The US Guide To Middle-Eastern Terror Groups (In 1 Cartoon)

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...subject to change indeed...



Source: Cagle via Sunday Funnies

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I don't see the CIA in there, the granddaddy of all terrorist groups.

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That is in the funding cartoon.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

next we blindfold Obama and play 'pin the tail on the ones we'll fund'

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That's how I know this site is full of grumpy old men.

wee-weed up's picture

next we blindfold Obama and play 'pin the tail on the...

Ass-in-Chief... himself!

Milestones's picture

What do you think the CIA does?--hand out free pizza coupons?               Milestones

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Hey Doc....Dont forget Mossad.



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That's the Steering Committee for the Funding Group.

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I don't see the CIA in there, the granddaddy of all terrorist groups.

...or Hillary Clinton, the grandmother of the Islamic Caliphate:

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Ms I came under sniper fire in Bosnia?

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

Valerie Jarret tongue punched her fart box on final approach but cumming under sniper fire sounds better for media consumption.

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"I don't see the CIA in there, the granddaddy of all terrorist groups."

Exactly...more "funny" lowest common denominator to keep the Sheeple looking "down" and grazing...

How about 4th dimension Reptiles (winged "serpents" in history)->.01%->Central Banksters->NGOs (CFR)->...then CIA....then the chart above...-> then Congress...then "us"...the one's who grant "permission" for all of this....

It's all ridiculed, and called insane...because it can't "possibly" be way...nope...wahhh, its crazy!

There are only Quadrillions of galaxies...with quadrillions of solar systems and planets....that are "billions" of years "OLDER" than the Earth...naahhhh, we're King!

Everyone, "BUMBLEFUCK HUMANS NUMBER ONE!!!! , BREAK!!!"... [return to positions]....

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and of all the bloody luck we've ended-up on Earth of all places!

Keyser's picture

It wasn't luck at all... In fact, we, as cosmic beings, chose to regress to this 3rd dimensional backwater of the universe... 


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Change the names and its the administrative algorithm for Obamacare

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They are a religion of peace doncha know?

williambanzai7's picture

Where is JP Mullahs?

shovelhead's picture

Between Sears and JC Penneys.

The food is terrible but the 22 oz. schooners are $2.00 at happy-hour and the place gets packed with suburbo-cougars.

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isn't that the US Embassy in Tripoli - hear the party's there...

Chupacabra-322's picture

Where's the D.C., A#1 District of Criminals?

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And they all deserve each other.

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A cartoon is all they are worth. Camel jockeys all.

kchrisc's picture

I don't see Langley or Glilot Junction on there. And where are the Dancing Mossads?!

An American, not US subject.

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Just to be on the safe side, we arm  them all

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Profits before...well, everything.

smacker's picture

Please try to keep up (!)

We armed them all last month. This month we're bombing them all.


drstrangelove73's picture

One half this month,next month we bomb them all; once we get a plan

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Then we will arm them again!

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       "got it.....gonna put Kerry on this right away" yells Barry " next, I'll have him look into that little skirmich in Uke-raine....that's gonna teach them foreigners a bit of US exceptionalim"!


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Cartoonist a member of The Tribe?

Lots of Semites change their perfectly good Jewish name -

Seems rather anti-Semitic if you ask me.

island's picture

Please go drop yourself in Jordan, Syria, Iran, Iraq, etc. and enjoy living among your brothers.  I'm sure they will enjoy erasing you with open arms.  You're a moron or a Muslim if you think Mossad or the Israelis are the bad guys.

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Israel is one of the two biggest state sponsors of terrorism and discord in the world.

TBT or not TBT's picture

In the sense that their existence is provocative to the sea of disturbingly inbred lunatic followers of the cult of Mohammed that surround them, why yes they are.   

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Soon with obamas help there will be only one enamy in the middle east, the caliphate or ottoman empire 2.0,of course the US will be bankrupt and a smoking heap and the survivers will be in camps. Hope and change just like obama promised.

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It would be a better cartoon if it was funny.

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If you can't see the humour in global thermonuclear war you really need to stop taking this stuff so seriously. /sarc

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Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood aren't terrorist organisations. Considering them as terror organisations is a product of mainstream media.

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The Insane Caliphate Clown Posse! What are their followers called...Jew-go-lows?