Currency Wars - Russia Not Declaring All Gold Reserves To IMF?

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Russia Coordinating Gold Reserve Accumulation With Ex Soviet States?

The IMF’s latest international gold reserves data, updated yesterday, shows that in July, Russia raised its official gold reserves to 5.5 million ounces (1,104 tonnes).

Gold bars in a vault in West Point, N.Y. (Associated Press)
Or is it?

This confirms data released last week by the Central bank of the Russian Federation, which reported an increase of over 300,000 ounces from June’s 5.197 million ounces figure. IMF data is reported with a one month lag.

The latest IMF data also shows that in July, the National Bank of Kazakhstan added 45,000 ounces to its official gold reserves, taking its total holding to 5.1 million ounces.

According to the World Gold Council, over the last six months, Russia has now increased its gold reserves by 54 tonnes. In the same period Kazakhstan has purchased 12 tonnes.

Russia now has the world’s 6th largest gold reserves, officially higher than both Switzerland’s 1,040 tonnes and China’s 1054.1 tonnes. As a comparison, in the second quarter of 2009, Russia only had 550 tonnes of gold in its official reserves meaning that their reserves have nearly doubled in just over 5 years.

The ongoing accumulation of official gold by Russia appears to be part of a reserve diversification strategy. Gold is held by central banks as one of their reserve assets alongside foreign exchange assets including US Dollars and Euros, and also IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs).

Some Russian analysts point to the threat of continued western sanctions on Russia as a renewed catalyst for the Russian central bank diversifying out of dollars and euros by increasing its gold reserves. Gold now accounts for over 12% of Russian official reserves and could reach 15% by year end if the current trend continues.

As well as Kazakhstan, other countries in the region have also actively been increasing official gold reserves this year including Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Today in the Belarusian capital of Minsk, Russian President Vladimir Putin met for trade talks with his counterparts Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan, Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus and also President Petro Poroshenko of the Ukraine.

If Putin meets separately with the Ukraine’s Poroshenko today, this will be the first time that the two presidents will have held discussions, which is especially significant given the ongoing Ukrainian conflict.

Russia is a member of the Eurasian Customs Union along with Kazakhstan and Belarus. The Eurasian Customs Union is a precursor to a Eurasian Economic Union which the three countries hope to establish by 2015 which will be modelled on the European Union.

Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus are also members of the Eurasian Economic Community along with Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and all six countries are members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) alongside China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping raises a shot with Russian President Vladimir Putin

Given close economic cooperation between Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, and a trajectory towards economic union, it is probable that the three countries would be coordinating monetary policy which would include a common approach to official gold reserves accumulation.

This will be worth watching in the coming months and years, and like China, it is possible that Russia and its allies may not be fully reporting their gold reserves accumulation data to the IMF since it is not obligatory that they do so.

by Ronan Manly

Important Guide to Currency Wars here Currency Wars: Bye, Bye Petrodollar - Buy, Buy Gold

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Part II

The 2e utmost Jewish principle

We are Übermensch - You are Untermensch

(Bit of a sensitive one though…. but we get there….)                       

Übermensch & Untermensch is  true and '...profound..' Jewish concept of  human nature. Mostly known from Ashkenazi jews. Ashkenazi Jews, also  or simply Ashkenazim Y'hudey Ashkenaz, lit. "The Jews of Germany", are a Jewish ethnic division which coalesced ..  Sephardic Jews and Mizrahi Jews are the lower and not of any interest to them.

The term Übermensch  Untermensch is not really translatable in english. 

 Failure to capture the nuances ( historical, fin., soc., propaganda, life death) of the German word über.

 The German prefix über can have connotations of superiority, transcendence, excessiveness.

Ties the Übermensch to being far  higher then Jesus/God.  See Gen-tech as expression.

Superiority: überlegen -  Superior, Elite, Predominant.

History book in school and even university and Hitler used Nietzsche's term as well , using it in his descriptions of an Aryan master race.

the Übermensch represents a higher biological type.  Nietzsche is made responsible for having get Hitler the concept of Übermensch_Untermensch.

So where did Nietzsche get it from.? Told he was polish…and of noble decent  so no  one mentioned him as Ashkenazi-jew. An excellent example is his iconic phrase "God is dead", in German: Gott ist tot... points to.....

Jewish religious books-which Nietzsche well knew -  like the Thora - Talmoed-  a.o.

Nietzsche  told he was polish…and his ideas came from the old Greeck  The Apollonian and Dionysian a philosophical concept out of early Greece.  He knew Judaism very well and had read Talmoed & Thora.

Hitler got it from THE SOURCE.

How : Hilter was between WWI and WWII active in a secret service of Rotschild in person.

There he met probably the master Mr. Baron-Über himself and those close to him and come to know and learned  below the surface facts.

See the war periode archives in Berlin.

He had strong connections , knew higher personal  with jewish Banks and Multinationals in years before WWII from Rotschild personally. Names Multinationals & Banks: prof Anthony Sutton.

Rotschilds paid all Israel himself, it is his Project.  And still is. See WWII Archives London.

 He could use some inhabitants and Hitler drove them out because  the Askhenazi well schooled- university chemistry- physics–Business- Banking-Multinationals could and had the money and vision to move out of Germany & European countries.

Hitler served him greatly by killing the seraphim jews- lower jews which were Untermensch just like we…(as  today... our position is...for Wallstreet FED ECB IMF Monsanto JP Pfizer a.o.).

Rotschilds & Friends saw the great potential in hitler and could use his megalomania.

Megalomania > war > crisis.

And never let a good one.. crisis go to waste…. Good crisis... no Excellent crisis.

Cash-in: higher in volume and faster in time frame.

The issue and destruction of money by the money-lender is not a service, but a weapon which can be and has been used. (to create any crisis).

Money lender Rotschild&Friends-FED during Irague War was another summit peak. Costs of Ir.War, which totaled just over $1.1 trillion.  Amount IN  2 years –. WWII amount much lower $288 Billion... time frame 5 years.

Hitler’s  father was  named.. Hidler  and a  Jewish miller.

Spelling variations of this family name include: Hidl, Hiedl, Hiedel, Hidel, Hittle, Hitl, Hitler, Hittler, Hidler, Hiddler, Hiedler.  He changed his name to Hitler cause Hidler was to.......

Hitler  had many times people sent to his birth town area to destroy and change to..falsify,  all jew. decent  known about his father in the birth archives.  Ancestry was subject to checks by SS genealogists who used the numerous baptismal and death records. Most think it was he discovered his father was not a Ashkenazim but a Sephardic Jew so should be wiped off.

Hitler lived  with Eva Anna Paula Braun a jewish girl….?

The DNA results of Eva Braun hair were feasible as many Ashkenazi Jews in Germany converted to Catholicism in the 17-19th century. If Eva Braun did really came from an Ashkenazi Jew lineage, there was a strong possibility that that part of her family’s history was unknown to her.

(Remarkable Hitler choose her...a jewish girl out of millions  german girls....from his genes out ..or..)

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Less = more

So Bill Gates and Warren Buffet pay less or less then 3.4 % taxes....?

Less is more... for many a lot more. Double less is double a lot more.

How to hide it from the us-eu citizens. They give some to charity or even a car to someone.

Suppose one has   220 supercars give one at a festival and many applaud great act.They reach the hallejula status.

How :See blinded by fluoride glysophates pills and vaccinations and media.

Donate a lot –the money they donate is yours - extra paid on their being not-taxed  = for around 45% should have been paid.

Consider  the tax evasion route the CostaRica one a.o.

Be a Costa Rica Shiner (like a Moonshiner) to save yourself fam. and country.

-- To  be taxed or not to be taxed that is the question --

Non-taxation Tax-avoidance is the soil   > BIS  Banking system Banks &Multinationals Corporate fascisme

The footing- the bases on which the whole empire is based-founded.

Non-taxation is also their Archillas heel. If any president takes it away they will be inthe moonshine. Simply done by Laws Rules and Regulations. Being non-taxed adds to their acting dealing being Ubers. 2de U. J. Principle. It is interwoven. (Create crisis... is the first of the two  Ultimate Jewish Principles.)


Have a webshop with t-shirt : I go non-taxed to save my country. o.a.

Stickers for in a car: I move non-taxed to save my fam and  country. o.a..

ABC,Cnn , NBC, Google a.o. never have any information on how to avoid. They avoid so cannot face a citizen. Google pays 0.022% taxes.

 Say in gross lines: they need to pay 30-42% depends on many >                                                      you pay the difference  say being 42  -/- 0.022% = 41.978 ...on top over what you allready are paying. (over income sales volume profit a.o.)

  Extra: You have to pay their ratio... have.. forced to.... compulsory partly by us-eu legal system is in their control.

Might use  taxavesion or it misuses you.. fam and country. Abuses.

Have a website came together and give information consultancy on this subject. Many a customer waiting.

The importance of tax-avoidance by the us-eu citizen & small busineses is to make or be broken.

Website shop> go from being slavishly victim to mastery-mastering. Turn it around.  Benefit & your fam.  

max29's picture  and many others

Australia Seizes 360M From Dormant Bank Accounts And All 50 U.S. States Are Doing This too…

A vice president at JPMorgan's European headquarters in London plunged to his death after jumping from…..on heroin or the one who pushed him was on and under hypnosis....

See Merkel -Germany 4the Reich 2014- now  spraying Fluoride on Germans for the last 3 years. To make them …more sheep-schaf. Germany is in Sheep-alert. Fluoride is proven to be the very effective if it is fired up by pills .....medication as the Multinational-pharmaceuticals labeled them.

Many today in Wallstreet use pure heroin a.o. to give them the boost in trading, make them do impulsive buying & selling. Impulsive …So back and down in Limbic area/cellar.Take very big risks… reward often multimillions or broke.

Trade from non- inhibited parts in your head-brains where mostly emotions.-named as feelings for many- rule and do the decision making.  Anxiety -Anger- rage- revenge and serving your country for the cia, spec forces and dumbed down soldiers.

Greed fear in Wallstreet- London- HK- if your profession is in the  financial sectors.

Anxiety stress accompanies them all the way.

 So  seen the not that healthy combination of non- taxed Wallstreet and the trading on heroin&alikes.

Crisis provoking.One invites the other. When the FootingBasis- Non taxed BankMultinational H.Funds a.o. disappears we have different Us-Eu.                                                                                       ..Even in us & eu

 real estate, retail, media and entertainment Investment companies do not have to pay taxes.

What i learned -by being aware of how and what and who - how not to do it ...can be and  do it different but be aware in the proces  this can be bettered-transformed.


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Step aside

Every crisis chaos they cultivate  is always accompied  induced with the same strong emotions being : anger- hate –rage –revenge as mass emotions.They are first.

Unwittingly in opposition  with the emotion of serving saving your country coming later in time also as us-eu mass-emotion.

So why Wall Street = Banks &Multinationals  FED-ECB take those Two together……very well chosen and selected, a perfect fit.

Anger hate revenge   negative emotions < > serving you country is a  positive one.

Media-CBS CNN NBc Abc presents them alike….Praise.. place in the media-limelight: Serving even saving your country..

All these emotions spring from the limbic system-part in our brain.

The intensity of US- EU citizens anger hate revenge feelings wakes up – should be waking up by many- even as strong positive feelings of   ..serving your country….Both side of a coin….

When one is induced you can wait for the other one.  

The limbic system in the brain does the emotions…. .the fight and flight reactions  and have us be moved to a  more depressed state of mind…the adhd one..the  conflict

one.... makes one trend into impulsive buys or decisison making.

Reactions from the Limbic area are impulsive …fear and flight related…

Makes people go for psychoactive medication anti-depressives.

This blocks-inhibites the prefrontal part of the head and not able to use intelligence.

Called the dumbing down  of Eu & Us citizens. This is also but another domain to create crisis  out of which Banks % Multinationals make great use.

The Dumbed down - are very easy to get into the anger –rage-revenge- mode which will end them up on pills-in all colours or called of course.. medication.

In turn all the medication keeps them in the Limbic system….and if unaware till the end of life. Medication  are developped for that area. It serves as a follow-up enhancer  to fluoride-in water and glysophate- in vegetables.

The offered solution is for many…go  and serve your country.

 Reports know 1000-s of US cia & spec.forces soldiers fighting daily with IS.  Why does an american agent does the training/fighting alongside IS: > serving his country.  

Praised when back ....even in coffin loaded with dumb medals ..offered later by fam on graiglist.  Medals not even one bit of Gold in there... give his wife and kids at least a nugget. Get medalled. A medal costs around 1.47$ so..

Both  give rise to more profit and sales volume. And worse even more non-tax revenues Multinationals&Banks.

They know how to do  - above described - to perfection. Or if you do not want to or cannot think -prefrontal area - cause  is blocked-inhibited... someone does vital thinking for you. What is fired is being wired. Not fired used.. not wired.. neurons.                                                                                                                            So taxevasion/nontaxed -being the  new.. old.. what ever world order... IS the Footing& Bases - kept out of even the  thinkingfield  eu-us citizens. Have the Footing- Bases changed and the problem is solved.

I noticed that if you are f.e. working for a big corporation-Bank and you mention taxevasion you be on their blacklist.  You not hired or work at any other.                                                                                                                   Taxevasion non taxing Bank&Multinational is almost all Prefrontalcortex material.

If an eu-american do not use -unwittingly in many inhibited by.- its qualities ... they use it ....and use against you and in its full potential.

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Crisis creating: More in detail then globality-overview.

Many aspects to this first principle.  Create a crisis.

Coordination- Orchestrating- Planning.


NSA listens to 5 billion phone calls a day.

In the built up to 9/11 the so-called terrorist got flying lessons in 3 different cities.

Travelled.. partied..phoned emailed.

You live in the Us and NSA missed them all…...? 

 Check 5 billion phonecalls  a day ….and they just ‘missed’ just the ones of the terrorist..?

Not for one day…. but a year..

I buy you a bicycle if you believe that…

Cia, Fbi, Bw, a.o. where there to just guide steer and preventing it reached the media or the internet. So did the job: coordinating - orchestrating - synchronizing ..and the coming chaos crisis and war Irak.

Sly jewish cause there is always someone else who is to blame and so  direct the US anger and rage towards.

Notice every crisis chaos they grow  is always accompied  with the same strong emotions being : anger- hate –rage –( revence ). Unwittingly cultivating the emotion of serving your country.

Creating a crisis is one …have it layed out, organized and led in the right lanes is another and more parties involved.

If you ever flew you know it is not possible after many flying lessons in smaller planes to steer a massive big boeing into such a small area of a building. And even make the turn in the air to prepare – from airport in the air- turn the plane and have it on course for the middle of the tower - without navigation- coordinates from above a satellite or the control tower.

So who and which organizations-agencies ‘ helped’ ….?

Be aware they do not care about the  life (of even a fireman) a Fam..

Is Irak any better or much worse of now. The Iraqi Central Bank is Jewish-Bis with an arabian name. Many Banks in Iraque are GSachs Wall street related.

IS is selling the  Syrian oil for 45$ a barrel and the Multinationals buy it all. Banks FED in between and cashing as well. 

100$ is the market ...45 $ paid to the IS for iraque syrian oil . Bank& Multinational reality.

They gonna feed IS till as long as possible of course with all help...The bombing on them, some fighting against is just window dressing.

Crisis:  Unwittingly cultivated with the emotion of serving 'saving' your country. Who and what needs to 'saved' .

An American is very sensitive to this one and FED/GSachs/ Banks/ Multinationals knows it and milks it to extremes.   

Do you serve your country or the non-tax and nontaxing of Banks&Multinationals who just abuse misuse these serving feelings…You are not gonna fool me…

You serve the Free Lunch/Dinner a.o. of Banks and Multinationals although J. slyness prevent many from realising. 

An average American can not even imagine-believe being manipulated in his feelingsfor serving his country.  

He is serving something ..quite different..

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Am aware that it is not black and white. Many aspects to this first principle.

Bad omen for us citizens small businesses and middle class is that FED has a Brother being ECB. Draghi works/ed for G.Sachs/BIS.  Draghi controls Eu-rope.

FED has 100 years of experience in creating crisis - panicing- small- great chaos.

ECB bring in the same number of years and level of experiene- knowledge  at once within their 4the Reich-EU.

Left over - taxation for Banks and Multinationals- down to 0.022% Google - go lower every year.. they have so much cash left and do not really know what to do so buy stocks from each other.

They live on non-taxation –being your taxations - and are feed by the FED ECB on top.

Can you win… could you loose ….?

You and we have all and the total amount they have to pay -but are not paying-. 

Their Tax evasion on such a scale meaning being our Tax compulsion and our Tax duress.

Evasion.. tax ‘avoidance’   < > compulsion duress.

Their taxevasion is another way method form of crisis-creation.And often directly in social lives into small businesses & families.

If you realise your position as us citizen- eu citizen and you start your own company it has a lot of self-suicidal aspects.. Take only the tax-evasion route and survive live.

Meaning there is too much extra tax burden laid down on the company. And for Who... whom....

You work for Banks and Multinationals Free lunches dinners parties and cruises bonusses a.s.o.

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Fed  Gold and money  Bis.

Gold the FED, BIS.. EU (as 4the Reich) now in Europe.

FED:  created on December 23, 1913, with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act largely in response to a series of financial panics, particularly ……a severe panic in 1907.

President Wilson  signed  23 december 1913 de Federal Reserve Act.

Later he told he regretted it .If so why did he not have dollar printing done by the US Government.                                   

Could have been  easy. By Laws Rules and  Regulations. Just use these tools.

Even today Obama  can take money printing out of the hands of the FED.   Laws Rules and Regulations in place and done.

What I learned by working in the financial sectors.

First at most Jewish Principle : CREATE A CRISIS.

Crisis  = can be.. a chaos..a WW, ..a war Irak,  ..a 9/11, .. an IS,... Oekrain…

Any kind of Crisis will do and be ..fine…create.. stimulate ...induce many ways to 'help' a crisis to unfold manifest.

CONJURATION and EMERGENCIES goes and accompany them always. 

  Severe panic(s) crisis was the rootcause of the FED.

Fed: cause of financial crisis …severe panic…. CAUSED BY MEMBERS OF THE FED ITSELF  before 1913. 

See f.e. the one in 1907.  Notice: the same (Askenazi-jewish) people behind both.

CREATE A CRISIS....Create crisis... is the first of the two  Ultimate Jewish Principles.

A crisis  was the footing of the FED but even on our universities they are not allowed to discuss the aspects of creating a Crisis or the People who started one and their intent.                                                                                                                             Am aware that it is not black and white.

FED are can be  adding to situations and levels - stages in.. or …of a crisis.                                                                                                                                   They live on them so Who , from which corner, what speed, level of intensity  is  the same to/for them.      

Just ..use what is already started can be appropriate that moment in time, circumstances, their goal.                                                                                                                           Crisis concerning the Financial - most  known - ... economical ...territorial ...commodities... oil..

Any crisis will be fine..

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’  : G.Sachs  Obama Government.

And the FED did not let ....any of them go to waste...  since 1913.

If you know the in and outs of starting a Crisis you can have higher jobs in the fin. Markets.

The Fed now can of course do.. start.. a.o. any crisis they like and need to reach next level. The FED itself is there and was supposed to be the answer to the severe crisis- panickings in years form 1903 to 1913.

Did the FED solve the 1907 or any panic the  years to come say in the 1913's.... 1930's.. 1970's.. 2007's ...No Not one. They 'need'  the next one. They feed on them.

The FED is not to solve a or any severe panic crisis .... No crisis... no FED.  Or now in europe 2014 the ECB  just another department.

Does the ECB solve any (severe)economic panic/crisis depression in EU.  Would be the end of the ECB as well.  Not to fix a- this  problem but create and  guide organise its course.                   

The sly jewish way and methods. They have to give the citizen- economy- fin markets  the impression they are solving and fixing. And just wait how you, the economy or markets a.o. reacts.

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What and Who...


BIS GSachs Fed ECb knows as sly jews how to  use a religious personality.

Being it Christian or Muslim they do not care at all. Both these religions are dirt to them for goyim dogs and pigs.

Christians fight for their Agenda in the Oekrain…. Muslims fight and kill for their Agenda in Syrie and Irak.

So what is the difference then. None……. How they use a rel. motivated fighter is well studied.

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IMF FED NSA all have one purpose and common thread.

BIS is the mother of all Central Banks.

They rule the world all C.banks so the Fed as well

The Sly Jew way.

How to control 550 million Us citizens and 500 million Eu citizens.


They work and have the  personal Laws Rules and Regulations for a world where  Banks and Multinationals pay no taxes. All taxburden is on you.

Google Apple have around 60 billion left a year to spend on or another company to take over.

ONLY non- taxed money . Call 0.022% - 2%  no taxation.

You pay the taxes on and for that amount. Think they laughing joking and celebrating…..


 Laws- Rules- and Regulations conquer Eu as well.

In 2015 Eu have 500.000 Laws Rules and Regulations by which small Businesses and Civilians  have to abite.

In Europe Hitler and Napoleon worked and killed for one EU. Hilter almost made it.

Banksand Multinationals  structured& paid all. See Prof Anthony Sutton Wallstreet and the rise of Hitler.

You think Hitler-Ideology is that far away…. Why Bnaks and Multinationals can spend so much money on any crisis or conflict. Thet have a surplus they do not pay…you pay their part –chunk as well.


In 2014 is exactly the same Bis Banks and Multinationals support and work for a 4the  Reich.

The dream of Merkel and France big Europe where Laws Rules and Regulation give them all.  


Same structure as the Usa.  Eu is just the 51 star on the Flag. Eu has to do the dirty works for US f.e. in the Oekraine and the people are stupid to fight and get killed.

To get themselves killed for Banks Multinationals and BIS Fed ECB of course.


ISis the same as Arabian and US invention and supported with war materials by them.

After a few years an IS man with his son walks in the street of Damascus and sees Gsachs JP Morgan FED in their offices and  tells his son …that is my work and effort…

I killed thousands of Christians Muslims Woman and Childen for this feat.

Of course the C.Bank there  FEdECB BIS composed  is hidden behind an arabian names.

Take Irak completely ruined by western jewish Banks and Multinationals.

Americans  gave a lot and can life on many in a wheelchair crippled. Who started and financed the war: Multinationals  army materials and pharmaceuticals.

Why Pharmaceuticals; american guys had to be vaccinated up to 43 times for all kind non- exsisting diseases or threads.                   Their health is ruined for life. They see the result: chaos.

Who is laughing their heads of…Bis Fed Banks Multinationals. They pay no taxes at all and did not suffer... in contrary they are the winners.

Had a sales volume- profit all non taxed.

You start another conflict crisis somewhere...

Can advise all Russian viewers to spread and have it read in Russia or Russian websites.

Russia might  be better of out of the IMF and have the Goldstandard in place.


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Noticed how humble,  tractable, social,  Yellen FED  is in her speeches.

Is she doing a Bernie Maddoff…? Sly & astute Jewishfull of desire to provide service and ‘help’ Americans. Almost like a fireman… go to the extent of saving lives.

Then look at Lagarde IMF exactly the same.The FED and  IMF both delude the American and eu citizens with the same personal and personalities.

Can you exchange alternate Both in one day…. Of course.

Many of my American friends think at first hand that Eldorado Gold Corp is getting the gold silver and other precious minerals out of Greece for free... so is slew business... by Lagarde& Yellen.

Is that the case. How much tax royalties  does  Eldorado Gold Corp pay to US government….?  0.9 % .  See SEC.   So that is about hardly any.

They rob the Greece and its citizens for in 2014…. billions but while an American is laughing cause of such a method they do the same to them instantly.

They pay non- 0.9% being close to not any amount- to US Government.

So who pays for education colleges universities in the Usa …..usa citizens and middle class.

Who pays for military greatness of usa ….us citizens and middle class small businesses.

Who pays  the Infrastructure in the Usa ….and maintenance of roads – electricity - rail – gas oil.  > us citizens and middleclass/s.b.

Google proudly announced it paid 0.022% on taxes over 2013.Apple as second biggest Corp.  paid 1.9% taxes over 2013. 

So who is paying what Eldorado Gold Corp.-Apple – Google – Catepillar a.o. are not paying but should be paying cause they use our roads- electricity-gas pipelines- cabling – infrastructure  most intensive…..your neighbor….? 

So how to rob Greek Greece in the same way as an American/canadian…..take the FED- IMF- Eu route. It is Route Jew. Route 666. Easy ride on route 66(6) for G.Sachs Imf Fed Rockefeller (Rotschilds in Europe) & Friends.

You pay extra - on top - the part and difference what they should be paying.

Why Yellen or Lagarde.. kind and  friendly.. giving the impression they are there to ‘help’ you and have the economy back in shape...

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United States and the IMF

Millions of SDRs 42,122.4

Percent of Total17.69

421,961  Votes in any decision IMF makes

Decision making is controlled by US.

Compared with Germany and Japan who own IMF by 6 %  and have 146.392 voting rights.

Jacob J. Lew US member IMF

 New York City
Religion: Jewish
Former City Group
Occupation: US Government -World Bank - IMF

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: US Secretary of the Treasury

Worked under Tim Geithner of G.Sachs.   All fin. advisors of Obama are from G.Sachs.Most of them are of Jewish religion as well.

US owns the IMF and its GOLD for 16.75 %

He has the Gold makes the rules.. JP Morgan.

The rules meaning  laws which you can decide whatever is necessary to rule to kill to convict what you do not like or is not on your agenda. Not to pay taxes is layed down by Law.

Nice to be able to make your own laws, rules and regulations.

For Banks and Multinationals only.  Banks pay a meager 2.5% in Eu and less in US.

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IMF …. Being Goldhonest…..deadhonest

Deadhonest is on one side of the ocean US -   Goldhonest the other EU

Thanks to the IMF EU GS Greece a third world country
"Privatisation Greece on course '

Greece is on track with the objectives for the privatization of state assets this year 2014. That makes Moody's on Monday.

US multinational Eldorado Gold Corp is mining in Greece.. no taxes to be paid and there will be no royalties paid to the state. In fact all the riches Greece will therefore leave; according to the Greek state and the IMF.... will be’ the benefits to the country come through the creation of jobs and the associated taxes…’.

This argument has already been debunked: where mining will bring some temporary jobs, take it at the same time many permanent jobs in traditional sectors away. Tourisme- Fishing- Fruitgrowing.

The Greek mining in the EU are   significant quantity of gold silver copper bauxite, nickel, magnesium and uranium (at Parenisti and other places).

So IMF:  real owners hidden behind .....

No Goldstandard if you want to be a member....meaning country goes in to unpayable debts .....resulting into sell out of all valuable minerals, commodities endless privatisations.

Many european countries to follow.

IMF is doing the work of GS Rotschilds Rockefellers Banks and multinationals....just a extension.

And so well hidden that no european knows or realises.

Poverty is coming into eu-countries rapidly.  Poverty no school education just stupid people.

All is sold to multinationals who have the sole strategy to not pay any tax. Not even 1%.

Easy sailing inside the IMF...

max29's picture

IMF is a department of the GS Rockefeller, Bis, some Banks and multinationals.

The reason why a memeber is not allowed to have GoldStandard- its currency backed by GOLD.

If you sign for IMF you sign NOT to have the Goldstandard in your country.

This has important consequences..f.e. in many countries privatization is number one govermental activity.

Greece and the Oekraine. Greece has a lot of gold copper silver a.o. costly minerals  in hard rock.

It is taken out by a canadian and american multinationals and the canadian is paying 20% to the greek goverment the us company/multinatiomal has no payments to make to the greek People.

Not even 1% percentage is going to Greece.

Putin is still sleeping in this aspect. Can you send him a wake up call.

Why does the IMF want you by contract not to have the Goldstandard..........?

In relation to the total sell out of your most valuable assest being wheat and gas in the oekrain and Gold Silver Bauxiet Nickel a.o. in Greece.



Ghordius's picture

did you ever make even a 5 minutes research on the IMF?

it's like a shareholding company. the shareholders are countries, and the treasuries and the national banks of those countries send in the voting directors

I'm writing because it's simply not helpful if you base your theories (some are interesting) on a platform that can be disproved in a few seconds with... facts

as a side-discussion: China and Russia are fed. they are demanding more shares and voting power. Europeans want a funding increase, too. the only entity against all that is... the US Congress

and no, the BIS is something completely different. treasuries are not involved, only some 60 central banks

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Still waiting for the moment, when PBoC is releasing its real gold storage numbers.

Who is believing in these 1054 t?

If they were announcing 4000 t, I would be thinking "Isn't that a little bit on the low side?" ;)


therevolutionwas's picture

All these nations sucking up all the gold they can get....and the price doesn't go up?  I suppose this is old news on the main stream news sites.  All those investigative reporters have probably got to the bottom of the question of the law of supply and demand being broken.  I'll have to take time to read main stream news.  Just can't keep up with it all.  

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The amount of paper gold derivative products is something like 5 orders of magnitude larger than the physical gold supply.  Because of this the spot gold price and its fluctuations - up and down - as quoted by COMEX et. al, is fraudulent to the core.

Given the current trajectory of events, I don't think we will ever see a legitimate "price" for gold, at least not in US dollars.

Bankster Kibble's picture

No reason why Russia should declare everything.  Plus I think they get some of their tax revenues in gold, at least from the miners.

alexcojones's picture

US gold reserves is a "reported" 8,000+ tons?

Divide that number by TEN or more,

And divide Germany holdings here in USSA by the same Magic number.

alexcojones's picture

The "official" gold reserves of China is 1,000 tons?

Multiple by TEN or more....

Goldcore Bitchezzz

alexcojones's picture

Wonder if we Plebians and Serfs will ever know or discover

the True status of "our" gold reserves?

Nothing, probably.

max29's picture



IMF   ..not knowing .....why....

IMF is a department of the GS Rockefeller and some  Banks.

Google went to hide real owners and ordered to delete them all. Starting in 2004.

Google was ordered to all  is covered up and hidden behind numerous governing bodies and governance structures and henchmen.

Not any one can find the real owners  since 2009.


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The real issue for these central banks is the possibility that their treasury reserves could become worthles in the event of dollar hyperinflation. that would leave only gold on their balance sheet.

Notice gold is already the #1 reserve of the ECB. They are ready and I'm guessing that the BIS is quietly helping various countries prepare for such an event. It would be a shame to have the entire monetary system collapse just because one country's currency underwent hyperinflation. All fiat currencies do this as political pressure forces the printer to print more. It was stupid to use the dollar as a reserve in 1945, it was unthinkable when Nixon ceased gold payments in 1971. The real craziness has not happened yet. It will when the dollar dies and it is happening now as foreign central banks have stopped net accumulation of our dollars that are being spend overseas by our government that simply cannot control its spending. 40 billion a month will begin to add up quickly. The decision no longer resets with the USA it is entirely up to those who hold our paper now. We should be nice to them.

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Who gives a shit for the IMF?

Besides Lagarde and the Wall Street cartel !



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Who gives a shit about the IMF?

Say you stole all the cash, borrowed up to your neck, sold more bonds than is possible to repay, your banks are all overleveraged and insolvent and your cronies are starting to sharpen their knives...

You care about the IMF. An IMF loan will let you steal a little bit longer while you plot your get-away while you turn your countries assets over to the bank as security.

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I lost all of my gold years ago when my ship, the SS Minnow was lost on a 3 hour tour. A three hour tour.

TheReplacement's picture

Fortunately for you the Minnow didn't sink and was recovered, eventually.  Good luck with MaryAnn and Ginger.  Pics or it didn't happen.

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All the gold said to be at the NYFED is likely sitting in a Russian wharehouse in Moscow.

SuperRay's picture

do you mean warehouse or whorehouse?

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Yes, you wouldn't find an old hobbit running a Russian whorehouse

nathan1234's picture


I would say it does'nt matter

The gold is far safer in a Russian whorehouse than with the NYFed.


Confundido's picture

When it comes to gold, the Russians are together with the cartel, against China. See, it is interests that are eternal, not friendships.

LawsofPhysics's picture

No one should ever declare their gold reserves, period.  No reason to let the bankers know who to steal from.  Fuck em.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Many here are pushing for a gold std of some sort.  Kinda hard to do without stating in an auditable fashion, how much is owned of gold and how much of paper is printed each year....

SpanishGoop's picture

Declaring my gold reserves to the IMF ?

You must be joking ! Not even my wife knows exactly.



LawsofPhysics's picture

...and with good god damn reason too.

SuperRay's picture

you have gold? What's gold?

whotookmyalias's picture

If I were to have gold, silver, and lead, which I'm not saying I do or do not, my wife would know that I have some, but not how much.  I will however, admit to doing a lot of ocean kayaking recently.  I'm committed to not having an accident everytime I go out.  Losing my cargo is becomming frustrating.

DavidC's picture

No difference between Russia/China and the USA in not reporting the exact's just that Russia/China UNDER reports and the USA OVER reports.


messymerry's picture

The picture of Jinping and Putin tells it all.  Have you ever seen a picture of Obama and Putin together?  Those two hate each other, and China doesn't hate us, they just hold us in utter contempt.  Our dear leader and his dear sick administration is leading us down the path to perdition. 

SAT 800's picture

That's correct. Russia's not declaring all gold holdings to the IMF. Next question?

PhilofOz's picture

...and why should Russia tell the IMF what they are holding? They can lie their faces off just like the US has been doing for decades with their own so-called gold reserves, and of course that goes for Germany's "stockpile"over there. 

doctor10's picture

If I were Putin-I'd make up the number every month!

USisCorrupt's picture

Just Shocking, How can they be doing this, and China too.....


Just can't trust anyone.....




Truth be told I bet Russia & China are sitting on 10,000 metric tonnes or more EACH !

MalteseFalcon's picture

In a time of economic warfare, why would any country reveal accurate economic statistics?

Peak Oilers take note.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Who gives a shit about eCONomic statistics?  Figures lie and liars figure.

With 7+ billion (and growing) all competing for a higher standard of living and all the energy and resources that make that possible, all it takes is enough idiots in one place and fucking fresh water becomes valuable...

shit, that which cannot be sustained, won't be, period.