Ukrainian Coast Guard Attacked Near Russian Border, Some Killed

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A Ukraine military spokesman has confirmed that some sailors were killed and more injured when 2 Ukraine Coast Guard cutters came under attack by artillery from onshore near the village of Bezimenne (close to the Russian Border). This is believed to be the first such incident since the conflict began.


As Bloomberg reports,

Some killed when cutters attacked near village of Bezimenne near border w/ Russia, wounded are being transported to hospitals in Mariupol, Oleksiy Metasov, aide to Ukrainian lawmaker Yehor Firsov, comments by phone from Mariupol.


The naval cutter is reported to have been attacked by artillery from the shore.



Leonid Matyukhin, Ukraine military spokesman, says doesn’t recall similar attack since conflict started.

At around the 1:00 mark, the clip shows numerous aircraft approaching the burning ships...


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digitalindustry's picture

this is WW3 Bullish !


Buy Bottle Cap & Squirrel on Stick, use leverage !


code CAP - SSTK

Escrava Isaura's picture

This is IT (the Red flag)

"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" Admiral David Farragut


Latina Lover's picture

Should be good for another 30 points up on the S&P.

Publicus's picture

Ukraine won't have any coast left when all is said and done.

Latina Lover's picture

Probably not, especially if Odessa becomes part of NovoRossiya. Between Crimea, Odessa and Donbass, the best, most productive and valuable parts of the former Ukraine will not be available for USSA/IMF asset stripping.

For Russia, this may be the best outcome, since what will be left of the Ukraine will be a landlocked, bankrupt, Somalia style country, a stinking dogpile to be left on the EU's doorstep.

Publicus's picture

Plus, nice route for the new gas pipeline. Assuming the Euros got Ruble to buy the gas this coming volcanic winter.

0b1knob's picture

Ukraine has a Coast Guard?  Who knew...

gallistic's picture

Whatever their "Coast Guard" has, is essentially confined to the Ukranian coast of the Sea of Azov.

Russia owns all the other coastlines and the Kerch Strait that leads out to the Black Sea.

The Big Ching-aso's picture

I've heard the Ukrainian Coast Guard is second only to the Nebraska Coast Guard in combat readiness.

BaBaBouy's picture

""Ukraine has a Coast Guard?""

... UKr Just Lost Its Coast Guard

Keyser's picture

Artillery to take our a Coast Gaurd ship? I'm calling bullshit... It never happened... 

gallistic's picture

Theoretically, it could be done with massed fires, but it is an incredible waste that might not yield results.

However, the right way to do it would be to employ guided munitions. Of course, someone would have to be painting the target.

Say hello to my little friend- Krasnopol

Omen IV's picture

fuck em hard fuck em deep!

end to end from the D River to the Sea - east to west - Newco!!!

New country for real people - Fascists need not apply for citizenship!

TheGardener's picture

This match is not for fun.

Germany will not choose sides but once again be the centre
of contention. US being all but completely fucked up and panslavic settlement in due course.

99 air balloons for 99 years though.

thejanitor's picture

I agree this is not fun

Europe is being thrown to the dogs of war

As a bone

Stuck on Zero's picture

Russia wants every part of the Ukraine back except Chernobyl.  What a deal.


Renewable Life's picture

All this WWIII chatter implies that the West is in any way, shape, or form, prepared to square off with Russia on the battlefield in their fucking back yard!!!!

Putin is boiling this Ukrainian frog in a pot, slowly and meticulously turn up the heat, until the Ukies are dead, but never do anything too big or brash to create a moment of no return for the West!!

Vlad knows both the EU and US have absolutely NO stomach for losses in the Ukraine, they will take every opportunity to back down every time as long at he provides them the space!!

This last week, he turned the heat up, Tuesday they'll be asking for a meeting at the UN to "de-escalate" the situation! Brilliant really, it's called knowing your enemy, some of these worthless, incompetent dipshits at West Point, might want to get out some literature and do the same, instead of watching gun camera footage and porn all day, on the taxpayers dime!

TheGardener's picture

Putin has stomach aplenty for his raped mongol

TheReplacement's picture

The man said,... "flexibility".

FreedomGuy's picture

Short drop of 50 to 75 as the rationals divest, then up 200 as government watchers and Fed fans flood the buy side.

Dugald's picture



So the twats tool up to border and are fired on, now who would have figured that would happen.....obviously the Russians felt greatly imperiled.

and no I am not being sarcastic...

WOAR's picture

It's only bullish if they killed some folks...

El Oregonian's picture

The Rothchild's are funding one/or both sides with the Rockefeller's and Warburg's funding the other, backstopped by the respective 'Taxpayers' to insure the funding stream is never broken...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

US Destroyer sails for Rebel Coast... "OPERATION GULF TONKINSKI".

Latina Lover's picture

I guess the Ukie leaders still stuck in Mariupol won't be leaving via their private yachts anytime soon. 

Jack Burton's picture

Yes, given history of wars fought on the Black Sea and Azov coasts, it would be very smart to destory any Ukrainian vessels operating near the coast. Blockaded Mariupol will need supply by sea, and as you point out, ships make perfect escape routes for Ukie soldiers, leaders, fascists and government rulers inside Mariupol. Rebels can shoot down low flying aircraft acting as a link to Ukraine proper, so ships are vital. No doubt all the rich oligarchs and family along with their private Nazi militias will seek sea rescue. From a rebel point of view, destroying any Ukie ships at sea is vital to the war.

I thought I saw aircraft, but then thought maybe birdsm because the last part showed them meake a move only a bird could do at that speed, but I am not sure. As a former USN sailor, I know how many times lookouts reported birds to the bridge as Aircraft approaching. It was a joke, we called them "B1RDS"

Omen IV's picture

The Oligarchs and their family "require" the same treatment in the basement that the Romonov's got

the only person(s)  allowed to live in the Family must be named Anastasia 

flapdoodle's picture

A few deft snips with a sharp knife and Kolomoisky can qualify for being renamed "Anastasia" (albeit a *very ugly* Anastasia).

Dugald's picture

As a former USN sailor, I know how many times lookouts reported birds to the bridge as Aircraft approaching. It was a joke, we called them "B1RDS"

So bloody glad I did not have lookouts of your calibre pm my ship, I would have you/them, put down in the engine space and made sure you never saw daylight.


trulz4lulz's picture

Did I, or did I not read an article about NATO ships heading to/entering the Black Sea recently?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

You did, you did see a Putytat. Bad Putytat!

Seriously though, I'm more worried about a foreign sub from the Eastern Mediterranean shadowing them. Deja Vu of USS Liberty.

trulz4lulz's picture

"Seriously though, I'm more worried about a foreign sub from the Eastern Mediterranean shadowing them. Deja Vu of USS Liberty."

Submarines are a delusional conspiracy of tin foil hat wearin' nutters! (Am I doing it right?)

Jack Burton's picture

Very good Kirk. This is the prime place for a massive war starting false flag by NATO on one of it's own ships. Israel's fleet of modern German Submarines are PERFECT to carry out a False Flag to blame on Russia. An, since Israel has no concious at all, killing AMerican sailors comes natural to them! Watch the Black Sea, could be where WWIII turns us all into ashes.

Urban Redneck's picture

Whose submarine???

That would be a neat (and dangerous) trick - only 60' of water depth in DOWNTOWN Istanbul to hide a submarine about 60' tall without scraping (ala USS Taylor), and without being hit by a ship above, and without anyone seeing the big fish in the river (or its wake)... where probably several waterfront real-estate leases are being financed by Moscow and outfitted with some rather sensitive measuring, recording and transmitting equipment. (If they straddled sea lanes the options are slightly better, but only on paper and before factoring in twice as many ships overhead.)

WOAR's picture

Dingdingding! I think we have a winner here...

Volkodav's picture

Always some...they rotate them in/out

nothing better to do...

Latina Lover's picture

Mariupol is on the Sea of Azov, not Black Sea

Jack Burton's picture

Very shallow sea at that. In WWII, a Soviet attack took place where Red Army soldiers wadded across a part of the sea to attack Germans in the rear.

Dugald's picture


And that explains why so many drones arrive at the wrong targets, the fuckwit operators skipped geography.......

Payne's picture

If they were close enough to Russian batteries to be hit they were close enough to hit.  Don't stick out your tongue at someone with a long range rifle and not expect to get shot.


Seriously difficult for a shore battery to hit a moving ship unless they had buoys in the water or some markers.  

Sedaeng's picture

Artillery hitting ships from the coast?  difficult at best and only if they do not move...

climber's picture

You could do it, it is essentially a physics problem. But to get the variables to calculate a shooting solution... Range, target vectors, wind speed and direction, etc. Without markers at sea, this suggets a coordinated effort with air and land assets. Forgive me if I'm wrong but I believe that modern fire control radars calculate enemy locations based on incoming ordance. So to engage unprovoked essentially a moving point seems highly unlikely.

Latina Lover's picture

If moving Naval ships are able to engage via their heavy guns, why couldn't a stationary artillery battery hit a moving ship offshore?

Seriously, are you trying to tell us that land based artillery batteries cannot hit a ship out at sea?


climber's picture

I'm not saying they can't, I'm saying its exceptionally difficult. Land artillery units don't fire at targets they fire at an area. So to shoot at a moving ship you need to know the range, speed, and direction of the target, as well as the meteorlogical effects in the area. You use these to calculate a shooting solution. And if this solution isn't exact, the first shell splashes harmlessly away. Then you take that miss and adjust your calculations and "walk" the shells onto the target, assuming the target keeps a steady speed and direction. So saying that an artillery team that is not trained on engaging moving ships (which why would you train for this scenario when there are anti-ship missles) hit a moving coast guard ship on the first shot (assuming that any sane captain would drastically change course and speed and call for air support) raises eyebrows in my opinion. If this ship was anchored off the coast with the crew playing grab-ass that is a different story.

Urban Redneck's picture

The US must send the Armor School rejects (Ft. Benning, GA) to Artillery School (Ft. Sill, OK)...

Most of the Army and Marine tankers I knew were at least nominally capable of hitting a moving tank, from a moving tank, with the wind blowing (at least if they weren't smashed on the tanker's version of Torpedo Juice).