President Obama Slams "Cynics", Tells World "Nobody Else Can Do What We Do" - Live Feed

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He's back from vacation and the teleprompter is hot... cynics - bad, economy - awesome, deficit - cut, most powerful military in the world, we have best universities... energy independent... USA USA USA... "no other nation can do what we do." "The United States is and will remain the one indispensible nation in the world..."


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"Nobody Else Can Do What We Do"

Drone women and children and wedding parties all over the world with impunity

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Obama really meant

"no other nation can do what we do." "The United States is and will remain the one despicable nation in the world..."

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I bet it was physically panful for him to say those words.

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and he does it all with a straight face.   very impressive.   douche.

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Sounds like a pitch to our masters: Israel.

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No one else can do what we do:

-elect  as president a crack smoking mulatto homosexual with a  concealed background, married to a Michael/Michelle/Wookie, while also boning his boy toy Reggie.  Yeah, that's exceptional.

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He needs some bangs and a square mustache under his nose...


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"Nobody Else Can Do What We Do"


Slouching on the couch, texting, watching football while playing video games, inhaling gmo junk food, slobbering down beer, scarfing down Rx and non-Rx drugs, and "doing the nasty" with a smart phone, all at the same time.

Save_America1st's picture after the man who hates America so badly (Marxist brainwashing) that he literally stated that it needed to be "fundamentally transformed", and who went all over the world telling everyone America is not exceptional, now says America is exceptional after he's spent the last 6 years utterly destroying it from the inside out.

Yep....sociopath...just as I've always said. 

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The only way the US can do it is to turn on the prinitng presses and let the spice flow... FSA is now going GLOBAL!!! 

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His comments remind me of the captain of the Titanic stating, before her maiden journey, "Not even God Himself can sink this ship."

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Fuck you Obozo.

"The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."

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obama is correct. nobody can print money and export inflation.

Russia and China hate this so they support Zerohedge.


But both all are corrupt powerful political apointees waging the war of the elites.

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Huckster-in-chief.  Give this guy a product he can sell.

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He's been the most successful guns and ammunition salesman in the history of the universe!  Ironic though, since he wasn't even trying and would love to ban them from us instead! 

What a piece of shit. 

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in france we have a sentence for that :


" tellement doué qu'il pourrait vendre de la glace à un esquimo "

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Only those unsure about themselves are accentuating their importance.

Another phase of being on the decline.

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Heil Groucho Marx - it's a mixed up world out there.

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Nobody is more cynical than the president himself, endlessly pimping Hope, confidence and optimism in order to get people to follow him down a dead end... and only for the sake of winning the next election.

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My response to Obama from a WC Fields bit: Background: An oilman wants to buy an orange grove from Fields thinking Fields doesn't know about the oil on his land when in fact, he does. Fields demands an outrageous sum.

Oilman: You must be drunk!

Fields: Yes I am. Yes I am. But you're crazy. And when I wake up tomorrow morning I'll be sober. But you'll still be crazy.

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Rome-On-The-Potomac is drowing in its filth and hypocrisy.

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Being a conservative on the Eastern seaboard is like being a Hobbit in Mordor.

fx's picture

Yes, and nobody can fuck himself as deep as the US of A. F** yourself, Barry! Don't tell me, that you can't!

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if he didn't have paid clapping people nobody would be clapping.

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OMG collapse is imminent!

Roman caesers said the same thing right before the empire collapsed.  Stock brokers say the same thing right before a stock tanks.  Company executives say the same thing right before they file bankruptcy. 

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Did he just refer to the VA as the VHA????    The smartest guy in all 57 states.

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He must be getting really fearful of some SHTF now cause the sheeple are sick of all the shit we've become and are doing.

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He doesn't look well - he looks like he's about the have a nervous breakdown.  That would actually indicate that he has, somewhere buried deep inside of him, some sense of integrity that just can't handle all the bullshit he spews out nonstop...

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Nah - he's just thinking about the Wookie being on a promise tonight.

stant's picture

He knows what most of us here know or suspect. No wonder he looks like he just came out of the golf bunker

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Re:  panful for him to say those words

I've been wondering about that.    He's been accused of losing connection with the Blue Team leadership.   There might be more to that than the pathological optimists can imagine. 

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"pathological optimists"

i like that. i think i'll start slipping it into casual conversation, mostly as profanity.

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It's a liars convention, what else is there to expect?

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He certainly doesn't believe any of it.

Also: Glenn Beck's sudden left turn revealed- he was sucking up to CNN--

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Not surprised are you? Beck's always been a fraudster right down to the phony tears

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Ha ha ha!  Nobody else WANTS to do what we do!!!!!!

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"How do you drone women and children? "


"Easy, just don't lead them as much!"

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The only thing worse than this evil idiot clown is the evil white liberals and blacks who voted for him.  F Democrats and NeoCon RINOs.

Freddie's picture

He is not even an American so what the f**k is he talking about.  The Pentagon and Military are a joke as they are his bitch. 

Tyler - turn off the autoplay when this cunt is on.

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We say fuck here at fight club

CuttingEdge's picture

Aye - you're being way too polite, Freddie.

Express yourself, mate. Its good therapy against these fuckwits.

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Fuck yeah we do, bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!