The S&P 500 Through The Ages - From 200 To 2000 In 30 Years

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The S&P 500 has tripled off the March 2009 lows and took a mere 65 days to go from 1900 to 2000 today. As WSJ notes, the S&P needed 11,208 trading days to reach 100 for the first time... Here’s a look at S&P 500 milestones throughout the decades... and how Bernanke predicted 2,000 in March 2013.


Source: The Wall Street Journal

Which has left stocks "rich" to The Fed as they have more than priced-in balance sheet expansion that is left...

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And If you are surprised by any of this... Bernanke signalled it all way ahead... in March 2013!!!

as we said at the time...

Given his reiteration last week that the Fed is here to stay - and his fellow dovish lapdogs' confirmation that we can all rest assured that our 'wealth' is being protected - we know that the Fed balance sheet will hit around $4 trillion by year-end. Given the hyper-correlation over the past three months between US equity performance and the daily pump of POMO, it appears clear that Bernanke's target for the S&P 500 by year-end is around 2000 (unless of course you think there is even a little bit of market efficiency and discounting left in the world).

Is this what the Princeton Professor is looking for?


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But it's gonna be over soon.

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Pair of bollocks!

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You don't need a degree in finance or have to be an economist or clairvoyant to predict where this is going. And yes, the Fed can remain irrational longer than one would expect (or did expect years ago), but I reackon you can start counting in months, not years.

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What time is Dancing with the Stars on?

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Much more of this and it will be down to two algos trading the same single share of AAPL back and forth between them at 400 transactions per second.

Makes me feel tingly all over.

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William Dudley of the NY Fed has the trading desk bots set to Full-bullish.

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that's the plan. 


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Yup. Never leave the house now without a Sub-Nose 8 Shot S&W 627 Performance Center .357.

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You want your Social Security disability you can have it. More welfare and EBT cards for the rush of illegals backfilling.

5 million illegals can vote in November.

Labor Day Executive-Order Amnesty 'Very Likely'

Gutierrez on Obama's expected immigration executive order


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Wow look at that lost decade in 2000-13 !!!

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It's called a dying currency. Ask Zimbabwe, Venezuela, or Argentina about their market milestones

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I am really starting to think that this might really be the reason.  

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A clear illustration of FED bubble blowing to benefit Wall Street and pummel Main Street.


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Average duration of membership in the S&P is down to only 15 years now . Many moons ago it was 50 yrs. or more.

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When I was at school, a pint costed 25 cents.
14 years later...
It's 4 euro's...

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stawks cheep

bye moar

An datz da nooz!

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The Inflation of Index Shares

 (Too  much QE money chasing too few index stocks)

Object:   to create all-time index high after all-time high.


 Then the Lord said unto Goldman Sachs, “See, I have delivered the NYSE into your hands.... Have the whole of Wall Street  give a loud shout; then will the wall of the worry collapse and you shall dwell forever in the land of milk and bonuses."

So saith the Lord God.