NATO Releases Satellite Imagery "Proof" That Russia Has Invaded Ukraine

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NATO released new satellite images on Thursday, 28 August 2014, that show Russian combat forces engaged in military operations inside the sovereign territory of Ukraine. The images, captured in late August, depict Russian self-propelled artillery units moving in a convoy through the Ukrainian countryside and then preparing for action by establishing firing positions in the area of Krasnodon, Ukraine. Russia's response - "reports on Russian troops in Ukraine are false."



The source of the images is an independent firm named Digital Globe. The images have not been altered or changed by NATO. Additional information has been added to identify locations, dates and equipment. DigitalGlobe images can be independently verified:

Story by SHAPE Public Affairs Office

Image 1 shows Russian military units moving in a convoy formation with self-propelled artillery in the area of Krasnodon, Ukraine, well inside territory controlled by Russian separatists. The image was captured on 21 August 2014. There is confidence the equipment is Russian, since Ukrainian units have not yet penetrated this far into separatist controlled territory.

Image 2 shows Russian self-propelled artillery units set up in firing positions near Krasnodon, Ukraine. They are supported by logistical vehicles which are likely carrying extra ammunition and supplies. This configuration is exactly how trained military professionals would arrange their assets on the ground, indicating that these are not unskilled amateurs, but Russian soldiers. Russian artillery systems like these have recently shelled Ukrainian positions outside the city of Luhansk in conjunction with a separatist counteroffensive to attempt to break the Ukrainian siege of the city.

Image 3 includes two pictures (left and right) and shows a military deployment site on the Russian side of the border, near Rostov-on-Don. This location is approximately 31 miles or 50 kilometres from the Dovzhansky, Ukraine border crossing.
The image on the left was captured on 19 June 2014 and shows the area to be mostly empty at this time. The image on the right was taken two months later on 20 August 2014 and shows the same location. Russian main battle tanks, armored personnel carriers, cargo trucks and tented accommodations can all be clearly seen. This is one example of the multiple encampments that Russia has positioned near its border with Eastern Ukraine. Many of these forces are deployed within a few kilometers of Ukraine, and are capable of attacking with little warning, and could potentially overwhelm and push-back Ukrainian units. Russia has also moved significant numbers of combat aircraft and helicopters to airfields along the border. Russian unmanned aircraft routinely cross into Ukrainian airspace.
Some equipment from these locations is moved across the border and is used to resupply and equip separatist forces operating in Ukraine. For months, Russia has provided separatist fighters with heavy equipment in the form of tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, and multiple rocket launchers. Air defense systems have also been provided to separatists, even following the downing of Malaysian airlines flight MH17.

Image 4, captured on 23 July 2014, depicts what are probably six Russian 153mm 2S19 self-propelled guns located in Russia near Kuybyshevo. This site is situated 4 miles, or 6.5 kilometres, south of the Ukraine border, near the village of Chervonyi Zhovten. The guns are pointed north, directly towards Ukrainian territory (see North indicator on image). See image 5 for an overview of where these guns are situated in relation to Ukrainian territory.

Image 5 shows a wider overview including the position of the self-propelled guns from image 4. Note the North indicator on this image, and remember that the guns are orientated in this location. It is clear that from this location, it would be impossible NOT to fire into Ukrainian territory. This is clearly NOT an exercise; these guns are being used to support separatist forces operating in the territory of Ukraine.

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"Proof" indeed...

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Merkel looking...


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Russia's reponse:



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Duffy's picture

When did Ukraine join NATO?

john39's picture

joined the parent organization recently, ZATO...

knukles's picture

If they'd released the satellite imagery on YouTube it would have been credible.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

About fucking time! 

I hope Putin makes quick work of Ukraine and doubles Europe's gas price just to say "Fuck you" unless countries leave the EU, and then Putin keeps prices the same. 

The Tribe wants an economic war.  Watch Putin bring the EMZ (which is already on the brink) down to its knees, and as the derivatives start getting called, the US either double downs, or cuts "Europe" loose.  

Wahooo's picture

First the Ukes, then ISIS.

Latina Lover's picture

Different terrorist organizations, same controllers.

Latina Lover's picture

Yawn.  There is a picture of Poroschenko addressing his troops with a Ukie t-72 behind him.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I seriously hope the UKIE soliders that are told to get into that realise the Russians have the T-95 and pleutonium based ammo.  

At some point the Ukies will realise fighting the Russians is a bad idea.  I don't think it has happened yet, perhaps the first freeze will do it.  (No heat, cold water pipes exploding everywhere then after the thaw (the next day) water everywhere).  

Keyser's picture

Let's hope that NATO comes to the same conclusion, turns tail and runs back to the safety of the EU... Obama will not send troops into Ukraine and Putin knows it... 

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

LOL... Google has a better image of the BBQ grill in my back yard. Maybe these are USSR movements from the 1960s? I might buy that.

Peek propaganda.

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It's all about Shekels & the tribe wants to make moar shekels.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

Well... watching the nightly propaganda rah, rah, rah sessions on the telescreen they really want these images to be the smoking gun or something. That and a video of "Russian" personnel carriers bearing a Ukrainian flag... did anyone else catch that (on CBS I think)?

Sometimes I think the whole Ukraine debacle is one big pysop to get people believing their open-prison-spy-matrix isn't real or sophisticated enough to do jack shit.

COSMOS's picture

I would say my screen caputre is much better proof that the images NATO is parading lol.

Slave's picture

What is your screen capture proof of? The guy calling people jew haters got his post deleted... so what? All replies to deleted posts also get deleted. Happens all the time......

Apeman's picture

Agree, I'd rather not read all that nonsense. But it's a slippery slope though.

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We all know that Russians are fighting in the Ukraine.  Why turn Putin into a hero?  The guy's just another asshole.

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.....Speaking of Assholes if you want to pimp your churchlady "blog" up your game for the love of god.... actually what is your game  you don't seem clever enough to dump keystroke recorders on visiting machines why all the blather about your gastrointestinal dysfunction?? Man I really don't get you at least the nigerians try to steal data or highjack email accounts WTF do you do I mean really what is the point of your little hyperlink to palookaville -  fuck  

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ditto.  but deleting comments re: cosmo seems chicken shit.  who wants an echo chamber like fox or kos?

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Why does someone actually discussing the article get his posts deleted but not the fucking asshole SPAM SPAM SPAMming his blog?

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In 1972 approx.  DR David Harold Renfro returned from a study of the oil and gas assets of the soviet union.   It was conducted by  12 of the top experts in a few related fields. Dr. Renfro ( Pete) informed me that there was more oil and gas in the soviet union than in Saudi Arabia.  At Pete's house I also met Dr Edward Teller at one of his parties.  The oil and gas in Ukraine might be sizable but the Russians have no need to fight for it.  The need for war and chaos to cover the tracks of the criminals who have destroyed the western economies are the sole motivation for the current conflict in Ukraine.  Putin is not the trouble maker in this  conflict.  The obvious lies of the desperate minions of the counterfeiters are causing the public in many nations to gag. The daily heaping up of more lies is bringing the public (those with assets) closer and closer to a new understanding of the system.  The outlandish propaganda of my country and Europe has convinced me that these  tools believe that we are incapable of reason.  I suppose they are incapable of seeing their likely future. I gaurantee that we are capable of keeping track of lackeys who will one day pay the price for teason against mankind 

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ZH editors deleting comments...

I wish they'd give me an IGNORE button, so I could avoid the Nazis that plague this place.

How about it, Tyler? I'll send money!

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I think some sort of ID card -- when the BRICS take over the world, we aren'T sent to Siberia would do it for me.  

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Why dont we just have a deleted comments link for a story, that way we dont censor but we can move comments that dont add to the story to that depository

Maybe it should be based on number of negative votes received

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Because ZH has an agenda just like Fox and MSNBC does.  Admin here must delete comments that don't go along with THEIR narrative.  Don't like it?  Me either.  I want to start my own country.  

Ost-Preußen. It would be a construct based out of the graces of Moscow.  It would be a state based in old Ost-Preußen that would incentivise the American Right-Wing (and the most productive section of American society) to move to a new country.  It would be tough on everyone involved, but if it could be done sucessfully, it would bankrupt the USA while making the East stronger than every.  It would simultaneously put Germany in an awkward position, because, as long as said ficational state exists, they are "blood brothers" and invading/being aggressive with such a country would be impossible.  It would be the best best buffer between East and West ever to exist.  As long as the population is free of "diversity" and allowed to have all the weapons they want -- I see immigration (from the American right wing) of upwards of 30,000,000 people in a decade.  

Deprive the West of their money maker, give it to the east while using it as a buffer between east and west.  Putin couldn't imagine anything better.  Make it German speaking with a heavy Russian influence -- "Putinplatz" -- its what the world needs.  I hope such a place can come to fruition.  Think Confederate State of American in Europe.  

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Haus baby, boopsie, you cool with Putin using "pleutonium based ammo" and putting all that CO2 into the atmosphere?

Man, the Gaaarrreeens around here are gonna come down on you like Oprah at $10 all you can eat


Was it the diss on Pollutin Putin or Oprah? ;-)

jeff montanye's picture

i'm not sure about ost whatever but it reminds me where "israel" should have been put at the end of ww2 to compensate the injured jews and punish the cruel germans: in dang germany, chunk of the baltic coast, maybe an enlarged schleswig-holstein.  

would have been a lot better for everyone concerned, no?

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I've contacted ZH twice bout deleted comments.

I chalked it up to being NSA screening and filtering.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

FSB screening -- samething thing -- different side. 

90's Child's picture

Nah lore I had commented on something as well as WB posting a picture. And it was removed.

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Yeah, I said somethiing to cougar and it was disappeared.

House Rules...always ;-)

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I sent in $50 once [to ZeroHedge] on a challenge for anyone to show proof that Obama started the “Obama Phone” – not one comment, challenge or proof to state how I was wrong / misinformed, so I donated anyways. Just goes to show you ……. Who the real fools are.


NOT an Obama fan at all - me Ron Paul 100%!

Lore's picture

This "proof" is a joke, worse even than the last batch that they shamelessly scooped from a VIDEO GAME. You don't make bombastic pronouncements on the basis of this handful of fuzzy specks, with arbitrary labels, unclear orientation, lacking even minutes of Latitude and Longitude for confirmation.  This has "WMD," "Incubators," "Nuclear Enrichment," "Assad Gassing His Own People" and the "Colin Powell Podium Finger Bang" written all over it. 

How do they keep a straight face, referring to a HANDFUL of UNIDENTIFIED (probably Ukrainian) vehicles as an "Invasion Force?"  If Putin wanted to mount an "invasion," you would see HUNDREDS of vehicles on the ground, plus aircraft and thousands of troops.  More likely, this depicts something westerners call a "picnic."

At least they use the term "Separatist" and acknowledge that Ukraine is laying siege to its own cities. Yet they continue to prattle about "territorial integrity" and deny the right of a region to secede. Why? Would you recognize as legitimate a government that shells you, destroys your infrastructure, lays siege to your town and blocks relief trucks?

RECISION's picture

Their "self Propelled" artillary also looks a lot like Towed artillarly pieces.

You don't suppose they are are incompetant, as well as full-of-shit do you?

saratogaprepper's picture

I was thinking the same exact thing. Those are towed artillary pieces in the second picture.

conscious being's picture

Right, the 2nd photo is towed artillery. Uke troops have been pinned to the Russian border in several locations after trying UNSUCCESSFULLY to cut off the rebels from the border. Uke conscripts put down their weapons and walk across the border frequently, sometimes in large groups. So to make the claim that these towed-not-towed pieces can not be Ukies because they're supposed to be near the border is empty rhetoric.

MrPalladium's picture

The "proof" is bullshit until NATO identifies who is driving and firing these Russian artillery pieces. Are they Russia regulars or are they Russian speaking Ukranians?

All the weapons used by both sides in this civil war are Russian. SP artillery has been around and essentially unchanged for the past 50 years, except for vastly improved munitions, spotting and fire direction.

Thin gruel!!

Perfecthedge's picture

This is because your BBQ grill is a threat to national security.  Matter of fact, you are a terrorist and a dirty suspect because of the gatherings around that object of brim, fire and death. The reunions in your back yard are gatherings that menace our security.



PS: We will be closely listening to the sizzling of your steaks.  Heck, we will burst into your house and shot the fuckers!

fockewulf190's picture

Perhaps not, but there may start popping up a shit load of unmarked 21st century panzerfausts and Stinger missles all over the place.  Ukraine is not Georgia, and it can easily turn into another Vietnam.  Europe will freeze until they get off of russian oil and gas though, that is for sure. 

Latina Lover's picture

And some of those stingers may also end up on the border of Mexico....

Freddie's picture

The Canadians sent over Javelin anti-tank missiles which were grabbed by the rebels.

Vietnam?  Most Ukrainians are NOT going to fight for the scum in Kiev.

Lore's picture

I would likewise appreciate a link.  What's Canada doing, getting involved in a foreign domestic matter?  This isn't NATO business.  MYOB, unless maybe they want to offer third party observers to ride shotgun on those Russian relief trucks to make sure they reach the intended recipients.

socalbeach's picture

I read that in a lot of different places, here is one

August 26th combat SITREP by Juan + two very different maps :-)

9. Partizan activities are increasing in frequency and force in the Kharkov and Slavyansk areas to the point Kharkov is building defenses facing Novorossiya. Of particular interest was the capture two weeks ago of an entire Kamaz load of Javelin antitank missiles. These missiles were offloaded from the 'Canadian' air force planes that brought 'non lethal' aid to the Uke army according to eye witnesses. The Javelin is not listed in the TOE (Table of Organization and Equipment) of the armed forces of Canada, although I have few doubts that oversight will be rectified within minutes of this report being read in The West.

aVileRat's picture

I had a bet when this FSB story/site and which account would post this story and site to Zero Hedge.

Lost the poster bet, but won the timing. Thanks for making my morning/night.

For those who do not click, the map and the sitrep report is refuted, as per the comments on that blog below the "tear-line". Enjoy that tracking cookiee (sic).

Some independent food for thought:

1. You use a commercial sattelite site so that anyone can find, use and purchase photos to independently verify the site coordinates of the Russian munitions/locations. Open & Transparent survellance for the modern era, go ahead and ask Russia to refute those units from those found at the depot near the border 10 days ago. Google it.

2. Black and white is to showcase contours and sharpen images. Color is often added back to images or darkened for contrast

3. Resolution is a function of cost. If you want to make images which anyone can purchase to independently prove and verify the NATO proof, you can do it yourself and buy some sattelite time. Many will not, because that requires 400 dollars and common sense.

4. If Putin did not do this, why did he change the offical response to the family of military men/women, and why are Spetnaz troops still deployed on official NATO lists of active units, despite their unit being "recalled" from "training exercises" 2 months ago. Yet there is a double standard applied to a pre-scheduled Poland air-unit rotation ? .... fishy.

5. Is Moscow going to comment on 4 Russian Submarines no longer reporting their movements in the North Sea ?

Not going to bother arguing with the sockpuppet accounts. The holes in the narrative are growing thin.

Protip: Someone explain to the trolls what the max air ceiling and engagement range is of a SU-25/27 and the cruising window of a 777-a. Bonus points if you explain the radio reasons for passing the jet over Donetsk. Lets see who else is flashing the site tonight.


adeptish's picture

You were told to "lay low" Stevens...

adeptish's picture

Screen capture is your friend, tricky though...