CNBC Viewership Plunges To 21 Year Lows

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It's over: whether due to the complete domination of centrally-planned markets by a few central banks, whether as a result of HFTs forcing out all human traders and investors, whether due to volatility plunging to record lows and complacency at record highs, whether viewers simply aren't impressed by the new young, female faces that are increasingly taking over the primetime financial TV slots, because people are tired of Cramer's endless "caffeine" high and endless attempts to justify a record disconnect between manipulated record high "markets" and a stagnant economy in which some 53 million workers are "freelancers", or simply because video game consoles don't watch TV, America's interest with finance and the stock market is over.

Exhibit A: The chart below shows CNBC's Nielsen rating for August.

Some observations: for the core 25-54 demo, CNBC's Business Day segment is down every month this year compared to last year, with August's 28,000 literally a step in the abyss compared to last year, as viewership plummeted by a near record 30% (with ad revenue following close behind). In fact, the last time CNBC was up in Business Day year to year was over two years ago, in July 2012.

And the punchline: this was the lowest rated month in the core demographic since February 1993! In fact, in CNBC's entire Nielsen-rated history, there is only one month in history when demo viewership was lower, back in November 1992, when demo viewership was just 1000 less at 27,000.

At this rate, in the next month or two, CNBC should make history when Nielsen reports that its viewers have dropped to a never before seen low, paradoxically enough, as the increasingly unwatched financial channel cheers on the very same market-rigging policies that are forcing retail investors to give up on anything finance-related, and crushing the station into ad-revenue and eyeball oblivion.

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Looks like the VIX

CNBS profits on tragedy

Atlas_shrugging's picture

...or whether watching those 3 shmoes yak in the morning is about as fun as having one's prostate checked...

knukles's picture

Talk about a rigged panel and comments.
Never usually watch it, but this am, thought beings employment data day, maybe good old Rick Santelli would be a moment's hoot, but even he was on Thorazine.
The rest of 'em, God help us all.
This is what's foisted off as News

SilverIsKing's picture

They could so easily turn it around but they choose not to.

All they would need to do is show a video of ISIS beheading Cramer and ratings would skyrocket.

Porn might work too.

Relentless101's picture

This is best thing for world since fucking sliced bread. Can't brainwash people if they don't watch.

However, John Hardwood is a great porn name. So why not...

Divided States of America's picture

They can get viewership back in a jiffy if they can have some ruckus going Liesman vs Santelli Cage match, Cramer getting a beatdown by the people he screwed over and a weekly Royal Rumble amongst the Fast Money gang who helped investors lose big by giving the worst advice to the viewers...and have Kelly Evans in a bikini suit as ring side girl.

El Oregonian's picture

If CNBC would get off the Fascist-communist boot-licking and report the "Truth" instead of propaganda gibberish. They might be seen as somewhat reliable, instead of a stain mark on a blue dress.

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the crash of the house of cards will provide record viewership.

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Never having focused my mind on the numbers until now (until learning of this wonderful news), I am really surprised that they only have 28,000 viewers in that demographic.  What's their total viewership?  Twice as much?  Even 200,000 at the peak seems modest.  I was watching them in the late 1990s.  CNBC seems to have been a big player in creating *that* bubble (nowadays we have to be clear about which bubble we are referring to). Honestly, the two-hour afternoon program hosted by Ron Insana was not the worst thing ever.  He repeatedly tried to figure out whether stocks were in a bubble and whether a top was approaching.  But then they gave half of that time to Maria, and I lost interest.

I don't understand how they can keep going with 28,000 viewers in the key demographic.

SilverIsKing's picture

I wonder what they get for a 30 second spot in various day parts?  Can't be much.

We could take up a small collection and run some "ads"

Keyser's picture


Fire Joe Kernan

And fire that panty-waisted prick, Andrew Sarkin too...

And then there is Steve LIESman... 

Is there any wonder why their ratings are in the toilet? 

sodbuster's picture

Be interesting to impose the SP chart over the top of that chart- correlation?

Xibalba's picture

it's split up into blocks.  I think you can get 2000 units for $10k or something like that.  So MAD MONEY is worth about $5.

DeadFred's picture

Help me out here, what's a CNBC?

dracos_ghost's picture

Currently Non-Biological Corpse

Eternal Complainer's picture

Either a 'end of the world' - 'everybody is gonna die' market crash or they could also always just fudge the Nielsen numbers. That would fix it.

progro's picture

Can Fascists be Communists?

PiratePiggy's picture

He is a Dem presstitute. He is good at knowing which way Robert's wind is blowing.

SAT 800's picture

Hard to make a business out of selling Bullshit; even to the American Public.

Ruffmuff's picture

True dat, but does make for a thriving career in politics they tell me.

Clever Name's picture

Theres a sucker born every minute.


"Reality" tv?


SAT 800's picture

At last, something to feel good about; CNBC's pain; it's our gain.

FL_Conservative's picture

That's funny.  I didn't even know that CNBS was still around.

Farmer Joe in Brooklyn's picture

One arrow down. 

Joe Kernan, I didn't know you were on ZH...?!?

Ruffmuff's picture

The arrow down was rating his career.

flash338's picture

I'd laugh if I remembered who Kerman was....   Have'nt watch CNBC in years

Aaaarghh's picture

i hope my fave comedy channel doesnt get axed! shit those guys make me laugh...

graftvshost's picture

Have some respect - her name is Sue Herrera.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

Who can bother watching when they have no dog in the hunt? Most folks I know either don't have money in the market, (because of the rigging), or don't have money to put into the market, (because of the rigging). Either way, it becomes much akin to watching cricket matches: it's an interesting sport, but with no relevant connection to our daily lives.

Ruffmuff's picture

Is Sue singing in liesmans shitty band?? Give the guy credit he may to play for  living soon. Good for viewers, bad for music fans.

Rattling Bones's picture

Larry Kudlow sees green shoots in those ratings.

PiratePiggy's picture

Mustard seeds.  Don't forget the mustard seeds. They were seen first.


"It's always great to be Sean"  - Dennis Gartman

Freddie's picture

Anyone who watches TV or Hollywood's propaganda crap is a retard and stooge for Obama/McCain/NWO. 

Keep watching retards - your viewership keeps them in power.

Ruffmuff's picture

Freddie, give me a break. Santa brought me a nice 55 inch high def TV.

I'm always high and half deaf, so it is working out well.

Dr Strangemember's picture

yeah, just like "jesse sharpton" and hood rats!

Duffminster's picture

In my opinion they need to bring back some of what Maria Bartiromo, brains and low cut blouses and the guys need to lose the ties and go with modern business casual.  They also need more controversey.  They are 90% bullish commentators and when ever you tune in you more or less get what you asked for.   Simple equation for success:  more eye candy and more controlversial discussions.   They could use a doese of Zero Hedge, digging under the cover of "economic reports" questioning the "prevailing wisdom", more arguing, more action.  They are a talented team but their deployment isn't great in my opinion.  Pretty smart women in the anchor roles but they dress like corporate executives rather than women in show business, very clean and nice but not attention getters.   Too much concensus and everything feels over scripted.  I would encourage them to say controversial things and turn off the teleprompter sometimes.

dracos_ghost's picture

Gee, let's throw Honey Boo-Boo in too. I would rather see some players with integrity. CNBC is a 24/7 Infommercial. The model doesn't work anymore yet they keep the blinders on and go full speed ahead

northern vigor's picture

The last time it was interesting was with santelli jumping on top of the desk screaming "We need a tea party right here in Lake Michigan"That's when the term got re-invented....they just about fired him for that. I'd love to smack that Steve Liesman. I quit watching it...bootlickers for the Fed and O administration.

verbot's picture

I miss Mark Haynes. He would not have allowed the financial crimes to go unremarked. May be why he is dead from "Cheetos and ketchup"?
That channel tanked the week following his death.
Rest in Peace Mr. Haynes.
Oh, and as for ww3 I still contend a choice was made to "level the playing field" for the remaining countries and all of the war talk and hoopla Is for the few dangerous players who were not in that loop or whom disagreed.
Sort of like a crappy boss who makes all sorts of crazy dictates while the employees roll their eyes behind his back and keep doing exactly what they were doing before he/she walked in the room.
The drama is not for you or I it is for them which gives explanation why it does not make sense to most of us.
Sort of like a csi watcher getting to ride along with the county coroner but the reality is the county is pretty boring and most of the drama is self created..
A big play for small minds (dangerous yes,) but small nonetheless..
And Mr. Haynes would have called them all to task...
End of line....

NotApplicable's picture

I quit watching after Mark died. Even he disappointed me though, as he kept the debate well within the realm of conventional wisdom. Still, it was fun watching him call people out for their BS. And he was the only one who wouldn't pile-on Santelli along with LIESman the Idiot.

The Barney Frank interview was my favorite episode, ever.

Atomizer's picture

The combat helmet during Dotcom bust was legendary. He's dearly missed. 

Bloppy's picture

PLEASE put Cramer behind bars, STAT


ISIS- US Army tattoo hoax scares many on social media:

ZeroConfidence's picture

If they ran more stuff like this "Gold not backed by anything!"

they could officially rebrand as a comedy network.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Isn't this obvious....everyone hates fascists. Everyone is finally seeing the truth behind the curtains......and its curtains for these guys hopefully.

Dubaibanker's picture

You mean people still watch CNBS?!

PartysOver's picture

Gonna miss watching Santelli's rants posted on the net.   Was some good entertainment.