2 Year Paper Sold At Highest Bid To Cover Since May As Yield Declines, Lowest Directs Since June 2013

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If there is any concern of massive curve flattening, or even inversion, the bond market sure wasn't aware of it today when moments ago some $29 billion in 2 Year bonds were sold at a yield of 0.530%, stopping through the 0.532% When Issued, and below the 0.544% from last month which was the highest since May 2011.

The Bid to Cover rose from 3.220 to 3.479%, the highest since May's 3.519%, and certainly not hitting of any lack of demand for the short-end. The internals showed a marked move away from Directs, who took down just 12.14% of the auction, half of the TTM average of 23.4% and the lowest since June 2013, however this was more than offset by the surge in Indirects, whose 39.8% was the highest since March when they were allotted 40.93%. Finally, Dealers were left holding less than half of the bag, or 48.0%, only the first time PDs ended up with less than half the auction since March 2014. Overall, a rather strong auction, as can be further validated by looking at the move tighter across the curve.

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"Rising rates"....

any second now, we promise...

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Lots of money looking to get out of the Euro atm.

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There just aren't enough Bunds to come by

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I hope its not Pension funds.....there is going to be some pensioners shorted in the future....

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wow....ya know, it's almost as if some entity that has the ability to create digital dollars out of thin air with their majical com-pew-tor is buying everything up to create an illusion of healthy markets.....

nahhhh....I'm sure that would never happen.

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These bond "auction" charts are the most comical ones here at ZH. Every color I look at equals "central bank proxy."


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Sorry guys, still stackin trasuries hand over fist. MyRA is blowin up son!