The Real Cost Of War

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As President Obama prepares to unleash his new 'strategery' to deal with ISIS, Syria, Putin... and so on, we thought a subtle reminder of the real cost of war was prescient...


Source: Statista

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More costs.

And you can double the ISIS costs. Paying for weapons to destroy weapons we already paid for....

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Revelations 17:The name written on her forehead was a mystery:

babylon the great

the mother of prostitutes

and of the abominations of the earth.

I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of God’s holy people, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus.

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Preping for church, or inspired after? 

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Paul Craig Roberts writes an intro to a must watch video interview of the Donetsk seperatists:

Don't recall seeing this on MSM nor, sadly, ZH.

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meh, PCR has become a real alarmist.

But I really hope he's not right and that im too much of a Relaxist

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What I dont get is the fact that these vets are so upset by what has happened to them they kill themselves , so why the fuck do they never try to take out the sick fuck that did it to them , kinda like a suicide mission on say John McCain , but no they just sit at home and kill themselves.

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My Great Uncle was a Veteran, served during the Korean war. I took care of him the last year of his life as he did not want to go to a VA hospital last year (and he needed it). One of the hardest times of my life.  He said he would rather live homeless rather than die at the VA. I couldn't allow it. He was born at home and wanted to die at home. 

He was a kind man (Yes he was a fall down drunk since he got out of the military (Paratroopers), he family hated him along with everyone else). Yes everybody hated him but they used to like him.

Kindness was his nature. But when he talked about war and the millitary and all the things I don't understand, he would become a different person. He was very smart, knew a lot, but one thought would let the flood gates open. When the anger started he was always grounded in Native American, Wolves and nature. He was so angry but the difference, it seemed to me, he wasn't turning it on him. He didn't try to stop his thoughts, he faught them.

Maybe I don't make sense. He knew it wasn't him. It was something that was wrong and it wasn't him. All though self destructive his whole life.



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Admirable of you to take care of your Uncle.  

AmericaReturns's picture

Thank you Central Ohio for your kind comment. Admirable was never on the table for me, nor is it now. But thank you. It was the right thing to do, I think. I thank God I made it.

Looking back, I learned a lot about people and life.  Every action we do, whether it is positive or negative, we affect everything we touch. Who knows if he would have been better in the homeless shelter or not. After having my son 7 years ago, I feel different. I just did the best I could. But thank you.


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As a percentage, I wonder how these numbers compare to the general US population?

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OK, so I just did some research.... looks like these suicide #s are basically in line with the rest of the US population given 12.5 suicides per 100k for the US average, 2.4 million in the military (active and reserve) and the weighted age of military personnel favoring the 15 to 44 age group.  I didn't factor gender in my calculations because I'm lazy, but I can't imagine it would swing the conclusion too much...  maybe somebody else can do that calculation? 

So my take away is this chart is more about declining combat deaths which is awesome no matter how you look at it. 



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Wikipedia claims that women in the US attempt suicide more often than men, but men succeed more often. In fact, men's rate is three times the female rate.

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Good research.  Men actually commit suicide at a higher rate, and I assume the military is weighted towards men.  After that is controlled for, I suspect that soldiers commit suicide at a lesser rate than the general population. 

Amish Hacker's picture

Dr. S. what's not so awesome is that military suicides are increasing, even as combat decreases.

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As combat decreases, soldiers get fired.

Hence, higher suicide rates.

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Babylon in Scripture (specifically's singular) is 1st C Jerusalem.  (1st C Israel has aboslutely no relationship to modern UN-USSA-mandated Israel...none). 

Babylon is a 1st C Hebrew euphemism for Jerusalem becuase Jerusalem's Hebrew occupants repulsed God in "murdering" Jesus.  We know it was a crime because John quotes the Pharisee who tells Pilate it was against Roman law for the Hebrews to kill anyone.  We know the Hebrews killed Jesus because there are at least four vs. (I think five) that state so in clear language.  The only blame to Rome is where it states "you (Hebrews) and evil men (Romans) killed the Lord Jesus."  Here Rome is given only secondary blame and Rome is not blamed anywhere else, even though Pilate was a Roman emperor.  We are only concerned with who God blames, not the world.  (The primary Judaic purpose served by promoting the idea of the "holocaust" was to displace the crime of murdering God's Son with a new crime perceived to be more awful.)

Upon request I'll list evidence for concluding Babylon = Jerualem.  One that comes to mind is that John mentions that Peter's wife lived there, and the only geographic area mentioned in the Bible for Peter's wife's residence is Jerusalem.

We know Jesus' Parousia already occurred in the 1st C, and that the promised judgement was against God's previous "chosen people" which was the 1st C Ioudaious (eu-DI-ouhs). This was God's final judgement against the Hebrews for killing God's Son.  Regardless what you suspect was to happen at the Parousia, either it occurred in the 1st C AD or the Bible lies.  Compare the vs. relative to the Parousia with the word "you."  "You" must either personally apply to at least one of the hearers of the word when it is used, or the person using the word "you" lied.  No other definition of the word "you" allows for different application. 

When I invite "you" to a party soon to occur (read the first two and last two vs. of Rev.), I lied if the party does not occur till 2000 years after all the persons died who heard the invitation.  

This etymology is called "audience relevance."   

Modern translations wrongly translate Ioudaious as "Jew" which word first appeared in history in 1775 AD and you don't have to believe me, just stop in to your library and check Oxford Dictionary for that date.

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Given Obama is the so called "commander and chief" of the US military, I'm surprised the suicide numbers aren't much much higher!!!!!

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at some point, god knows when we are already ten years into this war, you are gonna wake up and realize the US president is no longer running this popstand.......

but hey, don't let me get in the way of your insane frothing at the mouth over Democrats! keeps you occupied and out of the way of the real powers.....

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Note that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost more than $6000 billion compared to $738 billion for the Vietnam war in 2011 dollars.  The Vietnam war forced the US to go off the gold standard on August 15, 1971.  America's current wars will decimate the dollar. But, at least, the droner-in-chief will still look cool in his taupe suit.

The decade-long American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq would end up costing as much as $6 trillion, the equivalent of $75,000 for every American household, calculates the prestigious Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.

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Krugman, that complete idiot, would say that spending is good.

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So MIC aren't complaining, as they made 8 times the profit.

They want at least 10 times.

They are working on it.


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...and here's the kicker that Americans have yet to MIC buddies don't make $900 toilet seats or $700 hammers.....DOY!  It's simple accounting cooking 101...a $900 toilet seat is $20....with the $880 being funneled in "CASH" to Black Ops....and no, not cool COD guys with black facepaint crawling around in sewers...."open" your fiction is science reality and US black ops are all about the quantum world and "off world"...has been since 1948 with the formation of the NSA over Roswell....snicker while you can...

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I don't know about the numbers, but whatever the true amount, most of that money was borrowed, so any calculation of the "hidden costs" should include financing costs. The MSM somehow never mention this.

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If you recognize that hyperinflation will wipe out the debt associated with these wars you will see that they happen only with the support of those who continue to accept dollars in receipt for real goods (especially oil). Those who do still trade with us know they are never going to get anything for the dollars they receive unless they spend them fast.If the US was going it alone we would be seeing fuel rationing and more.

How long this support lasts is anyone's guess. 

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This one I can accept.


My analysis is based on US public 'tolerating' the HUMAN loss due to interventions against the benefits of using interventions to facilitate world trade and control of oil flow.


If USD ceases to be world currency, then USA and West standard of living will drop by 50% or more.


Americans have to choose.

Either interventions along with human sacrifices and high standard of living




No interventions along with no human sacrifices and low standard of living


Pick one. Can't have both


And please, do not start with 'peaceful world trade'.

There is no such thing as 'peaceful world trade'. There has never been, there isn't and there will never be such a thing.

Only interventions make world trade possible.

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There will be no peace until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.


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so I would guess this will justify sending our troops back to war. how about stopping the insanity and giving our military a proper mental evaluation after sending them to war and having then to find out thier spouses were unfaithfull while they were gone. what a really fucked up way to live. pray for the troops and our country. we have lost our wat

ekm1's picture

Not possible. War is bad by definition.


Reality gives us only bad choices. The best choice humans have is the lesser evil.

Only Heaven is perfect.

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Well, then there is no perfection outside of fairy tales.

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And start only sending them into combat after Congress has officially declared war.

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bro...more hollywood films

luckystars's picture

Chickens coming home to roost.

Take Joan Rivers, she spent her life making mean comments to support her lavish lifestyle and others expense.

Her last comment was those people in Gaza deserved to die. Then attacked celebs who said "Pray for Gaza"

No sooner does she go in for routine vocal cord surgery and DIES, now in limbo like Ariel Sharron.

there is a universal law and none escapes it.


brown_hornet's picture

I guess we have been intervening on Canada for about 230 years.

p00k1e's picture

'low standard of living'

Will we be forced to live in urban decay packed like sardines - similar to the romantic times depicted by Ralph and Alice Kramden, except now filled with different folk?  

toady's picture

Saw a stat that 58% of world population lives in a large city. I suppose that will make it easier to fence them in and convert it into a camp

Totentänzerlied's picture

Interesting, the 50% threshold was crossed less than 10 years ago. The largest urban migration in human history:

"The global urban population is expected to grow approximately 1.84% per year between 2015 and 2020, 1.63% per year between 2020 and 2025, and 1.44% per year between 2025 and 2030."

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This is not surprising.  We've fucked a bunch of our guys up in the head, and we are engaged in less combat than we were few years ago. 

Dr. Bonzo's picture

This brings me right back to the Bergdahl case. I remember al the shit that kid got from the die hards about "abandoning" his brothers-in-arms and "defecting" to the Taliban when he ran off. I guess that crowd would have preferred he jus shot himself in the head... the "honorable" thing supposedly.

This epidemic of suicides in the armed forces is a goddamned disgrace. That our young people are treated so ruthlessly and so callously by a society that pimps their martial value for a few feel good moments two-or-three times a year, then abandons them to the inept hands of the fucking VA is scandalous.

I'm sure a hell of a lot more of these guys would prefer to pull a Berghdahl than blow their own brains out... but the social stigma WE pile on top of everything else they have to endure pushes them to even more horrific extremes.


Pool Shark's picture



Two problems with your rant Bonzo:

1) The US military is an all volunteer force.

2) There is no 'epidemic' of suicides in the US Military (see Dr. Strangemember's post, supra.



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In the U.S.A. they can volenteer to join the military to earn income to pay taxes on property. Or they can go to jail. 7.5 million per day just for the anti-ISIS campaign.

VWAndy's picture

I thought the Obama strategy was smoke two joints?

DOGGONE's picture

AND we/USA are fighting to preserve massive deception by omission -- of our CITIZENS!
"The Public Be Suckered"

logicalman's picture

War - Safe and profitable for those very few who start them.

Devastating and dangerous for the large numbers forced to take part.

Doesn't matter which side.


Cthonic's picture

( 349 + 311 ) * $1,300,000† < $1B

How long does it take ol' Yeller to print that?



† median wrongful death settlement

logicalman's picture

As most 'money' is digital these days, just ask how long it takes to hit one key followed by the zero key nine times.

That's how long it takes to 'make' 1-9 billion dollars.

How much is a dollar worth, again?


SocialismIsCancer's picture

This is because the USA under the liberal & socialist vermin do not engage in "war" but rather "nation building", in which there is no meaning, no value, no honor, no victories, no compensation, no rewards for either the soldiers or the society. American soldiers suffer the daily misery of war conditions, are sniped and bombed all day long everywhere they go by the people they are supposed to be saving, protecting, or liberating, get charged with crimes against humanity for defending themselves, and are treated worse than livestock if they survive and return to the USA, where they will be condemned to rot and die by Veterans Administration territorial lords, while hordes of economic invaders from latin america are treated like privileged guests.

What we should be doing is engaging in WAR, ie wiping out ALL the inhabitants as efficiently as possible regardless of means utilized, eg chemical & biological, taking over and repopulating the lands and exploiting all the natural resources for our own use, AND giving the victorious soldiers large rewards of land and income from the natural resources. That would be "war", not the silly idiotic nonsense that the USA engages in and calls "war", which is just senseless destruction of soldiers and the people's earnings.

Karaio's picture

When I left the Army in 1981 I thought several times in ruining my life. 

Repeatedly loaded pistol or revolver and leaned on the side of the forehead, the trigger got thinking how much better my life with only a few ounces of lead in the brain. 

Had a 28-barreled shotgun, made ??in a neck rested on the barrel and cartridge with her cocked 3T. 

Every time I did that was alone, locked in a room and that saved me was thinking about the motivation, the reason for pulling the trigger that set me free from this world. 

I never sought help from a psychologist or psychiatrist, I have always been independent in my attitudes. 

My body and head only relate to me and nobody else. 

If I smoke two packs of Marlboros a day and take my beers at the weekend, that's my problem and nobody else's. 

If I'm in the third wedding I attend church and not nehuma is also my problem, nobody else's. 

My current woman I'm married to 23 years of Jehovah's Witnesses, nor why she could change my mind over the years. 

I can say that I know what happens in the mind of those guys who killed themselves. 

In the background is a lack of companionship, an absence, a void that is not supplied when back home. 

This vacuum leaves the depressed people. 

No way out? 


to be continued ...

Karaio's picture

Leave a suicide situation is not easy, the guy needs at least discernment about what is life and death. 

Although this is redundant, anyone who has seen death many times before sí you know, know the smell. 

In my case, I adopted the cow syndrome. 

The syndrome consists of cow you see the world like a cow. 

Are you not give a shit, fuck the rest. 

From the moment you take this attitude toward the world you feel better, you know that not only is the fellowship which we live. 

Actually started as a single sperm that worked, leave behind a lot of partners in the daddy bag. 

Take over your life and arrange for the bitch that bore him-with a sense of right and wrong the rest of the world is more sublime than to kill himself. 

This report is extremely sincere and personal, if you like this freshness can use without copyright text itself is of my authorship. 

I lost two of my friends from suicide, committed suicide upon motorcycles, traffic accidents - I dare not tell the reason but families have to give a lot of money. 

No one in my platoon was killed, only one in my company, in my Battalion two. 

Well, that's it, I think I spoke too. 


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Thank you for serving our counrty.  Please reach out to somebody.  

Click here to go my church's website.