More Than Twice as Many Americans “Strongly Disapprove” of Obama as “Strongly Approve”

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Polls have previously shown:

  • Congress is less popular than zombies, witches, dog poop, potholes, toenail fungus, hemorrhoids, cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesmen, Genghis Khan, Communism, North Korea, BP during the Gulf Oil Spill, or Nixon during Watergate

A new Gallup poll shows that more than twice as many Americans “strongly disapprove” as “strongly approve” of Obama:

President Barack Obama's Approval Ratings, by Intensity

The poll also shows that almost twice as many Americans strongly approved of Obama in July 2009 as do today ... his "strongly approve" rate plummeted from 32% to 17%.

Why is Obama so unpopular?

Because – as horrible as Bush was – Obama is worse than Bush in favoring the super-elite, bailing out the big banks, protecting financial criminals, targeting whistleblowers, keeping government secrets, trampling our liberties and starting military conflicts in new countries.

Obama is even worse than Bush in redistributing wealth from the American people to a handful of fatcats and spying on Americans.

Obama is also worse than Bush in appointing cronies to powerful government positions.

Americans now realize that Obama is not following the will of the people.

Moreover, having a sell-out president Obama after a sell-out president Bush has shown the people that neither mainstream parties represents them.

Indeed, both the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties are virtually identical regarding core issues including:

Any apparent difference is just a scripted show.

Under both Republican and Democratic politicians, both the rule of law and free market capitalism have been trashed.

In reality, we no longer have free market capitalism. Instead, we have socialism for the rich and sink-or-swim capitalism for everyone else.   Conservatives see the socialism half of this equation, and liberals see the laissez faire free market half. Both liberals and conservatives hate crony capitalism. Look here, here, here.

People have lost faith in the 2 party system.

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Funny murkins. Pretend they are awake but still sound asleep. I am not PRO Obama or PRO Bush, as opposed to this thinly veiled left right analytical BS. 

GW BUSH was less popular than Obama. PERIOD. This is easily googled and verified with all the polls taken

George W. Bush's Low Point: %25

Obama's Low point: %41

These are facts. 

Another fact is the left right paradigm is not only alive and well but thriving in the US and on this site. 

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GW thank you for posting that little tidbit.  Awareness has been rising thanks to expose' such as this but if you are not calling for the arrest and prosecution of all the progressive criminal usurpers infesting the FEDGOV you are still missing the mark.

The entire FEDGOV have violated their oaths of office and committed felony crime which has been well documented. We are way past time for arrest and imprisonment and THAT is what you should be calling for.

Don't be a pussy.


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 The coverage of "Watergate 40 years after" that aired on PBS got me thinking about how President Nixon did not resign right away after five men were arrested for trying to break into the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate hotel and office complex. It took a long time for the dots to be connected and the temperature to rise. A comparison of the times, 1972 and 2012, and how society has changed leads me to ponder some of the issues that brought about his demise.

I can state without a doubt that a President would no longer have to hire "burglars" to break into an opponent's headquarters, the technology of today is far more sophisticated. Today a President with his own White House propaganda machine, and a few well placed lies or misleading information placed out on Sunday talk shows could have the same effect on an election that skullduggery would of had in the past. More on all the scandals surrounding the President and how it might play out in the article below.

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More Than Twice as Many Americans “Strongly Disapprove” of Obama as “Strongly Approve”

So what are 2/3rds doing about it?

Hatching eggs and twiddling their thumbs? And hoping it's a bad dream which will go away?




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More socialist propaganda. Yes, both political parties suck, and yes both the bush and the obama suck. But the politicians are not redistributing the "peoples" earnings to the financial elites, but to the nation's proletariat human garbage, including tens of millions of economic invaders primarily from south of the border, through the supergalactic entitlement programs. The FED is inflating financial assets, which is disproportionately benefiting the financial elites, but this is not "redistributing the people's earnings". End all income taxes and entitlement programs, which are impoverishing the working people, and I won't care what the financial elites get or do. Socialist propagandists just love this tactic of distracting the victims of the socialist parasite proletariat hordes by pointing to the traditional bogey men, eg bankers, financial elites, the wealthy, etc, etc. To stay focused, just look at your pay stub and see directly how much of your earnings are being confiscated and look at the government spending and you will see immediately and directly who is doing the confiscation and who is geting the redistribution, ie the parasites who live off others through the entitlement programs, and that isn't the financial elites !

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I agree with much of what you say, however, I think that there is plenty of basis for accusations of wealth redistribution to elites, particularly via financial industry endgaming, manipulation, Muppet herding to financial killing fields and other such middle class bubble plundering.  Banksters, including central, need to discover lampposts as an instrument of justice.

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Come on folks, polls don't matter..

-Thats all Folks-

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Obama was a media creation unlike any president since Kennedy. He was what the Media outlets wanted as a selling proposition and that legend was just fine by the puppet masters. The next Media Script is to elect a Woman.

The drones in UK and Canada copy the script because of Media Power. The UK is the largest Advertising Sector in Europe with the most TV hours watched (weather) and that shapes perceptions.

Americans are living in The Matrix

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the question then becomes,"who gets really good bipartisan/nonpartisan support?" no one in the west.  farage, maybe. i can see for miles and miles and miles and there is no one in the usa.

conscious being's picture

No ... That's not the question. The question is more like How will we get a grand jury going?

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Ok approval ratings are at all time lows for all the scumbags. But somehow they keep getting re-elected...all of them.

And you don't think elections are 100% rigged?

reset71's picture

The elections are rigged or the voters are stupid.  I'm going with the latter.

conscious being's picture

You would, wouldn't you?

Princeton University shows how to hack Diebold and change the vote tally.

In fact, youtube has a bazillion of these Diebold critiques, including from the likes of Fox ^News. Shocking.

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"as horrible as Bush was – Obama is worse than Bush"

In Canada, the new leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, whose father was previously a Prime Minister of Canada, is obviously copying the first President Obama political campaign, and that is working. (E.g., his slogan is "Hope and Hard Work" as well as the release of an autobiography, etc.) The next Canadian Federal Elections, in October 2015, appear to become like this cartoon, as featured on Zero Hedge before, and as I have linked here:

CANADA FOLLOWS AFTER THE USA, a few steps behind, and the apparent pattern Canadians are on is represented in the cartoon linked above, where the Canadian Conservatives could be substituted for the American Republicans, and the Canadian Liberals for the American Democrats, while the rest would stay the same, including overall getting worse faster. In the Canadian case, the recent forward step was taken by the Conservatives, while the next step may be a return to a Liberal government.

In that context, President Bush II would be like Prime Minister Harper, while the Liberal Party leader, Trudeau II, would be like President Obama. In fact, President Obama turned out to be worse than President Bush II. When one looks behind the scenes more at the campaign of the Liberals led by Trudeau II, it looks a lot like the first campaign of Obama, being an excellent professional liar and immaculate hypocrite, to tell people what they wanted to hear, in order to fool enough of them. The degree to which Trudeau II appears to believe in his own bullshit makes him worse! (Like saying he will save the Canadian middle class, while he, of course, never talks about the banksters, but rather, it was his father in the 1970s that agreed to stop using the Bank of Canada, but rather, take orders from the international banksters.)

Canadians (or particularly the English speaking Canadians, while not quite so much the French speaking Canadians) are even more complacent political idiots than Americans, because Canadians are STILL IN THEIR BUBBLE, which has seriously popped for many other people around the world, but not YET for Canadians. However, should the opinion polls now continue through to the next Canadian elections, while the predicted global economic crises happen with the next several years, then one could reasonably expect the Canadian economic BUBBLE to also somewhat POP, which would then generate the conditions in which Trudeau II as Prime Minister could end up being worse than the current Prime Minister Harper, similarly to how it actually turned out that President Obama ended up being worse than President Bush II.



The March of Tyranny

himaroid's picture

The old Revolutionary Patriots roll down these ridges, and these creeks, and they wallow down here with me. The third oldest marked grave in this country is not on the Potomac. But the blood still lives.

himaroid's picture

OK, GW. If you invite us jerry springer fans. we will come. Never mind.

teslaberry's picture

its time like these when george washington reveals his imperfections. 


george you are a tireless crusader for truth. but sometimes you simply jump on the bandwagon. and in this case, you are subtly endorsing the viewpoint that truth comes from mob/public opinion. it does not. 


for if your logic held true 6 years ago. then because public opinion was highly in favor of obama as he replaced bush, then you would have been telling us obama wasn't in fact a hand picked cia getkept president ready and willing to do the bidding of those who are his handlers and keepers. 


the truth doesn't change becasue public opinion comprised the truth. the truth is what it is, and public opinion changes to suit the times. 


i'm not 'disspointed' in GW i thank you for your great reporting. but sometimes-----GW, you show your mob persepctive quite well. 

reset71's picture

Usually I don't like GW's articles because he bashes the Jews so much and gives so much weight to conspiracy theories.  This article I actually agreed with- Obama is an ineffective, inept, idiot.

conscious being's picture

That's what you call a shit sandwich. Get the shots in on GW and then finish with the crowd pleaser 'Obummer sucks'. Which of course he does, so you get your approval magnet. Now you can not return to edit out the Obama line.

q99x2's picture

You can count Q99x2 as at least an octillion that disapprove.

TeethVillage88s's picture



Well, did you read the Declaration of Independence and believe it.

Yes, you are Right. USA recruited Nazis & Fascist at the end of WWII... We wanted to create Stay behind armies all over Europe to fight against a Communist Invasion. Then we passed the National Security Act and created the CIA to manage all of it. Weapons Caches, Explosives, Magazines for storage, money, new cold war strategies to convince citizens of the danger of left wing communists terrorist attacks.

Hm... actually it is the same Model isn't it?

I still have a thing for the US Constitution & our Individual Rights... Natural Rights.

Clearly G.W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld, Bill Clinton, Hillery Clinton, and Barak Obamba... never watch Mash on TV or notice the Mash exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum.

Fuck Me.

- No Problem with $59 Trillion in Total US Debt today when we had like almost nothing in the early 1970s?... except for the Vietnam Public Debt?

"When in the history of mankind has the world been better?"

Answer: Probably 1901-1913 in the USA. Maybe out to 1920 in the USA. We didn't know about the military interventions in the Caribbean, Central & South America (as far as I know it was like the innocence of the 1950s in that sense). But how about the Age of Enlightenment... not sure if knowledge was freely spread around by talking in public places... The Age of Enlightenment seems to be a time of people creating and learning. How do you like that?

- But from like 1860 - 1913 the Farmers had problems with the gold currency being denominated too high and financing crops each year(sector problem).

moneybots's picture

"Any apparent difference is just a scripted show.

Under both Republican and Democratic politicians, both the rule of law and free market capitalism have been trashed."


That is what it boils down to.


conscious being's picture

Colonel - Network Interface Card??

TeethVillage88s's picture

Question More!! Question Authority!!

OR Die & Kiss US Constitution GOODBYE-BYE!

nmewn's picture

I'll say it again, as much as we disagree on...well...a lot of things (lol) you agreed the government forcing people to buy a product or service from a private corporation they may never need or use or pay the government a fine/penalty/tax was inherently, ethically wrong, you knew it instinctively and I gave you kudos for realizing it.

This breeds mutual respect. Maybe next time, yell a little louder about it. No matter how many of "your friends" you piss off.

I've done it with Part D, Patriot Act, Bush Bailouts (its mostl bribery) you can do it too.

Free yourself ;-)

falconflight's picture

And yet primary election participation is down to record levels...especially for the Goiter Ole Party (Tory Loyalists).  They've lost hope only because so many refused to lift a finger literally (contribute to Establishment challengers, click or enter a voting booth, clink).  Fuck em, I'm voting either for the socialist hag Hagen or sitting on my hands in November.  I will not vote for a party that has just expected that every dictatorial action by the DemPervs would pump me up to vote for the GOP when they are quiet as mice heading into the elections.  Fuck them, I hate their guts.

Lin S's picture

When did the ruling class start caring about the "approval" of us peons, again?

Dr Strangemember's picture

So, nearly twice as many americans have finally woken up vs those that are still waiting "fo dey free shitt".

Zero Govt's picture

they never had any faith GW

nobody voted for Obumma ..nor any of the other puppets in DC

look at the voting cues.. at a standstill because nobody is voting ..they have to fake it.. massively ...Govt is a lie and a fraud from head to toe ..including all the voting numbers

TeethVillage88s's picture


Let's Reflect on Patriarchy and how it Brain Washes us all.

English, German, Nazi, American. You brought up the sneeky bastards in Banking... why do we buy stocks thinking we get Equity when we have no Stock Certificate? Why do we find out that we don't know who owns our mortagage, Deriviative Rehypothication, and not fight about it... scratch at it till we find the truth.

Related Story of English Patriarchs:

Mind Control & Lower Intelligence comes from some place.

We all allow ourselves to believe in Authority Figures... even on the most important things... we accept false info and lies... instead of Investigating, Exposing, Demanding to Be Taught.

Rich Elites are in every country. They lie to us. They control politicians that Lie to US.

- No need for Ratings Agencies with Integrity?
- No need for GAAP Accounting Rules
- No problem with MERS in Mortgage Electronic Commerce?
- No problem with Systemic Fraud in all US Markets?
- No problem with Money in Politics and hidden financial networks, crony insider networks, $700 Trillion in Derivatives?
- No Problem with $59 Trillion in Total US Debt today when we had like almost nothing in the early 1970s?... except for the Vietnam Public Debt?

George Washington's picture

If the good third-party candidates get railroaded - like Ron Paul did last time - maybe we should all write in "Dog Poop" ... ?

jughead's picture

NONE OF THE ABOVE should be a choice for each and every elected office on the the ballot.  If NONE OF THE ABOVE wins a majority of the vote, the office becomes vacant until a new election finally chooses a winner.  That way the incumbent can't just stay in office forever if the public rejects all the candidates...but the public still has a vested interest in getting someone elected since the position is now vacant.

As an added bonus, since NONE OF THE ABOVE is on the ballot, we can quantify the percentage of voters who are dissatisfied with all the candidates forced upon the parties motivation to hopefully choose better candidates and ensuring the winner doesn't get too cocky over any alleged "mandate".

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

I'm not sure about that. I think Diebold converts the " Dog Poop" vote into its preprogrammed winner. But I tend to be pessimistic and cynical.


DaveyJones's picture

I wouldn't let good fertlizer go to such waste

0b1knob's picture

Americans elected (and reelected) Choomboy.   They have made their bed now they must lay in it and eat their hope-and-change shit salad.

Obama voters are dead to me.   Enjoy your free Obamaphones and free Obamacare contraceptives idiots.

HK21E's picture

America didn't re-elect that skid mark. Diebold did. The 2012 elections were the thing that finally woke me up into realizing that it is all one massive scam and that all these fuckwads play for the same team. 

Fuck voting.

conscious being's picture

If you like your unauditable touch screen voting ... you can keep your unauditable touch screen voting.

Princeton University shows how to hack Diebold and change the vote tally.

In fact, youtube has a bazillion of these Diebold critiques, including from the likes of Fox ^News. Shocking.

GW, you are too late with your article on declining intelligence. Americans are already brain dead.

Richard Chesler's picture

I haven't lost anything. I always knew he was a POS. 

TeethVillage88s's picture

Question More!! Question Authority!!

OR Die & Kiss US Constitution GOODBYE-BYE!

disabledvet's picture

"Now that Congress has advised is time for them to consent!"

Of course "why have an Attorney General then?" If nobody's rights are enforced...are everybody's?

"Just put the customer on hold...for 500 years...

TeethVillage88s's picture

Wait the State AG is in competition with the Federal AG, Eric Holder....

So, we decide between states rights, states jurisdiction, and states powers and a crony insider who abets Wall Street Fraud, and give a stand down to the FBI when he wants to. In fact the US AG stands down border patrol, ICE, DHS, and TSA in order to fulfill Financial Schemes and Economic Schemes on top of Political Intrigue and Schemes.

Nice. If you can get the job. 99.999% of us don't get the luxury of being an insider or Elite.

States Rights? What? We in the Federal Government have not heard about this before and can not comment!

First amendment only applies to legitimate corporations or organizations... who brought this questions?? Legitimate Press is what we are talking about. There is no room for Citizens in exploring our government.

SafelyGraze's picture

gotta admit that I'm kinda getting dissappointed with the b'ho-n-chief, performance-wise and in terms of policy-making with respect to current events

maybe I was gullible

maybe I was swayed by pressure to fit in with the crowd and show that I supported hoping change, because who wouldn't support these things, in terms of progress, going forward

and that is why I am considering the hillary ticket 

because I think we know where the hillary ticket stands on the issues, in terms of what the framing of the policy perspective is all about from a geopolitical viewpoint

and *that*, frankly, is going to be necessary as we consider the structure of our common shared interest(s) with respect to both the policy guidance and also in terms of the wider ramifications of the common shared interest

miss south carolina
also now on twitter so that I can better outreach with others, including children(s)


Grimaldus's picture

You do realize Hillary's destabilization of Syria, Libya and the Ukraine and the resultant death of hundreds of thousands is a war crime don't you?

Hillary Clinton, the face of American progressives, the face of death for millions of innocents if allowed free reign to murder.

Bitch needs to be arrested, not voted for.


nmewn's picture

It was deep, biting, sarcasm.


reset71's picture

Hillary criticized Obama for having not already bombed Syria.  I sort of hope the gullible like you vote in Hillary, it almost seems inevitable anyway.  I want to see how far this shit train can get downt he track- makes for interesting news.

Sandmann's picture

Oh yeah...Clinton......that should be funny having Bill back in the Oral Office