The "European Close" Trade

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Will today be 4 in a row?


Whatever the trend into the European Close, it reverses as Europe closes...

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But wait!

There's even MOAR chart porn for ZH viewers tuning in today!...


Five waves down on the USD Index (DXY) now:

Looks like the end of the dollar and equities rally.

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Keep spinning those plates... jump fuckers, jump!


same as it ever was....

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u guys r so late on this...
i been telling ya'll mother fuckers that as soon as the last hour in trading starts in London the grand ramp begins...

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$66 trillion in stocks.  what a colossal misallocation of capital.  no wonder the real world is in a depression.

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No, that amount is in stowcks, stoks, stawks and stawcs.

Has nothing to do with stocks anymore.


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That complicated financial tool known as profit-taking.

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Wut dat?



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As the volume on the SPY dives to 2006 levels.

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No, because EOM ramp underway via a massive short squeeze in AAPL.

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thanks for jinxing it, Tylers...