Caption Contest: "He Doesn't Bite" Edition

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Wonder why last night's Russian-Ukraine talks were a complete flop (as the WSJ explains here)? The following photo of Belarus president Lukashenko promising to Poroshenko that Putin doesn't really bite, should help explain.


Source: WSJ

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"Tovaresh: C'mon...we are all friends here. Vodka fix everything. My wife is  douche with borscht for perestroika"


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Porkyschenko is afraid that Putin will roast his ass and feed him to the dogs.

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We don't serve polonium here.

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Caption:  (directed at porkyschenko)

Here piggy, piggy, piggy, SOOOWEEEE....


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you got a purty mouth boy

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Don't screw with me.....the KGB is right around the corner.


Laugh it up for 1.3 seconds funny man....then you're gonna be done.

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Putin: I see your PR has been a little shaky lately. That reminds me... Do you enjoy the special DMT blend blow we put in circulation for your area? Because<chuckle> I'm pretty sure your spin doctors do!

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L: "No no play dis game vit Obama too!   Put neck in dis hand now, and loosen trousers."

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I didn't know Barry was at that meeting. I didn't see him in the pics.

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"We threw the baby out with the bathwater. Are you happy now?"

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"may i have this dance... then later we can switch"

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What exactly is Putin looking at in this picture?

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A lackey giving his opponent some shit.

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C'mon, be nice  I gave him one pole for his flag, same as you.

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Wait... i heard on CNN that Putin is Very Naughty! (Even considered to be Bad by some)

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I say tom-ate-o. You say tom-ah-to.

I say Lukashenko. You say Poroshenko!

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Just got junked by Poroshenko's scrotum.

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"No, it's not that bad. Just Russian neutering machine! You can take it now, or a little later when Nordstream complete."

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That guillotine needs a larger aperture to fit Porky's gargantuan cranium in there...

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WB7's version of the "Sicilian Kiss" !

What could be more eloquent ! 


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Well done. Mrs Atomizer is sitting next to me. She asked me to stop laughing and get myself under control. This is comedy gold

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superb, with Putin holding the rope

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how do you display flikr pictures ?


my trys are always plain txt links :(

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You are NOT one of the annointed, so buzz off serf!

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"What did I tell you?  At Mens Warehouse, You buy one suit, and get the other two free!"

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What a testicle sack!

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hahahahhahahaha this pure Lukashenko guy was trying desparately. He was quite sympathising because, after all, zionist only in the very last moment picked Yanukovich over him ))

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ukraine colluded with the nazi's, i would guess zionist back russia...

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..."Mr. Putin sends you this load of virtual bullshit, with his compliments..."

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We need to end this zionist circus with a cage match of Netendefeckenyahoo, all the zio-oligarchs, Obama and Putin.

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As long as they control the joobux in the west, we will continue to finght these silly wars for them.

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Err, you're gonna want to bend over now. It'll actually make it less painful...

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C'mon, he wont turn the gas off, honest!

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At this point Putin holds all the cards, this will become more obvious as winter nears and events unfold.  It seems both Russia and many of the separatist in Eastern Ukraine would support federalization. Surely, no reason exist for Kiev to be opposed other than a loss of power. A more federalized government is also the most plausible way of keeping Ukraine intact.

Support for sanctions is mixed in Europe as some countries fear Russia and have an ax to grind with Putin while others wish to move forward. Saber rattling has only lead to death and destruction.  As I see it little good will come from further bloodshed and it is time for the West to stop sending money to Kiev so they can ramp up the violence and continue the civil war. More on the progress being made in the article below.

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Federalization is off the table. Novorossiya has declared independence from the Ukraine.



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'Seriously...his dick is this long!'

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==================================D this long?

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whats going on around putins right ankle?  is he packing or is he wearing a go pro? would a TSA agent notice?

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Ok it was just a joke. Putin's gas wasn't really that bad was it? 

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3 people the world could do without

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Obama, Hillary and Kerry? Can I get a bonus of Biden as well?



Jamie, Lloyd and bonus Yellen! Or that Isreal who is now running the FED, Fischer


So many...

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Want to find out why they call him Vladimir the errect?

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The smug grin on Putins' face says a lot.....

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He does look like he's about to bite porky.