The Consequences Of America’s Invasion Of Afghanistan: NYC Heroin Deaths Highest In A Decade

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While back in May Obama promised America's mission in Afghanistan was over, and all US troops would leave the country by the end of 2016, the "unintended" consequences of the US presence in this favored by al-Qaeda country will haunt America for a long time. And especially New York, where according to a new report by the Department of Mental Hygiene, the number of people who died from unintentional heroin overdoses in New York City last year was the highest in over a decade.

As WaPo reports, in New York, "where the overall rate of drug overdose deaths has dramatically risen since 2010, there is a national problem playing out across the city’s streets. The number of overdoses involving heroin in the city has significantly increased since 2010, accounting for more than half of New York City’s overdoses last year. And more than three-quarters of the overdoses in the city involved an opioid of some kind."

The number of heroin overdose deaths has risen every year since 2010, as the number of deaths has more than doubled to 420 people last year from 209 just three years earlier:

Some more on the ethnic and socioeconomic distribution of heroin-related deaths:

These overdoses are significantly impacting neighborhoods where the poverty level is the highest:



The Bronx and Staten Island were the boroughs where the most heroin overdoses occurred, but the situation worsened in Queens. That borough — which had trailed the other four in 2011 and 2012 — saw the rate of heroin overdoses more than double last year.


As has been the case for years, the rate of overdoses is the highest among white residents. But the rate has skyrocketed among Hispanic residents, more than doubling from 2010:

... and by age group:

Another particularly troubling trend noted by the Health Department was the increased rate of overdoses seen among younger New Yorkers. The age bracket with the biggest increase in heroin overdoses was people between  15 and 34, though people  35 to 54 still had the highest rate of heroin overdoses.

So why do we say that any of the above tragic events is a direct consequence of US presence in Afghanistan? Well, because while the US may be getting out of Afghanistan, it has been there since 2001. And what has happened to Afghan opium cultivation during the period of implicit US occupation?


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Thanks Air America.

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Thanks Central Injectables Agency.

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America’s Invasion Of Afghanistan = NYC Heroin Deaths

You gotta be shittin' me... What a fukin' Lib MSM stretch!

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Americans love to get high.  If they weren't shooting heroin, they'd be sniffing glue.

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John Kerry's maternal grandfather, James Grant Forbes, was born in Shanghai, China, where the Forbes family of China and Boston accumulated a fortune in the opium and China trade.


You know the whole Opium Wars in China? That was their downfall when the masses and the rulers got addicted to it.


John Kerry is now the secretary of state, the top manager of foreign affairs. He will make sure Afghanistanians cultivate opium production to sell them to Chinese. 

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What was the violation of 1937? Ever since 1913 the Washingtonians are good for nothing but Constitutional violations.

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"Today I am grateful to be alive. Every now and then we have stark reminders that life is fleeting and subject to change on little to no notice. Yesterday a man on heroin passed out while driving and killed Brittany McGrath and her father. Brittany was about to start work as an associate at my firm in two weeks, and I was lucky enough to have recruited her and acted as her mentor when she was a summer associate."

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I challenge any of you calling this a farce to come up with a plausible explanation for the following scenario.  Take a city, any city, and look at the hi schools.  At any time drugs can be found within minutes or within a few phone calls.  The challenge here is to examine how there can be so much supply.

If a major city has 25 hi schools and each school has easy access to supply, multiply the number of schools in each city by the number of US cities.  My point here is that the amount of supply being steadily imported is staggering.  The supply chain logistics of the drug trade simply means that supply is coming in from other areas other than inside tires at vehicle border crossings and hidden in luggage.  Someone big is supplying the US population, and if anyone cares to look deeper into this you'd find some disturbing results.  Yes there are patsies and low grade traffickers that try to cross the border to make a buck, but that's not the source of all of the thousands of pounds of drugs available across the US - right now!

There is no way you can deny the supply side of this equation and say that there isn't a large organized entity behind it.

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Because it is legal?


Desparate government legalizing soma to chill out the population....mostly bored rich kids and destitute unemployed poor.


Also if it pays more to be dealer than a min wage slave at walmart, people will pursue it.


The real question is WHY do people need it?

The real concern is drug king pins today will send their children to Harvard and they will become future US politician!

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Sassoon family managed UK's opium trade into China, before, during & after Opium War.


Vidal went straight, dressing hair instead of pushing smack. His family's main business never changed. They are likely behind heroin imports to US. Their bank of choice was HSBC, which was founded to wash drug $$$ from sales to China.


HSBC is still washing $$$ for drug pushers. & everything old is new again.

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Or getting drunk in church.

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Truly. I'd like to see that graph overlaid with a chart of how many people die from properly taken prescription drugs. Big Pharm is more of a pusher in my world.


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1 source,


What is the leading cause of death in the United States?

A comprehensive study entitled Death by Medicine found that more than 780,000 Americans die every year from medical intervention the equivalent of 6 jumbo jets filled with passengers falling out of the sky every day (source: Death By Medicine by Gary Null, et al.).

It would theoretically be easier to live longer with a heroin addiction than an alcohol addiction. There is no rational sense to drug laws, but rather there tends to be an inverse correlation between how bad a drug is and how illegal it is. Some of the worst drugs are the most legal, while some of the best drugs are the most illegal. The war on drugs was another of the phases of the wars based on deceits by the ruling classes, in order to advance their overall agenda of debt slavery, which was generally backed up by wars based on deceits. Those all take place within the overall ways that the ruling classes waged war on the consciousness of those that they ruled over, which has been way too successful, for way too long! Those systems tend to be integrated, so that it is a well-established fact that one of the biggest drug pushers in the world was the CIA, and other related groups.

EVERYTHING SIGNIFICANT now runs on the basis that the government is the biggest form of organized crime, controlled by the best organized gangs of criminals. That is the only way to integrate all the information regarding the true nature of the "war on drugs" which developed the fascist police state powers that segued into the "war on terror." In the particular case of the inside job, false flag attacks on 9/11/2001 resulting in the invasion of Afghanistan, the final results were that there is now more illegal drug production there now than ever. (However, how much of that goes to the USA these days I am not sure about.)

Of course, overall, that is totally tangled up in the fact that the biggest gangsters are the banksters, and the profits made from illegal drugs eventually work their way through the lesser levels of organized crime gangs into the biggest banks. Since the banksters dominate their puppet politicians throughout NATO countries, the entire "war on drugs" was based on huge lies, like the "war on terror" was started with huge lies, that both were deliberately designed to become self-fulfilling prophesies, which deliberate drive vicious spirals, that make everything worse, except for the different levels of organized crime, and especially for the highest levels that control the government, who make more money, and become more powerful, from the more screwed up they can make society become.

It is impossible to exaggerate the ways that money being based on measurement backed by murder has become more tangled up in perverted inversions than one can fully comprehend. In particular, the NATO forces in Afghanistan operated WAR BASED ON DECEITS, whose only real purpose was to make some people able to become more wealthy from that. Of course, every other stated goal was for show. Every stated goal was promoted by professional liars and immaculate hypocrites, which ended up being a gross waste of blood and treasure, EXCEPT FOR MAKING SOME PEOPLE MORE WEALTHY.

(For a record of my thoughts regarding the Canadian participation in the War in Afghanistan, and how all the predictable perversions actually came to pass, skim through this thread: troops battle 10-ft Afghan marijuana)

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When are you going to publish your illustrated guide to world history?  My grandchildren would need to read it.

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Actually the US heroin is coming in from the Mexican border.  Afghan heroin ends up in Europe.

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That is pretty silly - the point of entry has nothing to do withe point of origin

Heron is Middle East and south east Asia product

The Occupying force creates the environment and facilitates the distribution

It went down when the Taliban controlled the show

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Omen IV   That is pretty silly - the point of entry has nothing to do withe point of origin

Heron is Middle East and south east Asia product

The Occupying force creates the environment and facilitates the distribution

It went down when the Taliban controlled the show


Not so silly when the heroin is actually produced in countries like Columbia and Mexico, not the ME or Asia.

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100% right sessinpo, US heroin is grown in Columbia and Mexico, not the ME or Asia.

Omen the 4th is one of those people that omits any facts that don't fit his world view, like the author of the Article here.

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You can't grow heroin. The opium is grown in Asia / Persia and shipped to heroin production factories in China, Burma, Columbia, Mexico, Nigeria, and anywhere else that has a backdoor facilitated by black money back handers. Once refined and cut it gets repackaged and shipped to the final destination.

Similar production and supply lines have been in place since Vietnam, when the opium was grown in Thailand.

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Those bad taliban dudes, getting rid of the juice like that.  What were they doing exactly?  Starting a war on drugs?  

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yeah... wouldn't be anything to do with the last decade of Progressive leadership now would it?...


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Fuck this propoganda.  How about drug-takers simply being responsible for their own destructive behavior?  

Seems 420 people out of 8 million in NYC are so fucked up, they can't keep from killing themselves.   And if the USA never entered Afghanistan, these 420 would all be brain surgeons now, eh?

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Says the dealer whose account has been here for years and who has posted.  How many times?  Don't worry, though.  The Drudge crowd will suck up your shilling like whipped cream on a ....


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Crime is also skyrocketing again in the Big Apple my cousin Vinny tells me. He live in Greenwich Village but works across town near Bellevue Hospital and Beth Israel Hospital He used to walk back forth to work but no more...."too dangerous now" he sighs.


LES teen is slain for $600 Marmot parka


I guess "diversity" ain;t for everyone.

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Your cousin Vinny?  The problem we face is diversity, and not oligarchy?  Fucking A. This is the shit that passes now on ZH and gets upvotes?  I think I'm going to Fuggetabout this place.  Bye Tylers.  Good to know 'ya.

His name was Tyler Durden.

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Easy, LTER. Sometimes it's difficult to know when a post is tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes I give the poster the benefit of the doubt. Occasionally, after a history is established, the doubt is erased, resulting in my either reading that poster's future posts or ignoring them. Water off my back. Quack.

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Agreed.  And how about the government stop importing the crap and jailing people for doing what they want?  How about the government stop taking it's cut from the "legal" opiate derivatives, like Oxycontin, that are passed out like candy by doctors without regard to the addictiveness of the drugs? How about when the government discovers a conspiracy to falsify the data about the adictiveness of the drugs and to fraudulently convince every Dr. with Rx writing privileges that it is a risk free wonder drug, the government puts the conspirators in jail instead of taking $640 million from them. And while you are at it you self-righteous douche, why don't you go self administer a .45 to your head.

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No,thank the war on prescription drugs,
Unintended consequence #1 of US war on prescription opiates?
American heroin od's ski-rocket.
Read it,and weep,comrades

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The DEA has launched a widespread crackdown on pain doctors who prescribe Oxycontin and othe prescription narcotics, a crackdown that limits access to safer U.S. narcotic drugs and whose main purpose is to steer opiate drug addicts into buying street heroin furnished by international dope smugglers such as the Sinaloa cartel.  The Sinaloa cartel owns the DEA, using the DEA to eliminate its competition from the Columbian druglords. 

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First they collected $640 million from the manufacturer. Didn't go to the treasury - went strtaight to DOJ coffers to fund Holder's G5.

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Heroin addicts steal everything of value from their loved ones first...Its a hell of a deal to try to sit with a person going through an overdose/withdrawels...more than one man can handle once it really kicks in...I sat with my stepson this winter, over the holidays up for nearly a week straight, got about 15 min of rest every hour and then the rest of the time trying to hold him down, keep him alive, etc.  Near the end, it took me, my big cousin, and two of his friends to try to keep him under control.  Long story and not a good one....


Thank god for this Forum!  I was not a member but found humor and a bit of diversion reading all of your total, I figure I lost 10k worth of stuff, not including his Mothers jewelry, his boss lost another 5k...even my goddamn old Dewalt cordless drill is missing!


We havnt heard from him in months, I suspect the next call will be coming in from a morgue someplace...then, I'll deal with that mess and get momma through it the best I can.

Police here say they are overwhelmed with it and the ER's are full of tweakers any night of the week in various stages of OD's...too dangerous to walk around, its like the Zombie apocalypse..Oh well, just a little personal warning to my friends here I guess...a kid on opiates can really tear up a Family good.  I live in Whitebread america, heartland.

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Hats off to you, too bad the probabilities lead to grief for your bride. Both would be better off if he disappears and straightens himself out. He never will until HE WANTS to himself. Good luck.

armageddon addahere's picture

It is possible to reduce withdrawal symptoms by 50% - 90% using neuro electric therapy. Simple non invasive electric stimulation of the brain.

This method has been used in Scotland, England and the US since about 1980. Pete Townsend was cured of multiple addictions in the early 80s, and so have many other people.

Treatment not only eases withdrawal from drugs, after treatment an addict no longer gets a kick from drugs or feels the need for them.

Abaco's picture

A lot gets stolen but not necessarily by the junkie. My own experience with it is with a hardworking relative who had been in an auto accident and was handed a bunch of oxy.  Short time later got crunched by a tree he was cutting down.  Doctors hand out more oxy. Doesn't even know he is addicted. Starts to feel shitty.  Goes to the doctor. More oxy. Before too long you have an addiction spiralling out of control. Good person, good life, gone down. 

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Progressives Policies "cause" this shit.  Bloomberg and now the dirtbag that NYC just voted in.

Watch the violent crime rates to rise next!  It will be back to Pre 90's when the annual murder rate there was in the thousands!

Look at the leadership after Giuliani and you have your answer...... 


Progressivism is to create slaves...nothing more nothing less.

fencejumper's picture

You call Bloomberg a progressive? If so, you don't know what you are talking about, Mikey.

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#ish revolution.

Dazman's picture

Bit of a stretch to draw that conclusion. 

jballz's picture

Deaths at the nadir of afghan production 6.4 deaths today 6.2

Weekend moron shift at Durden hq.

Get this shit propaganda out of here.

Iriestx's picture

Bullshit.  This has everything to do with the DEA's massive and coordinated crackdown on prescription pills over the last year and not fucking Afghanistan.  Afghanstan has been sending metric tons of heroin here for decades... before, during and after the war.  Anybody that wants to shoot heroin can get it as easily as buying a beer.  It's not like there are suddenly people trying heroin becuase there is more of it shipped here.  More is being shipped here because the demand as spiked because pills are significantly harder to get.   The reason for the rash of ODs is because lots of surburban dickheads that have been poping oxy and vicodin suddenly can't get thier controlled, reliable-dosage pills after the DEA crackdown.  In order to keep from getting dope sick they're shooting up heroin now.  They're inexperienced and clueless about the strengh of what they're shooting and they're killing themselves.


Thsi isn't a function of the Afganistan War.  This is a function of prohibition and the War on Drugs.

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In case you missed it FedEx was indicted for drug dealing because they shipped oxy.

They are fighting it, hopefully they win but what an absolute fucking joke the sheep still support this racket. God awful waste of money and life and now they want to start filling prisons with doctors and legal drug takers.

Fucking jerks.

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Good lord. So I guess we'll kiss that pharmacy by mail stuff goodbye eventually, right? Seriously, Fedex isn't going to put in such layers of bureaucracy to try and sort out "legitimate" prescriptions from not. Just a flat out "we don't ship that anymore". Or is that someone's plan to keep low-cost competition from reaching the US consumer? Or at least waiting rather anxiously for the postman instead of the Fedex guy.

As for the overdoses, I'm surprised in a metro area that large that it's only a little over 1 per day avg. The outlier is 2009-2011 when it was low. As for Afghan opium, most of that is heading to Europe, of course stopping first in Russia, which has really seen a spike in heroin use. If hispanics are OD'ing more, I'd reckon the source would be Central/S.America.

BTW, how come it's all labeled "unintentional overdose"? How many people left a note saying "I'm ending it all by overdosing heroin"?

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BTW, how come it's all labeled "unintentional overdose"?

DEA and CDC bullshit propaganda. 

Everybody gets blood alcohol levels. 80 or 100 and you are in DUI range , 200 usually means you are blitzed and 400 for many/most people means you will likely be dead. But if someone drinks all the time, that someone can be walking and talking at  a level of 400.

Point is that you should never allow just the drug level to be the be all end all as cause of death. People have been up to alcohol levels of 1500 and lived to tell about it. How many people die of alcohol poisoning per year? Not many. Most die because they drink and do something stupid: aspirate after vomiting, staying out in the cold, not eating, driving drunk ETC.

The government in its manipulative ways uses the term "unintentional overdose" to describe people whose blood alcohol is around 200 and uses the level of 400 to say alcohol is the cause of death in a person. It is a bullshit designation to manage the numbers the way the government wants them.

What a heroin overdose should be is really simple. Heroin peaks in 10 minutes after injected IV. Its main toxicity is respiratory depresson. So if someone shoots up and dies ten minutes later because they stopped breathing, that is a heroin overdose. Trouble is that is only one in four heroin overdoses. Does anyone really know why there was an overdose? Hell no. It could have been suicide or just a really pure batch or miscounting the dosage by the user. But this is put in the intentional overdose category.

The other three out of four deaths are put in the "unintentional overdose" category. It is just people with heroin at non-toxic levels who died which is bullshit.


Every pathology study says the same thing with illegal drugs and death: Don't rely on drug levels to determine cause of death and certainly not to determine the motivation of the user. But that is exactly what the government does.


In fact, the government has wanted the overdose deaths to be higher so they are running drug screens on pepole shot in the head. So if you shoot up heroin and get shot in the head, your death will be listed as a death associated with the use of heroin. The media changes the phrase "associated with" into "due to" to spook Americans. 

And in the fine print, the CDC lists drug overdose deaths as "estimates", and the media conveiently leaves out that word as well.

The epidemic of deaths due to prescription drug overdose is a counting exercise, a means for the CDC and DEA to seize even more money and power than they have already. 

Diagonosing a death as being due to a drug overdose or the motivation of the drug user is not a cut and dry exercise, but that doesn't stop our government for trottng out stats to promote their agenda. 


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If anyone knows drugs it is Elvis.