WHO Worker Ebola Infections Mount: Sierra Leone Lab Shut, Senegal Doctor Flown To Hamburg

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There is reason to be concerned "about whether the proposed resources would be adequate," warns a Harvard professor as the World Health Organization 'battle strategy' draft calls for more than $430 million to bring the worst Ebola outbreak on record under control. This morning we hear of yet another health worker infected - and being flown home to Hamburg for treatment from Sengal and the WHO has shut a lab in Sierra Leone after health workers became infected. A glimpse at the following 3 charts should have the entire world throwing money at at them...


As Bloomberg reports,

More than $430 million will be needed to bring the worst Ebola outbreak on record under control, according to a draft document laying out the World Health Organization’s battle strategy.

The plan sets a goal of reversing the trend in new cases within two months, and stopping all transmission in six to nine months. It requires funding by governments, development banks, the private sector and in-kind contributions, according to the document obtained by Bloomberg News.




There is reason to be concerned “about whether the proposed resources would be adequate,” said Barry Bloom, a public health professor at Harvard University who also questioned whether the funds would be made available fast enough, and whether the organization’s latest plan “would ensure the expertise from WHO that is needed.”


The WHO plans to publish the plan by the end of this week at the earliest and details may change, said Fadela Chaib, a spokeswoman for the Geneva-based agency. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon this month appointed health crisis expert David Nabarro to coordinate the UN response.

Previous outbreaks pale in significance...


and it is getting worse very fast...

Charts: Bloomberg, WHO, and Ecologically Oriented

* * *

And it gets worse - WHO shuts Sierra Leone Lab...

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Tuesday it had shut a laboratory in Sierra Leone after a health worker there was infected with Ebola, a move that may hamper efforts to boost the global response to the worst ever outbreak of the disease


The WHO said it had withdrawn staff from the laboratory testing for Ebola at Kailahun -- one of only two in Sierra Leone -- after a Senegalese epidemiologist was infected with Ebola.


"It's a temporary measure to take care of the welfare of our remaining workers," WHO spokesperson Christy Feig said, without specifying how long the measure would last. "After our assessment, they will return."

And another WHO health worker is sick (and being flown home to Hamburg)

An employee of the World Health Organization (WHO) who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone will be flown to the German city of Hamburg for treatment, a spokesman for the city said.


Rico Schmidt, spokesman for the Hamburg Health Senate, said the patient would arrive later on Wednesday and be treated at Hamburg university clinic's tropical medicine institute. The WHO in Geneva said the patient was a Senegalese epidemiologist.


One of the deadliest diseases known to man, Ebola is transmitted by contact with body fluids and the current outbreak has killed at least 120 healthcare workers.

  *  *

We leave it to the WHO to conclude:

It’s not “a
question of incompetence or complacency,” according to Morrison, who
said the WHO should be able to raise the money needed. “It’s the fact we’re catching up with the unknown, and it’s way ahead of us.”

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Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Importing the plague to Germany next. Why not fly them to Atlanta and them compassionate folks over at the CDC since the precedent was already set for irresponsibiilty.

Yep this is going to be an interesting day...


Tao 4 the Show's picture

And the money is to pay emergency workers? Kind of like the disposable Chernobyl workers?

TerminalDebt's picture


It’s not “a
question of incompetence or complacency,” according to Morrison, who
said the WHO should be able to raise the money needed.“It’s the fact we’re catching up with the unknown, and it’s way ahead of us.”



So it's airbourne and you're pretending that fact is unknown then?

Joe Davola's picture

Here, how about we just close the borders!

Make the $425 million check out to your truly.

sunaJ's picture

Here is a good tool for monitoring the Ebola outbreak, as well as any infectious disease:




Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

The management at the WHO must be getting a hard on. Please! Send us $450 million. As they talk on the side "like we can fix this problem he he he"

TerminalDebt's picture

Why no update on the spread in almost a week?

Urban Roman's picture

Because like Fukushima, it is still spreading.

Therefore, not news. same-o same-o ...

Haha, $430 million? Under control? There is no control. And what a splendid idea, by the way -- fly infected persons about from one continent to another.

Something something, agenda 21 nwo bilderberg guidestone population something. ... Darwin!

Publicus's picture

First the superbugs, now Ebola, nature is scoring victory after victory.

buyingsterling's picture

WHO workers are getting it. Good thing it's not airborne, or even the ones who protect themselves well will get it, as opposed to these trained Europeans who can't seem to get the precautions right.


Anyone still arguing that this isn't airborne is clearly wrong.


mjcOH1's picture

"Here, how about we just close the borders!

Make the $425 million check out to your truly."


The DNC chairman would like to have a word with you by the 'undocumented Democrat' charter buses.

Hephaestus's picture

I think they are stunned. You know like tepco. Too terrified to care about some fix it money!

 Ebola does not seem to like cold temps. If I get it and then jump in 40 F water and go hypothermic....will it kill any of the virus inside me? If it did would the blow to my immune system offset any gains made?

SemperFudge's picture

Not sure buddy. Are you a fruit bat?

Hephaestus's picture

No I just figure that they will develop the cure over budget and ....behind schedule. So you see im not to keen on waiting for Monsanto to save us. I have zero skills with living things so I was just wondering what we could do environmentally to raise the odds of survival. Will anything help? Im just thowing shit up on the wall.

Getting so drunk the alcohol content kills it, Huge adrenaline bursts, anything like this?  is it possible to bond some metalic mineral to the virus and then kill with microwaves? What is the resonate freq of the virus? What about light sensitivity?


The cold theory - If the virus dies at say 60F and a human can survive cold down to 55F. Why not just chill the body? Do it twice to get the blood that was trapped in the heart brain loop the first time. What sparked this question was an old Russian method of heart surgery. They would kill the patient with cold and operate on them dead. Like this


Hephaestus's picture

I will not kneel quietly praying that Phizer gives a shit while Ebola walks up to execute me and mine ISIS style. There are smart people here lets see what creative solutions might be found.


"Why no update on the spread in almost a week?"  I called WHO human resources and the girl on the phone said this: Some of them died. Some ran away. Some had to be shot to keep them from talking. The remaining scientists are apparently suffering some sort of morale crisis too.  Also she reported that an out of the box type DHS enforcer(I know I know its crazy!) had refused to shoot the guy who was going to save us all. This caused a major rukus inside the main offices. Some delay is due to prima donna spin doctors wanting the place remodeled before they will return to work and tell us all whats going on.



downthehatch's picture

yes a tremendous cure, in fact during the middle ages circa 1347 to 1355, the entire european population

decided to cure themselves of the plague by jumping in the North Sea during winter, it worked quite well

and only about half the population of Europe died, wow don't you love medical advances

Hephaestus's picture

So the difference between dying of the plauge then and now is what? These "advances" have what to offer? Those fucking idiots are flying the shit to you! THANKS MEDICAL ADVANCES!

Publicus's picture

There are no medical advances being made against death. The case fatality rates remains at 100%.

Hephaestus's picture

Also I strongly suspect the people jumping in the North Sea during that long ago winter where trying to get away from their doctors.  These quacks had told everyone that snorting infected blood offered protection. It was a medical advance you see.....

And no virus has ever been cured. The cure rate remains at 0%

Publicus's picture

There is no profit in cure.

MalteseFalcon's picture

I'd certainly like to see a map of the minor outbreaks in places outside of Africa.

On the bright side, maybe Ebola will wipe out WHO.  I think WHO's upper management should consider an on-site fact-finding trip to Sierra Leone.  Don't forget your masks and gloves!!

SilverDOG's picture

Everybody stop bitchin'.

Go buy NANOSILVER for yourself and "loved ones" s/-when needed.

DOD test showed nanosilver destroys EEEBBOOOwwLLLaaahh.

Not colloidal silver NANO.

Sit back if and when it come to spreading amongst US and sip away.

There will be plenty of water, food, housing, and money.

Nobody will want the money... they'll be dead ! 

Of course that is if... if an outbreak occurs at all.

WW3 is breaking out right now. 

Death and um ummm death.

Great choices.

Move along now.

rum_runner's picture

Who needs ebola when you're already stark raving mad.

downthehatch's picture

ww111 is not breaking out right now thank you, dont panic the natives ffs

New World Chaos's picture

Fuck the WHO.  We need the equivalent of enenews.com.  Has such a site emerged yet?  (healthmap is a neat approach, a lot of news to be had, though the main news page seems propaganda-ish.)

sushi's picture

The www.healthmap.org map is interesting. In addition to the "Big Three" of Sierra Leone, Guninea, and Liberia it also indicates Ebola is present and reported in all of the following countries:



Cote d'Ivorie




Sao Tome and Principe


Central African Republic


Democratic Republic of the Congo





If accurate this means the disease has spread from west to East Africa. Given that none of these nations are known for the quality of local healthcare and lack of basic needs such as clean drinking water, proper sanitation not to mention the problems due to overcrowding and poverty it looks like this is quickly moving toward pandemic if not already at that point.

Given the long incubation period and the lowered lethality of the strain in this outbreak the health implications are significant. Not to mention that the greater the number of persons exposed, the greater the opportunity for the virus to mutate into and even more dangerous form. Time to dig out the Duct-tape, visqueen, and the case of single malt.

Lux Fiat's picture

It is a news aggregation map - i.e. the dot in Russia is from a Russian news source where the story mentions ebola.  Very interesting, as there were dots in countries indicating potential cases (which have fortunately not panned out) that I was not aware of, such as Vietnam.  In many cases, it is just a story on ebola, versus about a local instance (suspected or otherwise) of the disease.  Still, a very interesting way to map and display the data.

MalteseFalcon's picture

Are they taking Cipro at the White House, yet?

mjcOH1's picture

Remember Reagan's jelly bean jar?  

Those aren't jelly beans anymore.

oklaboy's picture

excellent link, thank you

GetZeeGold's picture



Idea......insteal of flying victims all over the world. Let's just keep them there...and fly drugs to them.

Never One Roach's picture

They're going to lock you up in the closet if you keep talking common sense like that.

tonyw's picture

Agree, keep them there, shut the borders of Africa completely.

If ebola is through contact with boby fluids how come these lab workers with their biological suits are getting infected?

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

When watching Armageddon, my first thought was "Surely some astronauts can be taught some drilling?" (versus teaching riggers to become astronauts)

Same thing here.  Our society has loves a crisis, thats the only answer I can come up with.

Dr Strangemember's picture

So when do we start shorting Airlines and Cruise companies?

steelhead23's picture

TD - So it's airbourne and you're pretending that fact is unknown then?

I suspect they are trying to discern whether or not this is true.  I would hope that they are using the precautionary principal and are assuming it is true until it is proved that it isn't - beyond a shado of doubt.  I think it is rational to assume that of the 120 healthcare workers who have contracted the disease, most were practicing proper precautions.  Hence, the possibility that this very nasty bit of RNA has evolved to have a broader set of mechanisms of transmission than has been assumed to date.  I very much hope I am wrong.

junction's picture

The sound of clattering hooves, in the distance the Four Horsemen.

willwork4food's picture

That's just the sound of the Budweiser Clydesdales bringing high quality beer to a town near you.

You worry too much.

MsCreant's picture

The horses drink the good beer themselves and sell us their piss.

LFMayor's picture

true dat!  Rice-based popskull will split your gourd the next day!

Pickleton's picture

High quality, but low in flavor

Dr Strangemember's picture

Mmmmmmm, All-U-Can-Eat Salad, errrr ummmmm, ebola Bar!

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

It is no mistake Kerry was cast to be one of the horsemen in this Luciferian production of the end of times for petrodollar.

If I was the Germans I wouldn't let him anywhere near their country at this point because we know what follows everytime he shows up....


Tenshin Headache's picture

Don't forget Canada. That's where the 3 WHO lab workers who are being repatriated are from.

BandGap's picture

Map looks like something you see in the War Room at the Pentagon.

Just another form of a slow moving mushroom cloud.

RmcAZ's picture

Mr. Yellen should be able to print our way to an Ebola cure. All else fails, throw dollars at the problem.

Brazen Heist's picture

An epidemic is when we are losing the war against the bugs, a pandemic is when we have lost the war.