This Seems To Be Going Well...

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Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog,

Gallup released a new poll late last week showing how many (or few, as it were) Americans are ‘satisfied’ with the direction of the country. 23%. That’s it. 76% are NOT satisfied. Only 1% aren’t sure.

The chart below shows the astounding, long-term decline since 2000.

Note, this is a trend that has outlasted three Presidents and six Congresses. It’s not about a single politician, or even ALL the politicians. It’s about the system itself.

Bottom line, people are fed up. The system has failed. And people are starting to realize it. Where do you think this goes?

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On a long enough timeline ..........

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I think it keeps going down and bobs along flatline.

Unless the dollah gets dethroned, then we might not be able to produce these meaningless polls.  

People tend to get a lot smarter when they are hungry. And as of right now, they aren't really hungry yet.


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I wouldn't call hungry people smarter... maybe more desperate and willing to take bigger risks.

Enlightenment takes years. Death by starvation happens in a few weeks, and your brain isn't working too good for most of that time.

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Hey Simon, can all 330 million of us emigrate to some tiny island nation where things are better?

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Soon the solution will come clear.
Hillary v Bush (or Perry or Paul or that far right Christian preacher-man, all tools of the NWO)


A guy I know (very wealthy and establishment tool) says that Romney can win.  All the dems have to do is change the message.  What message, I asked?  He started yelling at me, ad homenim attacks, all very "unemotional and intellectual" reaction.  I mean YELLING!  Well, he then says, Perry speaks Spanish.  I wanted to sit down and cry for my children

Y'all know, nuffin's gonna change, dontcha?  Don't listen to the Street and the MSM
All propaganda

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I wonder why?   They are teaching 6th graders how to use strap ons, 3x4 CAN = 11 if you can explain your stupidity, and a federal judge just said he can see people being given "rape licenses" to be allowed to rape people.  GEE, I WONDER WHY THEY SEE US GOING THE WRONG DIRECTION.


EVERY society that collapsed had two things that heralded the collapse.  


1)  The fall of the moral fiber of society

2)  Debasement of the currency


Not looking good for Uncla Sam, is it?   Now get back to your fisting class while the Asians are in their 6th grade pre-calculus class.

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Nothing will happen.

The next clown will bring a new flavor of "hope and change" for a temporary spike but the sheep will keep taking it up the ass and the certain target of that trendline is close to zero.


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It's all part of the plan - makes it easier to elect a more detestable despot when the bar is continually lowered.  The 4th Reich USSA can't be far off.

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Jesus is Lord and God raised him from the dead. 

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Since the system cannot be "fixed" using its own corrupt infrastructure, I wonder at which low number on the graph revolution is finally sparked?  I'll guess around 10%.  Or maybe it'll happen when the only people left who "approve" are the vampire-squid 1%ers.

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I did not realize that 76% of the country are recipients of social welfare benefits and want more...fuck me.  People want change and yet vote for fucking retards or they don't show up and vote.  People want change but they don't even know who the fuck our VP is or what is happening in the world - but they are totally informed about the Kardashian sisters and that loser Kanye.  Let this shit blow up so hard working people who give a shit can have the shackles removed. 

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Will voting left, right, or another way affect the eventual decline of a society? History does not bode well for voters.

Will being giving the option for useless canidate A or useless canidate B stop the destruction of the middle class by TPTB? History does not bode well for voters.


When given two or more bags of shit, it makes no sense to take one of them. You still only get shit. History shows people will take shit, complain about the shit, and think things will be better next time when offered a pick of two bags of shit.

Lemmings. They deserve to run off the cliff.

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Unfortunately, even as a Yute I see the massive problems and what's puzzling to me is the extreme out of touchness the executive and legislative branches are from the people ... esp since Congress is theoretically supposed to represent the people.

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In touch, out of touch, the checks cash the same.


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The alpha-male social hierarchy developed to primarily benefit alpha-males.

It still does.

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Anusocracy you only have it half right. Collectivism-Statism is favored by beta males and dependent women, especially the young. It promises a safety net to calm their fears of failure, disaster and losing out to alphas. However, the clever alpha leverages these things and takes over at the moment of autocratic power. So, the flower children, hippies, losers, insecure and simpletons through the wonders of pluralistic powers set the stage by gradually ceding all power to the State. All things are done by permission and only with approved documents. Then the alpha males take over. Their names are Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Chavez and so on. The first order of business is to kill off the leading betas before the disillusionment sets in and morphs to a counter revolution.

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In a tribal society, virtually everyone wanted to be an alpha: male or female. More food, more reproduction, more passing your genes on.

In modern society, almost everyone is a wannabe alpha also.

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History shows again and again

How Nature points out the folly of men

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Revolution is merely the exchange of my tyrant for yours.

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Jesus is Lord and...

Nothing against Jesus, I down-voted you for interrupting the conversation.

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You are just as nuts as Wahabis in your superstitions.

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"The 4th Reich USSA can't be far off."

Look in the rear view mirror.

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Not only that, but .. "Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear"!



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Objects in Mirror Appear to be Losing

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Mirrors? We don't need no stinking mirrors...

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I had to upvote you for that. Brutal but true.

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23% of 330,000,000 is 75MM....49MM on food stamps....what is the deal with the other 30MM???? .GOV employees...there 'ya go

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

"GOV employees...there 'ya go"

As long as you don't call them gov workers!

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I hate Government staff infections.

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"I hate Government Staph infections".


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22% of them are government emplyees.  The final 1% are, well.....

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Americans always whine about how bad things are, but they will go back to the recliner and watch football and play fantasy football on their cell phones. Then they update their fakebook page with pictures of their dogs wearing goofy clothes.

All talk and no action.

Over 90% of incumbents get re-elected, and most voters say that third parties will never win, because of their self-fulfilling prophecy.

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The three major spikes:

Afghanistan war- October 2001

Iraq War- March 2003

Obama elected- November 2008

The take home lesson:

If you want the plebs to be happy, put on a war or give them a dictator.

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I am not sure Americans would know what to do with themselves if the dollar had worth, we were at peace, unemployment really was at 6%.  If things were even close to as good as they tell us it, Americans would be killing each other out of boredom.  Not that that is a bad thing...

Yes, War and dictators.  We really do love to get whipped by massah.

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We'll see how appealling they find war on their own soil.  This next one's coming home.

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I can see Texas taking care of itself. If SHTF on American soil, I am moving to Texas with my guns.

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Better get here fast before we dig the moat around the state and start charging admission... 


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The war is over
No shots were fired
We lost

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...... they hit me with so many rights I was begging for a left ...... 

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most voters say that third parties will never win, because of their self-fulfilling prophecy.


Ya, most of the dolts in the republican party have this utterly idiotic philosophy, something along the lines of, 'I know the Rs are as bad as the Ds but a vote for a third party is a vote for a democrat so I'll do nothing'.  rolls eyes.  Idiots deserve this govt.


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You guys don't think that votes still matter do you , now thats fucking funny.

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I think when votes do not matter then you have to have a revolution.

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Most Republican talking heads say that, but most conservatives do NOT believe it.  That's why Romney lost.

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Romney lost because he thinks he has magic underwear and he is a cyrpto-Heb!

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Another practical reason 3rd parties haven't succeeded is that the system is stacked against them.  You can't even get on the ballot or make the debates unless you hit a certain percentage (like 5% I think), and forget about matching funds, and of course your 3rd party will have zero power sharing in our two party republic, not even the multi-party coalition power sharing that must go on in parliamentary countries...US (and much of the world's) politics is a dead man walking..