Artist's Impression Of How Obama's Russian Sanctions Really Work

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Costs indeed...



Source: Cagle

h/t Sunday Funnies

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What's with the white uncle Sam? That's raycisssst.

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If the Bull ends the Bear profits...

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Posted on ZH over the weekend, but warrants a repost for an adult perspective...


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"Just do what the man with the knife says!"

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How come Alakamakeitup Fienstein hasn't outlawed beheading knives yet...

What a bitch!

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Imagine if they printed a transcript of that discussionin the NY Times and let the Obama spin doctors try to refute it.

They would look like complete idiots because he's got them 100% nailed to the wall.

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All the way through, I was thinking "why aren't any American politicians this clear and thoughtful?"


Well, of course, we all know why, but this Russian puts it pretty well. Unlike you'll ever see from anyone on the West.


+100 for the link

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Or his speech "The US is militarizing Ukraine to invade Russia"

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The best template to understanding Russia's actions with its near abroad is to recall Putin's statement that the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century was the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Ergo, Vlad wants to reconstitute it.

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But clearly he's a older man who is ready for the retirment home.
And if he can't afford it, there's always a pill for that...

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It also looks like Uncle Scam is brandishing the same knife as the Mossad ISIS video.  More definitive proof that US arms the terrorisss.

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Should we start using Uncle Tom

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I thought that had already been changed to Uncle Sambo?

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The white uncle Sam is not racist because If he were black and the cartoon suggested that black people burn down their own communities...then it would be a racist cartoon...which is not to say that it isn't natural for Obama to destroy the NWO when he can't get his way with Putin.

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Tru dat, Doc.
Should he be a mulatto, Muslim, gay or have scars behind his ears?

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Cranial lobotomy or CIA mind control incinsions?

You would think Bill Ayers would have told us about that traumatic incident in Dreams of Frank Marshall.

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Uncle Sam needs to look more like Jonathan Pollard and his ilk.

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The star on his hat needs to be the six pointed RedScheild version to better capture what's going on.

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It seems,  most people love a 'good war'.  

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Only when it's in someone else's back yard... 

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Only those who have never seen real war.

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Yup, looks about right.

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The only thing missing in that picture are the producers and worker who are also being stomped to death and the industries that are being starved of the fuels required to maintain output.

...OR, is the depicted bull to be slaughtered in such thoughtless inhumane haste the proxy for the productive classes?

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globalization - bitches.

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This is #deglobalization at its best.

Someone tell EU, that they are getting slaughtered......At this rate, the entire EU economy will become the size of one sun dried tomato!

China is watching all this happen...and wondering what these ninkampoops are doing to themselves..... while China keeps accelerating the speed of its global takeover and moving the year/month of global domination one year sooner, each passing month! 

China in Africa:

Meanwhile, JUST IN THE LAST 1 MONTH, China has bought all of the following:

29 July 2014: Chinese Game Developer ChangYou Buys Majority Stake in Dolphin Browser for USD 91M


31 July 2014: 

Italy agrees to sell 35 per cent stake in it's electricity grid to China's state power company


1 Aug 2014: 

Shanghai Pengxin buys second large farm in NZ


5 Aug 2014: 

China Life Insurance to buy $250 mln stake in TPG- source

20 Aug 2014: 

Baosteel set to buy stake in industrial gas company USD 488m

24 Aug 2014: 

China fund buys stake in FieldAware

25 Aug 2014: 

UPDATE 2-BOC Aviation orders Boeing planes worth $8.8 bln


And just now, Aug 25, 2014, China has announced that they will start selling to public/outsiders their top end oil companies out of which Sinopec's retail unit will be the first for one third share of the company.

Sinopec Shortlists 37 for Stake Sale in ‘Gold Mine’ Retail Unit

If China is going bankrupt and will implode, then someone please send them a What's App, WeChat, Skype or the good ol' telephone call, even a telex will do, but please inform them before they buy all the companies that we work for or use products/services from!

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+1.  The world is about to become much smaller for most (those who survive that is).

shovelhead's picture

Imagine that.

China using up their dollars to buy real stuff.

Lucky Hamster General Motors?

Super Bingo Kraft Foods?

Sunshine out Bottom Boeing Aircraft?

squid427's picture

So, should I learn mandarin or cantonese?

Dubaibanker's picture

I suggest Mandarin because it is spoken by approx. 1bn people mostly in Mainland China/Singapore/Taiwan. Cantonese is spoken mostly in HK and by less than 100m people globally.

Xie xie.

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Yes marster oBUMMER.

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They never did seem that enthusiastic about the "concept".   It's tough for a county to resist the lure of our slow-motion eagles and the English marching bands.   

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Or they don't want to lose their call centers and software programming jobs, or they got really upset with the Chinese for this... /s

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I agree that India is 'trying to play violin while tying their shoe'; the Brics is a great opportunity for India, if India don't realised it on time, they may lose their sit. It would be a blunder, if they don’t chose progress instead of our decadent and declining West, they will be history.

Now for the West-East total shift, meaning the death of the Dollar, is a question of time and how the transition will be played out, usually that happens by shock therapy…War to be precise, if the East manage to subjugate the US without nuclear clouds, then… the BRICS will sail.

Anyway, if India wants to stay a vassal of the UK, so be it, change the I-ndia for I-ran, I am sure the Iranians would love to be part of the BrIcs, perhaps even better than the unreliable Indians.

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Confucious say that bull is already dead!  What now?

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That line on the ground should be red, not white. #nitpicking

Sudden Debt's picture

After calculating the budget, we're out of red paint...

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LOL, incompetent morons run the show and all they can do is print free money for themselves and call everyone terrorists....shaping up to be a real bleak ride for the remainder of humanities lifespan!

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Pretty smart-n-savvy "incompetent morons".

SheepDog-One's picture

Are they though. I suppose those who kill the golden goose might feel smart and savy, for a while at least.

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Limiting the supply of golden eggs might be smart if you already control all the gold...

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Something something shave your beaver...

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But then Israel does not care how many Europeans and goy pay for their pipeline and Lebensraum in Syria.

An American, not US subject.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The 900 lb Gorilla everyone else keeps ignoring is... H2O.  It's a taling point they do NOT want discussed or even mentioned.

Israeli Farmers/Settlers (Zio-fundamentalists) need WATER a hell of a lot more for their growing nation, than they need "oil".  The former they need to control the UPSTREAM water supply (in Syria), the latter they get the US to buy for them from their ME friends.