To Everyone Saying Russia Is "Isolated", Here's A Map

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While NATO is happy to provide Russia with geographical advice, we thought the following map of "the world" will help explain President Obama's increased use of the term "isolated" when it comes to Russia...



h/t @PersonOfAwesome

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HUGE_Gamma's picture

Obama is peeing his pants over the "Boomerang"

Publicus's picture

Color the BRICS nation green. I dare you.

BlindMonkey's picture

....then circle the BRICS with red lines and have John Madden do the voice over explaining it all.

Xibalba's picture

A boomerang that doesn't come back is a stick

BlindMonkey's picture

I am missing the point my man. Elaborate por favor?

knukles's picture

It didn't "Pivot" or "Reset"

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

In the meantime, welcome to Novorossiya. Russia does not appear to be squandering time.

Anusocracy's picture

All of this boils down to Putin/Russia vs. the dollar.

Die Fed, die dollar.

y3maxx's picture

Putin 100%

Golfer in Chief 0%

...Golf match, Chess match, Checkers...what have You

CheapBastard's picture

Not only is he in control, his approval rating at home is over 95%. 

JuliaS's picture

Ukraine and Crimea are colored violet! WTF?

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Russia is islolated.  It's isolated from freedom, decency, and basic human rights.

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Your blog is uninteresting. Sorry. I'm just being honest here.

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

Hey let's bring 'em some of that good ol 'Murhan freedom! Ya know, like the stuff we brought to Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya? Comes in a few easy-to-deliver forms, Drone Freedom, Abrams Tank Freedom, Cruise Missile Freedom, Spy Freedom, and Wall Street Super Special Fake-O-Money Laundering and Debt Freedpm! Boo-ya!

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Dude, seriously, your blog is terribly boring.

Give it up man.

Stop trolling this site with empty comments.

Eirik Magnus Larssen's picture

There's little point in trying to convey those realities to the people here at Zero Hedge. Most of them seem to be part of the American crowd which openly symphatizes with Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, likely because of the latter's overt nationalism, homophobia and Christian conservatism.

After American actor Mickey Rourke having donned a "I love Putin!" t-shirt in Moscow recently, we apparently now also have Steven Seagal proclaiming his solidarity with mother Russia in the middle of Sevastopol.

The conclusion I draw from all of this is that Americans appear to be growing a bit more nutty by the hour.

Zaptastic's picture

...or perhaps they're just tired of listening to their government lying to them at every opportunity and treating them like they're stupid?

Freddie's picture

Despite the endless western media demonization - I bet Putin has a higher approval rating than Obama in Amerika.

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JIM WILLIE — Critical Geopolitical & Monetary Update: NATO is Falling Apart & Germany is Breaking Away From the U.S.

Dr. Jim Willie presents some important recent developments that bode ill for the dollar as Germany, France and other former allies and partners of the US are now aligning themselves with Russia, China and the BRICS bloc. Also, Willie’s source claims Blackwater mercenary group has been captured in Ukraine. “NATO is dead.”

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"we thought the following map of "the world" will help explain President Obama's increased use of the term "isolated" when it comes to Russia..."

This coming from the prez who discussed 57 other states he'd visited.  This is who we're dealing with...


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I noticed that at: they are taking interns....lolz. They need to put up a job posting at Colombia Journalism School.

CHX's picture

+1 BRICS of Gold...

YuShun's picture

In Chinese, BRIC is "gold-bars-four-countries" (jin-zhuan-si-guo).   

matrix2012's picture

@ YuShun, thanks for hinting on it, you're right, never realize that the Chinese put such high meaning on the BRICS organization.

I just checked the online dict for the Chinese word on "BRIC / BRICS Economic Bloc", it says "Jin Zhuan"; whereas "Jin" means "gold; metals in general; money" and "Zhuan" means "tile, brick"


so literally the BRICS is called out as GOLD BRICK in Chinese :-) so smart, so true!!


Word dictionary - brics economic bloc - MDBG English to Chinese dictionary
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you forgot god's chosen piece of shitty desert.

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Color the British financial colonies green? Next everything blue, I presume?

JuliaS's picture

The black must be ISIS. That Saudi king wasn't exaggerating.

hyoung's picture

I did, adding Mongolia (recent trade deal announces it has come home to Daddy), Venezuela, Iran, and I'm sure a bunch of other gaps could be filled in too, particularly in view of the influence China is building in Africa.  The fun thing will be to see how long it takes Europe to start going green.  Seems some German industrialists and senior/ex politicians want this.  Once the USD starts to wobble, it could happen pretty fast - like dominoes.  It is the inevitability is the future vs B-52s.


hyoung's picture

Also China and Vietnam just made up too ...

crazzziecanuck's picture

Forgot to paint Crimea green...

Vendetta's picture

as if he cares about anything but getting out of office and collecting his payola like his predecessors

BlindMonkey's picture

Why do you think he changed his suit color to taupe?

RiverRoad's picture

Actually it's more likely a Brooks Bros. summer khaki:  He fancies himself a preppy.

Berspankme's picture

All the queens are wearing them this year 

BlindMonkey's picture

Wouldn't the cloven hooved sheep in the logo make it unclean for a muzzie like Barry to wear?

knukles's picture

Those are sex objects, silly

BlindMonkey's picture

I regret that I only have one up vote.

Hulk's picture

I put one in for you !!!

Trucker Glock's picture

Sheep chew the cud.  I think they're considered clean.

TruthHunter's picture

"Sheep chew the cud.  I think they're considered clean."

The way they eat garbage in Muslim countries, they are hardly clean.

tempo's picture

only ATH for precious 500 or beloved 30 stocks on a weekly basis will bring Russia to their knees. That's all the US/EU central bankers can construct and control in the world.

Pooper Popper's picture

Way out of her leauge....

I wouldnt fuck with Putin if I were you Jarret,,,,you fucking bitch!

disabledvet's picture

I would....AND I AMMMMMMMM!!!!!

(wouldn't phuck with Russia though. I respect Russia and the Russians...especially their Army way too much for that. As an American who is quite familiar with General Custer however I also understand the possibility of error. Custer was no pushover either. I think he and Putin share a lot in common actually. His glorious death pushed General Grant into some serious action...and changed the face of America forever.)

"Once these things get serious...they don't become unserious anytime soon."

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Putin F's back, with interest payable on demand.

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You can add Germany, France and maybe the UK to Russia's partners soon too