12 Words Of Wisdom From Art Cashin For This Week

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The avuncular Art Cashin, UBS' venerable man on the floor of the NYSE has seen it all... and is not impressed by the lack of volume. On what he notes is historically a very light trading week with a mild upward bias - note, the 1929 high was made the day after Labor Day - Cashin has 12 simple words for the exuberant trader this week...

"Thin markets can be tricky..stay wary, alert and very, very nimble."

Trade accordingly.

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This old greedy prick is just one of them. Dont believe one word he says.

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Or else he knows something he is not sharing... 

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This market is a going up like a volcano dome until it takes a little off the top like Mt. St. Helens.

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The "old greedy prick" looks to be spot on today for the ES.

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I like Art; he has neat stories.   But the advice he offers never changes, cause it applies to all situations.   Smart on his part, makes for a great track record, but pretty useless as a short term weather vane.

He defines the role of "color" analyst.

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He's the best CNBS has.

Whatever that means.

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Yeah, the old Fart has been the voice of reason all these years even as the market is surging nonsensibly. I am surprised he hasnt had a massive stroke yet. Kudos to him for not swaying away from his true thoughts...I cant say that with the other old Fart (Dennis Gartman)

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Nothing like a big all caps "SELL" to bring out the self confidence in all the day trader bretheren.

Wells: You don't have to do this. I'm a day trader. I could just go home.
Chigurh: You could?
Wells: I could make it worth your while. I could take you to an ATM with 14 grand in it, and everyone just walks away.
Chigurh: [amused] An ATM.
Chigurh: I do know to a certainty. And you know what's going to happen now, Carson. You should admit your situation. There would be more dignity in it.

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+ a whole bunch for the No Country reference.
Bardiem palyed the sociopath to perfection.

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Art and Rick Santelli are the best of the CNBC lot. Huge drop off after those two.

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No shit! How the fuck would a wise old bastard like him not know that the whole fucking thing is rigged? Not possible. I'm sure he has his island all ready for when it all crashes down.

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Art is a nice guy.  The polar opposite of a greedy prick.  Know him well, and the advice he gives is to be taken with a grain of salt as the markets have changed over the years.  If you notice, the advice he gives latley has more to do with human nature than trading.

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I respect Art for his ability and desire to murder ice cubes.   Lord knows that man has ssent many a cude down the sewer.

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.... and keep buying stocks with both hands.

Almost the whole damned run off the March 2009 lows has been on low volume.

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Fucking brilliant....



12 words......buy the fukkin all time world war three high you fukkin sheeples

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You know it's bad when all you have is airtime.

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stay very very long

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This advice also applies to shoppers at the local Farmers Market...thanks a pantload Art,  I'm still pissed about that damn guy in overalls that sold me last years frozen blueberries as fresh...

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your weren't nimble enough !

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Those were fresh, it was that polar vortex thingy again. 

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we have bots today to pass the hot potato back and forth, collecting "liquidity fees".  so, nothing to see here except 2050 SPX this week.  unless W&R show up and sell more than 3 ES in a single trade.

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buy if it's going to go up

sell if it's going to go down


nimbly yours,

the wary trader

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12 words of wisdom from Caesar Milan:


"Dont let your dog piss on the carpet, or he wont stop"

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The stock market is no longer tied to any real-world event. When it crashes, it will only be because it was brought down in a controlled demolition.

The term "real-world events" only applies to solar outbursts, asteroids, and other outer-space phenomena. All other events are controlled by humans.

If you don't have primary-sourced water, arable land, the skills and health to tend that land to fruition, guns and ammo to protect it, family members to help you with all of that, and a community tied by common culture and mutual self-interest, you're basically fucked, so you might a well have fun while it lasts.

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On a long enough timeline, you might be right. For the moment, you just sound cranky.
Never forget that the US basically had a ZIRP from 29 to 69. The Fed can stay dovish longer than you can stay solvent.

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This ones for you Ben Bernanke, S&P 500 hits 2000 on your anniversary of Obama appointing you in Aug. 25, 2009.

Your gone but not forgotten - Janet Yellen.


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Are the narcotic effects of cheap money about to wear off?


Bundesbank's Weidmann Warns: Debt Monetization Is An Addictive Drug


(Weidmann's article is a more modern version of the article "Cheap Money is a Costly Panacea" published in the NY Times, April 1930.)

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SP 2000 during a London bank holiday in the current geo-political environment rhymes perfectly with the imaginary dovish spin attributed to Draghi.

This market is a joke and will start to fall to pieces just after the Ali Baba ipo.

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The thing about these markets is that they are really two markets in one. An investor in stocks or whatever is banking on being able to get to safer ground when the ground beneath the market liquefies, but then all of the exits will be to dollar-land which may be collapsing like a giant mudslide into an abyss.

Double the fun.

An American, not US subject.


"From the stock fryer to the dollar fire."

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He says that all the time, up down or sideways.

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Wise words? What a Kant.

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Off-the-rack cliques for every (stock market) occasion.

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Art will be slightly nimbler and guicker than you are and not because he's any nimbler or quicker. Can you say "retainer"?

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yep - just loaded up with my life's savings at ATH's - that's the way to do it, right yellen?

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I love to buy him a drink after the market closes.  I bet his real war stories are awesome.

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This has gone on longer than any of us could imagine but now we are getting much closer to the classic danger in "October".

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The Sept 11th danger zone must be crossed first. 

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Will the downvotes please explain? As far as I know, all crashes happen in October. Please explain why you disagree. Thank you.

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Axel Merk says, "It's time to take chips off the table", on Greg Hunter on YouTube. Last sentence.

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"Never get balls as close to fire as man in above picture."

12 words to live by...

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STFATH, buy upside OTM calls on the fill

Live to fight another day.

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