Ukraine President's Days Numbered After Broad Accusations Of "Betraying National Interests"

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As we summarized late on Friday, while Europe has been banging the populist drums over ever-escalating Russian sanctions, it quietly and without much fanfare folded in the one place where Russia could have been truly hurt, the Free Trade (DFCTA) agreement between Ukraine and the EU. But while Europe would have loved for nobody to notice, some did, and not just on these pages: far more importantly, so did the citizens of Ukraine where as the WSJ reports, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko faces rising criticism for his decision to delay implementation of part of a European Union deal to avoid threatened Russian retaliation.

And this is why neither side can afford to blink, because the moment one side folds, its domestic support collapses. And blinking is precisely what Ukraine just did and with that it set in motion the events that will likely terminate prematurely the brief, irrelevant presidency of Ukraine's "Chocolate Baron" Poroshenko.

From WSJ:

A senior diplomat resigned in protest over the weekend, and pro-European politicians who are competing with Mr. Poroshenko's party in parliamentary elections next month blasted the decision as caving to Russia, which wants Ukraine to give up the deal and remain in its orbit. The tensions highlight how difficult it will be for Mr. Poroshenko to manage the competing pressures of a Kremlin that isn't backing down and a domestic electorate that wants closer ties to Europe and no concessions to Moscow.


On Friday, Ukraine and the EU agreed to put off implementing a landmark trade deal, which is part of a broader pact aimed at strengthening their ties, after Moscow threatened trade restrictions that would have crippled Ukraine's already limping economy.


A cease-fire in the east, where Russia-backed rebels hold several towns and cities, is still largely holding despite scattered fighting. A government spokesman said Sunday that Ukrainian troops had repelled an assault on Donetsk airport by 200 pro-Russia rebels.


In Kiev, pro-Western rivals of Mr. Poroshenko's party railed against the president's move to compromise at congresses to announce candidates for snap parliamentary elections scheduled for Oct. 26.

It got so bad over the weekend, that former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who was the person least actively supported by the CIA and US state department in Ukraine's less than peaceful transition in February, and thus lost a May presidential election to Mr. Poroshenko, said the delay in implementing the EU free-trade part of the pact until 2016 was "a betrayal of national interests."

"There can't be a single day of applying the brakes on our path to Europe," she told a party meeting. She also called a referendum on potential membership of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

So as the public mood suddenly and dramatically shifts in its impotent rage directed at Putin up until this point, into a domestic direction in general, and at the new president in particular, Poroshenko appears set to antagonize the public even more, following his disclosure moments ago that he proposes temporary self-governance in separatist-held areas in eastern regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, news service Ukrayinska Pravda reports, citing copy of draft law. Bloomberg has the details:

  • Local elections would be held in those districts this yr on Nov. 9
  • Local authorities in special districts would have right to participate in appointment of local prosecutors, judges
  • People’s militia would be created from local citizens in special districts
  • Kiev authorities wouldn’t open criminal cases against participants of uprising in east
  • Kiev guarantees right to use, learn Russian language; grants it equal status in special areas, for all Ukrainian citizens
  • Ukraine to allocate annual budget spending to rebuild infrastructure, create jobs, back economical development of eastern regions
  • Ukraine to allow areas’ “good neighborly relations” w/ Russia to deepen and strengthen
  • Law, if approved, to remain in effect for 3 yrs from date of approval
  • Parliament may consider draft law among other issues on Sept. 16
  • Lawmakers have received copy of draft

And this is how the Ukraine people, at least those in the west and who care about such things, will interpret the move: Poroshenko is handing over East Ukraine to Russia which will now control not only Crimea but also the land corridor leading to it.

The only question we have here is what the over/under is on number of days before Ukraine has yet another presidential crisis, and whether the next president will also be another US-backed puppet?

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NidStyles's picture

All in the name of Empire. 


I have noticed that the conversations with statists have become more openly about them actually supporting Empire and Fascism. 


I think there are a lot of suicidal idiots out there.

Ghordius's picture

always fuck the EU. amazing, how often we can repeat that sentence, and yet we still find countries that want to join

the one Ukrainian oligarch/kleptocrat/politician-that-was-imprisoned-for-political-crimes that is least liked by the CIA is the one that wants to join the EU and NATO most. following the logic displayed by many commenters in the Soros piece, the CIA is the arch-enemy of the EU?

philipat's picture

You're missing the point. This was a quote from Nuland in an intercepted phone conversation with the US Ambassador in Ukraine discussing the succession in Ukraine, proving comprehensively, US "Meddling" in Ukrainian affairs. So my comment was, in this context, applied to the new situation in Ukraine.

MH017 excluded, of course....

Ghordius's picture

I thought what I wrote was based on the exact way you read and quote the situation. anyway, +1

Manthong's picture

That evil witch Tymoshenko, is just dying to be a part of the circle of warlocks and conjurers running the EU.

JuliaS's picture

In 1962 CIA ran a program designed to instigate war by blowing up passenger jets over unfriendly territories and blaming it on rebels. It was developed for the Nicaraguan Revolution. It is unknown how many passenger jets might've been strategically destroyed onwards.

Originally the plan was to put decommissioned airliners in the sky for remote detonation, but as MH-17 shows, sometimes a real thing will do just fine. Not like anyone's missing MH-370 either.

WhyWait's picture

My guess: the rulers and kleptocrats of the nations of Europe, especially of the former SU and former Warsaw Pact states, are all terrified - of the judgment of their own people. The more compromised they are, the more afraid. 

Renewable Life's picture

I think the Ukies are starting to calm down and use some fucking common sense, and their loking around at the EU and Scotland and Spain, and France being a nuthouse, and Germany barely holding their "tensions" together, add the middle eastern clusterfuck the West has gotten themselves into there, and who wouldnt "pause"??????

You can be as nervous of Russia as you want, but all the EU is offering is debt and toilet paper currency swaps, while Russia is offering Energy and Food at a discounted price? Wake the Fuck up Ukraine, before your looking like Greece or worse, you dont have a Country!

123dobryden's picture

actualy their Country has dissapeared over the weekend already, my friend 

Winston Churchill's picture

I thought you were brighter than that Ghordius.

The US is attacking the eu just as much as Russia.US hegemony is more important than

europe.The eu will be destroyed economically,or actually, if that is required.

"The American way of life is not negtiable", but europes sure is.

Ghordius's picture

I definitely must find some pretty girl to give me more English lessons, then after philipat I find you too misunderstand what I wanted to say, which is quite complementary to your (btw very profound) comment. Anyway, +1, too

BlindMonkey's picture

You may find a pretty English speaking woman but it isn't worth it. They are like a shiny plutonium necklace.

Stumpy4516's picture

Ghordius, your word structure is fine, the problem is they cannot hear the tone of your voice.  The way it is written it can have different meanings base upon tone and contex.  I think people assume you are being sarcastic and implying the statements of "F the EU" are detached from reality as all these countries are lined up to join and these countries are proof the EU is a good thing.

A simple edit so that it says something like  "still find countries who igore this wisdon and are stupid enough that they want to join"

Ghordius's picture

thanks, Stumpy4516. And yet... is it really that stupid to want to join the EU? I know it goes against the grain of many commentators, yet I seldom see anywere that many reasons not to, depending from the POV. Let's say Denmark: what is bad, for Denmark about being in the EU?

conscious being's picture

"I seldom see anywere that many reasons not to"

Scroll up a little and find the post from renewable life.

Your eyes see what they want to see.

Ghordius's picture

NidStyles, remember that from your* point of view, both (classic) fascists and socialists are statists. But from (classic) fascist's point of view, you* and socialists are both parasitical vermin to be exterminated

*(from your liberty/anti-authoritarian/anarcho-capitalist banner/avatar, then from a fascist point of view there is very little difference between a liberal, a capitalist, a libertarian and an anarcho-capitalist... "all yellow")

Anusocracy's picture

Certainly. Control of others means enhanced survival in the animal world. For anarchists though, control is defensive.

Leaving others alone goes against the savagery of nature - might makes right - and the savagery of government lovers.

thunderchief's picture

So Russia wins.

Now its time for the west to feed off its own children again.

Destroy the Euro, Pound, Yen, Aussi dollar etc.

Let Isis put the Middle East in a fundamental funk for decades...

Move on to China and the pacific...False Flag anyone?

Ignatius's picture

Eastern Ukraine should go independent and/or with Russia.  They are primarily Russian speakers, for God's sake, who have little or no affinity with the neo-Nazis in the western Ukraine.  Imagine the push-back if Mexican Americans gained political control in some portion of the US southwest and ordained that only Spanish will be spoken -- it would be war.

schatzi's picture

Eastern Ukraine should go independent and/or with Russia.  They are primarily Russian speakers, for God's sake


No, completely wrong. Russian minorities are really that: a minority. Don't confuse language use with national and cultural identity. That's like calling an Irishman a British citizen because they share the same language. Or a German/Swiss/Austrian being the same thing. It isn't. Neither would a US citizen be seen as a UK citizen.


The ONLY area with a clear Russian national majority, is Sevastopol (71.6%).

The Krim has a relatively close Russian majority with 58.3%

within "new Russia" AKA GrossRussia, the Luhansk area has a 39.0% Russian minority and Donezk with 38.2%. Which represents the largest minority in eastern Ukraine.

within Putin's GrossRussia, some of the areas he is aiming to grab, have less than 15% Russian minorities.



tbd108's picture

Der Spiegel is a CIA rag equivalent to using White House talking points.

mantrid's picture

no, it's not compeletly wrong. as you said in both Lugansk and Doneck Russians are the biggest minority indeed. but it doesn't mean there are more Ukrainians than Russians! in fact it;s the other way around:

Ukrainians are minority too! around 30%. the rest is a melting pot. Russians are the bigest ethnic group.


Nationalists in Kiev treat those non-Ukrainians (70% people of Doneck and Lugans) as second-class citizens. they rip their taxes and give nothing. that's why they said enough!

Tao 4 the Show's picture

Polonium cocktail or Suicided?

IridiumRebel's picture

Nailgun....definitely Nailgun.

NoDebt's picture

Nailgun for sure.  Just sitting here waiting for my "special" phone to ring.

Sisyphus's picture

Wait a minute... you folks are not considering shitgum? That's a more potent weapon.

BlindMonkey's picture

Shitgum wounds are the worst.

SAT 800's picture

They have a chocolate king they don't want and don't need, and so do we. What a co-incidence.

The Blank Stare's picture

Sam Beauregarde: Don't talk to me about contracts, Wonka, I use them myself. They're strictly for suckers.

Mountainview's picture

Beware of the eager looking prime minister.

JuliaS's picture

If he's a chocolate king, does the coup get to go down in history as the "Brown Revolution"? It sure smells like one.

Freddie's picture

The Ukies need to put this ***ker, Yats, and all the dual citizen oligarchs on trial and put em on a lamp post.

They murdered thousands of their own people.

conscious being's picture

Commanders in the East are talking about that.

Ghordius's picture

excellent article by one of my favourite Tylers

Toolshed's picture

Isn't this the exact same thing that started the whole mess and sent the prior president packing? I guess the CIA/NSA decided it was best to go back to square one and start over.

kowalli's picture

no, there are no wars, deaths and sanctions...

Bill of Rights's picture

Obama finally says the N word


New World Order


Theta_Burn's picture

Somebody aint towing the line...

I'm suprised this guy is still breathing

Flagit's picture


Yulia Tymoshenko


Theta_Burn's picture

#Thundercunt belongs to Hillary already


Yulia's is #Dumbitch

Flagit's picture

Yes, apparently it is quite popular in several circles. A multi-purpose tag.


Dec 13

Shout out to the black lady who hit me with her car today and proceeded to bitch me out even thou it was her fucking fault.


Sep 12

who the actual fook is voting for James Jordan ? The cunts still on my telly lurking like a russian terrorist.


Sep 11

The man that is needs to let Go of that hairline the king of comb overs


Sep 14

Anybody, man woman or child that uses the word "Brunch" is a powertwat of the highest denomination

Flagit's picture

ZeroHedge. The world leader in vocabulary enhancement.

craus's picture

He sold out to Putin a month ago.

Theta_Burn's picture

No he didn't

The IMF felt he didn't sell-out enough to their controlled handlers...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Does this mean we'll be seeing "Porko" hung upside down along with all the other coup subversive professional(s) in Maidan Square before the end of the Year?!!!

Wonder if Vicky will be handing out cookies for that one?!!!

I like the odds of the way this is turning out!!!

kowalli's picture

There is a big chance of 2 Maidans before new year...