Dispatches from Occupied Territory – Fear is the Mind Killer

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Dispatches from Occupied Territory – Fear is the Mind Killer


Cognitive Dissonance



This is the third in a series of fictional explorations into an individual’s awakening to the suddenly unfamiliar world around and within her while still engulfed by the day to day insanity. These short stories in letter form are intended for the more sensitive and inquisitive reader who wishes to look more deeply within and explore in depth their beliefs and perceptions as well as how to cope with a world gone frighteningly mad. It is the author’s hope to accomplish this by way of an intimate and revealing first person correspondence between two long time friends as they discuss her ongoing awakening. The first two chapters may be found here.



Dear Marie,


It was good to hear you are beginning to settle in after several months of personal turmoil and distress. The shock and awe that results from first light, that initial rush of awareness and revelation as our awakening begins to take hold, is unlike anything we have ever experienced and can at times be very frightening and quite frankly revolting. When I began my awakening I was never quite sure whom I was angrier with, the lies and liars I discovered all around me or the most egregious liar of them all, the formerly complacent and complicit liar I found lurking within.

After the first wave of fear and nausea passes we tend to go numb as a sort of psychological defense mechanism to protect our psyche from an overload that could lead to severe psychosis. Underneath this unnatural calm there remain conflicting urges to flee the insanity, to pull the covers over our head and hide from the beast, and the growing wellspring of rage at the machine and the urge to strike back. This is a very dangerous time for us and it is important for us to seek guidance and balance or we can quite literally go off the deep end. Think of it as suddenly being shaken awake from an extremely frightening dream, only to realize the ‘reality’ you have awaken too is in many respects several orders of magnitude worse than the dream you just left.

This brings me to the thrust of your last few letters and the subject which presently disturbs you so deeply. I promised you I would get back to you on this, so without further delay here I am. You speak about the horrific realization that everything around us appears to be a bald faced lie with a macabre facade painted on the surface for the benefit of our denial. In particular you mention those private, public and governmental institutions you formerly trusted, even if only up to a certain point. Often what we describe as ‘trust’ is in reality a debilitating dependency hidden by deep denial. None the less it still feels terrible when it has been violated, particularly when we enabled the violation.

There is no way to adequately describe the shock one feels when a person first learns they are sleeping with the enemy and could easily become its next victim. In many respects by awakening you disturb the beast that lay beside you, thereby risking the potential to draw unwanted attention to yourself. We learn very early in life to keep our head down and to go about our business. So when we begin our awakening, in many respects we are doing just the opposite. To discover those we have blindly trusted have repeatedly violated us in a most personal and intimate way is so far beyond disturbing that at times it escapes accurate description.

Suddenly we see very clearly how for decades there were dozens of warning signs we deliberately ignored or flat out denied. This ugly realization alone is the primary reason so many abandon their journey before they have even begun and rush headlong back into the warm embrace of blackout living and willful denial. Our personal revelation can bring on wave after wave of self revulsion and depression. However, nothing will be gained by loitering here for long. To pull out of this downward spiral we must make a deliberate conscious decision to abandon this self defeating paralysis and move towards healing and growth.

The emotions you describe in your letter all revolve around the emotions of violation and the fear this realization generates. Or should I say the fear you are programmed to experience. Before I speak of specifics we need to pull back and find the proper perspective if we are to reach a higher understanding. It is one thing to be lied to once and done, another entirely to be lied to continuously and in many cases (in retrospect) obviously. While in the first instance you might rightly be declared a victim, in the second you cannot, at least not in the purest sense of the word because it is much more complicated than black and white, right and wrong, victim and perpetrator.

In no way is what I am about to discuss to be construed as justifying or condoning their lies, cheating and theft. These people violated, and continue to violate, a public trust and their fiduciary duty, a much higher standard of conduct than simply holding up their hands and promising they will protect and serve. They should not, and will not, get a pass from me on this matter.

But (and you knew there was a ‘but’ coming Marie) we are discussing you and your reactions to these revelations and violations. Since you cannot personally make them do anything to reverse or rectify the wrongs they have perpetrated against you, this is all about you reaching a greater understanding of yourself and why you feel the way you do in order to begin the healing. I do not wish to discuss the specifics of who did what, when and where, or of the violations to you and me because as difficult as it may seem to understand, the specifics are immaterial at this point in the awakening process.  

Because we have been conditioned to do so, when we first discover the massive lies and conspiracies which are part and parcel of the world of the elite, the corporate and banking world and of course all levels of government, our first tendency is to dive into the minutia and details of the actual wrongdoing, along with the various cover stories and smoke screens. We want to believe if only the information about their heinous crimes were more widely known and disseminated the public would react in righteous indignation and throw the bums out, then burn them at the stake.

This is a mistaken belief that is tragically and endlessly repeated over and over by every newcomer and sadly perpetuated by many veterans as well. It is just another hamster wheel created to distract and exhaust us, a part of the social control system to keep us endlessly chasing phantoms rather than health and healing. Logic dictates if these people are able to pull off the level of crime, corruption and traitorous actions they clearly are capable of, they are obviously receiving protection from each other as well as from higher, more powerful people and entities. In other words, the system at this level protects its own so it can protect itself.




That is not to say you should abandon your research into the who, what, when, where and why of these events, as well as the overall corrupt business dealings they are engaged in and which are shrouded under the cloak of misdirection and layers of deceit. No real harm can come from a greater understanding of how the sociopaths and their enablers ply their craft and why we always fall for the same stupid misdirection dog tricks. Knowing ourselves and those around us is never a waste of time if our intentions and motives are squarely aligned with our actions.

And it is here, while searching for our real motives, that we find many of our own lies clouding our intentions and distorting our thinking. After overcoming the initial fear that comes from discovering our protector is in fact our tormentor and potentially our killer, a fear we must examine more closely, we then move on to the next stage, that of sounding the alarm. But first let us explore the fear, because as we awaken we will discover our fear, in all its forms and permutations, is behind nearly everything we do, and react to, on a daily basis.

Of utmost importance here Marie is for you to recognize, and then accept, that the dangers you speak of and write about have always been there. It is you who have changed, not your surroundings and most certainly not the machine. The government has always been your enemy and not your friend; those multinational corporations have always pursued power and profit first at yours and my expense; the education system is designed to condition and indoctrinate, not liberate your mind, and your family is just as asleep as you were and maybe even more so. This was always the case with the danger partially hidden behind an obscuring lace veil. The only difference now is you have looked into the abyss and are shocked by what you have found.  

What is the central difference in our mind between walking down the center aisle of our local supermarket and walking down a dark downtown street at 2 AM? I would argue that seen from the point of view of personal danger there isn’t much difference from moment to moment, though over longer periods of time there most certainly is. Yet in practice these two worlds are far removed from each other, with the supermarket perceived to be much safer than the darkened late night street.

It stands to reason you will act more openly and freely in the supermarket then on the street, particularly if you always shop at the market and rarely if ever walk the late night street. So the level of danger you feel is more perceptional than actual with the familiarity of the market, along with many other people present who are just like you, greatly reducing one’s perception of danger. It is not the actual danger that is alarming to us as it is our perceived proximity to danger that gets our blood racing. We use rationalization and subtle denial, in all its petty forms and functions, to distort our perception of many the dangers which in practice are always present and all around us.

Thus while shopping in the supermarket you aren’t overly concerned with who is behind you or walking past, who is standing next to you while you select a steak or reach for the frozen peas. Nor who is waiting in the checkout line directly behind you and within two feet of your purse. While this might all seem obvious, the point is you are not concerned to any great extent with your personal safety while in the supermarket, yet you would be on the late night street, even if statistically from moment to moment you might be equally as safe. People are robbed or assaulted in the supermarket and have their wallets and purses stolen while in the mall, retail store or parking lot.

On a day to day basis we go about our business giving very little thought to our personal safety or even to those around us. While we know crime does exist and we may even know a friend or family member who has been ‘victimized’, it all takes place at a distance from us physically, mentally and emotionally. We take for granted, barring extraordinary circumstances, that we are not presently in danger. In many ways this is a naïve approach to life and it certainly sets us up for a real shock to the system when the inevitable violation occurs.

But since we are not trained or conditioned to view the world much beyond the next few hours, maybe days at the most, we simply assume what happened last minute will happen this minute and again during the next. And make no mistake about it Marie, how we are trained to see and perceive reality makes all the difference when creating and interacting with reality.

The odds are very high nothing will happen to us from moment to moment, which simply acts as real time confirmation of our conditioned bias. But it also breeds complacency within us and the emotional perception of safety we so desperately desire when we do not wish to assume responsibility for our own personal safety or sovereignty.

This is why we often bemoan the lack of police or some other authority figure when the inevitable happens. While intellectually we know the police react to crime, not prevent crime, since we have sub contracted out the responsibility for our personal and emotional safety, clearly it must be the sub contractor’s fault when we are harmed. It does not matter if the sub contractor was incapable of doing the job in the first place or even wanted to do so. Since we have abdicated our own personal responsibility we must now find emotional cover when things go wrong. And they always go wrong, thus proving the lie we can avoid accountability in the first place.


Fear Is The Mind Killer


Sitting there while reading this, you might be tempted to intellectualize this discussion and claim you don’t engage in this behavior. And it is so easy to explain it all away because everyone else is doing the same thing at the same time. But Marie we have talked in the past about how in practice many of our decisions are emotional or impulse based and only afterwards do we rationalize them, thus validating our own ‘intelligent’ choices. This in and of itself is the core function of denial, separating the emotional animal from the rational being as if they are two different entities, when in reality they are just two dissimilar faces of the same beast.

Before moving on let me emphasize once again that all of us to some extent or another expect external authorities to protect and serve us. We have been conditioned to believe this is why we pay our taxes instead of those taxes being tribute to the state the payments really are. That is supposedly why we gather as large loosely connected tribes within clearly defined physical and cultural borders, for our collective and individual benefit and self defense.

But this also leaves us particularly vulnerable to the collective as well as to individuals within the collective who do not abide by the rules and who, while doing so, are protected by the collective to further other people’s individual or collective goals. This is the corrosive effect of systemic and wide ranging corruption, to turn nearly all ‘law abiding’ members of the collective into a pool of captive victims waiting to be exploited. For those individuals who depend upon the collective for sustenance, protection and emotional support, thereby becoming dependents of the collective, they are seen as little more than fish in a crowded pond to the predators.

I contend this love/hate relationship is responsible for much of the underlying fear we experience from day to day. While we rarely acknowledge our vulnerability to the collective, on a subconscious level it is blatantly obvious, thus we always live in a state of low level fear and apprehension. But our fear is hidden from view because it has been culturally assimilated by us within us. It is given different, more pleasant sounding names in order to be widely accepted as part of modern life, thus natural, normal and no big deal.  

For example, while we are conditioned to believe the local police are there “To Protect and To Serve” in reality they are the local armed enforcement division of the protection scam called government. They are the armed revenue generating agents of the local tax ‘authority’ and the private security force for the financial elite. They protect the property of those who control their salaries while violently subduing peaceful protestors of the elite in response to their agent provocateurs inciting a riot.

When we see flashing lights in our rearview mirror we can safely say our heart does not leap for joy with the prospect of another encounter with those who protect and serve, but rather a rush of fear flashes over us as we quickly assess what the damages will be during this latest bald faced extortion exercise. After the officer has pulled us over and run our plates for wants, warrants and outstanding protection payments, he doesn’t walk to our car with a hand casually draped over his service weapon because he wants to give us a warm welcoming hug.

When the IRS comes calling with a notice of extortion demanding payment, saying we owe more of our ‘voluntary tax’ than we have declared, suddenly we realize the IRS has the legal right to assume we are guilty while the burden of proof of our innocence falls upon us. Worse, if we protest too much we are hauled into a special ‘tax’ court where the rules of evidence and self incrimination are stacked against us. It is then we realize the smart move is just to pay the cost of defense (the penalties) plus the original levy rather than fight the rigged system. Chalk up another personal violation.

But even these examples are obvious when given serious thought and a clear eyed assessment of what is really going on. What is chillingly frightening to you is the realization nearly everything you believed in, the basis by which you lived your life and pursued your interests, vocation and entertainment, is the polar opposite of what you thought was true and correct. Worse, not only is your government not your protector but it might just be your mortal enemy.

Essentially you are discovering you live in a dream world Marie and most of what you believed real is not only false and fake, but deliberately conceived to deceive our perception of reality in order to control and exploit. This strikes to the very heart of what we are conditioned to believe “We the People” are as well as our small part in this promoted reality. Rather than the shining beacon of global truth, justice and the American Way, you are beginning to recognize those who run this country are true psychopaths and ‘our’ country is closer to a banana republic than a representative republic. Worse, it appears we are the biggest rotten banana in the global bunch.

Relatively early in life, say around mid to late teens, we have already created an internal world view which, while flexible enough to be changed slightly to accommodate the movable feast of world events, is still firmly anchored in cement by fundamental ‘beliefs’ indoctrinated into us from birth by well meaning fellow ‘believers’ and/or captive wage slaves dependent upon the machine to create their reality and feed their family.

Make the world go away

The propagandized illusion of national wholesomeness and moral certainty, while increasingly under assault by the growing mass awareness that something stinks in the wood pile, basically remains intact precisely because our semi flexible worldview accommodates selective reasoning, denial and narcissistic fantasies. But when viewing the full Monty of the police state and its control apparatus, combined with the clarity of a growing awakening, nearly all of us suffer some sort of breakdown on both a psychic and spiritual level, leaving us isolated and broken and desperate for fellow support and affirmation.

For nearly all of us this is simply too much to bear and we rapidly retreat to the sweet bliss of feigned ignorance. Don’t ask, don’t tell works quite well for most individuals who have previously peaked into the abyss and are desperate to forget not only what they saw, but the social implications it has for them. Obviously an emotional and psychological transition must take place here if we are not only to recover our feet, but to move forward towards recovery and rejuvenation.

And it is here dear Marie that I return to the subject of sounding the alarm. By this I mean any attempt by us to warn and/or rally those around us in order to facilitate systemic change and reform as well as to develop allies for personal protection and empowerment. Our instinct when leaving one tribe is to either join or create another one if for no other reason than to replace the collective affirmation we no longer receive from the tribe we abandoned.

As in all things in life our intent is often more important that our actions. If we are sounding the alarm out of personal fear, then fear is precisely what we will project, consciously and subconsciously, when talking to others. Since the people we talk to also harbor an internal discomfort and disconnect which they do not acknowledge, thus they are on edge if only on a subconscious level, they will sense our projected fear and react with revulsion and rejection. Nobody wants to get too close to the crazy person, especially when that person is proclaiming ‘truths’ contrary to their consensus belief.

Because of this projected fear, along with the prevailing denial of those being ‘warned’, many newly awakened make almost no headway when sounding the alarm which in turn increases their sense of isolation and desperation and thereby their fear. It is a vicious positive feedback loop which usually ends in emotional exhaustion and possibly even a mental breakdown. At the very least many become depressed and despondent which, when combined with their inevitable social withdrawal, further encourages others to label them as malcontents or even mentally ill. 

Marie……this is why we must suppress the instinct to fight or flight and immediately begin the work within. Only after we have come to grips with this terrible emotional trauma and are settled not only with our prior participation, but also the inevitable personal changes we must enact if we are to embody what must be done in order to facilitate our partial or full withdrawal from the insanity, can we move forward with our life. How much and to what extent only you can determine, but certainly no settled decision can be made until and unless you have begun the personal soul searching work of self discovery.

Many of the newly awakened, as well as countless veterans, spend nearly all their time bargaining with their awakening instead of focusing on their healing. For far too many the awakening itself is the nightmare rather than what they are awakening to. While some will claim otherwise, often those who are awakening just want the system to be ‘fixed’ so they can go back to sleep. I know many who feel it is an injustice they must be the ones who are awakening, thus the carrier of the burden of contrary information and knowledge, rather than recognizing the wonderful gift they have been bestowed.

Once you arrive at a fork in the road you must make a decision. Make a choice, be settled with it and move on. If need be Marie you can always revisit that decision, though oftentimes if you attempt to do so you will find yourself so fundamentally changed from the journey itself, either you won’t need to revisit or once back there the same choices will no longer be there. It is only when we continue to bargain with our ‘self’, either before, during or after our (in) decision, that the damage is done and reinforced. It is this constant state of tension, this unwillingness to seek centering and to be settled in our new role in life, that exaggerates and inflames our fear and isolation.

Obviously this is easier said than done and ultimately no matter how much encouragement and support you receive along the way, your journey is a solo affair. As difficult as it may seem for you now, please recognize you have entered the beginning of the end of your mindless dependency upon the collective machine and external authority. From this point forward how well you handle yourself and your recovery depends entirely upon how willing you are to step away from the herd and explore the space within. I promise you this much; once you recognize the only thing you have to fear is fear itself the emotional release you experience will be life altering.

Go ahead and take that first step. If you are committed and have faith that the process will be life changing and healing, it will be all that and so much more.

Beside you always,





Cognitive Dissonance


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blindman's picture

worthwhile broadcast, you will get the
significance if you have the time.
Caravan To Midnight - Episode 110 Capital Kinetics with Greg Morse
asymmetric financial warfare devouring the
real economy. class warfare where there
isn't really even a playing field, never mind
a level one.
some illusions become too expensive to maintain.
when they fall from the mind the eyes might burn from
the light of dawn?

WillyGroper's picture


Very worthwhile Blindman. I listened to it when it came out. Sent the link to a few folks too. Only one bothered to listen to it, then called me shitting bricks.

blindman's picture

i picked up the link from a zero commentator several
days ago, it might have been you? i looked for that
but couldn't find where i got it? if it was you i apologies
for that missing link attribution. this guy has followed
this particular rabbit hole to the bottom and describes
the tunnels. i always suspected something like this or
this itself. the entire public be suckered and living
in a gross, grand and ubiquitous delusion; he describes
the framework of it.

blindman's picture

the thing is the mind will settle on
contempt which is a condemnation demanding
eating of the tail of itself, the snake.
all to sustain orientation to true north.
at sea contempt demands immediate
correction of course. on land, contempt
is a matter of law and politics, sometimes
inspiration resulting in art.
in the individual person the contempt
of the mind can only be dissolved in the
heart and/or the soil of the land.
anyway ..... it appears a crime in the
eyes of the courts, contempt, that and
loathing. the state goes blind when confronted
by oppositional conviction, i get it.
the bank feeds on our desperation and ignorance.
the bank is fertilized by the seasonal floods of
the river.
we work and pay as we can to live
and let live, the river,
but it ain't all right you know?
if you want to identify a terrorist just
look for the one who demands termination of
discussion, negotiation and diplomacy.
there, they self identify. oh, and they
hold the barrel of a gun to many heads.

blindman's picture

" i always tell people,
"live happily and die majestically."
b.k.s. iyengar

Fishhawk's picture

@ Hapa: the Planet Amnesia website compiles a lot of relevant material, although not in a coherent way.  There are numerous threads there, but the premise is weak: the world has been a terrifying place, so we have collectively suppressed the memory?  What memory?  I recognize that the world is a terrifying place, but not due to imminent lightning strikes from close passing planets frying multiple mile wide plasma contacts, but due to the millions of disfunctional beings now abiding here.  Whether they are disfunctional due to repressed memories of prior cosmic disasters is unknowable, and, I aver, irrelevant.  But the Electric Universe model is clearly a step in improved knowledge of how creation supports itself, and interacts within its discontinuities.  Thus the website is an early, hesitant, step in the right direction.

@CD:  another fine piece.  The coments show that there are many out there (at least amongst ZH readership) who are aware of this process of self-discovery, and who are at all different stages of same.  Once you recognize that the ego is a construct which creates itself to fill a vacuum (of leadership), much like government, you immediately realize that all fears and repressions are created by the ego, not for your preservation, but for survival of the ego, who, once in charge, assumes that his survival rates above yours.  Thus people will adopt self-destructive attitudes and practice willful blindness if encouraged (and/or threatened) by the ego to do so.  Thus the first step in 'waking up' is to realize that you are not your ego, and thus put it in its rightful place (see current classes in social justice, such as those now taught by MIT online, to determine just where that place is within your culture).  This step is fraught with danger (to the ego) because previously it served to 'protect' you from information which could be damaging to your self-image.  It will soon turn out, however, that the ego needs to be damaged some, so that it frees up your self-image such that you can actively shape it into a higher form.  With the ego not in charge, your rational mind is free to consider all incoming information, and is thus in a much better position to evaluate reality.  

The problem with this process, as many readers have already lamented, is that you will now find yourself not just alone (a condition which has not changed, only your awareness of it, an awareness that your ego protected you from acknowledging), but on a path approximately counter to everything the culture tells you is reality.  And you will be severely demoralized by the almost complete capture of all social 'correctness' by pure evil, which Lea tells us (see social justice issue above) can be determined absolutely by accepting the viewpoint of the children.  The battle for good vs evil comes down to whether man is a means to an end or an end in himself, thus the libertarian concept that 'other people are not your property.'  But to be aware, and thus fully alive and able to act within reality, you must first become your own property.  Once you fully own yourself, only then can you decide how to spend your life, ie, towards what ends will you expend your labor and time here.  Keep up the great articles; I can't wait for your attack on the sexual dichotomy. 


blindman's picture

ego shmeego, freud was such an addict and tool
of his nephew, bernays. it has always been
about the fucking(notice the physical, bliss,
reference and semiotic translation) money thing,
that and the brought about libations, instruments
social climbing and fashion, very suspect
and repeatedly and historically ridiculed as
histrionic pretense.
words .....
i prefer to think of myself other than some aspect
of matter that is owned, titled or otherwise collateralized
to satisfy the law that embraces the corporate framework
whereby wall street, the fed, the dtcc and cede and company retain
all rights and privileges as self regulating organisations
at the expense of human beings.

blindman's picture

fear is the essence of the mind, it runs on fear,
squeezing out insight from long repetition and rhythm.
fear is the killer of the heart. if one's mind
is in the heart then one has a chance to overcome
fear. otherwise, one is doomed to the northern realm of
the snake that feeds on it's own tail.
never mind bliss.
anyway poems^tm

Obamanism's picture

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain

Bene Gesserit Litany of Fear

alexcojones's picture

Brilliant Cog

I like a longer essay from time 2 time, without a lot of links.

"Things do not change; We change," - Thoreau

hardmedicine's picture

The other day I had a firefighter in my chair. 25 year veteran of fighting fires.  He was explaining to me how older buildings have a central type of cavity that allows them to burn longer etc.  He continued to explain.  At that time I asked him.  What about 9/11?   Long  pause. 

He then says to me, well you can read all the official documents of the FOSHA... ETC.  (maybe he said some other official agency i don't really remember) But I knew he had never really questioned it.  I said "but they both came down so quickly"  Yeah, he says, I can't explain that. 

I feel that is as far as I can go with anyone.  Ask questions. And let them answer.  If they want to know THEN they will know, not before.

PTR's picture

Thanks, CD.  You are bringing an interesting perspective that adds to the process of understanding the human mind, which I always find very intrigueing.


And truly, your work has helped me maintain perspective, esp. the during the "walk alone" aspect.  Resolving inner conflicts is a big deal.

VWAndy's picture

Good work CD.

 I like to ball up my fears into rocks and then throw them at all the glass houses. Just sayin. Everyone has fears its in how we face them or not that matters. Life is better outside the walls we build to make ourselves feel safer. Inside we are trapped outside we have room to wiggle.


PeeramidIdeologies's picture

A personal journey! How exciting. Better pack your bread crumbs. Or perhaps it would be wise to warn "Marie" she will not be awaking from a dream, or "sleep", it is her reality she will be leaving behind? She will not "awaken" to a new and improved world. To the contrary the more informed one becomes of our lovely little perdicament the uglier it is. It is not new. Individuals have spoken out, with consice reasoning and fact, repeatedly throughout history, warning of the dangers of centralization and the abuse it incites. It is well known through the stratum of society. There has been no change.

To look to oneself for a solution to the faults in the world around you is a dangerous and meaningless endeavour. If you are looking to expand the quality of your life and intellectual abilities spend your time identifying your strenghts and interests. Looking inward at what you are told, or precieve to be undesirable traits of your personality wil only perpetuate their existence.

If you are looking to expand your worldly profits, this exercise in self doubt and aggravation will serve no purpose. Rejecting the system that provides the substance you wish to obtain will not help either. Remember this is not new, there will always be winners and losers. If you want enlightenment in this regard, take the time to observe who resides where. Then set your course.

I personally have been though this. I thought I would be better off with my own intuition, societies preprogrammed beliefs were much to predictable for me, the outcomes nearly gauranteed. I took the path less travelled, searched though myself and the world around me. Do you know what? I ended up right back where I started. More then once. A world full of sheep and shepards, serving the only purpose that homosiens know, that is to use the world around them to further their own ambitions. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Life is too precious to spend following someone else's idea of right and wrong. True happiness will be found doing exactly what you want with your own time, regardless of the opinions of "experts" and their projection of the world around them.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Applying it towards anyone's ends other then your own is a great folly that can only be forgotten, not undone.

Lea's picture

PeeramidIdeologies says, "A world full of sheep and shepherds, serving the only purpose that homosapiens know, that is to use the world around them to further their own ambitions."

That's not human nature at all, that's twisted humans. It has cultural causes. The truth is that America is one of the most fucked-up societies in the world, and as the majority of Americans don't know anything else, they think the whole world is the same. No. Only Northern European Protestant countries can be similar.

I don't mean elsewhere is paradise - that exists nowhere on earth - but the bad tendencies one can observe in other countries seem to be pushed to their worst in America. For example, people bicker everywhere, but in America, it's a constant outpour of aggressive self-assertion. Nobody seems to listen to each other, everybody throws their weight around, sometimes without bothering with even a shred of politeness. It's not about being right or wrong, but about "winning the argument", "scoring points"... a real battlefield. I've never seen anything like it. And I'm sorry, because I don't see the solution. How do you mend a society where nobody can learn, because most everyone has a dog-eat-dog worldview and goes off in different self-serving directions while being damn sure they're right, and whoever doesn't agree with them is flat-out wrong and should go fuck themselves or be exploited?

juangrande says, "We create the world we are in."
No we don't. We are all born in cultures that weigh heavily on who we turn out to be. Unfortunately, freedom is only an illusion.

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

I respectfully disagree. I think if you were to be honest with yourself and your environment you will find that we all have goals we strive to achieve. They are not necessarily complicated or destructive, but we all have purpose. The planet provides the essence.
That said, I do agree different cultures exercise different tools. The subtleties of cultural routines are very interesting, and to the trained eye can be quite explicit. As you note America has it's own cultural tells. As a younger man I was a harsh critic of the American way, it appeared selfish and inconsiderate. I have a better understanding of it these days, and while I don't necessarily subscribe to the techniques, I can empathize with a young nation born guns blazing. I would be lying if I said there wasn't a splash running through my veins.
I think you hit the main idea on the head towards the end of post. We simply can not control the behaviour of nations, on an individual bases or en mass. Just as people learn lessons best the hard way, societies are similar. I'm sure you are aware of the tumultuous history the "EU" has garnered to reach it's current commitment. Yet despite the horrors of history, and the efforts to avoid repetition, the events seem to suggest the future will indeed reflect the past. There seems to be no stopping OUR desire to abuse OUR environment in the name of OUR ambitions.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"To look to oneself for a solution to the faults in the world around you is a dangerous and meaningless endeavour."

I never claim the ability to find "solutions to the faults in the world around" us by looking within. Just inner peace, personal growth and a better understanding of ourselves and those around us.

It sounds like you are, or were, searching for answers to 'fix' the world. Those will not be found within. All we can do is work on ourselves. The world will most likely remained fucked up while we do so.

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

Not explicitly no, but the overall tone of the article suggests the Marie is guilty of committing some inner-personal crime of co-existing with the world she was born in. Is one truly better off reading the books and following the clues that inevitably lead to this burden of knowledge? Personally I'm on the fence. I don't disagree that personal growth and experience can be beneficial, but are you certain that this isn't actually as good as it gets? The options look rather... desperate from where I'm sitting.

I concede that I enjoy pondering the possibilities for change, or retention, or maybe a mix of everything under the sun. My mind is a curious one that finds value in a little "R&D" of the many truisms thrown around the inter web these days.

juangrande's picture

Just fixing the world always leads to repeating circles/cycles. We create the world we are in. "Fix" the source and the rest will follow. 

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

 living like a snow flake in spring thinking we are forever.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

This is long stuff.  I will have to set aside some stuff this evening or even the next weekend to read it in detail.



sam site's picture

I'm glad you focus on the public's willful ignorance as their refuge from disturbing truth.  It's going to be the protest from the public that I see as our best chance of overcoming our oppressors.  Unfortunately the public has been captured through toxic injury and the more toxic buildup in the body, the more they will resist the truth and display a blind allegiance to the establishment.

I believe we can detoxify, rejuvenate and regain our health, independence and courage from our hidden Jesuit rulers and their Zionist agents.  It's going to be an uphill struggle and don't expect any help from the sheeple as they have been handicapped through toxic injury.  Just keep telling the truth.  Many will fall by the wayside, but the survivors will form a strong healthy society where truth prevails. 

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

S-UP?!?  Cog!


Hey, I think out of the Elders, its You, Me and MsCreant.


Crazy world, huh?

blue gkm's picture

some times i feel like i live in a world by my self. everyone around me is either ignorant about the "truth" or jealous of me because i was "lucky." I was never lucky, I studied books that opened up my eyes like rich dad poor dad, the richest man in babylon, and the circle of intrigue. most people i know are broke and dont know y. When I tell them the bank loans and gov policies supporting these loans are the reason they are completely surprissed. 

Christophe2's picture

I found some really awesome info recently that helped me out a lot:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESRlV9xqXEc "Exercise: "meet" one of your talented personality subselves"

The fellow offers a huge site (http://www.sfhelp.org) dedicated to helping people (all for free), based on decades of experience as a therapist.

His info is by far the best I have ever found to deal with anxiety, compulsion and denial (+ etc.), to really understand what is going on in our heads and how to best make sense out of it.

This info should be helpful for basically everyone, but even more so for all the people out there who are so broken they can't see past their resentment and personal pain to make sense of the greater world.

blue gkm's picture

some times i feel like i live in a world by my self. everyone around me is either ignorant about the "truth" or jealous of me because i was "lucky." I was never lucky, I studied books that opened up my eyes like rich dad poor dad, the richest man in babylon, and the circle of intrigue. most people i know are broke and dont know y. When I tell them the bank loans and gov policies supporting these loans are the reason they are completely surprissed. 

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Welcome to Sara Connor Syndrome.


Don't worry, it gets worse.


You're with Fight Club, we'll make it, so long as Tyler gets his cocaine and hookers!

Seriously, that feeling will pass. Its a phase.

Lea's picture

Cognitive Dissonance, you make the mistake of sending the person back to his-her OWN self, a trap psychologists warned about. This mad, disjointed world was made by pathological narcissists, and yet you send the waking person into even MOAR navel-gazing, introspection, check-themselves, individualism, know-what-they-want, trust-no-one paranoia.

That's not the answer, at least if you don't aim for even MOAR mental disorders.

In a nutshell: to every situation, there is only one truth. Find it, accept it EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, even if it doesn't suit your personal agenda, even if it doesn't make you look good. It's not about what or who you are, it's about what reality is. And don't ever center your search around yourself. We humans, attain sanity by togetherness (not some pompous "love the whole of humanity", but simply the common decency of minding others) and mainly, by protecting the weakest members of our society. "The weakest members" ARE NEVER ANY GROUP OF ADULTS we can project our own selfish egos on, be it vocal special interest groups, minority lobbies, etc. The weakest members are the children. Black, white, yellow, red, the children are all the incarnation of us as a community, the smallest of "we, the people".

What I mean is not that everybody should look for a job in a kindergarten, but that everyone should wonder "what sort of world do I want for the children? What sort of world would have I liked when I was a child?". The road to sanity starts here, with that fundamental human quality we become first narcissistic, then downright psychotic or sociopaths without: empathy.




juangrande's picture

Psychologists are, more often than not, a trap themselves. Generally they just re-direct your neurosis to a more "productive" direction. If they have an "MD" add some psych-pharms into the mix. I've only known, socially, a handful, but they were as screwed up ( if not more) as the rest of us.

Until you have taken the BOLD step of contemplative practice, just to see what you might be up against, you know not of which you speak.

No Quarter's picture

Lea- I think you miss the point(s)- there isn't one truth. The truth, your truth, can only come from deep and sustained introspection, and not for the sake of narcissim. Preaching one truth or a particular truth for a particular circumstance is subjective at best.

"He’s honest Bob; he’s blunt as well. That sometimes is part of being honest, because there are a lot of people who are blunt. But not honest. Larry is not one of those. Larry is an honest man. You too are an honest man, Bob. I believe that, that somewhere down deep inside you is something that strives to be honest. The question you have to ask yourself is, has it touched the whole of my life? That means that you preaching Jesus is no different than Larry or anybody else preaching lubricants. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling Jesus or buddah or civil rights or how to make money in real estate with no money down. That doesn’t make you a human being. It makes you a marketing rep. If you want to talk to someone honestly, as a human being… ask him about his kids. Find out what his dreams are. Just to find out. For no other reason. Because as soon as you lay your hands on a conversation to steer it. It’s not a conversation anymore. It’s a pitch, and you’re not a human being, you’re a marketing rep. We were talking before about character. You were asking me about character. And we were speaking of faces. But the question is much deeper than that. The question is, do you have any character at all? And if you want my honest opinion Bob, you do not. For the simple reason that you don’t regret anything yet. You’ve already done plenty of things to regret. You just don't know what they are. It's when you discover them. When you see the folly in something you've done. And you wish you had it to do over. But you know you can't because it's too late. So you pick that thing up and you carry it with you. To remind you that life goes on. The world will spin without you. You really don't matter in the end. Then you will attain character because honesty will reach out from inside and tattoo itself all across your face. Until that day however, you cannot expect to go beyond a certain point."

-The Big Kahuna

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"In a nutshell: to every situation, there is only one truth."

Is this "one truth" your truth? Please define 'truth' for me and how that 'one truth' is determined. Then we might be able to move forward in our discussion.

Thanks for the feedback. I do appreciate your passion.

Lea's picture

Congnitive dissonance,

To bring "to every situation, there is only one truth" down to something concrete, let's say that for us humans, the empathic answer is the right one.

If I only take myself into account, I am a narcissist who can mentally crash. Human egos can't be their own measures, because you can't be at the same time the ruler and what it measures.

So who else can give me a measure? Not somebody like me, because he/she can be a just a mirror of myself, of my will, of my ego.

Children (without any consideration for race) will give me the answer. By thinking about what is good for them, by pondering what their mental and physical well-being entail and by promoting that (forget about me or what I want, their needs are first), by trying to understand little people who are not mirrors of myself but have their own needs, I am sure to be in the truth. As a bonus, I will be pushing for a positive society, for humane values, for a better world than the one I will leave behind.

Ghandi said "a nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members". I would add a nation's SANITY (and that of each of its members) rests on precisely that. Narcissism IS the prime enemy of sanity.

We, humans, are social animals. Alone, we disintegrate. And the promotion of narcissism, inasmuch as it turns the ego into a lonely empty fortress, is the first step to disintegration.

And that is the truth, as examplified by countless examples of broken minds whose only common features are lack of empathy, distance, aloofness, the inability to cope with different people (that's to say people who are not mere reflections of themselves), hate towards "inferiors" (Blacks, women, men for the Feminists, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, "Commies", etc), self-righteousness, the constant search for a "moral high ground", pathological self-love and ultimately, paranoia and self-destruction (be it through drugs, drinking, pills, mental disintegration like the one that's so common on tinfoil-hat sites ("Nigger Zio-nazi banksters polluting the water with fluoride and the air with chemtrails, like the Bible predicted [insert Bible quote here]") and sometimes, downright suicides.

The link between pathological narcissism, paranoia and psychotic states has been established countless times. 

I hope I've explained myself clearly...

juangrande's picture

Lea, the contemplative experience, when done effectively, leads to an EXPERIENCE of unity, oneness with everything and everyone, not just a belief which could quickly evaporate under duress. Your sentiments about compassion are spot on. Your thoughts about contemplation being egotistical/ narcissistic are indicative of one who hasn't known it. Meditation is not self help or selfish, rather it is self dissolution. It is the self that creates the illusion of separateness. In fact, it is the self that creates all self delusion.  


BTW, a really good practice involves around 2.5 hrs per day ( tithing?), which most people in the ( non destitute ) world spend on their devices of choice and probably much more. Of course, applying what the practice has revealed is an around the clock endeavor!

Lea's picture

Juangrande, I quote you.

>" Your thoughts about contemplation being egotistical/ narcissistic are indicative of one who hasn't known it."

I never said contemplation was egotistical (unless you don't do anything else and can't ever interrupt it to speak to others, which is seldom done). Please try to understand.

It's about everyday life. Say, between two meditations, you decide a plant would look nice in your living-room, and you head off to get one. You don't know what to choose, so you end up with a plant that looks good to you, but you only have its name (it was written on the price tag). You have two options:

1) You put it where you had decided. No further ado.

2) you check its needs by doing a quick Google search. Alas, it will soon die in your living-room, as it says "requires a very sunny position".

There, you have a further two options:

1) you put it where YOU had decided in the first place. After all, you bought it for your living room, it's yours, so what if it only lasts two months?

2) you put it on your balcony in the sun IT requires to thrive, never mind your living room.

Solutions 1 are the narcissists answers, the ones leading to ever more separation from life/mental balance if applied to your general cognitive orientation.

Both solutions 2 are empathic, and lead to sanity if applied to your whole life. (It's not about putting others before you all the time, it's about always putting the weak before you in your fundamental cognitive orientation).

I hope that was clearer.

Reaper's picture

Alone, we can survive. Alone, we can see without filters. Who provided you with your truth? Do you see your own invisible tin-foil blinders, under which you imagine children are wiser; that people who profile lack wisdom; that suicide results from whatever? I see your truth taught in our media. I reject your empathy, your closeness as a sheeple, your non-hate, your trusts, your heroes and the religion/philosophic/obedience that they are meant to teach.

Lea's picture

> "Alone, we can survive.”

Reaper, I'm sure you're happy.
Or not.

You say something that's so obviouly untrue it's sad. You can't survive alone. Try it someday. I mean, alone with none of what your fellow humans have ever made: naked, by yourself, with a flint stone for a weapon, a leaf for a drinking glass, somewhere in a wood, in a hut built by you with no help and no building materials.
And no TV, telephone or Medicaid. 

Good luck.

Reaper's picture

Can is a word expressing the ability to do something, not the desire or the reality. I've survived without TV for more than 2 decades. Your "truth" that someone cannot survive alone has already been disproved in history. Medicaid is the free government healthcare system, which I am not allowed to join.

Lea's picture

> "Can is a word expressing the ability to do something, not the desire or the reality. Your "truth" that someone cannot survive alone has already been disproved in history."

Quote me one society where humans have lived alone, everyone by himself/herself, and have only met at mating times to reproduce.

I'll settle for ONE example.

Reaper's picture

Your word society is only for larger groups of people. You presume that all humans can only exist in societies and conform to their societal truths. At Jonestown, would you have drunk the kool-aid and accepted their truth? Some hermits are known, while others avoided all contact. http://random-facts.top5.com/all-by-myself-5-famous-hermits/ What is freedom, but choice to accept some, all or nothing of others values and/or their control of you.

Compassion and putting the needy before yourself is a facade to fool yourself and others of your moral superiority. Like the Pharisees, your sanctimonious piety makes you feel good. Enjoy your choice, but don't expect others to be fooled. "What is truth?" http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/truth/

limacon's picture

The Ik people of Nigeria .google ik.

Lea's picture

limacon, I've googled Ik.
First sentence, "The Ik people live in several small villages arranged in clusters".


Reaper's picture

Most fear their inadequacies will be discovered by their surrounders. They "think" alike, they emote alike, they bleat alike, hoping to hide their fear of the discovery of their inadequacies. They believe that certain others are wiser, smarter and thus must be enabled.

The consensus of a majority who doubts their own cognitive abilities is as valueless as their own cognitive understanding. Trust is the vice of the intellectually lazy.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Those who endlessly seek affirmation will never find it because they do not know themselves.......because they do not wish to know themselves. That way be dragons.

This inner inferiority complex compels us to seek constant affirmation in order to be "OK" with ourselves when we know deep down we are not.

I suspect this defect is the root of our consumer culture and our greatest weakness, one that is constantly leveraged and exploited against us.

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Yes, at best it is the Murderer of progress beneficial to the many (free energy etc)  at worst it is the tyranny of the majority.



q99x2's picture

Just BTFD until you see those mushroom clouds. Everything is going to be ok. I was brought up on duc and cover and mushroom clouds. Everything has worked out great.

basho's picture

"Knowing ourselves and those around us is never a waste of time if our intentions and motives are squarely aligned with our actions."

you will never 'know' yourself or anyone else if you are looking through the glass of 'intentions and motives'. intentions and motives produce re-actions and not actions.

this article, is BS.


basho's picture

"Knowing ourselves and those around us is never a waste of time if our intentions and motives are squarely aligned with our actions."

you will never 'know' yourself or anyone else if you are looking through the glass of 'intentions and motives'. intentions and motives produce re-actions and not actions.

this article, is BS.


juangrande's picture

Basho, you are correct in pointing that out.  It might be actually more paradoxical; intentionless intention, if you will. But that is a more advanced view, one beginners of the path cannot grok.

I disagree with the article being BS. That's like saying Newtonian physics is BS because of the Theory of Relativity.

OldPhart's picture

I woke up in 2008.  But my nightmares began in 2006 when I was being offered $300k loans on my $75k house...it couldn't be real.  At the time I couldn't figure out how my 1998 purchase was suddenly worth so much more, and I was damned sure it was a scam and wanted no part of it.  At the same time I was wondering how my now former neighbors were able to afford european vacations and various toys and improvements.

The banking bailouts of 2008 woke me up, the subsequent actions of baling out GM, the additional money pumps into banks, and the absolute lack of TBTF convictions were the consequential shock of ice water down my back as I puzzled over being woke up in the first place.

In my discomforting 2006 to 2008 years I was reading everything I could find on what I suspected was causing my nightmares.  It wasn't until I started lurking on Zero Hedge in 2009 and reading articles and, most importantly, comments from people much smarter than I am, that I discovered a line of reasoning that explained everything.

Using that reasoning I went back out into the web and started looking for the arguments pro and con, and who said what when.

Gerald Celente, at the time, was prescient...and I still monitor his thoughts. I had been a silver bug since the 90's and my $4 silver ounces suddenly became comically valuable...and Max Kaiser was a source of additional information.  (I used my $4 silver last year when my wife became sick, but I've still got every silver mint proof edition three times going back to 1955 to present)

I became outspoken.  Made my own NSA declaration on why I became radicalized against our government and published it via an email list of about 500 or so, and (at the time) a facebook page of 1600 'friends'.

Today I'm still radicalized.  I post every piece of shit I find about our War Criminal Government on facebook that I find.  My 'friends' are down to about 600, and my funny pictures are shared against my government posts by a factor of 100 to 1.  Quips stolen from Zero Hedge comments are shared more frequently than the funny pictures.  William Bonzai's shit that I steal is shared more than anything else though most have no idea of the context. 

With all of that said, I am currently refinancing my $75k 7.5% 30 year fixed home for $100k 3.75% 30 year fixed.  I'm doing it coldly, knowing that interest will only rise from here.  It works because my monthly payment is almost identical to what I'm paying now.  And I pay 3/4 payment every two weeks.

The approximate $50k in cash equity I receive will be used to pre-fund our burial, tile the house, and buy a pound of gold, not necessarily in that order.  I then plan on taking my wife on our second vacation ever in 37 years to Iceland and Ireland.

To my mind, we're going to be trapped in hell for the rest of our lives, before then, let's see somewhere different.