San Francisco Bay Area Hit By Strongest Earthquake In 25 Years; Wine Country Shakes - LIve Webcast

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First a drought, then a plague, now an earthquake: if these three aren't enough to help boost California's GDP, then it may be time for Krugman to resign. Oh and prepare for wine prices to become the latest participant in Janet Yellen's inflationary "noise" parade. The reason - images such as this one showing what happens when a powerful quake hits just miles away from San Francisco's wine area.

The red stuff is luckily not blood:

As Reuters reports, and as thousands felt early this morning, an earthquake of 6.0 magnitude, the largest in the region for 25 years, shook the San Francisco Bay Area early on Sunday, waking residents and causing some power outages and minor damage, according to initial reports. NBC Bay Area reports that The Queen of the Valley Hospital in Napa has admitted 70 patients but their injuries are not expected to be serious. An office building in Napa was dechunked.

A video from the quake in progress:

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the epicenter of the quake was eight km (five miles) northwest of the town of American Canyon, on the northern edge of the Bay, hitting some 9 kilometers away from the city of Napa at a depth of 10.8 kilometers. Latest shake map below.

Randy Baldwin, a USGS geophysicist, said the tremor was potentially damaging because it was close to populated areas. He added the USGS was starting to receive reports of some damage in the city of Napa, mostly masonry and some structural damage, as well as power outages.

Local CBS news said that several fires had broken out in Napa, which is famous as a wine-growing center. A safety dispatcher for several cities, including American Canyon and Napa, said there were reports of people losing power. The latest PG&A outage map is shown below:

Police dispatchers in nearby San Francisco and Oakland said there were no reports of major damage.

“Oh I felt it. When I woke up I was lying on the floor. It kicked me out of bed,” said Keith, a man who lives in Napa and who wanted to be identified only by his first name. He said he went right into his job at the front desk of a Napa hotel, leaving his house in disorder. “The house is a mess, everything is out of the cabinets in the kitchen. Dressers tipped over.”

The quake was the largest to hit the Bay area since the Loma Prieto quake in 1989. "It is the strongest quake in a 60-mile (100-km) radius from the epicenter of this quake in several decades," Baldwin said.

Reuters reporters in Oakland felt the quake as a long, low swell that shook gently for several seconds. "It was a shallow quake and there are lots of aftershocks," Baldwin said, adding most were around magnitude 2 range.

The question now is whether the aftershocks, which can continue for the next several weeks and which experts will watch their distribution to determine if this quake happened on a fault line, will morph into something even stronger.

Meanwhile, here is some documentary evidence of the aftermath:

Finally, here is a live feed of the event from NBC:

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Next up, plagues and locust.

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I thought we had those with Obama and McCain.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture


And go to Drudge Report and tell me what you see in pic of Iceland volcano ash plume....

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Project Mayhem is going nicely...


Just trashed the off here we go.


+1 for working Obama and McCain into the same sentence....cause believe it or not, it's the same damn team.

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Clearly what we need is some sort of a global tax....for me.


The rest of you guys are on your own...

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Please please tell me Nancy Pelosi  was crushed by a brick wall falling on her head!

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I only wish, but knowing her masters/handlers, they would bring her back to life via multiple child sacrifices.  Better to let the old hag expire from karma created by her evil deeds.

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Sounds like the Russians and/or Chinese were sending the USSA a message via their version of HAARP.

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Someone let me know when California slides into the ocean and disappears... Then I will celebrate... 

TBT or not TBT's picture

Berkeley and points west anyway.   Most of the stupid in Sacramento and in the California delegation in Congress hails from such places.   A lot of H1B's and HIV positives and such would go down with the ship too.  

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i always find it funny when ppl throw Berkeley out as a bastion of liberalism. it's really very conservative, corporate run, highly regulated. corporate liberalism 101. a walk down shattuck ave. or through Kensington highlights all of this.

don't let them fool you with stereotypes. you probably have more in common with the locals than with a lot of ppl on ZH.

that being said, sacramento is a steaming cess pool of iniquity, so fuck 'em.

go read The Corporate Ideal in the Liberal State.

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You would not be alone in speculating in this type of new ocean-front property... hoping, hoping, hoping.

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more beach front property = bullish california RE market!!

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Was the Earthquake predictable?


The New Moon's Gravitational Tidal Forces are not much different than that of the Full Moon.


Today is a New Moon...


He may be 14 days off...but there is some science to what he has accomplished.

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Please.  The fake ebola scare is more serious than this little temblor.

Jesus Christ, the fear-mongering that goes on these days.

I am Chumbawamba.

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"Walmart trashed in American Canyon."

I thought this was a picture from Ferguson.

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ISIS sent some infiltrators to Ferguson....but even they didn't buy it.

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First, I'd like to apologize for my filthy language I drunkenly typed yesterday...


The sight of all those poor busted wine bottles is making me a bit introspective and sad...

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...The Earthquake will be succinctly named "The Robin William's Alcohol Payback Earthquake".

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 We have a big earthquake up here in Northern Cal… Where I Live... and I know that… Well… Because… I reading it online in the morning after its - OVA  - on Zero Hedge !!!!



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"Please please tell me Nancy Pelosi  was crushed by a brick wall falling on her head!"

She was crushed by a falling Diane Feinstein...Feinstein's pockets were said to be filled with gold coins...and receipts of Military purchases for ISIS, ISIL, Muhajadeen, Al Qaeda, MB, FSA, and the Taliban of course....

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Or crushed by tuna fish cans from her life partner's well connected business enterprises.   Don't be jealous.  It's for their children. 

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I live in the Bay Area. Despite being 6.0, must have been a "roller" rather than a "shaker". Couldn't have been much....other than the always present sensationalization by the media. Loma Prieta in '89, now that was a quake. This one.....not so much.


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Thanks for the update. Let's hope that 'this' is it, and all that follows are a few aftershocks.

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I couldn't tell if it really was an earthquake or if I was just high as usual.


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You live in San Fransicko?  You are Chumbawamba.

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No, I live in my body, but I inhabit the lands near the Gay Area.


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LOL!  Bay Area geographically is beautiful but the majority of the people are shit along with the Calif govt and govt union workers.  Ebola could fix all of that.

I can get the same geography and climate in a large part of Italy and the people are much nicer.

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Bay Area is now this odd mix of once rural natives meets first boom tech worker meets latest boom tech worker meets greater area ghetto inhabitants meets every brown H1B worker from every shitty third-world hovel around the globe.  It ceased being a nice play to live and commenced being a giant daycare and support center for all the shitty tech companies with over-valued stock that have taken over the place like burrowed in parasites.

I'm talking about Google and Facebook.

I am Chumbawamba.

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How did you get there? Did you drove or did you flew?

chumbawamba's picture

No, SA, I took the train!


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Sorry, that was an old SCTV joke about a Hollywood producer going from LA to SF.

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I'm in SF. Lots of rolling and shaking.

The house has lots of new craks in the wall. The house was built in 1900 and survived the 1906 quake. The old redwood frame flexes quite a bit.

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You should seriously try to limit your marijuana use to those times when you are -- awake.  Just sayin'.

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I was, actually.  I was studying up on the Archons.  It explains all the fear-mongering.  And the douche-mongering for that matter.


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Ah hahahahahahaha.  The shit men have to put up with when they're trying to watch TV.

Why haven't you been around in the Caliphate lately?


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I'm afraid I might get beheaded.  Some of my old infidel ways bubble up to the surface on occasion. 

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As Empmir I promise you protection within the Caliphate walls.  I will shield you from the heathens and the sodomizers.


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Vallejo, American Canyon (an "area" not town) and Napa are all fricken MARSH where the Napa river meets the bay...

"its the same thing, same way, everday "Liquifact-shuun"....[Graham Parker, Stupifaction]

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Like being on the Up escalator and goin' down the cracks ?

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I live in SF. I woke up because the house was trembling for about a minute. And that was it.

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I live on SE hills at Bay Area. Woke up and noticed a light rolling motion for a few seconds. Total non-event around here.