Is This Why Obama Is Rushing To This Week's NATO Summit?

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As is well-known, tomorrow, September 4, a NATO summit begins in Wales to discuss and coordinate the western response to ongoing "Russian intervention" in Ukraine (not to be confused by US intervention in Ukraine meant to remove an standing, democratically-elected president), a summit for which Barack Obama has demonstrated impressive enthusiasm following his blitz tour of Europe, a continent reeling on the edge of a recessionary abyss courtesy of the "costs" Obama has imposed on Germany Russia in the aftermath of the Victoria Nuland-instituted local Kiev government.  

Perhaps it has something to do with this...


That's right: the NATO summit is set to take place at the magnificent Celtic Manor Resort, the location of the 2010 Ryder Cup.

But not only that: courtesy of an unprecedented security presence, it means that Obama will have no problem sneaking in at least 4 games for the two-day duration of the summit.

From AFP:

A huge security operation involving 9,000 British police officers will secure a luxury Welsh golf resort hosting a NATO summit later this week, officials said Tuesday.


Officers deployed across the golf course at the Celtic Manor Resort, in Newport, and along a 13-kilometre (eight-mile) steel fence around the site in anticipation of the arrival of 67 world leaders for crisis talks on Russia's role in the war in Ukraine.


US President Barack Obama is attending the meeting of the military alliance and security is tight, not least because Britain last week raised its terrorism threat level.


Overall, about 20 kilometres of security fencing has been erected around key venues in Newport and Cardiff, patrolled by squads of police on motorbikes as well as helicopters flying overhead. Police officers also fanned across the hotel's golf course, where hosted the 2010 Ryder Cup.


In a symbolic show of military strength, six warships will be anchored during the summit in Cardiff Bay, from Britain, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway.

And now we know why Obama is suddenly such an engaged, world-class diplomat.

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Bindar Dundat's picture

Terry Mathews owns the Celtic maner and he hates politics and people.  Should be fun to see who spits in who's breakfast happy meals.

Occident Mortal's picture

What odds can I get on a MiG 29 flyby 'buzzing' the club house?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Never get in way ot the head golfer-in-chief!

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Walk softly and carry small putter. This is Amerikanski president who is play checker while Putin is master of chess.

Keyser's picture

It doesn't matter that Putin is a chess master, Obama will still strut around knocking over the pieces, crap on the board and will still claim victory to the amazement of one and all...  

Anusocracy's picture

Sounds like a gay Afghani wedding party to me.

Better drone it.

rccalhoun's picture

On a serious note, is O any good at this game?  Im guessing 200 yards is a big drive for him ...... just like his basketball game was featured by his offensive rebounding (a little guy showcasing offensive rebounds says that he has no game).  can he hit it straight?  or does he charles barkely around the course and kick his ball forward, improve his lie and count his strokes erratically?

topshelfstuff's picture

its ALL detailed here..a MUST LISTEN TO


I happened to find this youtube and its one you will definitely want to listen to. It contains 2 interviews with Christopher Jon Bjerkne. The first was just prior to the 2008 election, Obama/McCain, and the second hour about 2 weeks after that election.

Its astonishing when you realize it was made 8 years ago, yet explains everything, exactly where we are today, the why, how, who, etc...

If you can't listen now, save it for when you have an hour and listen to the first hour. I'm sure you will want to listen to the second

The Satanic Cult that Rules the World

indygo55's picture

Couldn't they use some of that fencing around the US border?

Son of Loki's picture

Moar 7-course dinners and lots of golf, hookas and blo. I’d rush off to ‘the meeting’ also.

SWRichmond's picture

six warships will be anchored during the summit in Cardiff Bay, from Britain, France, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and Norway

Well isn't that special...I guess they are "War Leaders" now.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Obama is a complete, total, world-class pig.


The Limerick King's picture



Obama makes plans for a war:

"In Ukraine, send weapons galore

Regarding that ISIS

And Middle East crisis

Just hold for a minute there...FORE!"

john39's picture

tptb are actually using the obamao puppet pretty cleverly against the american public when it comes to isis...  the appearance of a dithering spineless leader angers americans... and they step right in the trap of backing bombings which will ultimately be used against the syrian government.  isis, the pagen goddess, er muslim extremist group... is the manufactured pretext.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

I tried to look up Obama's handicap but he doesn't show up in Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts or DC.

ceilidh_trail's picture

Did you use the correct number? 0 (zero)?

old naughty's picture

"Perhaps it has something to do" with o-putt-er. It's someone called ras-amusin running the "course", no?

Elvis the Pelvis's picture

More Hedge hyperbole.  Ukraine is on her own.  The allies won't be helping.  No one is going to war to save her.

Anusocracy's picture

There you go, sullying the good name of pigs.

GrandPaFred's picture

6 warships:


thanks for this info - makes for an easy nuke hit!




Lumberjack's picture

And you might remember the role France played a couple of years ago in Libya. Moving forward, the Central African Republic et. al.. Going back remember that Vietnam Nam started as a French issue.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

That could be a great campaign.  


A picture of Obama golfing with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it. 

A picture of Hillary autographing her book with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it. 

A picture of Christie yelling with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it. 

A picture of Romney golfing with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it. 

A picture of Hillary screaming what does it matter with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it. 

A picture of Jeb Bush golfing with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it. 

Just pic after pic of this assholes doing what they do with the fascist "FORE-WARD" slogan slapped across it.  Mr Bonzai, do you accept this challenge?
Buck Johnson's picture

I'll have to look into that.



omniversling's picture

Christopher Jon Bjerkne adds chunks to the trail of crumbs that I have been following since early pre-teenagehood, when I couldn't understand the compulsive power of money/coins/purchasing power, as I didn't have it and was too young to 'legally' acquire it.

My relentless quest to work out 'how the world works' has taken me travelling through dozens of countries, including decades based in London during the Thatcher/Regan un-regulated free-market 'property and share-owning democracy' experiment', London 'Big Bang' etc.

All the time assembling crumbs into slices of bread, and recently plugging into sites like ZH, PCR, Chris Martenson, Andrew Maguire, David Stockman and many other tubers and bloggers. The net has opened the library doors (long may it last), and shed light into the festering fungoid musty stale corners of 'the official narrative'. Now I understand that the awkward feeling I had as a child that something was not right, was the pre-taste of the shit sandwich that I realise I've been force fed for over 50 years. Time to spit it out.

Kudos and respect to Christopher Jon Bjerkne for daring to join so many dots, and reveal a hidden picture. That this was spoken in '08, and for the most part has since been borne true by subsequent events, substantiates and elevates his measured tone. Challenging. Commended...

Go a step further back in time and read about the origins of Judaism, Christianity, Paganism and much much more, and how deep and long the competition and struggle to become the dominant cult was. Not finished yet, but well worth a look into: The Christ Conspiracy - The Greatest Story Ever Sold.


Syrin's picture

I've read two accounts about his game, and yes, your assessment is accurate.   He pretty much sucks at the game, but likes being away from the wookie, and the real world while he lets the Jarret the Iranian f'things up even more.

jmcadg's picture

Try this:

'boy he sucks' ... and he's fuckin' shit at golf!

GrandPaFred's picture

man, go easy on the boy...


he's at least trying to be white - but doesn't quite fit in.

Keyser's picture

Barry is not, and wil never be, Sammy Davis Jr... No matter how white he wants to be... 

MontgomeryScott's picture

"Sammy Davis Jr, during his early 70s Satanist phase, made this unsold tv pilot with a plot that plays like a satanic reversal of 'It's a Wonderful Life', complete with a Christmas-time setting. Sammy is a zany, misfit demon who is on the outs with Lucifer (Christopher Lee) because he hasn't captured a soul in over a thousand years. He gets one last chance when he is assigned a burned-out salesman (Jack Klugman) who is thinking of selling his soul. Sammy scambles to satisfy Jack's desire for wealth and revenge and the usual sitcom merriment ensues. Also starring Gino Conforti as Sammy's demonic rival and Adam West as Klugman's sleazy boss. Originally broadcast by NBC on Valentines Day, 1973.

For more info on Sammy Davis Jr's interest in The Church of Satan, read this article from"

The pilot  (circa 1973):

Sammy Davis Jr. was 'inept, inefficient, and totally incompetent'. You're right. Obama is far worse!

Sammy was a tribe member as well. Obama, well; he's (whatever the fuck he is), but he's NOT a tribe member. He's not even a mediocre golfer. I bet he loses every game of checkers as well.

john39's picture

jarrett is phoney Iranian... anything her family did when sent to Iran was to further globalist/NWO ends...  look into her background, very telling.  read between the lines:

"Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, to African American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. Her father, a pathologist and geneticist, ran a hospital for children in Shiraz in 1956, as part of a program where American physicians and agricultural experts sought to help communitize developing countries' health and farming efforts. When she was five, the family moved to London for one year, later moving to Chicago in 1963.[3] In 1966, her mother was one of four child advocates that created the Erikson Institute. The Institute was established to provide collective knowledge in child development for teachers and other professionals working with young children.[4]

As a child, Jarrett spoke Persian and French.[5] One of her great-grandfathers was Jewish.[6]"

bugs_'s picture

Perhaps Obama's golf scores are stored in Apple's cloud too?

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

Until the hard drive got a scratch......

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Odouchebag's golf game?  Are you kidding?  Did you never see that video of him bowling like an 8 year old girl?  He's that guy who could play all day everday and never honestly get his handicap below 20 (duffer range).  He's just not athletic.  Even the guys who used to play hoops with him at the Navy Yard know it.  O was such a self-absorbed douche bag on the court, one of the guys hammered him with an elbow to the face back in like 2009

SeattleBruce's picture

Keyser: "It doesn't matter that Putin is a chess master, Obama will still strut around knocking over the pieces, crap on the board and will still claim victory to the amazement of one and all..."

And to say anything about that is rayciss!  Lovely world, hey?

Keyser's picture

It's only rayciss if a white, honky, cracker says it... The disparity used to be funny, until the lunatics took over the asylum and this became the new normal... 

DeadFred's picture

Golfers are that way. Have you heard the one where a group of golfers are playing the 11th hole and when a funeral procession drives by one of the group stops, puts his hat on his heart and watches silently as they go by. "Wow, that must have been someone special for you to pause your game like that!"

"It was my wife"

Some might say "It was my country" would be a better response but I don't think Kenya is having any big problems.

Syrin's picture

SO close.   The punch line is.  "We were married for 35 years.   I owe her that much".

Taterboy's picture

Judging by all that water on the course, Obamy's gonna need some scuba gear to make to 18.

Blano's picture

Haven't seen you around lately...welcome back.

X-defiler's picture

"Giving Head" Golfer-in-chief. There fixed it for ya.

Mike Ochisbent's picture

Obama: "I just wanna say this about the beheading. After this briefing I beheading out for some tee time, beyotches!"

KickIce's picture

Flying a banner that says "Son, your ego is writing checks that your taxpayers can't afford."

(And your golf game needs work)

Cpl Hicks's picture

Substitute "boy" for "Son" and you nailed it.

Groundhog Day's picture

your tax dollars at work

tin cup

Cruel Aid's picture

tin cup was the opposite in every respect

Atomizer's picture

Tin cup, accordion, and a obnoxious teleprompter monkey perched on your shoulder. 

Bloppy's picture

Even Al Franken troubled by Obama's inaction

Raymond K Hessel's picture

If he is troubled about it, it's probably becuase he's running for re-election.  He's been trying to keep a low profile and hopes that no one notices he's up for re-election.

I'm not kidding. That's his strategy.

Disavow his role in supporting Obama and hoping no one comes to the polls to vote against him.  

That's astonishing.