Summarizing The West's Russia-Ukraine Propaganda

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Submitted by Dmitry Orlov via ClubOrlov blog,

With regard to the goings-on in Ukraine, I have heard quite a few European and American voices piping in, saying that, yes, Washington and Kiev are fabricating an entirely fictional version of events for propaganda purposes, but then so are the Russians. They appear to assume that if their corporate media is infested with mendacious, incompetent buffoons who are only too happy to repeat the party line, then the Russians must be same or worse.

The reality is quite different. While there is a virtual news blackout with regard to Ukraine in the West, with little being shown beyond pictures of talking heads in Washington and Kiev, the media coverage in Russia is relentless, with daily bulletins describing troop movements, up-to-date maps of the conflict zones, and lots of eye-witness testimony, commentary and analysis. There is also a lively rumor mill on Russian and international social networks, which I tend to disregard because it's mostly just that: rumor. In this environment, those who would attempt to fabricate a fictional narrative, as the officials in Washington and Kiev attempt to do, do not survive very long.

There is a great deal to say on the subject, but here I want to limit myself to rectifying some really, really basic misconceptions that Washington has attempted to impose on you via its various corporate media mouthpieces.

1. They would like you to think that there is a Russian invasion in the East of Ukraine. What's actually happening is a civil war between the government of Western Ukraine (which no longer rules the east in any definable way) and the Russian population of Eastern Ukraine. Ukraine has been falling apart for decades—ever since independence. The eventual break-up was inevitable, but the catalyst for it was the military overthrow of Ukraine's legitimate government and its replacement with cadres hand-picked in Washington.


2. They would like you to think that the Russian government stands behind Lugansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic—the two regions which, based on referendum results, have chosen to break away from Kiev. In fact, the Russian government has refused to recognize these republics. They have received no official political support from Moscow, which asked for the referendums to be postponed, and repeatedly asked for a cease-fire and an international, negotiated settlement to the crisis. The leadership of LPR and DPR has refused, and now aims for an outright military victory.


3. They would like you to believe that the Russian government is arming the “rebels” in Eastern Ukraine. To the contrary, the Russian government has withheld all military support, limiting itself to providing humanitarian supplies to the hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been destroyed by artillery and rocket fire coming from the Ukrainian forces. The weapons in the “rebels'” arsenal are trophies, which they seized from the retreating Ukrainian forces. That said, the “rebels” are indeed being supported—but by the Russian people, not the Russian government. Remember, these are all Russians, on both sides of the border, and the Ukrainian government no longer controls any of it.


4. They want to convince you that Russia poses a threat to peace in Europe, and that the crisis in Ukraine is part of an imperialist Russian strategy to resurrect the USSR. Nothing could be further from the truth. The overarching Russian ambition is for Russia to be a normal country, subject of international law, at peace with the whole world, and integrated into the global economy. The Russian government is doing next to nothing to prevent Russians in areas that were once part of Russia from being slaughtered right in their homes using artillery and rocket fire. This makes for a distressing spectacle, but the Russian people understand that enlarging the military conflict beyond the by now purely notional borders of Ukraine is not the answer.


5. They want to assure you that Kiev will eventually prevail in the conflict. In fact, the Ukrainian military is being systematically destroyed. Shelling civilians is the only activity which they have been able to carry out successfully. The government in Kiev has instituted three mobilizations, one after the other, sending into battle boys and old men (maximum draft age is now 60). Their soldiers are badly armed, badly trained, completely demoralized, and they mostly refuse to fight. The casualties run into the tens of thousands. Ukraine is quickly running out of tanks and APCs, which are all old Soviet-era and have been rusting for decades. It appears that Ukraine no longer has an air force at all. The war is far from over, but now, for the first time, LPR and DPR actually have something resembling an army, and that army is going on attack. Once the Ukrainian military collapses altogether, it seems likely that other parts of Ukraine will declare independence from Kiev.


6. They want you to think that the government in Kiev is legitimate, popular and stable. In fact, there are huge protests going on in Kiev at this very moment. The entire country is beyond bankrupt and is falling apart in real time, not just in the east, but everywhere. The people are beyond angry. The military units retreating from the east are in a foul mood, and may soon decide to turn their weapons against those who ordered them into battle. The people are beyond angry, and it seems probable that another revolution, only half a year since the last one, is in the works.

I hope that you can absorb this basic information and use it to filter out the propaganda that you read in Western newspapers and hear on the nightly news (if they mention Ukraine at all). Don't automatically assume that if your side is full of it, then the other side is too. You don't have to settle for lies.

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NOTaREALmerican's picture

How is Faux News playing this for their (R)etard? 

TungstenBars's picture

Anyone have a link to todays UNSC meeting..


I'm looking for a laugh at the expense of filthy Ukrainian and USSA liars. 

Newsboy's picture

It's hard for a collapsing country to draft the men and make them function as an invasion force.

This can't succeed in summer, nor last through winter, can it?

hobopants's picture

Unless they decide it's worth it to bomb something here and blame it on Russia, then you have morons running to the nearest recruitment center.

tonyw's picture

More likely IMHO for the next escalation a false flag cyber attack, i wonder if the recent JPMorgue was really a flase flag to set the public mood?

As an example, those pesky commie russians have stolen the money out of your accounts and lord only knows what they will do next.

Our only option is to close all the banks....

In a few days, heroically we have rescued it back from them...

The presstitute MSM will continue with the full-on propaganda and ignoring the massacring of civilians and infrastructure being destroyed by the junta conscripted army.

Anyone remember about that very old story of a plane, most sheeple probably just remember russia shot it down, not that it has all gone quiet and parties are sworn to secrecy.


SAT 800's picture

I doubt it. I think Russia has good reason to believe "General Winter" will be useful; as he was in WW11.

Spungo's picture

And WW1 and Napoleon and the Crimean war. 

Harbanger's picture

I Checked CNBC news as some "independent" assholes here only trust liberal sources and people like Chris Matthews.

So Lo and Behold!   What are the Libs saying...

Democrats have to vote for war to save Obama!


NOTaREALmerican's picture

Well, that's understandable.   (D)umbasses (like (R)etards) always follow-the-leader.   But,  how is Faux News spinning this for their (R)etards without being to "pro" ni ni ni MUZ-LIM?  

TungstenBars's picture

Well as far as i noticed today this has been front page news at CNN; meanhwile, there was a link to something Ukie or other a the bottom of

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Interesting.   So, they're still goin' with the easy ni ni ni buu-lack thing then.  

Harbanger's picture

No it isnt. What's understandable is your comment.  You're a partisan liberal dick who plays the non-partisan, "I'm above all politics"" role.  BS is your middle name.  And you ain't smart n savvy.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

When haven't the (R)etards and (D)umbasses blindly followed what their leaders said?   

It's what MAKES them (R)etards and (D)umbasses. 

Harbanger's picture

I know, they're all the same, what difference does it make.  Therefore, you should STFU about left/right or politics unless you want to be challenged.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

The RESULTS of both parties are the same, but the bullshit used to manipulate their dumbasses is completely different.

The (R)etards are male Old Testament, the  (D)umbasses are girly New Testament.   That's completely different bullshit for completely different brain configurations.

This article is about propaganda, aka bullshit. 

Harbanger's picture

You think you're smart and come out with shit like R is Old Testament and D is New Testament.  You have human nature and the human psyche all figured out.  Like a modern day Goebbles.  You're dead wrong like he was, it's all in your ego.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

I think I'm right.   Human behavior isn't that complex.    Mommy / daddy,   socialist / fascists,   new / old testament,  Blue / Red team.   Very simple patterns caused by a limited number of basic brain configuration designed to organize competing tribes into killing each other for the glory of the biggest dicks in society.  The Policial Teams create the bullshit to organzie the dumbasses allowing the big-dicks to win.

You liberals always over complicated things.  

(Anyway, fun exchage.  Gotta leave "work" now). 

McMolotov's picture

I tend to think you're right, too.

When Dems argue about Putin and Ukraine, they typically emphasize stuff like the "persecution of gays" in Russia and how Russia could be a threat to "human rights" across Europe. On the other hand, Republicans lament the fact that we don't have a "strong leader," someone who has "balls" and isn't afraid to "hit back" and take "strong action."

All of these things speak to distinct mindsets, and the people who shape public opinion know just how to tailor two different messages to speak to two different audiences and compel them both to paradoxically share the exact same opinion.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

well said. and it really is quite brilliant, if you think about it. This administration and their lap dog media have managed to shape the narrative is such a way that the very same people who were calling bush a war criminal and screaming bloody murder about iraq and afghanistan are now fully behind the president doing pretty much anything against the russians and especially ISIS. Then, on the other side of the aisle you have the die hard repubs screaming for obama to 'stand up to putin' and talking about how weak we look for not immediatly imposing our will on everyone. The only people who have remained consistent are the ron paul types, and no one listens to us anyway

Harbanger's picture

"I think I'm right.   Human behavior isn't that complex. "

I had to read no further.  That defines the progressive mind.  Humans are simple minded pawns in their societal experiment and not very complex.  It's all in their fucking ego, those who think they're smart n savvy, it's hillarious, they can't even control their own life but they want to control "us", humanity.  Don't tell me your BS about political teams are the same when you are obviously biased.   I'm a conservative, I'm not a republican and I don't fucking hide it, I wish you would do the same.  If people knew the progressive you really are and what's really in your head they'd run.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"I had to read no further."  And that defines the self-proclaimed conservative mind.

Harbanger's picture

Hi Lola,  how've you been.  Still bashing Putin?  I think in your case, you despise him for his masculinity, but secretly daydream about getting a hard pounding.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Projection is nine tenths of the law.  Or something like that.  

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

LTER, like many of us on here, are simply tired of the love fest this place becomes every time putin is mentioned. And we are fed up with the idea many seem to have on here that one has to pick sides, obama or putin, as if we can't dislike both. Yes, putin is making western govts look foolish, and yes it is amusing. But he is still about as for from being a libertarian, or even a 'freedom enthusiast' as most in our govt, and its disconcerting to see the 'liberty crowd' endlessly, and, often mindlessly, praise him

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

Your missing the point. The population is given a "choice". The parties are designed to resonate with different people on different levels. When you stand back and examine the stated values it is not hard to distinguish one side panders to a certain crowd, the other to others. If you are unable to choose a side, as many are, you are forced to accept another label. The simple fact that it is impossible to be both a democrat and a republican should enlighten you to the motive of divide and conquer. If ever the population were to support one side completely what do you would happen?

McMolotov's picture

Make no mistake, both sides will follow their leaders.

I've said this before, but the comments section for WaPo articles is filled with Dems who make McCarthy look like a pinko hippy. The level of warmongering from the self-professed "anti-war" party is frankly astounding.

Conversely, Yahoo comments are almost all from Repubs who want to nuke first and ask questions later.

I have no idea what to make of this other than to think the propaganda must be working. It doesn't matter if both sides get behind a war for different reasons — so long as both sides get behind a war.

hobopants's picture

I'm just impressed you were brave enough to wade into the yahoo comment section, that place scares the hell out of me.

McMolotov's picture

I only post here, but I read other places just to get a sense of what people are thinking. Of course, half the comments could be persona management software and completely fake. Who knows.

Youtube is probably the worst. Someone could post a kitten video and it would devolve into a bunch of people calling each other fags.

TheReplacement's picture

You should watch yourself.  I caught a few minutes of Gutfeld vs Colmes about ISIS.  Colmes was his usual calm and soft spoken self and I actually agreed with the few words he was allowed to say.  Gutfeld wants war in Iraq/Syria now.

Edit:  Colmes used some rationale.  Gutfeld used emotion.  That is all.

SoberOne's picture

I'm going to blindly believe this.



hobopants's picture

You should, with a name like Dmitry Orlov the guy is bound to be an impartial third party, Just like that Putin fellow.

THX 1178's picture

Dmitry is a good guy- a friend of Mike Ruppert (RIP)

hobopants's picture

He may be a great guy and a fine Russian, but he is mistaken. All media is full of shit, even this place, the only way you're going to get even a fuzzy picture of whats going on is to either to be there, or to read everything you can on it from every angle.

disabledvet's picture

Or you can get your weapon of choice and choose sides "with stick do-it-tive-ness."

Of course they don't call this place The Bloodlands for nothing. There are millions of dead buried there...tens of millions actually.

And I use the term "buried" loosely...

Socratic Dog's picture

Orlov has credibility, I'd say.  I've read a few of his "collapse" books, they are well reasoned, original and insightful, with no histrionics. 

That said, he is saying something here that I WANT to be true, that we are assuming that because our media is nothing more than superficial garbage propaganda then everyone's must be.  Man, it would be nice if he is correct.  It almost suggests there is... hope?

JuliaS's picture

I watch Russian news feeds and they do have something Orlov mentioned - detailed maps, pictures, videos and interviews. The western media has nothing but headlines and week-old black and white photographs of ghostly apparitions.

And it works! Today by the water cooler all I've heard is how Russia just invaded Ukraine. People that only scan headlines and go straight into discussion mode.

The Western propaganda is right-suitted for the Western mind.

ILLILLILLI's picture

I'm never surprised by the number of people who are experts on something they know nothing about...

SeminoleBob For Truth's picture

I agree with you Julia.  As an American I have tired of Western media, I have been watching RT on this crisis and the reporting is very good.  I am seeing things that I wouldn't see on American and Western news and RT appears credible.  Now, what the West hasn't learned is that when they lie so much, and they report things that turn out not to be true, it becomes very easy to turn away.  "Russian Invasion!" is how they characterized the humanitarian aid convoy?  John Kerry builds his case for MH17 on YouTube videos that are easily dismissed? I worked for a CBS affiliate for five years in the 1980s and the state of Western media has so degraded I am embarrassed.  I am an attorney now and would love to get Kerry, McCain and Obama in court, I would have a field day!

JuliaS's picture

I like RT. Watch it to get different side of the story, but I don't use it as a main source of information. One thing you will never hear on RT is criticism of Russia or Putin, even if they're deserved. The focus is on international news that pain Russia in a positive way. I see it as Russia taking revenge for the years of relentless disinformation campaign against itself. Russia doesn't have to take it anymore and can actually respond back to the very same audiences that used to only receive Western propaganda.

To get feedback on the situation in Ukraine I prefer blogs and ground contacts. I have friends inside and around the region. They don't write often, but when they do, it's a breath of fresh air. Completely different language, completely different perspective.

Better with RT than without, but once again, I wouldn't completely trust it. Even Orlov - he makes good assumptions, but you still have to differentiate between what he knows and what he thinks. He, however, offers an entertaining read every single time.

Gavrikon's picture

I so miss living in the US.


TheReplacement's picture

Regardless.  Kiev is clearly the aggressor here (not disputing influences).  Why should we do anything to support a government that refuses to make peace for the price of creating a republic?  I don't care what Russia has done.  Ukraine does not deserve our support in any way.

Our founding document provide a prescriptive reference for picking friends and enemies.  Ukraine doesn't measure up.

Real Estate Geek's picture

.  Ukraine does not deserve our support in any way.

Deserve our support?  The government of Ukraine was created by 'our' government for a reason.  And the US regime will support the Ukrainian regime until it's no longer usable as a blood funnel.  Google up 'Nuland Pyatt phone call' for more. 

Malachi Constant's picture

If you read and understand Russian, you can keep track of the news yourself, day by day:

If you don't know Russian, - well, at least you now know that there are daily updates from the trenches.

UPD: Graham Phillips' channel -

zerocash's picture

If you don't know Russian follow these sites:


Alternative Russian news sites in English:


Mainstream Russian news sites in English:

Taint Boil's picture



Fox “News”, Drudge, etc, etc  – seriously who listens to this crap. Oops …..