Far-Right Nationalist Le Pen Takes Lead In French Presidental Poll

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It's not just Scotland... or Catalan. As The Guardian reports, polls out in the past few days in France have shown far-right Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen topping a presidential poll for the first time. Alongside this surge in support for FN is the utter collapse in the French people's faith in Hollande. Less than 20% of voters now approve of the French president and stunningly more than half the nation's card-holding-socialists have given up on him. An unprecedented 85% of French voters don't think Hollande should seek a second term.


As The Guardian reports,

An Ifop poll released by Le Figaro on Friday placed far-right Front National (FN) leader Marine Le Pen ahead of President François Hollande in a hypothetical second round runoff. It is the first time the FN tops a presidential poll against one of France’s two main parties, the Socialist Party (PS) and the centre-right Union for a Popular Movement (UMP).


This is important because, as The Guardian explains,

There has long been an unwritten rule in French politics: the supporters of the two main parties have historically coalesced against FN candidates in second round votes. The clearest example in 2002’s presidential election when Jacques Chirac defeated Jean-Marie Le Pen 82-18%.

But with such widespread support (as was evident in the recent local elections), it will be hard for the main parties to turn their back in 2017.

In parallel to the FN’s growing support, the popularity of President Hollande has reached a new record low. Less than 20% of voters now approve of the president.

Even more worryingly for the Hollande camp is the loss of support among socialist voters. According to recent polls, nearly one-in-two no longer approve of the president.

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“No poll, no political turmoil will kick me out,” Hollande said after his approval rating fell as low as 13 percent this month.

One word - guillotine?

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Of course, as we noted here, France is not the only nation unimpressed by its leaders...

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The uprising against the status quo is coming, and as IceCap's Keith Dicker warned, the bond market (which has seen notable weakness in the last few days) will be the first to show it. The massive signal failure between markets and reality is about to be exposed.


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Gromit's picture

Election not till 2017.

Big Corked Boots's picture

And yet, mob riots are always readily available in France.

Save those wine bottles!

wee-weed up's picture



Obozo to Hollande...

"Hey, François... Sorry to hear the French people are so disillusioned with you and want to throw you out. I've got shitty poll numbers also. But too bad you're not half-black like me. Those Americans who don't like me can't touch me...

I've got a 'Get-Out-Of-Impeachment-Free' card, and it's strictly enforced by my MSM."

Mountainview's picture

The French have the choice between two clones. (Sarkozy and Valls), FN and the far left. Poor French.

SafelyGraze's picture

"Far-Right Nationalist Le Pen Takes Lead In French Presidental Poll"


just what germany needs.

now you can expect france to hold a referendum on seceding from germany.

and making french their 'official' language.

good grief.


whotookmyalias's picture

I would love to see the guillotine back in Place de la Concorde, right next to the big Egyptian obelisk.  Imagine the HDR images you could get at night with the fountains and Tour Eiffel all lit up.



tostaky06's picture

because the best has been sent to prison by U.S. when he asked to see USA gold ...

In France no one care if he did sex with maid, but she love money, and USA love euopean trouble ... 

Kennedy did more sex than him ... but it was easier to kill him than a french obv ...

Sad story ... 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Jean-Luc Picard, is that you?  Which 'French' are rioting?  The French-French or MENA-French?

And are they doing it in style?  With wine, baguettes and fromage? 

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

Rioting is like the national sport over there.  The real french riot like our labor unions used to strike.  The MENA-french (Klingons) riot like our naggers do here.

Freddie's picture

The French have more balls than fat Amerikuns watching TV and Hollywood brainwashing like dumb Obama loving sheep f**ks.

Good for Le Pen - roll the tribe demonizing her as a nazi while the tribe in the EU, USA nad Israel act like real nazis.

whotookmyalias's picture

Hey at least France had the guts to ban full face covering burhkas.  


I'm starting to see them in CA and NV, including one time where a guy was in shorts and a t-shirt in a sporting goods store looking at guns with his woman standing there in black head to toe.  Nice culture, huh?  


France not only banned it but sent some rich Saudi back on the plane when they wouldn't remove it upon landing at the airport.

itstippy's picture

What do you care if someone wants to walk around in public with their face covered?

whotookmyalias's picture

When I was in High School, a friend painted up a hockey mask orange and blue.  I used to drive around with it on.  One day when I pulled into a parking lot, a lady pulled in right next to me.  I waited for her to get out before I took the mask off because I didn't want her to see what I looked like. She wouldn't leave, so I had to take the mask of while she was staring at me in horror.  As I was walking in the store, she still hadn't gotten out of her car.  Ever since then, I actually care quite a bit if someone wants to walk around in public with a hockey mask on.


In the case of full face covering burka, it's demeaning and degrading to women and although I claim to be tolerant and sometimes being tolerant means being tolerant of something you strongly disagree with, I just cannot come to peace with any man who makes his woman dress in black head to toe and cover her face.  Plus who knows who is really under that crazy black tent and what they have strapped to their body.


I normally don't reply to dipshits, but today is dipshit reply day so enjoy.

James_Cole's picture

I claim to be tolerant and sometimes being tolerant means being tolerant of something you strongly disagree with, I just cannot come to peace with any man who makes his woman dress in black head to toe and cover her face


You had it mostly right at the first part - if people want to dress up as ninjas that's their prerogative. And they might not dig your dress code either. 


Pie rre's picture

And the French have the balls to demand a piece of the action.

Gromit's picture


According to Michael Pettis the political fight is between conventional politicians supporting status quo =bankers  and Nationalists proposing policies to help workers.


Let them eat cake!

Dr Strangemember's picture

I look forward to the day when liberals realize and start to feel the islamists pushback upon their ideals.... and to think, it was the liberals that supported their "integration" into American society.  

Hey all women out there, do you really support the muslim culture?

Hey all GLBTs out there, you looking forward to the day islam is the rule of the day?

Hey all freedom loving peoples out there, you looking forward to living under Sharia Law?  

Hey Americans, you like your bacon????


Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

Not going to happen.  Liberals are NOT liberals for idealistic reasons.  It's more as a status signalling mechanism to identify themselves as different than the "wrong kind" of whites.

Liberal/Conservative is just an extension of the english civil war roundheads/caviliers which is itself an extension of a bunch of shit going back to the reformation.

Liberals don't give a shit about homos or what muslims do to women as long as they're doing it to YOU the non-self-identifing-elite-white/liberal.

Arguing with liberal elites and true-believers is pointless as they literally hate you and want you to die (because you're probably racist and deserve it).  BUT, if you ever find yourself in conversation with a fence sitter or a useful-idot type liberal explain to them how a liberal/conservative is decended from a yankee/rebel which decended from a roundhead/cavalier.  Implication being that the intellectual forefathers of liberaldom were starry-eyed, idealistic, witch-burning puritans. 

crazytechnician's picture

Actually I think it was Let them eat brioche

hedgeless_horseman's picture

<---Libertarian hedgeless_horseman for President of the USA

<---Fascist Hillary Clinton for President of the USA

himaroid's picture

It would be nice if you would act like a fascist for the first week or two. You know, to clean up the old things.

NoDebt's picture

You've never falsely claimed to be shot at on an inbound flight to an unstable country.  You never falsely claimed to have invented the internet.  You've never falsely stated "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

So, sorry.  You wouldn't last a week.  Can't vote for you.  Wouldn't want to be "throwing away my vote".

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I'd vote for Clitory, but that's not an Option.  So HH it is.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

I'd vote for Clitory, but that's not an Option. 

You are telling me the Diebold machines are not completely honest? Never!!!

crazytechnician's picture

Hitlery Clitnon is not an option ?

RisingSun's picture

Well seems like French are getting tired of paying for all the immigrants and "bending over" to every muslim immigrant who have 0 interest in integrating into French society...

FreedomGuy's picture

I read that 50% of the babies born in France are Muslim. Given that their Muslims are generally hostile to the culture they have a huge problem coming. My prediction is that fascist ideologies will increase in popularity. Fascism is still fundamentally collectivist and statist but they allow a bit more freedom in their markets but are more serious and open about their autocracy. Given their historical association (not necessarily the ideology) with racism it is a natural as the angry Muslim population increases and makes ever more demands.

Dr Strangemember's picture

They'll be deported back to the sand dunes.  As they cause more and more problems for the majority, this will happen... and I can't wait!

JRobby's picture

Sounds like they are well past the point of no return like other "nations"

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

Liberal Jews import muslims to "culturally enrich" the shit out of the white french -> muslims piss off everyone and attack jews -> jews flee for the international crime base of israel-> french whites wake up (seems like this is happeneing) -> french whites get nationalist into power -> only then dofrench whites kick out muslims.

It's a race between white racial identity and clown-car vaginas of bitchez in burkas.  It's not over yet.

GooseShtepping Moron's picture

One can only hope. If Le Pen gets elected, I might just join the Foreign Legion and help her out.

SAT 800's picture

They should have done it ten years ago. It's a perfect example of cooking a frog in water that only warms slowly; if you go there now and look around it's shocking; but they have accomodated. Back to the Cat Box Country they came from and let their fellow worshippers of peace and love kill them. It's no loss.

Freddie's picture

What is the USA doing? Nothing.

crazytechnician's picture

Nope , they will be pushed into the UK. And the UK govt. , as always will welcome them with open arms.

RisingSun's picture

Brussels got the same problem 25% of population are muslim and 40-50% in highschools. I just dont get it, WHY? What do these people who let them in get out of it? "Loyal" voters in elections?

I mean no other religion got problem with other people in the West. Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Flying Spaghetti Monster etc can all co-exist, but somehow it is Muslims who need halal food in schools(everyone eats them, since too expensive to provide non and halal meat) and other demands also. If they needed work force to pay for their pensions, im sure people in Vietnam, Thailand or other Asian nations would be happy to live in the EU. 

The Phallic Crusader's picture

Why did all these EU countries - France, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, etc. etc. - so the EU - allow such high non-euro immigration to begin with?


Most especially - why continue it when the economy is down and there's no real need for a laerge unskilled labor force?


I just don't get immigration policy there or in the US.  I think most immigrants contribute and intend to, but I don't see why temporary pauses in immigration is viewed as anything but a moderate and pragmatic use of state power to protect and defend workers/the economy and, sure, even cultural and ethnic identity if that is, in fact, important to the majority....

American Dreams's picture

One world government, no borders, and soon all the useless eaters fighting with one another because they wont know who else to blame for their problems.  Chaos defined.

Know your enemy


Ghordius's picture

France, Belgium, Netherlands: from ex-colonies, as for the UK
Sweden: refugees

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

After Hitler said "enough is enough" to the Tribe and their shenanigans they vowed to never let some upity goyim cut shine light on them again. 

With the help of race-traitors like Ted Kennedy the tribe got  western world governments to completely change their imigration policies in the 1960s to purposely flood white countries with turd-worlders to mix whites out of existence.

Asian countries are for asians, african ones for africans but white ones are for everybody!  Now back to your tee-vee 'murica and workship your "spoats" idols, rap stars and singing clowns.  Then you will be too ashamed to object when your daughter starts dating some idiot in a bouncing car.

For some real laughs, compare and contrast what dual US-Israeli citizens have to say about imigration in each of their homelands.  You'll no doubt find the pluarility embracing vibrant multi-culturalism for America/EU/UK while defending the right of israel to keep a jewish identity.

FreedomGuy's picture

Agreed, P.Crusader. Immigration is for the benefit of the host country not the country from which they emmigrate. At any time when it does not appear to be for the benefit of the host country they can stop or delay their immigration policies and it is not immoral or even illiberal.

I would also note that the 9/11 attackers and many others were here on student visas, were educated and of course Muslim-Arab. So, to me, even importing an engineer or allowing another student visa comes with some risks. A rationalist would at least review the risks and rewards. The rewards are virtually zero so the risk is unwarranted.

Gromit's picture

Because their demographics look like shit. Too many old people.

They need to import younger people and have workers to tax so that pension promises can be honored.

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

That's just what neo-cohens tell their AARP voters.  Common sense shows the people they let in are a bigger drain than any measly SS revenue they provide when and if they do pay taxes.

Truth is that the elites know the western systems are fucked.  But they can either let it collapse in on itself and get lynched in the process or turn all these western countries into a bunch of Brazils full of mongrels with islands of gated communities for the chosen.

Gromit's picture

An aging population creates a deteriorating spiral as the young and productive decide not to support their elders and emigrate.

Nations must either increase their birth rates (very difficult in practice) or encourage young workers to immigrate.

Yes this hurts the countries who lose their productive young workers but politics is national and competitive.

Analyse2's picture

@FreedomGuy - "I read that 50% of the babies born in France are Muslim"

It is very exaggerated; See this list :



Most common male name for newly borns in 2013 in France.

1 Nathan 2 Lucas 3 Léo 4 Enzo 5 Louis 6 Gabriel 7 Jules 8 Timéo 9 Hugo 10 Arthur 11 Ethan 12 Raphaël 13 Maël 14 Tom 15 Noah 16 Mathis 17 Théo 18 Adam 19 Nolan 20 Clément

Most common female name for newly borns in 2013 in France.

1 Emma 2 Lola 3 Chloé 4 Inès 5 Léa 6 Jade 7 Manon 8 Louise 9 Zoé 10 Lilou 11 Léna 12 Sarah 13 Camille 14 Maëlys 15 Lina 16 Éva 17 Louna 18 Clara 19 Alice 20 Romane

Most names are not at all muslim ...