France In "Political Turmoil" After Hollande Unexpectedly Dissolves Government

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Earlier this morning, those expecting an out of control European deflationary tumble got one step closer to their goal when French President Francois Hollande asked his prime minister, who only assumed the post a few short months ago in March, to form a new government, following what Reuters reported was him "looking to impose his will on the cabinet after rebel leftist ministers had called for an economic policy U-turn" spearheaded by economy minister Arnaud Montebourg demanding an end to French "austerity." The Guardian is somewhat more direct and to the point: "France has entered uncharted political waters after the prime minister, Manuel Valls, presented his government's resignation amid a political crisis triggered by his maverick economy minister who called for an end to austerity policies imposed by Germany."

In short: just days after we reported that trouble was brewing in socialist paradise, when the rating of Venezuela's Maduro tumbled to all-time lows, socialism is once again in turmoil, this time in France.

The details:

The prime minister, a social democrat who has been compared to Tony Blair, acted with characteristic swiftness in a bid to reassert his authority. His aides had let it be known on Sunday that the economy minister, Arnaud Montebourg, had crossed a "yellow line" for his dual crime of criticising both the president of France and a valued ally.


Montebourg, 51, fired his first broadside in an interview with Le Monde on Saturday and followed up with a speech to a Socialist party rally the following day. In a veiled reference to President François Hollande, he said that conformism was an enemy and "my enemy is governing". "France is a free country which shouldn't be aligning itself with the obsessions of the German right," he said, urging a "just and sane resistance".


He was joined in his criticism by the education minister Benoit Hamon, who on Monday denied that he had been disloyal. A third minister, Aurélie Filipetti, also appeared in danger of losing her job after wishing a "good day" on Twitter to her two dissident colleagues.

Perhaps in an ironic case of poetic justice, she will also be terminated via Twitter? Meanwhile, nothing changes for France where other people's money appears to have run out:

Hollande, who is politically weakened with his approval rating at an all-time low of 17%, asked Valls to form a new government "consistent with the direction set for the country", which is expected to be announced on Tuesday. Valls has pledged to stick to a course in which deficits would be cut while the tax burden on businesses would be eased, bringing him into conflict with the left wing of the party represented by Montebourg. The changes have not yet been carried out, unemployment is at nearly 11% and growth in 2014 is forecast to be only 0.5%.


Now, with the fragmentation of the left bursting into the open, Montebourg is scheduled to deliver a speech later on Monday.


Centre-right politicians had called for the economy minister to step down, while some Socialists recognised that it was illogical for an economy minister to attack his own government's economic policies. The National Front is demanding the dissolution of parliament.


The challenge for Valls will be to put together a government that can win the approval of the national assembly, despite the revolt by the Socialist party's left flank and desertion by the ecologists.

There is some hope that not every minister will become a ward of the state:

Analysts said that Valls was likely to keep Hollande loyalists in the cabinet, including the finance minister, Michel Sapin, the agriculture minister, Stephane Le Foll, and the defence minister, Yves Le Drian. But the justice minister, Christiane Taubira, could be among those to pay the price of falling out with Valls.


It remains to be seen whether Valls, who became prime minister in March, will be allowed more leeway in forming his new government, compared with the outgoing cabinet that reflected the internal contradictions of Hollande himself. Le Parisien reported on Monday that he had said to Hollande "it's him or me". referring to Montebourg.

Finally, it is not just the left that is turmoiling. So are the moderates on the center/right:

The crisis is unfolding as politicians already have an eye on the next presidential elections in 2017. Montebourg may now see himself as the flag-bearer of the left, while Valls until now has remained popular in the country as a whole although his popularity ratings have also shrunk.


The centre-right UMP is also in crisis, however. Former president Nicolas Sarkozy has not yet announced whether he intends to run although he is widely expected to do so. But former prime minister Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux, and former agriculture minister Bruno Lemaire , have said in the last few days that they would take part in a primary.

The biggest winner from the latest socialist fiasco: the extreme, far right National Front, whose leader Marine Le Pen was one of the biggest winners in this year's European Parliament elections. And so Europe once again goes full circle as the rise of nationalism inevitably follows the now cyclical economic collapse which follows Europe every few decades.

Meanwhile, European stocks soar thanks to both this, and the weaker than expected German IFO Business Climate print, as an out of control European deflationary collapse simply means more "easing" by the ECB (if only for the 1%), which after already being backlogged by the previously announced OMT, TLTRO, and ABS, now has QE on its "to do" list as well.

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Socialism fails many times is that now?

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The Vampire Squids doing, most  likely. 

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It's Putins fault, of course. How dare Russia boycott French food!

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There was austerity?

Geez, maybe I was on vacation longer than I thought.

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There is only Abenomics, everything else is a degree of Austerity.  Come to think of it, Abenomics is a degree of Austerity.  Oh well, forget I posted anything.

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This has to be bullish for the periphery.  Fuck it... if you like your union you can keep your union, and if you dont like your union you can break it and unleash massive amounts of bullish QE.  

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The only thing more interesting than political inside baseball is French political inside baseball.



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What a concept!

If only we would do it here too!

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Not out of the question.  FEMA Camps, militarization of local law enforcement,  military planning for riot control.....  All in the USSA.   Table is set, only Q is finding the tipping point.

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All we have to do now is kill about 10 million people....can we get someone on that?


No worries....we've already got the damn bullets. We've got billions of them.......with a B!

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The lab boys have been working overtime on this problem obviously.

They get a bonus in the form of a 40 acre spread in Uraguay within a secured region.

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Dissolves Government.

Words that all true abollitionist love.

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Can I get a Gallon bottle of that?  Chlorine Bleach ain't working!

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The batting average is holding steady at 100%.

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Can't the people "dissolve" Hollande? I wish the people could scrap a Government as easily as they can scrap themselves, just seems like a reshuffle at best.

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I wish the people could scrap a Government


Those guys are king at usually involes beheadings and heads on pikes.....kinda like ISIS.


Remember the Vendee.....cause it's illegal to talk about in France.

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No you can't dissolve government

You can only pick flavour A or flavour B

See? you get to choose who rapes you

You have choice

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failed politicians should be dissolved in Nitric Acid, that would solve some problems :)

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Socialism fails many times is that now?

So long as envy continues, it doesn't really matter. It'll keep coming back.

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Grow up, both of you.

Socialism, communism, capitalism ... at this point they are all just words to send the little people scurrying around in circles.  The "big" people in the room don't need to worry about such trivialities.  They simply have action, and propaganda to justify their action within the dominant paradig-

Don't listen to PT!  When we don't like the laws, we lobby the govt and get them changed!  It is democracy in action!!!  And when we don't like the goverment, we work real hard, save our pennies and buy our own government!!!  Now get off your lazy ass and do some goddamn work and you too can one day change laws and buy the government you deserve.  But if you can't afford to buy your own gummint then you obviously didn't do enough work you lazy slacker so you got the gummint you deserve!!!

We bought our governments fair and square.  It was a genuine anarcho-capitalist free-market transaction!!!

Hugs!  Yours truly
Blankfein, Dimon, Corzine, the Squid et al ...


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They are just jealous of Putin, China, etc. for being so up front with their oppression. They are held back by this silly constitutional argument that pops up occasionally. Really? What constitution?

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I downvoted you because:

If someone tries to muddy the waters what exactly "socialism", "capitalism" and all the other -isms really stand for, it is in no way helpful to propose "hey let's just ignore all the -isms [including their true meanings behind them]" because that will only ensure the day after the collapse nobody has the slightest idea how to do a better approach.

PT's picture

Fair enough.  Good point and thank you for spelling it out for us.  But when anyone ever points out any faults with Practical Capitalism, the common retort is, "Oh, that's not Real Capitalism, that is Crony Capitalism."  Further argument then reveals that "Real" Capitalism only ever "really" exists in RainbowUnicornFairyLand ... while no-one ever bothers to make a distinction between "Crony Communism" and "Real Communism", "Crony Socialism and Real Socialism, Crony Monarchies and Real Monarchies (all we have to do is find a king who really is all wise, all knowing, all loving!)  etc, etc, etc ...

... or real Capitalism and Democracy are practised by the Squid et al, as I explained above.


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Socialist shitheads are conditioned to always do what they do...and fail. Look at the shining example of the socialist predecessor Mitterand. Tried the same but had to call it quits when  large amount of french capitalists and capital just upped and left. Including the French Rotschilds. Hey wait aminute...that good or bad...?? Naah...kinda  liked the Eyes wide Shut movie. Why don´t I get invited to those parties?

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I guess he showed Putin and the Russians.  

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 We need some more precise terminology.

NEO-conservatives are fake conservatives.

NEO-liberals are fake liberals.

Hollande, the fake socialist, might best be called a NEO-socialist.


The critical prefix "NEO" indicating the true core ideology,

the word prefixed indicating merely the politics advertised while seeking popular support.


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If the Euro as we know it lasts for another 5 will be a miracle. 


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The Euro was designed to fail.....but the system it was designed to bring in has also failed....which leaves us at scratch.


I would also like to state at this point....I don't own a nailgun.

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It was designed to last forever...."a thousand years", like all statist experiments. 

What they didn't tell you is that the USSR never collapsed, it moved to Europe. 

It will last only if Europeans will take enough "internal devaluations" until they are about as poor as their southern neighbours in Africa. After which, the migration will stop at least, because there won't be any point for it any longer. 

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You are going to make Bono cry, stop this.

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That's okay.  A shitgum or a tall building will work too.

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Don't underestimate the will of people to never admit any mistake.

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This news is about 5 hours old at this point.

CAC is up 1%. 

The disconnect continues uninterrupted.


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And what's the deal with rating agencies ? Moodys, S et P : nobody wants degrade France ??

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Nah, they'll get into trouble if they do!


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I'm sure the Germans do. They are into some crazy stuff over there.

what? not what you meant?

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While they are handing out big fines..............(laugh track deafening)

When do Moody's & S&P get their fines for their contribution to "the crisis" of wealth transfer?

Fucking humps.

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What a load of CAC.

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Hollande fired the prime minister allegedly because he knew how to do Math.
The Socialist dream must go on.

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The quest for other peoples on.

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"Yellow Line"...ok

Arnaud Montebourg, had crossed a "yellow line" for his dual crime of criticising both the president of France and a valued ally.


but they better not cross the gold grabbing the gold.    (or people's gold).

Like early 70's to Nixon, when the French started demanding Gold and there wasn't any there...this could get interesting.

If Argentina, France...other socialist start unravelling...then gold may rise again as an economic 'issue'.

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He didn't fire him. Actually it's the contrary.

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They're having to backpedal and change their story. Ha

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This is worth of reading:

The alleged beheading of freelance journalist James Foley by the shadowy ISIS (or Islamic State) has sparked outrage and horror around the globe.

I say “alleged” because we are not sure if the decapitation was real or faked.

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Fake or not, the most interesting thing was the words he said before it was done. 

If real, he knew he was going to die and still called on his framily to rise up against the US.

If fake, he still called on his framily to rise up against the US.