Spotting The Next Detroit - America's Fasting-Shrinking Cities

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Whether Detroit's slumping population was cause or effect (or both) in its demise remains up for discussion; either way, in the ever-more-entitled and ever-less-working world in which we live, a declining population in the face of increasingly promised benefits has only two ends - death (bankruptcy) or taxes. In spite of almost record-low Muni market yields (and spreads), risks remain - just ask the HY market... and these 25 cities have the highest rate of population decline in America.



Bloomberg ranked U.S. cities based on the percentage change in population from 2012 to 2013 and identified the 25 that were shrinking the most.

Only cities with at least 50,000 residents as of 2013 were included. Population estimates were as of July 1 each year. Data were rounded.

Source: Bloomberg

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Things will get much better for everyone else when Washington DC is listed as the fastest shrinking city.


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That’s an astute observation.  The population may even be negative if the poor free-loaders weren’t here to be counted.

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Another astute obeservation..... don't buy the munis of any of those cities.
Somebody will sell them to you, kids

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Michigan’s white population has been in decline. 81.2%

At some percentage soon a tipping point will be reached triggering so-called ‘white flight’ from that state. 

Pop info –

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I guess a decline in population by murders saved Chicago and Baltimore from making the list.

Fuck lists!

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In Baltimore there are about 200,000 black males, 200 of which die by murder each year.  So the chances of a black male being murdred are about 0.1% per year.  Not much, but when adjusted for an average male life span of 70 years, the rate is 7%.  

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Surely a city in NY must be on that list. 


NY cities lost their population in the 80s, and stop calling me Shirley!

jez's picture

Manhattan is there, but it seems to have moved to KS.

In other news, it took me four days to hitch-hike from Saginaw.

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....And when adjusted for being involved in an average liquor store hold up,  the rate is 90%......

Not feeling your stat,  but if your point is that you feel the % is high,  then perhaps you might suggest to your brothers to not be involved in such activities that expose themselves to such a high rate of murder....

Or not.   I prefer problems that solve themselves.

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Fuck these stupid lists.  A few of the "cities" lost 300-500 residents.  Is that exciting news?

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In Baltimore there are about 200,000 black males, 200 of which die by murder each year.  So the chances of a black male being murdred are about 0.1% per year.  Not much, but when adjusted for an average male life span of 70 years, the rate is 7%.  

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 Camden NJ's flight of residents, lol, those that could left yrs ago, that drop was due to violent attrition...

Big Corked Boots's picture

My thoughts exactly. The only exit from Camden is cold and horizontal.

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Never from the UP.  Cold up there.

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Yoopers are some of my favorite people though they do get a tad wierd in the winter. ;-)

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Manhattan Kansas? That was first mistake.

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Jacksonville, NC is a shit hole.  They can bring in more marines, but twice as many locals leave.  We do not want the marines here in Wilmington on the weekends either.

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Restrictive covenants are the answer. But that is now considered unconstitutional.  Strange how the govt. Can force you to associate with, rent to, sell to or hire somebody solely based on the color of their skin, their fairy tale god in heaven or now, if they are dykes or homos


The center cannot hold much longer

knukles's picture

LVDave...  The Center was gone through a long time ago.  People simply fail to notice as the progression is not cataclysmic in any one given day, week, month or year. 
The center no longer exists

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Now that is astute !!!    +1

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Quite a few of the cities listed are in decline because of the "peace dividend" allegedly created by electing the Black Jesus as President and closing of numerous bases and reductions in personnel. Of coruse Detroit and some of the Rust Belt liberal toilets are declining because the bankrupt cities are driving people out to anywhere that  a better life might be found.

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Lots of the older suburbs of Detroit are emptying out.

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Moving to FL with free pill clinics. 

BlindMonkey's picture

Red ones I hope. It is getting lonely around here.

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Detroit has lost an average of 189,000 per decade for the last 6 decades.  If this trend continues, the population of Detroit in the year 2050 will be 0.

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Yuma and Carson City were a surprise to me.

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Doesn't mean the BLS, err a I mean the census numbers are correct. The same phenom could happen if people simply conspire to not be counted. It's easier to fall off the rolls than most people think...

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Yuma? What, are they closing the territorial prison? Seriously, I had some good times there, but the heat takes some getting used to.

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DC is where your money is. I'm not leaving until you quit sending it here.

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K Street in DC needs the most depopulation

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What difference does it make if the cities that are growing have populations that are unemployed, uneducated, live on EBT cards, have 75%+ of babies born out of wedlock, controlled by gangs?

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I can't believe Rockford, Il is not on there.... what a pit..........


lasvegaspersona's picture

Rockford is NOT a hell hole. There are bad parts (kinda like Vegas) but lots of good folks and far enough from Chicago to retain it's provincial feel. If you must visit I sugget Allegiant airline into Rockford then drive to the Weatern burbs of Chicago. Time saved at the airport will make up for the drive time into the real hell hole of (By thy rivers gently flowing Illinois,) Illinois.

Cheap Trick is a famous product but before industry followed the dictates of world reserve currency status it had lots of light industry, tool makers, and going back funiture makers.

Also one of the best park districts anywhere.

It got me started on a life of outdoor adventure.

ImReady's picture

+1 for the Cheap Trick reference. One of the greatest live bands ever! 

christiangustafson's picture

Yeah, I immediately looked for Rockford, too.

It showed up on a list of most dangerous U.S. neighborhoods recently.

Archaeologist James Henry Breasted was from Rockford.

Climber Ed Viesturs is from Rockford.

Oh and here is a most excellent map of the ethnic makeup of Chicago, Illinois, over the long haul.


armageddon addahere's picture

Where are they going? In other words where are the growing cities?

NoDebt's picture

Don't know but I bet there's a lot of gated communities there.

BlindMonkey's picture

Do you consider FEMA camps to be gates neighborhoods? Generally I think of a gated neighborhoods as keeping folks out but I am always ready to cope with a paradigm shift.

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Houston is moving welfare families out to the surrounding small towns.  We have got a lot of them over the last decade due to the rent being cheaper.  Of course border crossers living several families to an apt. take up the slack in Houston.

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Wait until they splash half the gulf of mexico up the mississippi delta. Oh! You've got a boat so your good to go threw 2000ft

Magnix's picture

Texas: Oil, no state taxes, plenty of decent jobs, hot ladies, living expense are affordable in most areas, lots of place to dine out, young kids, tanks, Army, Air Force, much more!

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Its like a list of cities to go buy real-estate in, in 5 years after its done self-destructing.

Its a good idea to buy land in a city after its liberalism destroys itself, because thats usually around when common sense kicks in and they convert to a more libertarian style society out of the sheer need to actually have citizens who give a shit about their own future.

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Odd that none of the cities are in those liberal, commie bastions of California and New York, while the top 5 are shithole red state towns along with almost all the rest of them. 

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Red states, black cities. Hence, white flight and the inevitable downward spiral.

Jackson, Mississippi, recently elected a black supremacist mayor who goes by "Chokwe Lumumba" and who declared the city the capital of something called "The Republic of New Afrika."

Sounds like a great place to raise a family!