London Mayor's Stunning Proposal: "Terrorist Until Proven Innocent"

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With all of England on edge because the ISIS executioner of James Foley, known as "Jihadi John" sported a British accent, and who may or may not have been identified as Abdel-Majed Bary, although UK government sources have not yet officially revealed his identity, one person has decided it is time to not waste yet another crisis. The person: London mayor Boris Johnson who as the Guardian reports, has called for the presumption of innocence to be reversed in cases where Britons travel to Iraq or Syria and said he wants the jihadist who beheaded an American journalist to be killed in a bomb attack. If Johnson's proposal for a "swift and minor" law change passes, any Brit traveling to Iraq or Syria will automatically be branded a terrorist and suffer the appropriate consequences.

More on this stunning attempt to overhaul the most basic right of law:

The Mayor of London, who has overall responsibility for the Metropolitan Police, said legislation should be introduced so that anyone visiting those countries would be automatically presumed to be terrorists unless they had notified the authorities in advance, and joined growing calls for Britons fighting abroad to be stripped of their citizenship.


Johnson said Britain must take on the Islamic State (Isis) and “try to close it down now”, warning that doing nothing would mean a “tide of terror will eventually lap at our own front door”.


Writing in his Daily Telegraph column, Johnson said most Britons wanted “someone to come along with a bunker buster” and kill the man, reported to be British, “as fast as possible”.

Johnson had no comment on whether ISIS would have ever arisen as a credible, terrorist force had the grand "liberating" western alliance not come along with a bunker buster (or few thousand) against the Assad regime 2 years ago, and in the process funded the very Syrian "rebels" who subsequently morphed into the bloodthirsty sect which is too extreme even for al-Qaeda.

Johnson said those who “continue to give allegiance to a terrorist state” should lose their British citizenship and called for a “swift and minor change” to the law so there was a “rebuttable presumption” that those visiting war areas without notifying the authorities had done so for a terrorist purpose.


“We need to make it crystal clear that you will be arrested if you go out to Syria or Iraq without a good reason,” he wrote. “At present the police are finding it very difficult to stop people from simply flying out via Germany, crossing the border, doing their ghastly jihadi tourism, and coming back.”


The mayor said that while Britain’s recent military interventions had left the nation reluctant to wade into overseas conflicts, “doing nothing is surely the worst of all” and warned that the Isis “wackos” must be tackled.


“What is the point of having a defence budget, if we don’t at least try to prevent the establishment of a terrorist ‘caliphate’ that is profoundly hostile to civilised values?” he wrote.

Of course, all of the above is beyond ironic, because let's flash back to that Reuters report from July 2013, in which we read that 'Britain has granted billions of pounds worth of military export licences for countries such as Syria, Iran and Libya despite proclaiming deep concerns about their human rights records, the British parliament said on Wednesday. In a critical report, parliament's Committees on Arms Export Controls said Britain had approved licences for weapons exports to 27 countries worth 12.3 billion pounds highlighting the "inherent conflict" between its arms exports policy and its human rights policy."

"The government should apply significantly more cautious judgements when considering arms export licence applications for goods to authoritarian regimes 'in contravention of the government's stated policy'," said John Stanley, the chairman of the committees.


[The report] said such exports might contravene the government's own policy not to supply goods to countries on its list of human rights concerns where any items exported "might be used to facilitate internal repression".


The report gave details of 3,074 licences for the export of "strategic controlled goods", which can have dual military and civilian use. The products covered by the licences ranged from communications equipment to body armour and sniper rifles.

One can only assume that UK arms exporters will be exempt from this "swift and minor" law change.  After all, how else can the UK create the very "humanitarian" crises it then seeks to abuse by crushing basic civil liberites.

And a follow up question: if and when the UK is successful in passing a law that brands one a terrorist simply for flying to a designated country, how long before other "humanitarian, democratic" stalwarts such as the US do the same? And how long before the list of deisgnated countries expands from just Syria and Iraq and encompasses any nations that dare to opine against a world in which the existing western superpower status is rapidly eroding.

We fear we will know the answer soon enough.

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Pladizow's picture

Fuck yeah! Enough with the PC bullshit. Kick them ALL out of the country and never let any of them back!

john39's picture

even the msm is now admitting that the beheading video is a fake:

in truth, all of this shit, including ISIS, is staged and fake.

CH1's picture

Politicians are barbarian idiots.

lordylord's picture

Politicians should prove that their not terrorists.  Spolier, they can't because they are terrorists.

General Decline's picture

Camel's nose it getting pretty deep inside the tent these days...

BaBaBouy's picture

He's Fucking RIGHT...

Stop Playing Tidly-Winks With These Criminal Murderers...
By Their OWN Actions, They Have Forfeited Their Human-Rights...

Bottom Line: It Will Come Down To US Or Them...

macholatte's picture



How do you tell the difference between a vicious muslim terrorist and an innocent muslim civilian?

The innocent civilian is the one who is dead.


TerminalDebt's picture

sounds like US border as it is now

Pinto Currency's picture



Elitists are likely frightened.

Terrorism meme is worn out - not gonna work.

James_Cole's picture

In a critical report, parliament's Committees on Arms Export Controls said Britain had approved licences for weapons exports to 27 countries worth 12.3 billion pounds highlighting the "inherent conflict" between its arms exports policy and its human rights policy.

This about sums it all up. Most of europe is sending arms. And then turning around,

We're shocked! Shocked, that terrorism is going on!

tony wilson's picture

how is he he is a liar.

mi5 and mi6 probably have a dept just for musselamic fake muslim recruitment you tool.

they probably use the stage or one of the many other actor booking booklets.


john39's picture

>> he's fucking right...

you are either with us...  or with the terrists... -GW Bush. 

(edit- quite ironically, it later became apparent that there was only ever one outcome, no matter which of Bush options you selected).

BaBaBouy's picture

GW started All This Bullshit By Taking Out Saddam For Apparently NO REASON It Turned Out...

Now We Are All Eating GW Soupe De Jour...

john39's picture

and they are trying to play the same game all over again... 

dontgoforit's picture

So where's flight MH 370 and who shot down MH 317?

john39's picture


botched false flag, down the memory hole.  Who did it?  who was behind 911?  same answer.


probably haven't reached that part of the story yet.  stay tuned.



gatorboat's picture

Oh yes he had a reason, just not the one fed to the (ignorant believe-any-bullshit) public.

Saddam was selling oil for Euros.   Not tolerated in the petro-dollar controlled world.

Flagit's picture


GW started All This Bullshit By Taking Out Saddam For Apparently NO REASON It Turned Out...


You have to be able to see the long game. This is what they wanted. Chaos, boots-on-the-ground, and an independent Kurdistan, and soon a foothold in Syria.

Slightly off topic. I think the point of the boots and drones is to herd ISIS back into Syria, right back at Assad.

blackbeardz's picture

calm down and folks

-only thing forfeited are YOUR rights, with just a minor change, once this passes.

logicalman's picture

He is one of them and may decide to assume you are guilty of something, just because....

Boris is a buffoon of the first order.

In the box of tacks, 98% are sharper.

LostandFound's picture

How Boris is still able to walk around the streets of London without getting linched and beaten by a public citizen for first having a name such as Boris and secondly for the fucktard comments he makes is beyond me.

Clearly he has no brains and no hair stylist.

SafelyGraze's picture

they way to tell is simply to put the suspect (a.k.a. "natural person") in water

if they sink and drown, they are not a teriss

but if they float, they are teriss and should be chorchured with the other folks


Pure Evil's picture

Just nuke it from Elysium, its the only way to be sure.

Dubaibanker's picture

This is #deglobalization at its best.

First they stop accepting immigrants from entering the country. Now they stop people from leaving the country!

This whole Thomas Friedman thing of 'World is Flat' BS is not working according to plan of the globalists....who only want the best shit at the lowest price possible!

Initially, US ane EU countries were banning goods and placing sanctions, then they were randomly throwing bombs...then missiles...then drones... and creating demand for their MIC, now they are placing sanctions on people too..... When will they place sanctions on large US and European corporations holding tax evaded money in offshore jurisdictions?

centerline's picture

LOL.  I couldn't finish that book.  My brain refused to continue at one point and that was that.

Politicians are collapsing international trade.  Gonna work real well considering modern economics is global.  Just more useless manipulations that guarantee it all ends in tears for the maximum number of people possible.

Manthong's picture

I think everybody from the UK Should be considered a terrorist.. least until such time that they learn to design buildings that do not look like phallic or vaginal symbols.

geez.. some folks out there with no sense of humor..

probably still short the "market".

walküre's picture

Faked execution and a real funeral. Why they still "assume" that Foley was really killed last week is stupid. For all we ever know he could have been died years ago or he's presumably still alive.

All bullshit, all the time.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Foley is most likely pining for the fjords right about know. Can't have him showing up alive after the fact. That would cause to much problems for everyone involved not just ISIS. A guy like him giving him a new identity and relocating him somewhere is not as easy as it used to be these days because of widespread use of things like facial recognition software and cameras. It is not just the government who uses this stuff and keeps databases, think things like casinos and hotels to identify preferred prior clients when they walk in the door for example.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

In other words, he wants to grant himself the authority Obama has already granted himself? Not like this is a ground breaking proposal, we already do that in the US. Kinda like how you have to PROVE. You ARENT a drug dealer if you happen to have a lot of cash on you. Land of the free...

RadioactiveRant's picture

But, but.. anyone watching it is a terrorist! Nationalise the media! Bring it under the control of the Ministry of Truth

hot sauce technician's picture

Keep on posting the bullshit spiced with some plausably true statements so you can provide a facade of "keeping it real"... Maybe the video was staged, but even then, according to your link:

'One expert commissioned to examine the footage was reported as saying: “I think it has been staged. My feeling is that the execution may have happened after the camera was stopped.”'

So is Foley dead or alive in your book? Try not to get confused by the only available evidence... 

But how do you conclude right afterwards that ISIS is nonexistent? Do you work for ISIS? Or as your artard in arms would say mossad mi6 CIA KGB chief rabbinate? 

MalteseFalcon's picture

I agree the beheading is fake, but where is Foley?

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

So recall the throngs of tinfoil hat wearing fools who were calling the video suspect? The professionals are coming out to say it looks staged. While britain says watching it may constitute a criminal offense, the pros are calling it FAKE. While US politicians are using it as a pretext to go to war, the PROS ARE CALLING IT FAKE.

tony wilson's picture
even kids at home are saying it is shit and a scam




ISIS beheading of James foley is FAKE
blindman's picture

you know a civilization or culture is in ruins
when an uneducated child is better prepared to
discern the truth than the socially accepted-appointed
and recognized experts in the fields of interest.
great link, thanks.

cougar_w's picture

"Staged" is not the same thing as "faked".

Of course the entire thing was staged, there were stationary cameras. They probably had lighting, makeup and mics. Probably did a few dry runs. Then they might have killed Foley by some other means just prior to cutting his head off, the better to keep the event under management.

Doesn't mean he's still alive. Doesn't mean they didn't cut his head off with a knife.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Raises many questions though, and given it is being used to peddle military intervention I'd say after babies in incubators, nigerian yellow cake, and a list of other lies as long as your arm - it bears investigating. We already know many of thse guys were trained in turkey and jordan by us / french / etc handlers with gulf state money - so with the bullshit factor already running at 14 / 10, let's figure out what the crap is going on.

centerline's picture

So many facets to all of this.  No matter what it stinks to high heaven.  Someone is yanking someones chain here.  First instinct on my part is to think what emotion is provoked... which is a desire to bomb the shit out of them.  And, that is probably just what the video is meant to accomplish.  Rationale, of course is yet another subject entirely.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Who cares what the mayor of London thinks about what has been law since the Magna Carta?  Why not ask the mayor of Washington D.C.?

Dugald's picture

Morning Botheringspoon,

Morning Minister,

So the cats out of the bag over the beheading caper!

Appears so minister,

Ha! got the sheeple coming and going, eh what?

Indeed minister,

Mmmm, we did a first class job there

Yes minister

This afternoon we have to do a fudge job on weapons licenses, but before that how about a spot of lunch at the club eh? I hear the Turbot is the dish de jour.....

Yes minister, sounds most attractive, I do so love a spot of fish midweek, don't you?

Oh yes, in white wine sauce sprinkled with baked parsley, come on old man my gastric juices are simply churning already, and a jolly good white to go with the Turbot, and perhaps a light Madeira with the trifle eh?

Scrumptious minister simply scrumptious, and on the way  perhaps we could talk about what to do with the ass we have for lord mayor....his time has come you know it really has...



toady's picture

Thank you. It's just semantics of course, but any time that a camera is used the picture/video is staged.

The definition of staging = the video taker points the camera in a direction, at a minimum. The events can unfold naturally, or the man behind the camara arranges the humans on camera as desired. Either way, the video output was staged.

prymythirdeye's picture

How bout was staged and fake.  That cover it for ya?

blindman's picture

correct, staged and fake and did not even depict a beheading. it merely suggested a beheading so unconvincingly that the msm refused to show it and advised everyone not to look at it as the value of it is zero. rather than question and investigate
the contents of this bit of social media the msm chose to not show the
mess while simultaneously suggesting it was so gruesome and "real" that
decent sensibilities would be violated in the viewing, basically suggesting
that the audience turn off their critical thinking skills and submit to
erroneous depictions and conclusions and move on to supporting courses
of action based on flawed accounting of facts and other lies.
i watched the video, looked for the most complete one i could find,
and found there was no video showing a beheading. only a video suggesting
a beheading. that was disgusting but what is even more disgusting is
the media and its infinite corruptibility and shallow stupidity.
. prestitutes. god awful prestitutes.
yet, the msm and government quisling would have you die and offer up your life, fortune, ambition and humanity in defense of the non existent and indefensible. with media like this, who needs news? the story is the same old story of spy work and false flag agipropaganda by intelligence
organisations working for the, you guessed it, banker system of pyramid
scam, fraud fritter default swaps to finance corporate land grabs in the name
of anything other than genocide, murder and stealing which is their stock and trade.
we are confronted with a shameless and pathological scheme to take over the world
and this driving "entity" is, given their goals, necessarily and blatantly
incompetent. mh17 investigation? shh, it is a secret. (the people in kiev and
beyond did it and they did it for adherence to a pyramid debt money scam.)
they blatantly murder for money, very simple. is that a problem of leadership?
a cultural problem? is that all we got here on this planet?
there is only one correct answer. watch, time will tell.

Dugald's picture

There once was a time when "Off with his/her head" was a common enough order, bothered only the head loser, and was seen as good entertainment and watched by crowds, bet there would be little or no outcry today if it were a hated politician for the chop....

blindman's picture

the videos i have seen mean absolutely nothing
other than some people made a photo-shopped video and one of them
looks like a man named foley. any other conclusion would
be completely irresponsible, bordering on extremely stupid,
which, if you have not noticed, has become the cause celebre
of the state department and the administration; that is the
irresponsibly stupid and the extremely stupid. they do both
and at times, simultaneously.
for all we know they all went out for burgers after the

kchrisc's picture

"Fuck yeah! Enough with the PC bullshit. Kick them ALL out of the country and never let any of them back!"

--"First they came for my Liberty, and I did not resist. Next they came for my Property, and again I did not resist. Then they came for my Life, and I had nothing to resist them with."

An American, not US subject.