive when they suggest that workers should be allowed to go where the work is, eh, ZH commenters?

Why is it that we can have pretty much free trade, allowing capital and manufactured goods to cross borders, but not free movement of labor?

I actually don't think things are quite this simple, and I'm not advocating for open borders, but notice how the default assumption is that in capitalism as it's practiced, it's ok for the capitalist to move around their money, factories, and products, but it's not OK for workers to offer their labor in higher paying labor markets.  

How many people support free trade, but a strict immigration policy?  A lot, which is part of the reason that owners of capital get so rich and powerful and then lobby the government to make all of the crony capitalist laws that people at ZH bitch about.

buyingsterling's picture

I don't like corporate welfare, but at least most companies are doing something halfway productive. I'm SICK of paying people to sit and watch TV all day. Fix that, then we can have open borders.

Oh, fix Islam too. Or does Isis get to cross borders too? Only the good comes, right, diseases etc. stay home.

No idea how long you've been here, but ZH readers see a grey world. Only a few things are black and white, such as the fact that the elite is self-centered and totalitarian in nature. Fix that, too. Until you do, you can be sure any immigration policy we get will not reflect the interests of working Americans.

SmackDaddy's picture

and earned his PhD at the New Austrian School of Economics.*   *The New Austrian School of Economics (NASE) is not accredited. 

granted, a economics PhD means jack shit to me. why you would want to pass yourself off as one is beyond me.  but this guy is obviously a real piece of work

Phil Free's picture

The dude is a certified Weiner. At least he doesn't keep it a secret -- he advertises it as part of his name!!

Can anything of import ever be expected from someone people call "Mr. Weiner?"

And ... an economics PhD? 

Remember the 5 Things They Don't Tell You About Economics, by Ha-Joon Chang:

1)  95% of economics is common sense.

2)  Economics is not a science.

3)  Economics is politics.

4)  Never trust an economist.

5)  Economics is too important to be left to experts.


Nuff' Said. 

Majestic12's picture

" 95% of economics is common sense."

Hey Brilliant "nuff' said" Phil....tell us more about "economics"...or "science"....what is a "science"?

What bumblefuck, backwoods hell hole did you crawl out of?  No, nevermind....just crawl back and try "reading" something more challenging than "Monster Trucks" mag....

and stop fucking your sister..."nuff' said"...

Majestic12's picture

Have you actually ever "read" anything written by Marx?  Not someone's interpretation (like the RAND corp), but the words he wrote?  Has anyone on this page even graduated from High School?

Don't feed us the "maifesto" bullshit, either, because wrting analysis proves the Frederich Engels wrote it...and Marx never wrote one "prescriptive" word.

It's amazing how so many here actually consider themselves "economists" and completely tow the line on ommitting, or desecrating the best economist that ever lived.

All of the examples that you cite as "communist" or "socialist" are sponsored by Monopoly Capitalist corruption...plain and simple facts....

But then again, they don't teach "economics" or "history" in High School anymore....especially to you out there with your GED framed on your wall....

HughK's picture

Anyone who thinks that Mexicans are not assimilating should go spend some time in schools.  After 1, or at most, 2 generations, most Latino students don't speak Spanish anymore and are as American in culture as your or I.

Oldwood's picture

So that's why we have the big cinco parades carrying Mexican flags, English as a second language in schools and people celebrating american holidays punished as insensitive to other cultures. 

Past generations have been relatively successful in assimilating but with the greater influx and progressive policies, I see it changing. If Hispanics were so successfully assimilating, why do we have Spanish as an alternate language on just about every communication system? We had some pretty big influxes of Europeans and still were able to hang on to the English language. Hell we almost lost it to Ebonics, something just made up. Seems no one wants to be an American anymore. Assimilation into what?

effendi's picture

Oldwood, you overlook the history of Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, German-Americans etc with their own neighbourhoods, newspapers, churches, delis and restaurants. Most of that lastedfor generations. What is different between CincoMayo and St Patricks Day parades?

If you want to avoid hordes of immigrants (especially of the lazy welfare seeking type) then let any potential border crosser know that they will never get taxpayer funded welfare and they will be deported (after punishment) as undesirables if they are caught stealing, panhandling or engaging in any criminal act.  

Also slash taxpayer funded welfare for everybody born locally. Then the saggy pant wearing ebonic speakers can either compete with the lower end migrants for the menial jobs (harvest hands, cleaner) or they can FOAD, I bet most will find work and compete for those low end jobs.

Then the only migrants that will come are the educated and capable cream that will create jobs (and new companies) and not steal jobs.

But still have some absolute restrictions (like not letting in tatooed gang-bangers, extremists from the religion of peace and those with communicable diseases).

Oldwood's picture

I'm I press #3 for Italian?

We all can likely agree that those coming here for the benefits are already a big NO, but don't ignore the impact of those hard working immigrants have. We have record unemployment while also seeing a record influx. Maybe its just too ugly for some but if we are not willing to protect our own jobs, what the fuck are we? Are we surrendering our country? What in the hell says America and virtually no other, must lower our defenses and accept anyone who wants to come as long as they are willing to work for less than domestic citizens?

Can't people see that this is about the destruction of America? How the fuck else do you think they will achieve their one world governance other than the dissolution of each and every countries borders and identities. Is anyone paying attention to what is going on in the rest of the world?

Yen Cross's picture

 lol,  The only answer to this destruction of freedoms, is Unity! 

  AKA > United States> United people> United Freedom> Freedom

 The Bank of China is heavily in debt/ I know China is on the verge of destruction. I know the massive carry trade contracts that are short yuan, are on the verge of dissolving/

  China isn't going to fix anything! It's the lessor of (2) evils. China is the pendulum that hold western tyranny in check mate...

MATA HAIRY's picture

diversity weakens democracy. 


Diversity creates factions. More factions in the populace means that the expressed will and viewpoint of the populace is less well-defined, which means that the populace is then less able to elect and hold accountable their political representatives.


I will say that again: as diversity causes the public will to be less focused and less well-defined, the populace is less able to control their own government because the populace is less able to elect politicians who can represent that viewpoint and public will.


Diversity is strength...for the corporations and plutocrats. Diversity means the elite can better control the govt because the people can no longer control.


Comparing the USA to other western nations, the more homogeneous a western nation, the more democratic. Why? Because homogeneity makes the public will and viewpoint more well defined.




Oldwood's picture

Democracy works when they have shared values. In a more diverse environment it only leads to war.

Thank Allah that Iraq has open borders, welcome ISIL!