This Is How ISIS Is Building An Airforce

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The Islamic State is nothing if not ambitious. Despite no record of current 'airplane' assets in their annual reports, ISIS has begun detaining and forcing Syrian pilots to train militant fighters to fly stolen aircraft. According to CNN Arabic, the pilots (and their planes and helicopters) were abducted when the terrorist group gained control of Tabqa military base. It appears that if beheadings, executions, and whippings are not enough to strike fear into the hearts of the locals, then (just as America is tryiung to do), an air assault will greatly demoralize. We can only imagine how this changes Obama's strategy (and just where are all the rest of Syria and Iraq's airplanes stored?)



Via Al Arabiya,

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria said in a recent tweet it is forcing detained Syrian pilots to train militant fighters to fly stolen aircraft, CNN Arabic reported on Saturday.


In an account reportedly associated with the militant group, ISIS said in a tweet the pilots were abducted when the group gained control over the Tabqa military airbase in Raqqa Province.


ISIS seized the airbase earlier this month. The major airfield houses warplanes, helicopters, tanks and other artillery and ammunition, which were also confiscated by ISIS, according to several media reports.


ISIS did not provide any information about the nature of the training, according to CNN Arabic.

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As NYTimes reported,

The fall of the Tabqa air base followed the group’s seizing of two other Syrian military bases and gave it effective control of Raqqa Province, which abuts the Turkish border and whose capital city, Raqqa, has long served as the group’s de facto headquarters.


Photographs posted Sunday on Twitter accounts sympathetic to ISIS showed bearded fighters in the air base, standing next to a destroyed fighter jet and appearing to cut the head off a dead soldier.

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Some more of the 'loot'

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Bossman1967's picture

wow so they just let them take an air base and no one doing anything about it??

Sudden Debt's picture

Spare parts.
That's how that story ends.
And even so, a F18 can shoot a plane like that down from 4 miles away

TheMeatTrapper's picture

My opinion is that the current situation in the Middle East is a combination of sheer arrogance, stupidity, incompetance and malice on behalf of the US government. 

I believe the US foolishly thought they could "vet" and "control" the Syrian rebels. Their arrogant stupidity resulted in the hard core Islamics quickly muscling out the "moderate rebels", takling the guns, money and logistical support with them.

Now they have a runaway operation that has ballooned out of their control and is turning into a worst case scenario.

The Syrian fiasco combined with our repeated wars against Iraq resulted in a power vacuum that crosses borders - and the ISIS fellas are dedicated enough and brutal enough to fill that vacuum.

Throw in the fact that we've destabilized Ukraine, have pissed Russia off, China is on the march, our border has been deliberately dissolved, our military machine is worn out, broke and the soldiers tired of war at the precise time we may really need an army...

Well, this is what you get when football and WalMart are the most important things in our lives. We get an incompetant nigger with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Americans will get what they deserve - and it's going to be really, really ugly.  

Divided States of America's picture

is MH370 one of these 'stolen' aircrafts???

max2205's picture

Thank god they don't have refueling tankers for the trip across the Atlantic.

If I was Israel or Saudi I'd be nervous

Pinto Currency's picture



That's the "hornet's nest".



espirit's picture

Actually, it sort of looks like birdshit on the tail of that fighter jet.

NoDebt's picture

Printed on the side of one of the shipping boxes:

Box number:  500

Number of boxes:  2500

MalteseFalcon's picture

"Ahmed, you are a pilot, right?  We want you to take the weekend and teach Tariq how to fly this jet.  OK?  You do it or we cut off your head, film it and put it on the YouTube.  Very embarrassing.  OK?"

jeff montanye's picture

i think the last fifty or sixty years have been a wrong turn in the mideast for the u.s.  israel is the problem.

but ....

why was obama so much more eager to drone that u.s. citizen preacher (and his kid and the kid's friend), not to mention pakistani wedding parties, but even with the incredibly minute surveillance and the absolutely unquestioned u.s. air superiority here (unlike, say, eastern ukraine) these obvious "high value targets", manned by literal and figurative anti-christs, get to rest easy?

you don't think he wants isis stronger to strike greater fear in our hearts do you?  oh heaven forfend!

COSMOS's picture

This is a cover for USA bombings of Assad forces.  They will blame it on ISIS.

palmereldritch's picture

Hey, they had to get those MPADS from somewhere....They sure-as-shit didn't get them from Benghazi when they killed Stevens and those SEALs when he refused to carry out the transfer of weapons knowing the Pandora's box it would unleash...right?

SafelyGraze's picture

this informations is frightening because it indicates that these madmens might be planning to crater their aircrafts into rural pennsylvanias

or pentagons

or freedom ones


Drunk In Church's picture

It's cool that ISIS attracts global Islamic fighters.  Now that we have all the wackos in one spot, perhaps we can nuke them.  Why not?

barre-de-rire's picture

even browny  faces with golden rollex at wrists napkined face driving rr phantom in town & hummer doin some sand surfing in their own backyard  while building climatized stadium  for a world cup and pratice ski between 2 daily head-down-ass-up do not move  fucking inch to clear the situation.


no nuke expected until no more oil in the ground...


wanna kill em ? drive biggest motors as much as you can... 

Ying-Yang's picture

The uprising and growth of ISIS is a surprise to the world as the media spins it.

Their funding by ME oil nations is not a surprise.

This is another plan hatched by TPTB like so many before. Perpetual war is good for the MIC. It maintains MIC's capability for R&D, which keeps the US military's advantage for 1st line weapons. Next gen drones, lasers, rail guns and supersonic delivery systems to keep the pressure on foes and allies alike.

Let the big dog eat. A perpetual arms race using the world's productivity for war and destruction.

I wonder what an enlightened civilization might create with that productivity if men were not savages.

We kill and allow killing. It is sad to say we are no more enlightened than our ancestors 6 million years ago. With all our advances we can kill better. Clubs are so yesterday.

Charming Anarchist's picture

<<Clubs are so yesterday.>>  Yeah but clubs are also cheap and readily available.  Not many people will stay rich forever. 


Holding onto an advantage for 1st line weapons is expensive and seems to be increasing exponentially.  They are also more technically difficult to maintain.  That may all come to a grinding halt in the long run. 

TheReplacement's picture

Israel is not the problem.  The US is the problem.  Stop meddling.

Ukraine isn't the problem.  The US is the problem.  Stop meddling.

Libya wasn't the problem.  The US was the problem.  Stop meddling.

Mexico/SA isn't the problem.  The US is the problem.  Close the border and cutoff welfare.  Prosecute people and put them in prison or take them out and shoot them (corporations).

Take some responsibility you whiner.  Our only problem is ourselves, including the need to blame others for our behavior.

Divided States of America's picture

The problem with the US is that it is the puppet state of Israel, the puppet master.

strannick's picture

Masked nutjobs pushing buttons in planes? Oooo we're really scared.

I can just imagine them driving one into the avgas tank at 10 miles an hour while frantically pushing buttons and pulling levers, then ejecting right after the plane explodes

strannick's picture

I changed ''raghead' to ''masked''. That better?

McCormick No. 9's picture

Arabs make shitty pilots. From personal experience. Of course there are exceptions, but I wouldn't be too worried about these guys in the air.

Citxmech's picture

It's not like you can teach someone to fly a combat jet effectively in a couple of weeks.  Either ISIS already had trained fighter pilots and they need transition training to a specific make and model, or they are just not going to be a that much of a threat. 

daemon's picture

" It's not like you can teach someone to fly a combat jet effectively in a couple of weeks. .... or they are just not going to be a that much of a threat. "

Exactly, and it's not the only problem. When you know the amount of work and skill it takes to maintain those fragile birds operational, you know this information is simply another part of the joke. 


Keyser's picture

You forget that the US government thinks that everyone are fucking idiots... After all, they still want us to believe that Saudis with zero jet experience and very little PIC time in a Cessna, actually hijacked, flew and crashed these airplanes into buildings on 9/11... Your government thinks that little of your intelligence... 

bh2's picture

Piloting a modern fighter requires somewhat more demanding skills and experience than steering an already-airborne commercial passenger plane.

Sokhmate's picture

  "pull up pull up pull up pull up pull up pull up"

The Big Ching-aso's picture

Looks like another crISIS du jour in the making.

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

"This is just like Ace Combat 4, right?"

Ying-Yang's picture

Forget about ISIS building an airforce.....

Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border

Islamic terrorist groups are operating in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez and planning to attack the United States with car bombs or other vehicle born improvised explosive devices (VBIED). High-level federal law enforcement, intelligence and other sources have confirmed to Judicial Watch that a warning bulletin for an imminent terrorist attack on the border has been issued.  Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat.

Was the border left wide open to allow this to happen?

Texas brothers be on watch!

SokPOTUS's picture

Ahmed: "Cut off my head, you say? Why, no problem. Climb
aboard, Tariq, while I nosecone this F'er into the ground."

Escrava Isaura's picture


 We know that Syria, Iran, and Russia don’t want wars, especially against US.

The problem US has against Syria and Iran is containment. They can never defeat the US. But, can they stop US invasion long enough for diplomacy to work. That means: US loses.

Near Syria, we have Iran, the second largest natural gas reserve, followed by Qatar (#3), Turkmenistan (#4), Saudi Arabia (#6), and Iraq (#11).

If the pipeline from these nations goes through Turkey, these nations will have the same problem Russia is having in Ukraine: The gas is stolen because the local population cannot afford it.

Ukraine Population: 45 million. Turkey: 73 million. Syria: 22 million

Europe needs the gas from these nations. So does China.

Ukraine, and very soon most of Europe, are pay back from US defeat in Syria and because Russia is selling US treasuries… Dumping the dollar.

If Russia succeeds, the dominos “contagion’ affects take place. Other nations will do the same, by dumping the dollar.

Then, the US neoliberal framework, since the 1980’s, collapses, because US won’t be able to undermine their economies, attack their currencies, and stronghold their countries, like in Argentina, now, and Asia and Russia, in 1990s.


palmereldritch's picture

You forgot to mention the most important component in this energy calculus...currency

The FRN exists as a reserve currency by virtue that it is supported by the sale of petroleum in the Middle East (principally KSA) exclusively in the USD currency denomination, hence the term Petrodollar.

KSA is no longer the largest producer of oil and petroleum in the world.  It is now (and has been for several years) Russia.

Notwithstanding the fact that the demonic powers that be want a One World Currency via an SDR and must implode the FRN accordingly (would explain a lot of the and in order to game the final order from the chaos they are instituting they need to remove Putin and his control of Russia’s vast energy resources and its contribution to any post-collapse SDR basket definition.


Perhaps explains why Putin went from G8 member to villain in such short order...when he went off-script after realizing what psycho death cultists he was dealing with and what they would do to Russia and to any other nation they have a controlling hand over...kinda like the IMF and their Nazis in Ukraine.

Escrava Isaura's picture


You wrote: “You forgot to mention...currency”

I agree with you. And thanks for correcting that.

So, in the last paragraph of my post, just change the word “framework” for the word “Currency” (their weapon).  

Anyway, your third paragraph is right. And that is the crux of their (Middle East and American Elites) demise and humanity breakdown.

Saudi Arabia oil and its revenues are declining. Soon, the ‘bread and circuses’ that Saudis run to their herd, it will be short on bread. So, the Saudis are panicking.

However, Saudi Arabia can offset that by exporting their natural gas through pipelines, as well as through their land, from Qatar, to Europe.

That’s why you see the largest financial and military superpower (US) and its main puppet (NATO) fighting the small military and energy independent superpower (Russia) in Syria.

Syria is the pipeline route.

About SDR, G-8 nonsense, IMF, and so on….. let’s do those in another post.

Sudden Debt's picture

Isreal has way better weapons and rockets.
Also, a bearded monkey who has just learned to fly a plane doesn't stand a match against a fully trained fighter pilot who masters all tactics.
All they can do with those planes is destroy a dam like in bagdad which hasn't got any defenses.

Anarchy 99's picture

"all they can do destroy a dam"     

that would have some pretty serious consequences, no?

Sudden Debt's picture

I don't know.... All we could do than is buy oil calls I guess and make a shitload of money :)

JamesBond's picture

When they steal a nuke from Pakistan and force a technician to 'train' them... 



WOAR's picture

Those aircraft are not designed to carry nukes. I can tell just by looking at them. They don't have the airframe to carry a large, old school nuke, and in order to use a newer tactical nuke, you would have to program the aircraft to recognize it.

I doubt they have that capability, or the research budget to divert to something so pointless. Even if they're making millions, an F-35 with the capability to use tactical nukes costs TRILLIONS in research/development, and it still isn't functioning correctly (currently at 50% capability).

Coding is a bitch. Ask the Obamacare people.

WOAR's picture

What's with the downvotes? Do any of you know anything about aircraft hard-points? Or the connections required to join a munition to the frame?

You can't just throw a nuke on an aircraft with a pull-pin fuze. That's not how nukes work.

Well, unless you were trying to blow yourself up.

Touche, downvoters, touche.

SokPOTUS's picture

Seriously? You only need to drop the nuke if the pilot is planning to live another day. However, if he holds the damn thing on his lap on the way in...

WOAR's picture

You still have to arm the thing, idiot. If you can't do it from inside the aircraft, what are you going to do? Go outside, climb out on the wings, look under the fuselage, and arm it by hand? Or are you going to fly around with an armed and unsafe munition, that could go off long before you hit your target?

Carrying a nuke on your lap is hilarious. Something that size would never go off, ever, and even if it did, it would be smaller and less effective than just carrying a conventional payload on the actual aircraft. "Suitcase nukes" are a joke.

Heck, how would he decide to set off the device in his lap? A timer? That could get destroyed when he rams something? Or an accelerometer, that would get tipped over and get set off before he hit his target? Stupid, stupid, stupid idea...if you're going to say something, at least know enough about what you're talking about to get it to work.

Coletrane's picture

all those guys could do on sept 11th was destroy a couple of buildings....................



masters of tactics didnt stop them............


What makes you think they're training for dogfights? wtf

X-defiler's picture

Brinlliant reply. What threat is a bearded monkey with a plane full of missiles?A whole hell of a lot!!!

Thirtyseven's picture

No one said they had to be capable of shooting down other fighters in dog fights.  No one said it was 100% necessary for either the plane or the pilot to make the return trip....which makes both a hell of a lot more dangerous.

WOAR's picture

 No one said it was 100% necessary for either the plane or the pilot to make the return trip...

That's the frightening part. Not because they could ram something with those planes, but because they can land them on captured air strips, extending their range beyond what would be considered normal.

There's been a resurgence in using turbo-props for counter-terrorism, due to the longer loiter time of propeller engines. These planes are also perfect for terrorists, since their range can be extended due to the fact that a prop plane can land in more places than a jet (props don't suck up rocks into their engines on damaged runways).

In effect, I would be more worried if they started purchasing cheapo-cessnas that can carry WWII era munitions than anything else. All the bells and whistles on modern jets are just noise when it comes to total warfare (bombing any and all targets, even the childrens).

fleur de lis's picture


"Those guys" are destructive, violent psychos but they did not destroy a couple of buildings in NYC. That was done by our psychos.

SilverRhino's picture

They aren't training to become dogfighting pilots.  They are training to become MANNED cruise missiles.