Understanding ISIS In Under 4 Minutes

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As President Obama prepares to unleash his ISIS 'defeat' strategery tomorrow, we thought it appropriate to gather together what we know so far about the terrorist organization. While their annual report (as we noted here), is chock full of ugly details of a well-organized and well-funded entity, the following brief clip from WSJ explains how The Islamic State is operating like a government, with a bureaucratic hierarchy; and how it is structured.



Source: The Wall Street Journal

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ISIS = CIA/Mossad + Saudi/Qatari $.


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Exactly.  Where's the Langley reference and the reason for its formation (To invade Syria, protect Israel, and contain Russia)?


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MOAR war for the MIC/Usury empire!

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Interesting that they have not yet bothered to try to fool the public into thinking they have any input by having "elections".

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"I used to think ISIS or Islamic State or whatever they’re calling themselves this week was a false-flag operation against Islam. Why else would they deem all Muslims except themselves infidels, declare war on Muslims rather than Zionists, destabilize governments that stand up to Zionists and imperialists, and take selfies while cannibalizing corpses and beheading people? Normally people post flattering images of themselves on youtube and social media sites. When someone posts a photo or video of him- or herself chopping off heads or chewing corpse liver, you can usually assume it’s a false flag by one of that person’s enemies."

the rest:


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ISIS IS the US govt.


See the forest through the trees? Wake up sheeple!

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Listen. ISIL is a complex orginization, "YES". But your claims have far to many competing actors all colluding as one big bad killing machine which is patently "FALSE".

Let me be real clear here: USSA government is in fear of ISIL because they will come to the USSA at a very venerable time for the sheeple. And they will start a wave of religious conversions from "SEA to SHINE SEA"!

But Obama does not see a problem with that, that is why he says "NO PLAN".

WELCOME ISIL TO THE USSA! "BECOME MUSLIM" or at least hear them out. It's a very fine religion.

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indeed a very fine prospect for the former atheist...

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Bangalore Equit...


hear them out?... then, please pass me my head - I think it's over there...

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ISIS IS the US govt.


See the forest through the trees? Wake up sheeple!


This is easy.


ISIS sues ISIS for copyright infringement/trade name violations, etc, etc.  ISIS then shuts down ISIS, and BOOM.  No more ISIS.  


Problem solved.

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One obvious "tell" is they do not attack Jews, but only Christians and Muslisms (both Shiia and Suni Muslims).

Another "tell" is that they do not attack regional powers that could threaten them, or to whom they are "enemies": Israel, Jordan, KSA or Turkey.  Instead, they threaten Superpowers far, far away (Russia and USA).

Suddenly they are well armed, well organized and dominate the MSM headlines.  Riiiight.

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More complex.

Here's the math:

US needs PetroDollar and Reserve Currency.

To keep PetroDollar, Saudi's need expanding markets and prices.

To keep Reserve Currency US needs Europe.

Europe needs energy security via diversification (this is a Euro initiative, regardless of EU), but involves less dependence on Russia. - Too many energy eggs in one basket.

There have been several attempts to lessen European energy dependence on Russia.

Russia works to defeat those attempts, for obvious reasons.  And the Shia regions of the middle east would also like to replace the sunni Saudis and Qataris in this deal.

1) Baku Tblisi pipeline & South Caucuses pipeline, which was supposed to connect to Ukraine delivery infrastructure via Ukraine.

Russian 2004 response...pushback on Orange Revolution, poisonings, interference in Ukraine internal politics.

2) Baku-Tblisi pipeline & South Caucuses pipeline version 2... reroute pipeline south through Turkey then to Bulgaria.  Ukraine still wants in on this deal, or to be paid for not acting on this deal.

Russian 2008 response, intervention in Ukraine along with forced permanent military basing rights, politicians jailed, political poisonings, assassinations, gas shutoff, invasion of Georgia (terminals pipeline terminals are in Abkhasia).

3) In 2010 ENI sold control of the GreenStream pipeline to the Libyan National Oil Corp - controlled by Qaddafi (who had been funded to do so by Russia).

European (France First) and then US & NATO response: Bomb Libya, support rebels for regime change.

4) Qatar-Turkey pipeline begins in 2012.

Russian response is to defeat the primary route by influencing Syria's Assad to deny Syrian Territory.

Qatari-Saudi-counter-response is the FSA in Syria, and Syrian Civil War.

Turkish counter-response is the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

Iranian counter-counter response is to influence Maliki to deny use of Iraq for alternate route.

Qatari & Saudi counter-counter-counter response is ISIS.


See?  It has nothing to do with Russia per se.  It has nothing to do with Israel. 

All the wars of the last 5 years have been gas wars.

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"It has nothing to do with Russia per se.  It has nothing to do with Israel. "



and how do you manage to not mention the planned Iran-Iraq-Syria pipeline.  Or Israel's found/stolen gas find in the Eastern Med.   You think the Qataris dominate US strtategic planning, do you?

Nigga, pleaze.


And Russia "invaded" Abkhazia and South Ossetia in the way the US/NATO invaded Serbia.  Except with Georgia, the Georgians decided killing 16 Russian peacekeepers in a territory that did not want to be part of Georgia, Russia aside, would not be met with a response.   Of course, you could convincingly argue that the South Ossetians started that round of violence, and sure, probably would not have done so without a green light from Moscow.

BBC Places that don't exist - South-Ossetia / Abkhazia (2005) The defense minister of Georgia at the time was a Jew - an Israeli dual national who had been in the IDF.  Quite strange, ain't it?


Rest assured, US foreign policy is not built around Qatari gas pipelines.  anyone who suggests otherwise is either wholly ignorant of who actually determines policy in State and/or a Zionist gatekeeper.

For the American neocons - it's always about Israel.  For the "realists" - essentially globalist militarists - it is always about russia.

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gcjohns1971, you won't get the Zionist Uber Plot-obsessed Americans off the bee in their bonnet. It's a lost cause. They think in typically paranoid fashion: if you try to make them think objectively, they immediately accuse you of being part of the plot.

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You are obviously part of the plot!

Pool Shark's picture



US Foreign Policy in one sentence:

"The enemy of my enemy, who once was my friend, is now also my enemy."



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They left out the part about this being funded and created by the USA.

The video above by Samsara is great, but they have got to take those videos and truncate them into 3 minute soundbytes for the incredibly stupid average person.

I turned this video off after 90 seconds cuz I knew it would only paint a picture that fits a certain approved narrative. 

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Dope & Strange -- the Sotero Bros.

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@ Duffy,

You left out the Criminal MI6, Turkey, Syria, Lybia, Jordan, Yemen & UAE.

Arming, funding & training Terror Organizations world wide.

Duffy's picture

The US and Israel fund and facilitate more terror worldwide before 9 a.m. than those other entities do all week.

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ISIS=ISLAM but yeah your right helped out by progressive traitors.

And ISLAM is a political system masqurading as a rreligion. Duh!

Islam is currently at war with the world. Only a total murderer f**ktard would claim that islam is a religion of peace.  Islamic criminal murderers are waging war worldwide, bitchez.

Nigeria (Boko Haram)

Iraq and Syria (ISIS, Assad and Hezb’ollah)

Gaza (Hamas)

Sinai Desert (Ansar Jerusalem against Egypt)

Afghanistan (Taliban)

India (Al Qaida)

Pakistan (Waziristan terrorists)

Iraq (Iranian-sponsored terrorist group, “League of the Righteous”)

Libya (Libya Dawn Coalition and others)

Somalia (Al Shabaab)

Syria again (Al Nusrah, AQ affiliate)

Iran (International Shi’ite terror sponsor, using Hezb’ollah and Quds Brigade). 

Qatar and Saudi Arabia (Sunni terror-sponsors, including Hamas)

Turkey appears to be a major sponsor of ISIS,. It is run by an Islamofascist regime.

And this is just for starters, don't forget the jihads going on in the Philippines and south Thailand among other places.

Worldwide war against everything non-islamic in your FACES bitchez. Only ones that can't seem to see it are the criminal progressives who help fund this insane islamic worldwide murder spree.

It's about time to glass Mecca.


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None of them come even close to the wreckage of the west. We are in a religious war, one Bush started and the press with their "Islamic extremist" rhetoric continues. We have killed many more of "them" then "they" of us.

Grimaldus's picture

WRONG! None of the other religions are at war. NONE! Only Islam!

Don't confuze governments with religion.

Bush was a bloody progressive. Constitutional conservatives, if they are truly that, are non-interventionist. It is only criminal bloody murdering progressives that start wars. Look what Hillary did to Libya, for cryin out loud.

You smell like a progressive.


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Or, as I like to call them (since 9/8, 5194270):  ISIL - Israeli State in Israel and Levant

"Elohim gadol!  Elohim gadol!"

("Elohim Gadol" is He-brew for “God is Great”, but kinda sounds like:  ‘Ello. Him Got oil.) 

Yeah, there’s a lot of “Him got Oil” going on over there in the Levant.  Along with Allan Hu Snackbar franchises.

Bossman1967's picture

sounds like pre 9/11 ALQUIDA on steroids bot osamas wet dream it appears. release the 9-11 report so we will know how it's funded and the players involved then we add the Us govt and holy sheep shit

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they forgot the entire top of the pyramid

tarsubil's picture

You mean the great lidless eye?

tempo's picture

Please tell us how each country supports/funds/benefits from ISIS, Turkey, Saudi,Iran, Russia, China, Iraq, Qutar, Kuait, Israel??

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ISIS = unemployed juveniles who've been trained by the ruling class to control their slaves through fear.

kchrisc's picture

Even quicker: CIA and Mossad. Pipeline and Lebensraum. As fake as Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook.

An American, not US subject.

Skateboarder's picture

The Alex Israel == Katie Foley thing was great proof, kinda like the three evil musketeers who show up at every 'incident.'

Duffy's picture

I don't know about SH, but the fact the beheading video was found/released by an unequivocally Zionist/Israeli-connected "intelligence" group is suspicious, at very least.

kchrisc's picture

Sandy "Hoax" was so fake that it is almost laughable--the treason prevents outright laughter.

They got so caught faking it that that one of them, gun and badge thug Vance, is on camera threatening any story differing with the official story.


Please go and watch the numerous videos, but start with the one with Robbie Parker laughing it up about 24 hours after his supposed daughters death.


Also noteworthy is the helicopter shot of the parking lot with nothing but neatly parked unmarked cop cars.


An American, not US subject.

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Great. Just what we need, more fucking central planners.

kowalli's picture

Am only i think that this video total bs?

netpounder's picture

Divide and conquer.  It is clearly shown on the ISIS control map.

samsara's picture

Read this one.  All the facts and history.

The Covert Origins of ISIS?

Evidence exposing who put ISIS in power, and how it was done.

Would it interest you to know who helped these psychopaths rise to power? Would it interest you to know who armed them, funded them and trained them? Would it interest you to know why?

Posted September 06, 2014



Zirpedge's picture

Brain washed in Camp Bucca and turned loose on the iraqi's and Syrian's? I'm leaning toward smoke and mirrors over blood thirsty psychopaths. Did you see the "beheadings"? I mean come on, really? and youtube censors them both but keep other gore content (exploding heads) up for years and millions of views?

Jayda1850's picture

Thank you. Very concise summary.

NuckingFuts's picture

Great link. Everyone should see it.

Zirpedge's picture

Love how the mainstream media is trying to give legitimacy to ISIS. The more simple explaination is that they are a manufactured crisis with a predetemrined "solution". 

NoDebt's picture

Since Obama failed so miserably at getting the US into Syria through the front door, they had to come up with another way- through the back door (Iraq).

Skateboarder's picture

Everyone musta forgot how hard the Horse and the Golfer were pushing for direct front-door war in Syria.

Round up the Qatari mercenaries, give 'em a new name with a bad guy leader, some new tech, western manpower, and voila, the next Islamic terrizz demon is born.

ALLAN's SNACKBAR, motherfuckers.

pods's picture

Do you think he planned on that method of entry from the start?