Fed Unveils Only 11 Days Of POMO In September For A Mere $15 Billion

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As they say in England, we appear to be getting to the vinegar strokes of the Fed's buying efforts. As expected, the NYFed announced its Permanent Open Market Operations (POMO) schedule for September which covers just 11 days (including no Fridays at all) summing to a mere $15bn of Treasuries planned to be purchased... (with only 5 days in size).



Source: NY Fed

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Yeah, well, the month is only 30 days and there's a holiday,

Bloppy's picture

Is it POMO or hot money from China propping up the mutant market?

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What is the POMO schedule dor Belgium? 

john39's picture

and what about the double secret pomo...  oh yeah, that couldn't happen because an audit would catch it, right?

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We call it "Belgium" and it's better than the FED because it's from Europe. Just ask Ogolfer - everything's better in Europe.

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Making America MOPO.

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...that Kevin will be performing.  Now, as for the other entities who can act on behalf of the Fed, well, that's another story...

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untaper schedule TBA

css1971's picture

Fucking pikers.

BC6's picture

I'll also be adding that metaphor to my vernacular conjecture.

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Does that mean Belgium is going to start investing heavily in equities?

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I bet you Belgium have a strategy to defeat ISIS

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So maybe it will be $0 wasted in October, and a rate hike, and finally popping the bubble.

If they wanted to do it with style they'd set the prime rate at 6% overnight.  C'mon Janet.

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There hasn't been POMO on Friday's for awhile, how does folks here explain the constant jam on Friday's with what money?

orangegeek's picture

$15B in August.  $15B in September.  This is NY's schedule.  Total in August was $25B.


Where's the taper?



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...so who rushes for the Door first?

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Same as August, that was also $15 bn.


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Only 15 B ... suckas!

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On the 11th day of POMO my true-love gave to me,  more QE loot absolutely freeeeee.

max2205's picture

10 gooooold bars


9 bankers frontrunning

8 senators trading

7 dark poola

6 BLS reports

5 flaah smashes

4 zirps

3 silver crashes

2 no strategies

1 Empty headed GOTUS

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   Meh... Belgium will pick up any slack.

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No one is expecting rapidly spiking yields right now. Most of the chatter talks about declining yields. But that is about to change quickly...




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Slow friday.   I guess everybody started their holiday early (seeing how bad the "recession" is and all).

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not the buyer of huge blocks of SPY last 15 minutes every day

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bullshit - the only thing the Fed unveils is a pack of lies

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End of QE to Lead to Whodathunk Market Crash



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Soros loading up on puts......

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Every billion borrowed is $3 per person in the US.  Not including interest.  Not that it will ever be paid back (its digits in a computer...). 


The gig continues until countries stop excepting USD for food/goods  ...  China...that means you. 


On the flip side...maybe the FED can just print Yuan/Ruble when that does happen...can't be hard to spit out some $500 Euro notes for the FSA...i'm sure all the equipment is loaded with paper and ready to print.  Although that is when they say...nope...gold/silver/grain please. 

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So...11 and September in the title of the article...eh?  


just stumbled upon the vid below, then floated on over to ZH and lookie!



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TOMO arigato, Mr. Roboto.

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"we are not going to monetize the debt" - fuck u ben

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Looks like no taper in September.


Which means that taper will end after the November mid-terms as opposed to October.


Yellen makes a good used car salesman.

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remember when the market crashed and the only green on the board was campbells soup?  that was a funny joke right?  somebody has a beautiful sense of humor don't they?  I mean that was truly hilarious right?