The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

Government engineered false-flag terrorism is a historically established fact. For centuries, political and financial elites have been sinking ships, setting buildings on fire, assassinating diplomats, overthrowing elected leaders, and blowing people up, then blaming these disasters on convenient scapegoats so that they can induce fear in the public and transfer more power to themselves. Skeptics might argue whether certain calamities have been proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be false-flag events, but no one can argue that such tactics have not been used by the establishment in the past. Governments have openly admitted to creating bloody and catalyzing tragedies under false pretenses, like Operation Gladio, a false-flag program in Europe supported by European and American covert agencies which lasted decades, from the 1950's to the 1990's.

Gladio utilized well-paid and trained rogue groups and agents as well as patsies, compartmentalized and controlled, who would commit atrocities against the European public. These atrocities would then be blamed on “left wing extremists”, galvanizing the citizenry and political representatives towards the false East/West paradigm. The superficial motivation given by whistleblowers was that Gladio was to be used to keep the right wing in power. However, the broader and deeper goal was clearly to manipulate Europeans into accepting a unification mindset, paving the way for the eventual centralization of Europe into the EU supranational block. Gladio, is only one well documented example of false-flag terrorism being exploited by governments to mold mass psychology towards greater collectivism.

It is therefore vital that the public question the legitimacy of EVERY so-called “terrorist attack” or geopolitical incident, otherwise, we may find ourselves duped into supporting wars and unconstitutional actions that only end up poisoning our society and elevating tyrants.

Why do I believe a new false-flag event is imminent? America has not suffered a large scale terrorist attack for over 13 years, after all. I can only say that current trends and international developments seem to be spiraling towards a breaking point; a kind of singularity, and if you understand that the majority of these events are deliberately engineered, then you also understand that the inevitable singularity (or primary disaster) is engineered as well.

The foremost current threat and most useful scapegoat is, of course, the ISIS insurgency in the Middle East. If one's source of information was the mainstream media alone, one might be inclined to believe that ISIS has materialized out of nowhere to become a menace so organized and effective it has eclipsed Al-Qaeda as the hot button boogeyman used by the establishment. ISIS is certainly a disturbing militant group that goes out of its way to play the villain, complete with scary Muslim clothing and beards, not to mention the severed heads and indiscriminate genocide. Where is Jack Bauer when you need him, right?

The cartoonish nature of ISIS is not accidental, but I can see why they frighten a subset of the American population; if I didn't know that they were funded by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, with military aid from Israel, then I might find them a terrifying enigma as well.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was held at a U.S. run detention facility called Camp Bucca from 2005 until 2009. Before his imprisonment, Baghdadi's friends and family reported him to be a “quiet, studious fellow who was also a talented soccer player”. Only one year after being released from U.S. detention, however, he was a fanatical Islamic extremist who would go on to command the ISIS caliphate. In 2011, the U.S. State Department listed Bagdhadi as a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” with a bounty of $10 million. There is no public record as to why Baghdadi was originally detained.

Former U.S. Air Force security officer, James Skylar Gerrond, served at Camp Bucca while Bagdhadi was held there, and is quoted as saying "Many of us at Camp Bucca were concerned that instead of just holding detainees, we had created a pressure cooker for extremism." Indeed...

Let's look at the culmination of events that led to the current incarnation that is ISIS:

George W. Bush signed and Barack Obama enforced (sorry politifact cultists, but they are BOTH to blame) a new foreign policy framework which allowed the release of numerous (and now somehow radicalized) prisoners from facilities like Camp Bucca in 2009.

The Libyan civil war erupts, as “rebels” are aided by the CIA and multiple foreign governments. These are the same rebels who would ultimately participate in the Benghazi raid on a U.S. consulate/CIA complex.

Libyan agents along with CIA operatives move into Jordan, where they have been training Syrian insurgents for over a year (officially - much longer unofficially), and still train them to this day, despite the apprehensions of the Jordanian government.

Libyan insurgents along with newly trained operatives have also shifted into Syria, turning general civil unrest into outright war.

ISIS recently gave praise to one of its commanders, a man from Libya, who had fought in the Libyan civil war, and in Syria, and in Iraq.

The U.S. has been secretly arming and training ISIS extremists in Syria for years, but only at the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 did it begin a more open campaign to provide support.

The Israeli government also aided insurgent groups in Syria using airstrikes to cripple Syrian Government regional command centers. It is also currently providing medical aid to Syrian rebels.

It was insurgent Sunni majority groups, trained in Jordan and funded by Saudi Arabia that have linked with Saudi funded groups in Iraq to form what we now know as ISIS. These are NOT separate groups acting autonomously. These are U.S. backed organizations acting in concert, and coalescing into a single movement – ISIS.

Violent genocidal actions, mass executions, as well as torture have become the common calling card of the establishment organized Islamic insurgent groups. Despite this horrifying development, Barack Obama is STILL seeking over $500 million in aid to Syrian rebels, though the rhetoric now specifies that funds and arms will only go to “moderate and well-vetted” insurgents. As far as I can tell, there are no “moderate” insurgents in Syria; insurgents that are now moving into Iraq and bringing their distinct brand of barbarism with them.

On the Council On Foreign Relations website, the globalist think-tank argued that the inclusion of extremist Al-Qaeda elements in the Syrian insurgency “improved the moral” of the movement, stating that the “Free Syrian Army needs Al-Qaeda now”. The CFR acknowledges that the goal of Al-Qaeda operatives in Syria is not necessarily to overthrow Assad, but to establish an Islamic state. Despite this, the CFR still continues its support of the strategy to overthrow Assad.

In an absurd display of forced schizophrenia, globalist organizations along with the puppet White House now argue that the existence of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, the same ISIS insurgency THEY CREATED, requires the U.S. to execute air strikes and military intervention in the region. Of course, to remain “fair and balanced”, the White House proposes to strike Syrian Government targets as well in order to avoid “strengthening Assad”. Yeah, read that twice, folks...

Remember the Syrian crisis at the end of last year? Remember how the U.S. and Russia were on the verge of conflict over Obama's funding of the insurgency as well as his proposal to provide air support? Well, now the plan is to utilize air strikes against the same insurgents we had originally planned to help with air strikes.

Now, I have asked this question in the past, and I'll ask it again – Is it merely irony that the White House is going to war with the covert militant group it gave birth to?

No, it is not irony. It is planned. ISIS is the new and improved Al-Qaeda. All of the terrorist disaster scenarios showcased in propaganda shows like '24' that seem rather ridiculous to many Americans if plotted by Al-Qaeda goat herders hiding in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan now become believable if plotted by highly organized and savvy ISIS operatives.

Don't believe ISIS is savvy? I don't either, aside from the CIA agents pulling their strings. However, DoD officials and others have been bombarding the mainstream media with one specific meme: ISIS is awesome!

Chuck Hagel, Department of Defense Secretary, has made statements claiming that “ISIL (ISIS) poses a threat greater than 9/11... “

"They're beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology with a sophisticated strategic and tactical military prowess and they're tremendously well-funded. This is way beyond anything we have seen. We must prepare for everything. Get Ready!"

U.S. Special Operations sources argue that ISIS is an “incredible fighting force”, acting more like a “state with a military” than a disorganized band of guerrillas. I would argue that ISIS tactics appear sophisticated exactly because they are receiving sophisticated direction from state funded covert intelligence agencies like the CIA.

Retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney recently revealed that he believed a new 9/11 event is looming, and I would like to note that even if this is true, the Neo-Conservatives are no more a solution to the problem than the Neo-Liberals.

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the top Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee claims that ISIS members are “rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city...”

Governor Rick Perry of Texas (a Bilderberg attendee) claims that ISIS agents may have already crossed into the U.S. from Mexico.

In the meantime, Senators on both sides of the fake aisle are warning the Obama Administration that ISIS is the “best funded terror group in history”.

With all this hype circling ISIS, I have to suggest that maybe, just maybe, we are being given the ultimate scapegoat for the ultimate false flag attack. When building the narrative of a traditional story, the hero is really a secondary character, because the hero is only as impressive as the villain he must eventually defeat. If you look at mainstream media and geopolitics as a theater script, rather than a series of random events, it appears as though ISIS is being built up as a villain so pervasive and devious the group could accomplish ANYTHING.

I believe the time is in fact ripe for a large scale false-flag on American soil. It may be a singular attack limited to a city or region, or, numerous smaller attacks executed in concert. I see the media overload of ISIS fever as a means to condition the public to believe in the ISIS myth – the myth that they are a sophisticated international super-terrorist conglomerate; a real life Legion of Doom. If Americans are conned into buying this myth, they may also be fooled into abandoning their Constitutional liberties and natural freedoms in the face of a well planned attack blamed on ISIS elements.  I believe there will likely come a day when the mere act of exposing the lie or standing against government overreach will be called "treason", and people like myself will be labeled "no better than ISIS".

If an attack does take place in the name of ISIS, it is vital that Americans remember that this is not the violent invasion of a foreign army, that there is no Islamic enemy except that which our government created, that this is not some unexpected form of “blowback” from terrorists who used to be our allies, that this is an engineered attack by contracted employees of our own defense and intelligence apparatus leading a horde of useful psychopaths, and just like during Operation Gladio, the goal will be to terrify you and those around you into seeking out a more powerful, more centralized government authority to protect your security, to provide cover for the continued planned collapse of American society into third world status, and out of these ashes, the centralization of the political and financial foundations of our world into the hands of an elite few.

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Ploutos74's picture

Put Facebook offline, that would scare the population shitless

RafterManFMJ's picture

Oh please not yet! I'm still trying to get the perfect photo of my dog in a funny hat!

y3maxx's picture

...Please don"t forget the So Called, Russian Computer attack on America's Big Banks.

USSA need just the right False Flag to get things rolling.

...And why do I keep thinking Israel has a hand in all this too?

General Decline's picture

Why doesn't Putin say 911 was an inside job? Surley he must know that? Are the bankers blackmailing him with perhaps a false flag of his own? Perhaps there is honor among thieves?

CIABS's picture

Are there any "exercises" or "drills" coming up soon?  Something like, Operation Defeat ISIS in the Homeland Using Nuclear Weapons?

Slave's picture

Tyler, I suggest boldfacing this portion of the article:

Well, now the plan is to utilize air strikes against the same insurgents we had originally planned to help with air strikes.

It really cannot be stressed enough.

Gaius Frakkin' Baltar's picture

When every politician, bureaucrat, and spook who supported the ISIS liver-eaters in Syria are outed, convicted of treason, and sentenced to prison for the rest of their lives, I'll think about supporting a war on ISIS. No number of false-flags will convince me otherwise.

Keyser's picture

Odds are for something to happen in the next 2 weeks... Either over the Labor Day holiday or on the 9/11 anniversary... I hope I'm wrong, but TPTB are getting desperate as they have stirred up the entire planet... If something does happen, it will be a toss-up whether Obozo blames Putin or ISIS... My bet is Putin... 

TahoeBilly2012's picture

So Kennedy may not have been killed by a lone gunman? 

KickIce's picture

Yeah, and some of the stats re the recovery are false.


(OK guys, next week we'll give TB the bad news on the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy)

Four chan's picture

were is fema drilling? thats where the crisis actors will be along with the manufactured incident alla sandy hook, ok city.

KickIce's picture

If they do anything it will need to be big as well as something that would incite the military, like a game involving one of the service academies.  I know Ohio State plays Navy this weekend...

Problem is the government, and especially this administration, has a serious credibility issue.  I think there's enough doubt about 911, the Boston Marathon and Sandy Hook that people will expect an inside job first.

wee-weed up's picture



Of course, if the attack should come through the wide-open, and intentionally un-inforced southern border...

It will be vociforously denied by the Obozo WH and their sycophant MSM.

The One can do no wrong.

Drunk In Church's picture

I don't believe in that false flag crap.  You guys give the government too much credit.  It's all bullshit.

balanced's picture

You seem to have a problem believing obvious things.

CheapBastard's picture

I hate to say it but I think Eye-Sys already started. My neighbor's $685 bicycle is missing from his back porch.


Phucking Eye-Sys! 



d_senti's picture

Meanwhile ISIS is being used as a pawn to set up the Middle East for a major war. I wouldn't be surprised if we're planning to get our hands even dirtier than they already are.

AldousHuxley's picture

rick Perry is so sure because he works for ISIS moron ops.


what happened to his law suit?



Manthong's picture


All 50 states now have CCW.. they should have open carry.. they will because it is a part of the population control plan (eat each other as the elite snack on hors d'oeuvres).  

so..enjoy.. your children are blindly walking into the “Brave New World”.

BigJim's picture

John: This just in!

Jane: Security experts have been working day and night to determine how Terrrists managed to smuggle enough deadly, undetectable Islamatonium into this great country to carry out the Houston Stadium Terrrist Atrocity.

John: Head of Department of Homeland Security, Brad Studley, tells us that his teams have determined the smuggling route!

Brad (onscreen, in room filled with US flags): Good evening, John!

John (respectfully): Good evening, Mr. Studley. It's a great honor to have you on our show!

Brad: Not at all! The American people have entrusted their government to do everything and anything to keep their great country safe; the least I can do is keep them apprised.

Jane: I believe you have some important news regarding the Houston Stadium Terrrist Atrocity, Mr Studley?

Brad: Call me Brad. Yes, we have determined the Terrrists smuggled the deadly, undetectable Islamatonium across the border and into the Homeland using public, and even private, transportation!

John: Despite recent improvements with screening at all stations, international and domestic??? How did they do that, Brad?

Brad: Yes. Despite our massive expansion of personnel, and presence in all transportation hubs, Terrists have been smuggling the deadly Islamotonium in America on flights, buses, and cars. Even on illegal Mexican Cucumber-picker trucks!

Jane, shocked: But how are they doing that???

Brad: Extensive post-mortem analysis and DNA testing have revealed that they smuggled the deadly undetectable Islamatonium... concealed... concealed...

John: Yes???

Jane: Please go on!!!

Brad: Concealed in their rectal cavities.

John: My God!

Jane: ooooooh!

Brad: Yes! Despite knowing this was a death sentence! A death sentence to themselves... and anyone seated nearby when they broke wind! And we all know how Arabs break wind!

John: Indeed we do! But that means...

Brad: It means that thousands, maybe millions, of Americans have picked up traces of deadly undetectable Islamatonium off public transport seating!

Jane, shocked: My God! We all know how Islamatonium has a particularly deleterious effect on children! What is the government doing to save our children???

Brad, determined: Right now, even as we speak, we're assembling medical teams to inspect the posteriors of every American to ensure they haven't been contaminated with deadly undetectable Islamatonium. All citizens will be required to report to detecting stations first thing the beginning of next month.

John, obviously relieved: Thank God!

Brad, wearily: Obviously, as weeks have gone by since the attack, there will remain copious quantities of deadly undetectable Islamatonium all over seating in the continental United States; so - as part of the posterior inspection process - doctors will be implanting sensors to detect the deadly undetectable Islamatonium. For the children, obviously.

Jane: If we're going to be safe, we have to surrender a few conveniences.

Brad: Exactly! These sensors are quite small; they come in different shapes and sizes, and are designed to fit unobtrusively in the rectal cavity.

John: Wow! They sound great! And obviously these will be fitted by trained, government medical personnel?

Brad: Of course! The American Government would never put the health of its citizens in jeopardy!

John: And no side effects, as these are FDA approved.

Brad: No, no side effects at all... none (coughs)... no....

Jane: ?

Brad: No 'side effects', per se, at least as defined by the new DHS Anal Guidelines... though the old law does require me to state that a few people may experience a little anal leakage.

John: So what? You can get that from eating White Tuna, and eating white tuna doesn't keep our children safe!

Brad: Exactly! No patriotic citizen would cavil. And the Rainbow Community in particular will be pleased that the sensors are available in a variety of different colors and textures, for the more (ahem) anally explorative amongst us.

Jane: Wow. What a great country we live in! Can you see homophobic dictator Putin catering to the Rainbow Community like that? Any other announcements?

Brad: Yes, great news for the unemployed! Your government has an urgent requirement for rectal technicians! No expertise needed, training will be provided on the job!

John: Wow! That's great! blah blah blah....

Charming Anarchist's picture

No.  That is just a false narrative. 

The real story is that Islamophantomium is being spread through GMO cucumbers. 


<<Concealed in their rectal cavities.>> That is not what they told the Mexicans. 

LikeyMikey's picture

If we the plebes were permitted to open carry .....  trust me, the elites would not be snacking on hors d'oeuvres.  They would be hiding behind the small armies they employ.

Will never happen unfortunately

Moe Howard's picture

Watch carefully on the USAWatchdog video when Tom asks about a 6 year crisis from 2014 to 2020 - Charles Nenner's Jew Beanie falls off.



Isn't that a "tell" that he is lying?

Againstthelie's picture

They are working.

You can find them by going on the "video" section on Nenner's HP.

Lost Word's picture

Interesting Link from D_Senti above, about Islamic End Times beliefs,

being used by the NWO Elites to promote Islamic civil war.

Did not know that Islam believes Jesus will help Islam win the Apocalypse victory.

I presume the Islamic belief is a derivative of the Christian Book of Revelation

description of the Apocalypse.

But the NWO Elites do not believe in Jesus, do they?

Using Religion to destroy Religion?

Except the NWO Religion, aka Satanism.

all-priced-in's picture

I sometimes wonder -

Is there anyone in government that is skilled enough - competent enough - to plan and execute these vast false flag operations.


Sure they are evil enough - but they are idiots -


Bill Clinton couldn't even manage to get a blow job without the whole world finding out about it.


In todays age of social media reality star - someone would want their 15 minutes of fame - and they would leak the proof -





Lost Word's picture

Only to the extent that the Conspiracy is hidden enough

that the Lying Establishment News Media is able to continue the Cover-up

and Fool a large percentage of the Stupid population,

who use Social Media only for trivial reasons, not for important news-worthy reasons.

JRev's picture

Outing of stories is a social management policy. Get out of line? Don't like our latest plans? To the front page with you. Some politicians may be stupid, but the social managers, bankers, NGOs, and all the other seeds of the Rhodes Roundtable (fucking look it up if you don't know what it is, seriously, please) are brilliant and patient, if not overtly psychopathic.

willwork4food's picture

api- you forget that there are levels upon levels of supervision. Even a youtube cowboy would find his link mysteriously vanished or misplaced. There have been many cowboys on the internet post 911, just as they knew they would be, which is why there was a very effective anti-official smear campaign complete with dozens of dis-info links, shitty blogs and  outlandishbooks which made it quite easy for them to publically on MSN. If you think they are idiots then you must believe Bill Gates is an idiot too ,since he is for needed culling of the world pop (think the Georgia guidestones), and partnered with Rockerfeller to install a massive seed bank in a remote island in the acrtic circle. How nice of them to think of the children.

papaclop's picture

Kennedy was killed by the banksters. That's why no president has stood up to them since. Our government is a stooge government and Europe is composed of subservient States.

stant's picture

I am thinking that we are past due for a attack sub frigate or a air launched cruise missle etc hitting Vichy Dc . I guess they have already thought of that.. So it will be something tears. Jubil Early was the last one who got that close

Zero Govt's picture

you realise the true depth of cynicism against Govt when the conspiracy theories begin before false flags and we start predicting the next State-terror move

surely the game is up for the sociopaths and sickos amongst us soon yes?!

hobopants's picture

Most articles on here come in under 100 thousand views...the population of the US is what? 300 million? As a fun way to depress the hell out of yourself, sample the opinions of some friends and family on Ukraine, 9/11, Ferguson and the economy.

Now for the fun part, make sure that one of the twenty four hour news networks is on low volume in the room while you do this. I think that you'll find that the audio from the tv and the voice of the subject of your interview will eerily begin to synchronize.

The elite will game any new crisis and distract the low functioning masses with ease, you cannot get productive change from a stupid population. Our only hope is that it goes sideways so badly it simply becomes an impossiblity for them to hold things together, but then what?

People in the states have been trained to be utterly dependent followers, not self reliant thinkers....How can a great state like the one the forefathers came up with spring from that?

eclectic syncretist's picture

Please stop calling the sociopaths "elites".

GetZeeGold's picture



While you're at it...please stop calling them intellectuals.

willwork4food's picture

And you might as well stop calling them human. They have traded their souls for something foul and reptillian. Just look at their eyes.

StupidEarthlings's picture

+1 keyser.

This will be the 13th anniversary of 911. Isnt that their fav number?

That and how f'd up the system is right now.


But- if al qaida was 'responsible' for 911.. why would isis celebrate the anniversary? .. (if they're the new scapegoat) ?..?


Well. .hold on to your buts anyway. 

Lost Word's picture

ISIS is the New version of Al-Qaida.

Same organization, New name.

Laughing Sawfish's picture

With this level of treason, a conviction warrants the death penalty.

Ginsengbull's picture

Do you trust they wouldn't fake it?

Lost Word's picture

Public Execution required.

Liquid Courage's picture



Ponder this on a Grassy Knoll, and watch a Nation lose its soul.
Too few did stop to wonder: why?, so Truth and Right and Justice fly.
And Life and Love and Liberty are devoured by "Complexity"
As Ike did warn though none did heed, there rose a new and darker creed.

Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.
John Harington

Lost Word's picture

Obama is a Puppet.

The Conspirators are using Muslim loving Obama

for the Conspirator's purposes, not for Obama's purposes.

Obama will presumably get betrayed by the Conspirators at some point in the future.

omniversling's picture

Best collection of references, articles and research that I've found on the 'unauthorised removal of nukes from Dyess AFB', Lindsay Graham's 'nuke in Sth Carolina' and the sacking of 1st and 2nd in Command of US nukes in 2013: