What's $100 Really Worth In Each State?

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Because average prices for similar goods are much higher in California or New York than in Mississippi or South Dakota, The Tax Foundation notes points out that the same amount of dollars will buy you comparatively less in the high-price states, or comparatively more in low-price states. Regional price differences are strikingly large, and have serious policy implications. The same amount of dollars are worth almost 40 percent more in Mississippi than in DC, and the differences become even larger if metro area prices are considered instead of statewide averages.



For example, Tennessee is a low-price state, where $100 will buy what would cost $110.25 in another state that is closer to the national average. You can think of this as meaning that Tennesseans are about ten percent richer than their nominal incomes suggest.

The states where $100 is worth the least are the District of Columbia ($84.60), Hawaii ($85.32), New York ($86.66), New Jersey ($87.64), and California ($88.57). That same money goes the furthest in Mississippi ($115.74), Arkansas ($114.16), Missouri ($113.51), Alabama (113.51), and South Dakota ($113.38).

A person who makes $40,000 a year after tax in Kentucky would need to have after-tax earnings of $53,000 in Washington, DC just in order to have an equal standard of living, let alone feel richer.


Source: The Tax Foundation

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knukles's picture

Damn... I'm a headed south where I can eat them fried hush puppies n' git fat n' git taken' care uh own ObieCare... Says, they pays the sames fo dat disability in Tennessee theys dos in Caleforeah?  Why clog mah arteries n'relax on the porch barcalounger, boys!

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Didn't this article get posted last week?

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What did you see Neo? A black cat twice?

The ZH Black Box algo had a glitch

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no.  they missed the state of alaska more than twice.  is it still Russian, maybe that's it.  how much is 100 dollars worth there?  can't even get a bigmac...

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Is that a red sate/blue state map?

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Cain't git fat. Da damn bugs suck the grease rite outtn ya.


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Having just returned from vaca in South Carolina, I can back you up on that.  I ate like a caveman and didn't gain a pound.  Crab Catchers a little north of North Myrtle Beach, just off of Rt. 17.  I recommend the fried scallops.  The place is a little dumpy, but DAYUM is the food good!

My cardiologist is having kittens, but he can take a number.  I'm happy, and Lipitor is always there to cover a multitude of dietary sins.


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A couple of weeks ago I visited my brother in law's family not too far north of there. That son of a gun did some of the finest grilling you ever saw. Using tin foil, grilled scallops, shrimp, steak, fish, and steamed oysters at the same time! While drinking! And got them all dead right! But I think all the rain this year is causing lots of skeeters, chiggers and every damn thing else. Maybe a little drier next year. 

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Yeah, nuthin' says aluminum-induced alzheimers like your comments...keep cookin', drinkin', swimin', and rubbin' away in aluminum, Skeeter... then you and Clunk can share the same wheechair...being' such "close" good ole' boys and all....

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He's right about aluminum. Don't cook with it. Cast iron is the way to go.

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Gonna last longer than mofo's worrying about it. Besides, he only used foil on the oysters.

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Dump carbs and Lipitor at the same time.

Majestic12's picture

"Blind"...but one smart monkey...! +1

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Have had many pleasant afternoons on that deck with Buds and Hush Puppies (with the cinammon butter of course). 

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 A TRUE "caveman" Never goes to the doctor! CAVE MAN  hate Obunga. scare!  UGG/

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Plus one for Knuks. Creativity & Ingenuity, aways take precedence, in my book!

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Full disclosure:  About 3 centuries ago Mrs K and I went to the Ozarks fly fishing.  Beautiful country, that.  If fact, downright spectacular.  And I've always enjoyed much of the south and do Love their cooking.  Nothing like a fresh (and I mean fresh) catfish pan fried.  As we were driving about (Ozarks way) in the midst of drop dead gorgeous, came around a bend and there it was!  Run down old wooden house, washers, cars, old fridges and assorted shit strewn allover the front yard, dogs....  and there was a big ass tree that had orange and blue painted bleach bottles hanging all over it.  Um ummmmm hummmm.  Talk about stereotypes.  Also got a straight razor shave at some way out in the middle of nowhere barber shop.  Don't think they liked Yankees 'cause I had about 10 bits of Kleenex all over bloody spots my face.  Pro'lly had something to do with the hair down past my shoulders at the time, high waisted bells, pack of Camel straights rolled up the sleeve of a yellow tee that said "Holy Trinity" in a circle surrounding the number 13.

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That's the same mofo that sicced his bulldogs on me when I rode my bicycle by. I can't out run them any more. But I'll be really prepared next time.

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Well, you know if you came from farm family, you watch your money, fix everything yourself, and save as much as you can. So they didn't pay to take stuff to a dump or waste gas to take it to the dump... of course someday they might have decided to grab a truck and load that stuff up to some place. Many world peoples will just throw it in Rivers or off a cliff which doesn't help.

I guess Indian Reservations are similar. Old Trucks rusting beside the new truck.

But those country people might be able to teach us how to do things for ourselves when SHTF if they don't shoot us first.

Sometimes I wonder what those country people did for money if they didn't have a farm though.

BlindMonkey's picture

"But those country people might be able to teach us how to do things for ourselves when SHTF if they don't shoot us first."

I wouldn't mention anything about technical indicators. Not. One. Word.

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...or drop the soap in the shower, either....

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Apparently you haven't seen the babes we have down here.  Stay home and pound your soap up your own ass.

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Looks like we got us a new troll.

Welcome douchbag.

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I moved to the Arkansas Ozarks from DFW (and I'm an ex-Navy pilot who's lived all over the world) and this has been the best move I've ever made. Doesn't surprise me at all to see we in Arkansas are in the top 5 of the above chart. My 25 acres and 2400 sqft. cedar log cabin cost me less than $100k.

Lost about 25 pounds moving up here. It probably has something to do with the fact that I grow a lot of my own veggies now. And there's not a fast food joint on every corner. Make that ANY corner. Well, they have 'em in Batesville.

Correct about frugality and the benefits of "Ozark Engineering," which helps a lot of these poorer folks get by just fine with salaries under $25K/year. I don't like the ugly front yards; but you take the good with the bad, one supposes. Satellite Internet is slow. Boo-hoo.

willwork4food's picture

Very nice. My 2k ranch on one acre here in Hampton Roads cost over 155k back in '02. Took a LOT to fix her up. But we're only 15 miles from downtown, the beach and half that to the food stores.Only thing we have to put up with is the Navy jets flying over our house...probalby was you, no?

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I'm probably the only ZHer that's been to Batesville on business.  Not an easy place to get to, unless you have a plane.

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KNuk  ... we still love some yankees..... if they have good stories

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hey I'm on Oklahoma and if your not conservative please stay where you are. the south will rise again????. all yall lobs can kiss my grits and armadillo balls lol

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"hey I'm on Oklahoma"

I've been on worse drugs...just keep hydrated...drink lot's of bleach and peroxide....and do some meth to take the edge off....

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The eHippie, or iHippy, generation doesn't care what $100 is worth as long as it can buy a decent amount of pot.....

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I was getting New Glarus Moon Man drafts for $2 in some small town in WI last month.  Low overhead, I guess.

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Why does the phrase 'The US is so fucked' keep coming to mind?


Dark Space's picture

And the article isn't even taking into account the income tax disparities and other regulations that make it harder to actually take your earned dollars home with you. California's state income tax has a top rate of 12.3% - Tennessee's is 0%. If you take the price adjusted numbers and additionally adjust for income taxes alone (not even considering the much higher burden of regulatory costs that are placed on employers and employees), results in the Tennessean making a wide 42% more income than the Californian.

So make fun of us Southerners all you want, but just know you're 40+% poorer than some of us even if you make the same size paycheck. Enjoy your winter!

are we there yet's picture

Sounds about right. States with liberal big governemnt are more expensive to live in.

edotabin's picture

Any surprise NY and DC are the worst?

And yes, I know DC is in Georgia

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Perhaps the better question is: "What's $100k worth in the White House?  Or in Congress?"

I dare not imagine.

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They light their cigars with $100 bills in DC.

Majestic12's picture

...you Libtard!


[sarc warning for the six-fingered typers all over this page]

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If we are going to continue perpetrating the Income Tax scam on Americans, than it should be adjusted by state, if you live in NY you should get a 20% tax cut break relative to the rest of the nation ^^ its only logical.

nobodyimportant's picture

Maybe if you read the US Code Chapter 26 Section 86 1  through 8T you might find your income is exempt from tax.


Of course if you choose to volunteer to pay tax, waive your fifth amendment rights, and testify against yourself, it will not be refused.

See Whatistaxed.com for more information.



nobodyimportant's picture

And - if you decide to stand up against illigal IRS you can expect repurcussions.  Maybe a few days in court with a crooked judge (Federal Judges are exempt from income tax) and a settlement.


Then just start over, claiming your rights as if nothing has happened.  Eventually the government gives up and goes for easier targets.

You will be know as a tax protester  -- a title I carry proudly!

Sedaeng's picture

So you do not receive a paycheck that they can garnish wages from?

You do not own any property of value that is in your name that they can confiscate and auction off?

and the settlement you elude to in your post, is that the judge declaring a settlement in favor of the IRS?


How long did it take from the time you stopped paying taxes to the point of being declared a 'tax protester'?

Confused's picture

How long did it take from the time you stopped paying taxes to the point of being declared a 'tax protester'?


And the follow up question, if you are to be believed is, HOW MUCH DID IT COST YOU IN LEGAL FEES? 

Sedaeng's picture

we get no response, go figure...

nobodyimportant's picture

Only one government troll to down vote?  Well the illigal alien Kenyan masquarding as president is still on the back nine, so his trolls must have the day off.

Come on!  Show me the law about income tax or fuck off!

Oath_Keeper's picture

If you are living there, you are aware of the ramifications. Perhaps a 20% premium would be a better bet.

teslaberry's picture

simple fix for income tax. 


1) eliminate all payroll taxes 

2) standard deduction is 50k for all filers. [ everyone will file individually as a result in all but the most unusually circumstances ]

3) no tax credits for anything whatsover . CREDITS, not deductions.   


that right there solves most of you problems for overtaxing labor. 

now for burden shifting fixes. 


4) abolish all 501c3 and other tax shelters entirely. all of them. 

5) abolish all tax favored investment entities and securities. all of them. 


if you followed ALL 5 of these rules, you really wouldn't need to change anything whatsover. don't tax corporations more. and don't tax them less. they're going to cheat anyways you figure it out. 


good for them. let them 'cheat'. bottom line is labor should not be overtaxed, and burden shifting devices should not be used to shift taxes on labor by stealth. and if you really wanna get fucking crazy THEN