Merkel Slams US Hegemony? "America Can't Solve All The World's Problems Anymore"

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First Russia and China, then UAE, Egypt, and Turkey... and now it appears Germany (following a phone call with Putin) is pulling the rug out from under US hegemony - just as Obama's warmongery ramps up...


Which is odd because just yesterday, President Obama (who never lies) stated "The United States is and will remain the one indispensable nation in the world..." adding that "no other nation can do what we do." Perhaps he is wrong?

“Even a superpower can’t solve all of the problems alone anymore,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

Merkel did not stop there...


Seems like she is returning to the offensive from the defensive...

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Duuuhhhh!!!!!  Merkel is a bit of a slow learner is see.

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America makes most of the world's problems.  It's never solved any.  Solving problems doesn't make money.

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Wow! Let's hope that Merkel has secure communications, that she doesn't plan on taking any commerical flights like MH17 or flying over the Ukraine, and that her bodyguards are extra vigilant.

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At the top, it's all ruled by those who own the BIS.  However, the CEO's of their state corporations are free to battle it out and borrow as much debt money as possible in the process.

That's how it works... Enjoy the show.

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Umm,... did I miss something? When did the US actually solve any of the world's problems? 

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The world's problems are solved when you emigrate from whatever shithole you were born to and move to the US.

Problems solved.

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There was an article the other day that the sanctions are going to cost 50,000 German jobs.  And as summer wains, it starts to get a little chilly in parts of Germany and there may not be any nat gas coming from Russion.

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amerika doesn't solve problems. it creates them

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Ouch, Barry be getting the Merkel strap-on.....

espirit's picture

All going down on Obombas watch.

Wow, what a legacy.

(btw, when's tee-time?)

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Somehow, it will still all be Bush's fault.


espirit's picture

I gave you the greenie because of the hypersensitivity elicited here at ZH to the "B" word.

That, and somebody dropped off a box of rocks.

Uber Vandal's picture


I probably should have put a <sarc> tag on that one.


gmrpeabody's picture

It's a lesson not to be soon forgot, not around here anyway.

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When you are a weak spineless lying pos even fat ugly women enjoy beating you up. When you voted him in what were you expecting America? You got just what you asked for. Enjoy

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"...when you emigrate from whatever shithole you were born".

As clearly illustrated by Edward Snowden.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Thank you for one example. Please instead of rhetoric, post immigration statistics. Feel feel to try to prove your point with facts.

Also, everyone please note that anti-american posts get up votes. And pro-american posts get downvotes...therefore...

FUCK AMERIKA!!! Putin will show these USSA PUSSY(riots) how to play chess instead of checkers!!!

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You crazy? I love America! I want it to be what it was as oppose to the shithole it's become! Putin will teach Obama nothing. It if worked, it would've happened already. I don't want Putin to replace Obama.

I want Ron Paul or someone puting an equal respect for the Constitution being in charge. I don't want wars. I don't want destruction. I don't want death.

We are blessed with a prime piece of land, peaceful neighbors and oceans everywhere else. God damnit! We have a good thing here. Let's not piss it away like this with sociopaths hitting buttons bringing about complete anihilation.

Let's not wait for Putin to fix our shit! That's our fucking job!

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They are increasing the cost to renounce US citizenship to $2,350 after record renunciations.

The amount of people renouncing are undercounted. Waiting times around the world do not add up as they can process many per day. In Toronto, Canada, the amount they can process in a year is just about the same as the official number of renunciants and relinquishments for the wolrd per year.

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I strongly disagree.  America can solve all the world's problems.  We can't leave it to the French.  America is the world's best hope.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Agree, but other countries exist too. So do individuals. A country not ready to defend itself/prove abilities will be taken advantage of. Economically, militarily, psychologically. There are always military, religious, and economic powers that will feed on anything where the cost/benefit analysis proves in their favor.

I don't think anyone is truly naive enough to think we can just stay out of the world's affairs and be our own country.

We can either accept being taken advantage of, fight to stay in the middle, or fight to take advantage of others.

I don't know what is right. Rightness depends on the perspective. The perspective depends of psychology. Psychology changes. You can either fight for a "greater good" or fight to prevent others from fighting for a "greater good". Either way, you are both right and wrong, depending on perspective.

bag holder's picture

Well, that's right, we can't stay out of the world's affairs and be our own country. Our currency is backed by aircraft carriers.

sleepingbeauty's picture

"I don't think anyone is truly naive enough to think we can just stay out of the world's affairs and be our own country."

1. The swiss do it fairly well.
2. Crap, just stop bombing folks.
3. So the choice is to be a bully or to be bullied. I reject that those are the only options.
4. There's this thing other countries do, it's called getting along. From every perspective, it's right.

conscious being's picture

Sleepingbeauty - of course you are correct. I just want to point out that you are arguing America's fate with bunzbunz who plays for the Hebrew National team.

silver4me's picture

I'm not american nor anti-america. I upvote because americain government has never solved any problems. Plain and simple.In WWII they dropped a nuclear bomb on civilians in Japan after Germany had already surrender. The bomb was not needed. Vietnam, and every war since has always been about profits and never started by citizans of the USA.

Tarshatha's picture

OMG, did Brzezinski ok this?

Their German puppet just can't run around spouting any old shit that crosses her mind?

palmereldritch's picture

Part of the negotiated settlement was Putin's insistence that Lagarde has to work off her corruption fine as a Ukrainian truckstop waitress.

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Bush is a scumbag globalist puppet, just like his father and grandfather.  I'll give you even odds that Obama doesn't make it to the end of his term.  He'll either be hospitalized or maybe fake his death, like Ken Lay, just to get away from DC.  At least Bush had a goal and a dream - to take over the world along with his Nazi pals at the CFR and PNAC.  Obama hasn't got a clue, doesn't know what to do, and is scared shitless.  

The USA has been the biggest troublemaker in the world since WWII ended.  The CIA has managed to fuck things up beyond all recognition.  They've toppled governments, assassinated anyone who stood in their way, and have served bankers and corporations since the day they were born (sired by Wall St. bankers and lawyers).  And they're not going to stop.  Sure, we've given away aid to developing nations and have bases all over the world, but it wasn't to 'protect freedom.'  It was to control everything.  There's always a price (and the money always goes to the bankers).  The truly sad part of the story is that all the proof is out there.  All it takes is some curiosity and a wish to know the truth.  That is definitely not a priority for Americans.

gmrpeabody's picture

But, what about baseball, what about APPLE PIE for God's sake?

zaphod's picture

SuperRay hates Mom's everywhere.

(SR I upvoted you)

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Don't be a little girl. Argue with him even if you think he is right. Quit sucking eachother's dicks and debate.

Vendetta's picture

I tried to find something wrong with what you wrote, but couldn't find much... sorry.  Oh but scumbama will make it to the end of his term.  Then he'll ride off into the sunset collecting his payola for national betrayal like the last 8 presidents.

August's picture

Actually, the only positive component of the Obama Legacy will be the collapse of Team America's World Police function.

The big follow-on negative for 'Murcans will be the USD's loss of reserve status; however, this will happen sooner or later anyway, and I'm of the opinion that sooner is better:  it will likely precipitate some (much needed) serious shit on the domestic front.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

When decoded, she was clearly referring to Einstein that "Problems cannot be solved at the same level they were created". 

IOW... "The level at which the problems are created (by the US) are rather basic, and at some point the real Adults in Geopolitics need to step in an take over."

sleepingbeauty's picture

The Kirk avatar kinda ruined the whole adults need to take over for me. ;-)

cali's picture

Daily lurker and first time commenting:

I couldn't agree more!

MalteseFalcon's picture

Could someone list the global problems solved by the US in the last 25 years?

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Well, uh,  think of how much WORSE it could have been if we weren't out there try to spread freedom-n-democracy.  

ChiangMai's picture

Not yet solved, but the USA is working hard on the overpopulation problem:

Earth: 248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 30 million 


ShakaZulu's picture

I'm afraid it's the ONLY "problem" we are going to solve before the end of this century.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Even there they do a shitty job: Off by 50x too low in results, and 50x too expensive.

That's 50x50, or off by thousands of times in Combined Effectiveness.

notadouche's picture

Turned the scientific certainty of a "second ice age" when I was a wee lad and completely turned it into an oncoming scientific "burning in hell" known as global warming.   Good ole American know how and ingenuity right there.   Plus the US has even learned how to monetize the situaition allowing the offending acts to still occur if you can afford to pay for the rights to burn the planet all to hell.

Monotaur's picture

They never want to "solve" problems, instead they incite them. Then by "trying" to fix the problems, they come a step closer to NWO. Example: "War on Terror"

James_Cole's picture

Could someone list the global problems solved by the US in the last 25 years?


nmewn's picture

The election of Obama caused the oceans to recede.

You're welcome ;-)

gmrpeabody's picture

You don't have to have any higher education.., or have had to hold down any kind of job..., or even have to be of any proven particular nationality..., to get elected President. If that ain't contributing, I don't know what is.

(having a degree and having been educated are two different things entirely, for those of you who will surely down me)

ugmug's picture

We solved the problem of turning billionaires into trillionaires....

conscious being's picture

Hollywood solved the problem of how we are supposed to think and feel.